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Last night I didn't actually get to sleep until about 9am this morning. That was a lot more annoying than usual. I honestly tried dealing with it. I went to bed about 5am, but just couldn't get to sleep. I woke about noon, then tried to sleep again, and stayed in bed until a little after 2pm, finally just giving up. I had a few things to do and couldn't really lie around any longer.

I did some research on places for the pilgrimage, though not enough. I'm supposed to be putting together some readings and links for the pilgrimage packet (due this week, but everything's been running at least a week behind the schedule that was initially set), but only got to the point of opening a doc to put the stuff in and plugging the URL for it into the shared scheduling document for Vyviane. I'll do some more work on it tomorrow, hopefully after I've had a little more sleep.

This evening I went over to the AFK to hang out with the steampunks. Five of us showed up and we had a lovely time. We talked about upcoming projects - one of the gals was describing some of what she's working on for SteamCon this year, and it sounds awesome. I caught a couple of them up with some of the work I've been doing, and more info about how the pilgrimage planning has been going. Disappointment was expressed that I hadn't brought the new ogam set along to show off, so perhaps next time I'll take it with me.

The conversation took a turn toward the Lovecraftian (as you do) and I mentioned that I'd ordered the Whisperer in Darkness DVD, which should arrive soonish. I proposed a Lovecraft viewing party at my place where we can watch both of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society movies of an evening. One of the waitstaff lives down the street from me, and if he's off for the evening we schedule it on, he might come by too. He's not familiar with the mythos, but he's the sort who would probably appreciate the movies anyway. I was also pointed to a short story that was a wonderfully creepy Lovecraft meets Doctor Strangelove sort of cold war nuclear Chtulhian horror thing, very well done. I need to figure out a way to get Late Bloomer, the Lovecraftian short, onto a DVD to play for everyone, as my computer screen just isn't going to cut it for half a dozen or so viewers.

[ profile] gra_is_stor isn't feeling well, so she skipped out on band practice tonight. I sent her a text to see if we're having Irish class tomorrow, but she hasn't replied, and I suspect she's probably still not going to be up to it. If that's the case, I'll just stay home and get more work done on the pilgrimage packet materials.

Overall, it was a good but not terribly productive day. Given that it started with a stark lack of sleep, I can't complain too much.
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