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Today was largely spent dealing with pilgrimage things, as I'd intended. I talked with [ profile] fififolle about the UK train tickets (I can't purchase them from here so she'll arrange them for me), sent a bunch of stuff to the pilgrimage email list, and spent a few hours chasing down some links for the group. I want to find tales and mythology regarding the places we're going, a little info about the locations themselves, and articles and whatnot about the various mythic figures, and the concepts we'll be dealing with.

The flamekeeping liturgy was sent off to the list as something for folks to consider, given that we'll be receiving Brigid's flame in Kildare, and some of the participants may want to think about developing a flamekeeping practice. This will give them one potential model to consider.

I've collected a few titles of things I want to send as suggested reading, though I don't imagine that folks will get to all of it before the pilgrimage. That said, if they find it of interest, they can always pursue the material when they get home again, as they're working on integrating the pilgrimage and its experiences into their lives afterwards. I sent links to a few things today, in addition to the liturgy.

[ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to be up tomorrow afternoon. I'll be heading over to the AFK in the evening, and she'll be off at band practice. Wednesday I have shrinkage, and Thursday is group at the VA. Friday and Saturday I'll have [ profile] isquiesque and her husband over, as they want to go to a big roller derby thing happening this weekend in Everett, and they don't have a car. I offered to let them stay with me, so it would be easier to get to downtown Everett than having to take a bus in from Seattle. I'm looking forward to seeing them. I haven't met him yet.

Right at the moment, I'm still feeling pretty brain-burnt from trying to focus so long on the online research. I've discovered that using a different browser window instead of just tabs helps me ignore the siren call of the social media when I'm working, so that was good. And now the DoDC+3 is giving me pitiful looks and seems to want out.
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