erynn: Gaelic merman image (giftie)
2012-12-27 01:10 am


I took Garuda over to the garage today. They tightened up the belts for me no charge. This was happymaking.

Mostly today I've just been tired. I did get out to the grocery store for a few things. I had been going to walk, but my leg was bothering me too much. I drove, and ended up giving someone a jump. They had cables but nobody in the lot to help them out, and it only took me a moment.

There were several points during the day where I contemplated just giving up and going to bed, but never actually did. I have a sink full of dishes I have to deal with, but I'll see about doing that late tomorrow after I get home from Seattle.

The DoDC+3 was a bit urpy last night and today. I let him go most of the day without any food in his dish in hopes of settling his stomach, though I left the water down for him. I think it has probably helped at least a little bit. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

No writing got done, I was just too wiped out to even contemplate it. Perhaps tomorrow night.