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2013-01-28 01:11 am

Migraines and moving

I spent most of today fighting with a migraine. Despite that, I managed to get more research together, helped move B's stuff into the garage, fed folks dinner, got a new house key for B, and have fed myself a couple of times. She'll be here to stay for a couple of months starting tomorrow. Things went pretty smoothly -- once she got here, we had the truck offloaded and stuff into the garage in less than half an hour.

Thanks to everyone for your support regarding my rant of yesterday. I greatly appreciate it and, yes, I'll be talking to the patient ombuds if I can track one of them down next time I'm at the VA. I'll try to get in half an hour or so early. Maybe more than that, as if I get there before 2:45, parking tends to be a horrifying mess.

I'm about to crawl off to bed in hopes of tempering the headache.