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Erynn lives in Washington State. A Celtic Reconstructionist, she's also an author and poet. If asked about her job, she will tell you she's a professional madwoman -- and mean it. Armchair philosopher, curmudgeon and wise-ass, she wants to embody the Renaissance ideal of the cultivation of broad knowledge. Erynn practices the fine art of Being Human, and hopes someday to get it right. Solitary by nature, she still enjoys getting together with friends, especially if dinner and a bad movie are involved. Erynn keeps vampire hours, just because. Her house is filled with books of many varieties, but she's loath to lend them out because they so rarely return.

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I don't mind if you add me to your friends list, though commenting to say hi is nice. Please let me know where you found my LJ and why you've added me. I may add you back, though I have quite the reading list to go through already. No approval or disapproval is implied by my adding or not adding you to my reading list.

I offer ogam readings through my website either in person or online. I do accept PayPal. You can usually get me online through YIM. My new book Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom is available from Immanion Press through and other online booksellers. Next on the list are a book about filidecht (sacred poetcraft in the Gaelic tradition) and a second book about ogam covering magical and healing techniques.

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