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What you missed the other night:

Today was mostly just trying to get myself together and go out to the steampunk social and deal with updating software after taking the computer over to the AFK. [ profile] gra_is_stor is here, having gone to band practice. She and her bandmates will be going to the steampunked Pirates of Penzance with us and are taking care of getting the tickets for the 30th.

I made reservations for my birthday at the AFK on Tuesday the 27th for 15 people. If you're in the area and you are free that evening, please come by around 7pm to hang out for a couple of hours!

I've been messing with Plants vs. Zombies some more, with the puzzle games. My Zen Garden has been sprouting new plants and dropping coins, as it is supposed to. I got through all the I, Zombie levels and am now dealing with the endless level. Poked back into the Zen Garden because one of the zombies dropped a plant and I wanted to get it started.

Tomorrow I have to go down to the VA for shrinkage, then Irish class, then [ profile] wire_mother's birthday party. I'll be taking along my various resources and making notes again. I need to get more done on the pilgrimage stuff. I've got things for a couple of the days but I need to flesh them out more, and to work on the days for which I haven't got particular themes or exercises as yet. More idea-getting is a necessity. I'll probably have some time between getting out of the VA and heading over to Edge for class to do a little thinking and note-making.
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Today primarily consisted of dragging out books for prepping my Brigid and Sarasvati outline (the table is covered with them) and then going over to the AFK to hang out with friends and play Fluxx. We mixed five different decks together for a really massive overdone game. We got about halfway through the deck before someone actually won. We used Pirate, Zombie, Stoner, Space, and Martian Fluxx, which resulted in some truly bizarre moments, as you might imagine. At one point we had 13 rules cards on the table, which made things extremely complicated.

[ profile] gra_is_stor came up and joined us for a bit. We separated the cards back into their respective decks and played Pirate Fluxx for a round before we all split off for the night. I came home and put things together for a (non-organ-meat) haggis for tomorrow's Burns Night. She headed home to clean up, as her place is the location for the party tomorrow. The haggis is currently in the crock pot; I'd found a recipe that uses that rather than boiling it on the stove.

I spent a fair bit of time digging around in my piles of papers and notebooks for a particular notebook that I wanted to look at, then looking for Watkins How to Kill a Dragon with some hope that it will have a little of the information I'm looking for. This was almost the end result:

books for the Brigid & Sarasvati workshop
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Today was a fairly quiet day. I went to the AFK with [ profile] gra_is_stor and met Gary and Melody there for a little gaming at about 2pm. The place was pretty quiet when we were there, but I was delighted that they were open. We played several varieties of Fluxx (Martian, Stoner, and Zombie), Cthulhu Munchkin, and Give Me the Brain, another zombie game. While I'm not particularly fond of zombie movies, I find zombies themselves pretty amusing. They are certainly a monster of the zeitgeist.

We were joined a bit later in the afternoon by Charles, who played a few rounds of Martian Fluxx with us, then a bunch of rounds of the quick and simple Cthulhu Dice.

Sadly, [ profile] gra_is_stor's tummy has been distinctly uncooperative the last few days, so she wasn't feeling too well. We departed from the AFK about 7pm and headed back here. I'd had a bit to drink and wasn't fit to drive, so Charles drove Garuda for us, and we lit ourselves a fire in the fireplace and put on Babette's Feast, which [ profile] gra_is_stor hadn't ever seen. I really do love that movie and will sometimes get a bit sniffly at its playing, as I did this evening.

When the movie was over, Charles was fetched home by his roommates, and we are now having a quiet evening here doing our own things. The fire is still on, but slowly dying. The wind has been very high today and there are a lot of branches down all over the place. It was reasonably warm over the course of the day, but it got considerably colder as the sun went down. It's about 37f now, and will probably get colder over the course of the night. It rained a fair bit. Someone said that Everett was supposed to get rain (as we did) mixed with some snow (none seen yet, thank the Gods).

My shoulder and neck are bothering me and I will probably be crashing very soon. The DoDC+3 was an utter pill today. He's managed to destroy one of the flaps on the vertical shades that cover the sliding door out to the lanai. I'm going to have to find something that he can't destroy when he goes into one of his frenzies at the door when one of the other dogs goes by. He has been biting at the shade, and has torn a chunk off the bottom of one and ripped another down completely. A few of the others have small chunks taken out of them. The shade is light plastic and I'm wondering if wood or metal of some sort (it has to be white or off-white, in accordance with the HOA agreement) would withstand difficult dog treatment. I'm rather annoyed with him, as he was also being a pill with Charles while we were watching the movie. He spent most of the day in his crate today to get him to calm down.

Anyway, the day has been, overall, a decent one but I'm achy on one side and annoyed with the beast. No writing got done today, obviously, given that I wasn't home to write, nor at the keyboard while I was home.

Tomorrow is looking like a day with Nothing Going On, which I am perfectly happy to maintain. Too much stuff and too many people. I'm glad that the seasonal steampunk tea isn't on Boxing Day but is, instead, on New Years Day. I know there is a steampunk stitch & bitch but I'm not particularly interested in going. I was told that I could bring my long wool coat and some lining material and Qi would help line it again, but that would mean I'd have to go out to a fabric store tomorrow and then out to Snohomish to get together with everyone, and I haven't the wherewithal to deal with it. I just want to stay home and maybe write and/or curl up in a corner and not do anything all damned day. Tired Erynn is currently well and truly tired.

Recap: Gaming with friends at the AFK was epic fun. Babette's Feast is filled with many kinds of win. And food porn. Dogs can be utter pills. I am tired and achy. I am not doing a damned thing tomorrow if I can avoid it.

Tuesday, I'm calling the VA and telling Julia that yoga at 2pm is too early for me to be in Seattle, and trying to get into town at that hour is more stress than the yoga relieves.
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I talked with [ profile] herbmcsidhe today about the illustrations for Circle of Stones. He's got a scanner that can do ludicrously detailed stuff, and has agreed to deal with the illustrations for me. As near as we can determine, the stuff in there from George Bain has been out of copyright since the late 70s, so we're clear there. I've sent contact info between Storm, Taylor, and Herb for the project, and he'll be sending the newly scanned illos to them for the book.

Aside from that, I took him over to AFK for some late lunch/early dinner and we had food and played Zombie Dice. I haven't been able to do a damned thing since I got home, though, between achy hip and severely nasty crampybits. At least I got one book-related task taken care of today, though.

Note from my mom says that my sib is about to head out for the whole orientation and then off to Iraq thing very soon. We're all hoping things go well for him and that he'll stay safe.

I'll try again tomorrow for the laundry and editing thing.
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I headed over to the AFK about 5:30 with my brother and [ profile] alfrecht in tow. It was pretty quiet, as one might expect for a pub on a Sunday afternoon, which just meant that we would have lots of room for my friends when they showed up. I want to thank everyone who did come, even if I didn't get to spend much time with you. 28 people showed up, and we had three tables and two of the booths at one point. I saw several people I hadn't seen in ages, which was truly a delight. It was a confluence of Pagans, gamer geeks, kinksters, and steampunks (with considerable overlap) that involved fun conversations, much good cheer, and even a few prezzies! Networking was done, steampunkery plotted, Zombie Dice played, and further meetings arranged. I now have dinner, a hot tub, and a date arranged (though not with the same people).

We were there from about 6pm until about 9:30, when people started heading off to deal with the fact they had to drive far away, or to work the next morning. I think it's probably one of the best birthdays I've had, and my only regret was that several local folks who had wanted to come weren't feeling up to getting out today.

I am now in possession of Munchkin Cthulhu and will be inflicting it on my gaming friends soon. You have been warned.

Thank you everyone! You are all rockstars!
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I didn't sleep very well last night. Nasty nasty cramps, hormone headache, and just general hormone-aggravated depression which was only exacerbated by the political events of the day. If I hadn't already committed to going over for gaming, I'd have stayed home today, curled up in a ball wishing the world would go the fuck away. Some days I just feel defeated even before getting out of bed.

Got a letter from Dr David, who runs the Tuesday spirituality group at the VA. The group is on hiatus until sometime in March, so I won't be doing my usual Tuesdays in Seattle thing for a while. I do have shrinkage this Wednesday, but I won't be down there every week for a while yet.

I had kind of a rough start with gaming today. First session of a new game is always taken up with a lot of bookkeeping and minor details before we get into the game itself. We did accomplish the first session's mission. My character is a necromancer and there are now a couple of prime candidates for my first zombies, so yay. But between the headache and the general feeling of zomg evil, I had to ask SJ to take care of a lot of the mathy details for me because I could barely get my brain functioning enough to remember my own name. Despite all that, I did have fun with the character and with the game, and I enjoyed getting together with my friends again. Next session will be on the 29th.

One of the downsides of today's events is that I'm a little twitchy about the whole "going down to Tucson for Desert Magic" thing, but I also recognize that right now and in my hormonally-more-depressed-than-normal state, I'm not in a good place to be making any decisions about that. I'll sit down and talk with Tracy about it on Wednesday and maybe by that time I'll have had a chance to process things a bit.

I do know that I'm not at all happy about the whole blood pressure medication not working to suppress migraines thing and I'll be talking with Nina this week about it, or at least making an appointment to talk to her about it. The headache today hasn't been blinding, but it hasn't been the mildest of them, either. It's making my eyes hurt, and that really affects how I feel about pretty much everything. Driving home in the dark was uncomfortable, more of the evil s-word is predicted in the next day or two (1-3 inches in the area), and I hurt a lot. I also need to contemplate actually going out grocery shopping at some point tomorrow if I'm at all up to it. I need fresh veggie type things, at the very least, and I'm currently out of juice.

I'm thinking a couple of eps of season two of Man from UNCLE might help ease the general level of misery. After all, what could be better for morale than a couple of cute spies foiling evildoers when one feels like crap?
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Online edition of Seattle Times has a brief article about SteamCon here.

The concert tonight thoroughly rocked. Bakelite 78, Ghoultown, and Abney Park. Ghoultown is a Texas band that can best be described as scowling zombie cowboy goth rock. They were fucking awesome with extra heaping helpings of doomsauce and doom sprinkles.

I'm tired and aching and will probably barely be able to walk tomorrow so I won't be heading down to the con despite the temptation of the Steampunk crossdressing panel. It's at 11am and it's 5am right now, so just no. I love the idea and was doing it myself Friday, but I can't stagger out of bed and down to SeaTac for the con tomorrow. I still have to rescue the DoDC+3 from the kennel tomorrow by 5pm.

My other awesomely epic part of the day was the Space 1889 game, wherein I played a big game hunter who was a member of a group of people attempting to make it to the Martian north pole before the Belgians did. Almost everybody died and it was fabulous and spiffing and just wonderful fun. There were many large explosions. In fact, we blew up a Belgian airship and destroyed their coal mining base, so although we hadn't intended to, we did in fact do immense service to Queen and Country, as it were. Huzzah. (kaboom)

Sadly, however, there was no one left to record our feat of heroism, so our names will not be preserved in the annals of history, but hey, we went out in a blaze of glory. Glorious glory. (doomsauce)

And now I really should attempt to get some sleep. I've been running on far too little of it recently. Don't expect any coherence from me for the next couple of days, okay?
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But I must say I had a fabulous time at the AFK Tavern with [ profile] danicia and her husband, along with several of her other friends who came to see the place open tonight.

The place is located pretty conveniently, on 41st just off the first exit north of me, though I headed over there during a pretty high-traffic time in a heavy drizzle, so it was a little bit stressy driving in. It was packed to the gills when I got in and stayed that way the whole time. Seats were at a premium, but we'd managed to get a booth (six of us were sitting at a four-person booth for a while), and we played half a dozen rounds of Cthulhu Dice. Cthulhu won about half the time, but that's par for the course when eldritch horrors are involved. Sanity was in slim supply.

Service was very slow and they were out of some things, but they were absolutely swamped and seriously understaffed, so we were pretty mellow about it. They'd had no way of knowing they were going to get a crowd that size. It had opened at 3pm and I got in about 6; one of the managers said the building seated 260 and they'd already had twice that many people through. The waitstaff was doing their level best, though it did take about an hour to get food. Drinks were a little quicker coming, but that didn't require the kitchen to be involved.

It's a pretty good sized place, well-lighted, and open (unless it's wall to wall geeks, as it was tonight). Lots of tables, lots of internet access, lots of stuff for lan parties and WoW and other nerdly activities. It's definitely going to be the sort of place you could hang out at for hours once the grand opening rush has calmed down.

And the food was fantastic, at least what I got. I had a pasta salad (made with spaghetti) that was really more a small hot pasta dish on spinach. It was spicy and garlicky and OMG fantastic, with crunchy roasted garlic cloves and sun dried tomatoes. One of the others with us got the macs and cheese and I have to say, it beat the macs and cheese at Night Kitchen hands down (sorry Night Kitchen). Although the staff was harried, they were friendly and as cheerful as they could be while dashing around madly trying to keep up with half the geek population of western Washington.

From what I understand, hours are going to be 3pm to 3am daily, so I may well have a late-night place to hang that's not Just A Bar. This could be beneficial to my writey stuff. Give the place a week or so to calm down a little and work out the kinks and this will be a great venue for getting together with friends to get your geek on. I think it will definitely be the steampunk venue of choice in Everett, as they're actively courting that market.
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I stayed home today because I could, and because there was nothing pressing to do anywhere else. I read a little and decided that I wasn't all that interested in the Ancrene Riwle. While I have more than a little interest in monasticism as a discipline, I'm not interested in all the baggage of medieval Christianity, with its hatred of the body, its ludicrous attitudes toward women, and its overbearing concepts of sin and damnation. That's one small stack of books back to the library next time I'm in Seattle.

I've read about half of Austin Osman Spare's The Book of Pleasure, obviously immensely influenced by Taoism and Buddhism, but rather ambiguously worded. I've always found Spare's art striking and his process for creating sigils a fascinating one, but he comes across here as trying really hard to be mysterious and snarking at some of the magicians who were around at the time.

Much of my amusement today was provided by a post on [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's LJ with fan art of him as a zombie and the subsequent threads. I may have to acquire a brain-shaped jello mold just because. Something about chai-flavored brains...

Despite the presence of metaphorical jello in my day, no writing has seen fit to gel for me at all. I am disappointed. Then again, a lot of my writing projects go like this.

I'll curl up in a few with a little Jeeves & Wooster to try to brighten things up a bit.


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