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What you missed the other night:

Today was mostly just trying to get myself together and go out to the steampunk social and deal with updating software after taking the computer over to the AFK. [ profile] gra_is_stor is here, having gone to band practice. She and her bandmates will be going to the steampunked Pirates of Penzance with us and are taking care of getting the tickets for the 30th.

I made reservations for my birthday at the AFK on Tuesday the 27th for 15 people. If you're in the area and you are free that evening, please come by around 7pm to hang out for a couple of hours!

I've been messing with Plants vs. Zombies some more, with the puzzle games. My Zen Garden has been sprouting new plants and dropping coins, as it is supposed to. I got through all the I, Zombie levels and am now dealing with the endless level. Poked back into the Zen Garden because one of the zombies dropped a plant and I wanted to get it started.

Tomorrow I have to go down to the VA for shrinkage, then Irish class, then [ profile] wire_mother's birthday party. I'll be taking along my various resources and making notes again. I need to get more done on the pilgrimage stuff. I've got things for a couple of the days but I need to flesh them out more, and to work on the days for which I haven't got particular themes or exercises as yet. More idea-getting is a necessity. I'll probably have some time between getting out of the VA and heading over to Edge for class to do a little thinking and note-making.
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Today got off to a rather slow start, but I went over to Edmonds to check out the Rick Steves travel store. After looking around, I made an appointment to talk to someone there for half an hour later this month about my trip this summer, so that I could figure out what would be the best way to get from place to place for the cheapest prices, find hostels where I don't have couches/spare beds to crash on, how to ship my camping gear back home, and deal with other issues that they no doubt have more expertise on than yours truly.

After this, I headed down to Seattle. I-5 south was a parking lot from about Lake Forest Park down all the way into Seattle. It took considerably longer to get there than I'd expected, but I wasn't in a hurry. I met [ profile] gra_is_stor at the Time Travelers Rummage Sale and said hi to a bunch of the local steampunks before popping out next door for some late lunch. Sadly, food wasn't edible for [ profile] gra_is_stor, even though they tried. What I had wasn't bad, but she couldn't eat any of it due to allergy issues. One of the dishes they brought out had soy in it -- soy sauce, which was not a thing I have ever encountered in Indian food before. Anyway, after that, we went back to her place, where she got food she could actually eat, and she did a little work on my shoulders/arms. My right arm is doing better though, sadly, my left arm is still pretty much a mess.

A little after 7pm, we headed down to the Tin Can Studio for the show with [ profile] meddevi and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and his band. (Tonight they were called "Serious Bidness" for they are the Band of Ever-Changing Names.) The show was fantastic and fun, with lots of great dancing, gothy swotting about, writhing, candle ogling, and being vamped by hot butch babes. Well, okay, I got vamped by a hot butch babe. You do not hear me complaining. *happysigh*

The high point of the evening was when [ profile] nathan_fhtagn's mom did a tap-dance dance-off with belly-dancing [ profile] meddevi to Eye of the Tiger. Played on banjo. Surreality FTW! (This just edged out the hot butch babe vamping me, barely.) ;)

My life. It is an amazingly wonderful thing some days. I have such incredibly talented and fabulous friends.
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This post contains eight photos from the Eight Winds festival, so if you're dialup, it's going to take a while to load. Cut for your convenience. )
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I abandoned the idea of an ear piercing. It made more sense, in light of the ritual itself, to do an eyebrow. The ritual was, after all, about learning to see myself differently. The piercing, beyond the owie that is getting a hole jabbed in your flesh, isn't bothering me at all. It's been surprisingly pain-free, really. Of course, we'll see how it feels tomorrow, after sleeping on it. That has always been a big part of the pain after getting an ear piercing is the sleeping on the site. And also, I'm really going to feel awkward sticking one end of my eyebrow into a bowl of hot salt water. At least I'm not immediately going camping in the desert or at the seashore this time!

I'm still thinking about the ritual. I'm kind of wavering between Zen and moments of despair. Trying to find equilibrium again is weird after one of these things. Mostly it's been Zen, thankfully.

Going through a ritual like this is like having your head popped off, somebody scrambling your brains, then sticking your head back on your neck. You just kind of have to hope it gels into a better, or at least a somewhat more functional, configuration. I figure I'm going to be okay, I just have a lot to think about and work on. Today I dropped off copies of the ritual with my shrink and with the chaplain intern who runs the spirituality group. It'll be interesting to see what they have to say about the whole thing.

It was hideously hot today. I hope it'll be a little cooler tomorrow. I've scheduled an appointment next Thursday to go in and talk to one of the tattoo artists at Laughing Buddha about the next tattoo. It seems like it's time to move forward with it. This one will be similar in size and design to the salmon tattoo but it will be a raven. Like the salmon, it will have both Celtic and Northwest Coast elements to it. I want it to be Raven stealing the sun, but the sun will also be a skull, playing with both the Northwest mythos and the role of the Morrigan and other battle-corvid Goddesses.

Last night I started some goat sambar -- goat meat, garbanzo beans, sambar powder, a handful of dried salal berries, and a bunch of water and some spices in the slow cooker. It was wonderfully yummy tonight after I got home from everything. Tomorrow I'm going to make rhubarb cobbler.

In a few minutes, [ profile] alfrecht and I are going to watch Mongol, a biopic about Genghis Khan. Then we can send it back to Netflix for a new disk of Jai Hanuman. Whee! Monkey Gods FTW!
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[ profile] wingedelf last night was talking in his LJ about his frustrations with the CR community, and its constant arguments about who is a Celt, and why language and culture are important. He said, and I tend to agree, that who is a Celt is the far less important question. I think it matters less to sort the who than to take up the practice and speak the languages at least enough for a good technical vocabulary.

Robert Aitken Roshi addresses the issue from the angle of Zen in Japanese and the larger Buddhist culture in his introductory essay in The Morning Star. I'm going to quote extensively here, so hold onto your hats.

got that hat? )
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The traveler has returned. My body is more or less back in its proper timezone. This entry may seem a bit disjointed, but that's because I'm dealing with so much that it can't really be addressed in linear fashion. So bear with me as I amble, moving back and forth through my trip, sharing impressions and moments.

Some thoughts on pilgrimage, spirit, and mountains: )


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