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There was a fair bit of quiet hanging out today before I took Geordie down to the bus station. We talked a little, read a little, and ate a little. [ profile] gra_is_stor was getting ready to leave about the time we were. She was doing a little better but not feeling that great while she's been visiting. I had a really rough time sleeping last night due to an uncomfortable tum myself.

I waited with Geordie down at the bus depot, where we had a cup of tea together awaiting the Greyhound to Bellingham. We talked about poetry bookshops and poets and Diane di Prima and City Lights and other such things. I told him that I'd take him down to Open Books, the poetry bookshop in Seattle, next time he came down if we had time. I should probably take him along to Elliott Bay, as well, because they have a pretty good poetry section. I did tell him last night about Poet's Market because he was asking me for suggestions about where to submit poetry to magazines and journals, and most of what I've been doing in the last several years has been prose, so I'm not up on current markets.

While I was at the bus depot, I finally got a call back from Julia at the VA, and got a chance to explain to her about why I was leaving the yoga group. She was glad it wasn't anything to do with the group itself. I told her it was just too early for me, and the stress of dealing with getting there before I'm really awake, and the whole thing about dealing with driving to Seattle (and the travel office when I'm done) was more stress than the yoga was actually relieving. I said if I lived in Seattle, or if the group was up in Everett, it would be a lot less of an issue. She quite understood, so I felt pretty good about finally getting to talk to her about all of it.

Once everyone was off to their respective destinations, I got home, made some dinner, and tossed laundry in the washer. I'm still working on drying load #3, and I have another to do tomorrow, as well. For dinner, I baked a couple of chicken legs with some jerusalem artichokes, herbed feta cheese, and pine nuts. When that was ready, I sauteed leeks and black curly kale as my veggie. It was really quite delicious. I had a little of what's left of the wine I opened a few days ago as well. All very nice.

I got a bit of writing done once everyone had departed, too, amidst the rounds of Plants vs. Zombies. I'm at 60,066 words at the moment. I have been having a bit of a conversation with [ profile] alfrecht in his LJ about the new Sherlock Holmes movie. He missed one of my favorite scenes when his back was turned!

Mom emailed and said that the bronchitis has cleared up really quickly, like flipping a switch, and she's doing much better today, except that her voice is still kind of rough. She's definitely going to finish out the prescribed antibiotics, though. Don't want those suckers to come back. I'm really glad she's doing so much better today.

Tomorrow will be another day at home. I messed around a little with my graphics program to edit one of the photos I'm looking at for the Occupy Everett calendar, but I'm not sure the photo itself will be large enough to use for the space I want it on the cover. I'm going to have to go to the AFK at some point, for a faster connect, and do a little uploading of various pictures to check out how the graphics work there. It's way too slow here for me to even consider working on from my own wireless network. I'm not that familiar with graphics programs, but once I figure out sizes, I should be able to put something reasonable together. And maybe I can get a little help from some of the other more tech-oriented folks while I'm at it.
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Today was a fairly quiet day. I went to the AFK with [ profile] gra_is_stor and met Gary and Melody there for a little gaming at about 2pm. The place was pretty quiet when we were there, but I was delighted that they were open. We played several varieties of Fluxx (Martian, Stoner, and Zombie), Cthulhu Munchkin, and Give Me the Brain, another zombie game. While I'm not particularly fond of zombie movies, I find zombies themselves pretty amusing. They are certainly a monster of the zeitgeist.

We were joined a bit later in the afternoon by Charles, who played a few rounds of Martian Fluxx with us, then a bunch of rounds of the quick and simple Cthulhu Dice.

Sadly, [ profile] gra_is_stor's tummy has been distinctly uncooperative the last few days, so she wasn't feeling too well. We departed from the AFK about 7pm and headed back here. I'd had a bit to drink and wasn't fit to drive, so Charles drove Garuda for us, and we lit ourselves a fire in the fireplace and put on Babette's Feast, which [ profile] gra_is_stor hadn't ever seen. I really do love that movie and will sometimes get a bit sniffly at its playing, as I did this evening.

When the movie was over, Charles was fetched home by his roommates, and we are now having a quiet evening here doing our own things. The fire is still on, but slowly dying. The wind has been very high today and there are a lot of branches down all over the place. It was reasonably warm over the course of the day, but it got considerably colder as the sun went down. It's about 37f now, and will probably get colder over the course of the night. It rained a fair bit. Someone said that Everett was supposed to get rain (as we did) mixed with some snow (none seen yet, thank the Gods).

My shoulder and neck are bothering me and I will probably be crashing very soon. The DoDC+3 was an utter pill today. He's managed to destroy one of the flaps on the vertical shades that cover the sliding door out to the lanai. I'm going to have to find something that he can't destroy when he goes into one of his frenzies at the door when one of the other dogs goes by. He has been biting at the shade, and has torn a chunk off the bottom of one and ripped another down completely. A few of the others have small chunks taken out of them. The shade is light plastic and I'm wondering if wood or metal of some sort (it has to be white or off-white, in accordance with the HOA agreement) would withstand difficult dog treatment. I'm rather annoyed with him, as he was also being a pill with Charles while we were watching the movie. He spent most of the day in his crate today to get him to calm down.

Anyway, the day has been, overall, a decent one but I'm achy on one side and annoyed with the beast. No writing got done today, obviously, given that I wasn't home to write, nor at the keyboard while I was home.

Tomorrow is looking like a day with Nothing Going On, which I am perfectly happy to maintain. Too much stuff and too many people. I'm glad that the seasonal steampunk tea isn't on Boxing Day but is, instead, on New Years Day. I know there is a steampunk stitch & bitch but I'm not particularly interested in going. I was told that I could bring my long wool coat and some lining material and Qi would help line it again, but that would mean I'd have to go out to a fabric store tomorrow and then out to Snohomish to get together with everyone, and I haven't the wherewithal to deal with it. I just want to stay home and maybe write and/or curl up in a corner and not do anything all damned day. Tired Erynn is currently well and truly tired.

Recap: Gaming with friends at the AFK was epic fun. Babette's Feast is filled with many kinds of win. And food porn. Dogs can be utter pills. I am tired and achy. I am not doing a damned thing tomorrow if I can avoid it.

Tuesday, I'm calling the VA and telling Julia that yoga at 2pm is too early for me to be in Seattle, and trying to get into town at that hour is more stress than the yoga relieves.
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I went down to Seattle today for my group and, due to rain, traffic, and a few other factors, I got in just before things got started, a bit breathless. I'd dropped [ profile] gra_is_stor back on the Hill on the way down so she could deal with a few things and was going to meet her at Travelers afterwards.

I got to Travelers but she wasn't done with the stuff she was doing, so I hung out for a bit and talked with [ profile] fullcontactmuse and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn for the better part of an hour, then went up to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place until the traffic quieted down. I have a creaky neck and a headache, which hasn't really let up for several days. She did a little work on it, but it's barely better.

Once we got back, we watched another Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers move, The Barkleys of Broadway, which was very silly but had some fun dance numbers in it. All I can say is, I'm so glad I wasn't growing up then, what with the miserable gender assumptions about everything. Oy.

I'm tired and creaky. Tomorrow I have to do laundry, then I may be able to pick up my Docs. We're going to the AFK tomorrow evening to meet friends for gaming stuff. Saturday is the Medieval Women's Choir concert back in Seattle, then Sunday is the whole Sherlock Holmes with steampunks thing. I don't think I have anything in particular planned for Monday. Tuesday I have to go back to the VA to talk with my new meds doc. Wednesday I don't have yoga this week, and Thursday is the last spirituality group of the year.

I am seriously considering dropping yoga. It's too early in the day, and it's honestly too many days down in Seattle in a row when I have more than just the spirituality group happening down there on top of it. I'm just getting overwhelmed and really really need some time to breathe. I know there are people who will look at that and say "it's at 2 in the afternoon" but, for me, that's like asking somebody who gets up at 5am to get up at 4am to go do something an hour earlier than usual. I'm really starting to feel this, and it's causing more stress than the yoga is supposedly helping.

I haven't done more than a paragraph of writing today on my story, though I did to beta for a friend of mine's Yule exchange story so that she could post it today. It was short and funny, which is always good when I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed.

And now I am going to curl up in a corner. Sleep. Sleep would be nice.
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Aside from setting up the RSS feed for Occupy PNC, I didn't do much today. There was a little cooking, but no cleaning up anything. I'd considered doing dishes and laundry but wasn't much up to it. I did make a Moroccan style chicken with salted kumquats and olives thing, and popped a frozen pumpkin pie in the oven. The pie is still slightly warm.

I was annoyed that I had to get into a bottle today by way of a wrench, given that my hands don't have enough of a grip to be able to open things like that without help. I swear, there's vacuum sealing, and there's supergluing the fucker shut.

I wrote for a while today and am currently at close on 49,000 words at the moment. Feels good to accomplish something.

Mom tells me Al has had eye surgery for retinal tears and such and that he's got to cope with the post-surgical treatment for the next couple of weeks. It sounds like a massive pain in the ass, but at least he'll still be able to see. She's supposed to finally get high-speed internet tomorrow, so that's something good, at least. My brother says he is down to single digit days left in Baghdad and that he will be going home to Italy when he gets out of there. He says he's looking forward to sleeping at home in his own bed again soon. I'm massively relieved for him.

Tomorrow is my evil VA appointment. I'm going in a little early to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor, who is going to come with me for moral support, then we're meeting folks at Travelers and heading over to Araya's Place for dinner with them afterwards. She and [ profile] alfrecht will be coming up here with me for the night. I have two further VA appointments after that this week as well -- yoga and the spirituality group.

Tired creaky bits are tired and creaky. It's time for bed.
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I found out this evening that Nathaniel Johnstone ([ profile] nathan_fhtagn) of Abney Park is leaving the band to pursue solo projects. (link to his FB, you have to be a member to see it) I'm assuming it's amicable, as he's mentioned the possibility to me several times in the past couple of years when I've spoken to him at Travelers over chai. He'd once said he didn't really want to be a rock star and there were other things in life that he found more important; I agreed with his list and think he'll be doing some wonderful things with his time. AP just got back from a European tour and released a new album, so I suspect it was as good a time as any to move into a new phase of his musical career. While I'm sad to see him go from the band, I certainly wish him every success and hope to see him in his other musical endeavors at venues around the area.

Yoga at the VA was okay today, though the travel office was fuxx0red. The machine that gives out the numbers was out of paper, and nobody seemed to be around who could/would refill it, so there was going to be something of a massive backup to wait for things to get straightened out. I'll pick up today's (and last Thursday's) travel funds after my group tomorrow. By then they ought to have the stupid machine refilled. This, of course, would never happen if they would just let us stand in line like we used to.

I was joined at Travelers this afternoon by Charles, though [ profile] sebastian_lvx was unable to make it. We had a nice talk about a variety of things, then I gave him a ride back in this direction. I'll probably be dropping by Occupy Seattle tomorrow afternoon after I get out of the VA to see how they are doing. Eviction is supposed to take place if they're not off of SCCC property by mid-day Friday.

I remembered what I have to do Friday -- pick up my Docs at the shoe repair place! And yes, it is definitely important!

My season tickets for the Medieval Women's Choir concerts arrived today. I am pleased and very much looking forward to the concert on the 17th.

[ profile] alfrecht reminded me that there is a Shinto ceremony Sunday morning, so I will probably go to that, though I am planning on going to one of the protest marches on Saturday and am not certain how my body is going to cope. I may or may not be able to walk on Sunday. We'll see how it goes. Regardless, I'll be there for Hatsumode on New Years Eve.

I am currently poking away at my fic again. Yay for writing!


Dec. 7th, 2011 01:53 am
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I have a horrible feeling I'm supposed to be doing something Friday and cannot for the life of me remember what it is. There is nothing on my calendar for that day, but this may just mean that I have forgotten to add it to my list of Stuff.

Tomorrow, yoga and hanging out at Travelers. I will probably be seeing [ profile] sebastian_lvx there when I'm done at the VA.

Thursday, spirituality group at the VA. Possibly talking to folks at Occupy Seattle at the Sanctuary tent, depending on what's happening there. They have been given an eviction order that is apparently supposed to happen mid-day Friday sometime, so I'm sure things will be in chaos.

Friday is ??? I also don't know if I've committed to do something over the weekend, for I have no brain and therefore must weep.

At the moment, if there are no actual plans and this is just my hyperactive anxiety gland, I will WRITE dammit. I have a ton of stuff to work on.

Today I went over to Occupy Everett and helped set up a large banner, then went with them over to Firewheel for part of a meeting on Occupy's role in protesting and trying to prevent foreclosures on people's homes. Occupy Seattle and Occupy Tacoma just yesterday helped prevent the eviction of a family who actually had money to pay the mortgage but with whom the bank was refusing to work. There's a lot of hinky stuff going on. There was an attorney at the meeting this evening who was talking about the issues, laws being proposed in other states to help alleviate the problem, and what local legislation might be proposed, along with thoughts on actions here locally.

After that, it was over to the AFK for the steampunk social. One other gal showed up and we had a lovely talk about all kinds of things, from steampunk costuming and props to the SCA to Plants vs Zombies to bad movies. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Just as a heads up, Jason from Wild Hunt did a really good, thoughtful editorial on Pagans and the Occupy movement. It is well worth reading if you've not done so already.
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We got a fair crowd (7-ish) at the steampunk social at the AFK tonight. Quite a few of them are interested in actually building some community up here, and there are some plans afoot for a New Years Day tea up here, hosted by a couple of the new folks. I'm all in favor of this. People are working on designing a logo for the group, which I am also all in favor of. It's looking like things might finally be getting off to a decent start, after some fits and stutters. This is a relief to me, as it means I don't feel like I might spend a couple of hours out hoping for company and nobody coming. There are also plans afoot for the group to go and attend a showing of the second Sherlock Holmes movie in December when it comes out. I'll go see it just for the amusement factor of Stephen Fry as Mycroft! Being able to hang out and see it with a bunch of steampunks will just be the frosting on the cake.

I've decided that my brain can't handle any more serious writing for a little bit and have dived into a fic thing I've been wanting to write for a bit now. Once I've got that finished, I'll get on the Phosphorus article, but I honestly can't focus on nonfiction right now and the break will help me get my head together for it again. I also got a note tonight from somebody in one of my fandoms who wants to do an illustration for a fic I wrote a while back, which is absolutely delightful, as she's a very talented artist. I don't know if a finished piece will result, but even knowing she wants to do this is totally making my fannish day.

Tomorrow I have yoga and shrinkage. Thursday is the spirituality group. Friday is [ profile] yiaya's birthday. Saturday is tango. I may or may not survive.
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I went down to yoga at the VA today and talked with the instructor about my concerns regarding the whole "yoga cured my fibro" thing. She said she didn't think she'd said anything of the sort, but she did listen to my concerns, at least. I know it was said to me at least twice -- my memory may not be great but that sort of thing tends to stick. Anyway, at least I was able to express my concerns. Both of my hips today were in very rough shape. They sometimes get this catch in the joint that's like having a knife stuck in them, and this was what I was dealing with off and on today. The yoga helped a little, temporarily, but the hips are still not terribly happy.

After yoga I met [ profile] gra_is_stor at Travelers, where we awaited her other sweetie. I only got to meet her for about 15 minutes because of transportation and timing issues, but she seemed nice. I felt a little awkward, but I often do when I'm meeting new people. If I'm able to get down to Seattle tomorrow, I'll be able to see her again and meet her other partners while [ profile] gra_is_stor is doing a musical performance at a fund raiser benefit. I'm hoping I'll feel up to this.

I left Seattle a little earlier than I anticipated. Weather was really awful for the drive home, but I went slow and there were no problems. I picked up new slippers because my old ones were dying on me, and a new pair of pajama pants -- Muppets! I've needed a new pair for a while now, especially now that winter is coming.

When I got home, I was going to talk in internet chat with a friend who lives far away about some difficult things that have happened; this person has no one locally to speak with, so I said I would spend some time to let them just talk about stuff. Unfortunately, the bad weather had both my wireless and even my phone service up and down like a yoyo, so eventually I went over to the AFK so I could get a solid connect, and we talked for a couple of hours. I had some dinner and hung out while we chatted. I hope that our talk helped at least a little, even if just in giving some space to vent about stuff.

Anyway, I got home about an hour ago and have had too much tea to want to go to bed right away. I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight, though. Events sometimes just conspire against me doing things that I want; if I'm too creaky tomorrow to head into town, I'm going to be very disappointed.

I had wanted to spend some time on [ profile] finnchuill's paper tonight, but this conversation with my friend had to take precedence.

I was following the events in Oakland today with the general strike and the occupation of the port. They pretty much shut down the city, and tonight (as usual) the cops went off on the protesters and demonstrators with tear gas and all the rest. Police pepper sprayed protesters in Seattle tonight as well, during a protest of an appearance by the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, which has forclosed on thousands of people. More and more vets are participating in all of this. Over 100 vets marched in New York today; while the alleged national average unemployment is at about 9% (this doesn't count all the people who have dropped off the rolls because their unemployment benefits ran out), unemployment among veterans aged 18-24 runs about 20%. Serve your country and you can forget about getting a job later, apparently. Twenty percent. It's obscene. CNN has posted a collection of photos and brief profiles of protesters from different cities participating in the movement, which should put paid to the idea that it's all a bunch of white college student hippies with nothing better to do.
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I woke up today with a migraine, though that's eased up now. I'm doing much better and think I will probably be fine for my talk to the class tomorrow. I did dishes and some laundry and am still pretty tired, but I suspect that's as much migraine hangover as anything else. Unfortunately, by the time I was feeling well enough to do anything, I was just not going to make it to the party.

I want to plug a couple of friends here. First, it's [ profile] lupabitch's birthday, and she says this is how you can make her birthday awesome! Lots of pictures here, and some very silly things.

If you are a Seattle local and have been looking for a portrait photographer, [ profile] fullcontactmuse is having a half-off sale, and it's quite a deal! Check it out!

After I get out of the class tomorrow, I'm off to the AFK for the Tuesday steampunk social. The Wayward Cafe has re-opened, so the Monday Steamvents will, most likely, be reconsolidating there after having been dispersed to several locations since it shut down in Greenwood after the fires there. Capitol Hill will also be having a first and third Mondays steampunk meetup at Elliott Bay Books now, so if you're on the Hill and not into going out to Roosevelt for the Steamvent, you have an alternative much closer in.

I finished reading Disability and Religious Diversity today. Most of it was pretty interesting, though the assumptions in a few of the chapters made me want to smack my head on a desk. This isn't too unusual when dealing with mainstream religions. I was particularly struck by the way that people so often seem to assume that a chronic illness or disability is somehow the "fault" of the person suffering from that condition. I don't just see that in mainstream religions -- I run into it in Paganism as well. It most often manifests as "we all choose our incarnations and you must have chosen to manifest with these problems" or "if you were really spiritual enough, you could heal yourself," or some variant of "you could use herbs instead of western medicine and it would cure you" or "with enough positive thinking everything would be all right."

One of the things that has annoyed me immensely about the yoga group at the VA has been that every single yoga instructor there (I have interacted with three of them so far) said "I had fibromyalgia and yoga cured it," as though they are expecting me to miraculously get well if I just practice enough yoga. I'm sure they think they are giving me some "hope" regarding my situation, but they're not. Yes, yoga and Tai Chi have helped somewhat in the past, but I would by no means regard those occasional and temporary improvements as a "cure" of any sort. Of course, I'm sure that my anger and frustration with the whole thing would just be seen as "resistance to healing" and "hanging on to" my fibromyalgia for some idiotic reason. There are some people for whom fibro just goes away for some mysterious reason that no one can identify. Sometimes it stays away. Sometimes it comes back again later. I think I'm doing damned good to be able to function as well as I do on just a few tylenol a day instead of being on the methadone cocktail the VA wanted to put me on some years back.

Other people's definitions and expectations are as much of an impediment sometimes as physical pain. Reading about the way some of the other authors in the anthology have had to deal with various religions' judgments of them for their disabilities just exacerbated that background hum of annoyance. Darla, one of the editors, recounts that she was told by an acupuncturist that Chinese religion says people with diseases and disabilities were, essentially, paying off karma for misdeeds in previous lives. She was told by an airline employee that if she just prayed to Jesus hard enough, her sins would be washed away and she wouldn't be blind anymore. I mean seriously, WTF? And Pagans play the same stupid bullshit blame the victim games with this sort of thing. I think it's ludicrous and disgusting and I wish to hell they'd just grow the fuck up and realize that human bodies FAIL sometimes and there's nothing that can be done to "cure" them. Sometimes you just have to live with it, even if it's painful or difficult or impairing. It's not because you need to learn a lesson (though learning something from it can be useful, regardless). It's not because you deserve to be punished for something in some other life. It's not because you are somehow evil or flawed. It just happens because, you know, sometimes things just do.

This rant was brought to you by the letters WTF.
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Today was yoga and shrinkage at the VA. Yoga was okay, though physically difficult. Shrinkage was a lot of working through some stresses and emotional stuff from feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I've got so many projects going that it's easy to get lost in them, though I do try to moderate what I choose to do. I'm capable of saying no, which was one of the questions Tracy asked me. I want to be able to stay on top of how many commitments I make and to only take those that I feel like I can actually fullfil.

This evening I headed over to the AFK, where I hung out with three steampunks. One, Randolph, has been a semi-regular, and the other two are a couple of UW types (research & teaching) who are just newly into steampunk and who attended Steamcon last weekend. We had a lovely conversation, and I had dinner and all that, though I'm very tired right now and will probably be heading for bed soon.

There was some talk about moving the steampunk social to another night. I'm probably going to move it to Tuesday since Thursday is the AFK's karaoke night and I don't want to have to compete with the noise. There was a film crew at the place tonight doing some stuff because AFK won three (an unprecedented number) Best of Western Washington awards this week. I believe the categories were best cocktails, best neighborhood bar, and best new restaurant. Kayla (the owner) came by the table and talked to me for a few minutes to warn me that the film crew was coming through in case I didn't want to be on film. I don't think they ever pointed the camera in my direction anyway, which was fine with me, but I was absolutely delighted for them regardless. Congratulations to one of my favorite places to hang out!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to just have a quiet writing day at home. I want to get the last draft of my Mandragora piece together.

I spoke to Vyviane about the pilgrimage to Ireland and she said yes, it's open to everyone as long as they are 16+ and understand that some bits of the trip will involve hikes and such. There will be alternatives to some of the hiking, but it will require a certain amount of fitness and won't necessarily be appropriate for folks in a wheelchair, for instance.
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Last night, [ profile] garzan and I went out to Emory's for dinner, just down the street by the lake, and this morning he headed out at oh god 30 to catch his plane to Thailand via Tokyo.

I talked with my brother briefly this evening. He's fairly certain he'll be back in Italy by December, but there is a slight chance he might get a contract with the State Department and stay in Baghdad. Things are still very much up in the air for him.

There was laundry, I made chicken noodle soup, and I talked with Jhenah and Vyviane about the Ireland trip next summer. We are looking at eight days, with visits to Kildare, Sligo, Tara, and other locations. Now that I have some idea of where and how long, I'll be able to work out some details of our itinerary for workshops and activities. We don't know about costs just yet, or exact dates, but there will only be room for up to 15 people, including Jhenah, Vyviane and myself. It should be a manageable size for a group; while I very much enjoyed my last trip to Ireland, it was hard to find any quiet with about 40 people being on the tour.

We should have details worked out by the time we get to PantheaCon and I will keep everyone posted as things develop. As soon as I know the dates, cost, and itinerary, I will let everyone know!

I got a few notes back from [ profile] finnchuill about the Mandragora essay and should be working on that Thursday again if all goes well.

Tomorrow, it's yoga and shrinkage at the VA, then back to Everett for steampunks at the AFK. I may have some Steamcon photos soon.
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I didn't get to yoga today due to being totally crapped out and not being awake. I did call about 5:30 to let the VA know I would not be there. I headed into town and picked up [ profile] gra_is_stor from her PT appointment then we went up to her place to pack her stuff. We took off for the CR schmooze business meeting and had a fairly short one. We were back here by 9pm. I've sent off a note to the editor of Mandragora letting her know I have a finished piece and that it is with beta readers right now.

[ profile] gra_is_stor and I are now both going to attempt to get some sleep.

Tomorrow, tea with Charles sometime in the afternoon, then prep for Steamcon. Seattle police are gathering at Westlake; Occupy Seattle reports one or two arrests and police still on the scene. I'm not sure what will happen and I can't keep my eyes open long enough to find out. The video livestream is going on right now here.

Goodnight everyone. Don't let the political bullshit eat your head. Stay strong, stay together.
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My essay for Mandragora, "Burying the Poet: Brigid, Poetry and the Visionary in Gaelic Poetic Traditions," is finished at 3156 words and has been sent off to [ profile] finnchuill and [ profile] alfrecht for their comments and suggestions. Finally! I think I've done pretty well with it, and now I can turn my attentions to finishing up details for the Samhain ritual that I have to deal with. Tomorrow is the CR schmooze business meeting, my VA yoga group, and picking up [ profile] gra_is_stor before we deal with Steamcon this weekend.

I was just glad to get the writing for this one out of the way. I still have an article to do for Phosphorus, but I may not get that finished before the end of the month (I'm thinking probably not, in fact). I have no idea if I'm going to be able to get that one together in that short a time. I've hardly got more than a paragraph or two in it at the moment. It's such a huge and messy topic that it can be hard to tackle, even if I do have one particular example I'm working from.

I went over to the AFK tonight to have dinner with Herb and one of his spawn. We had a pretty good time, and some yummy foods. I won't be there tomorrow for the weekly steampunk social, obviously.

Politics make me crazy. Topeka, Kansas has repealed its domestic violence laws to try to save money. Screw saving people's lives.

Mississipi has proposed a measure that will make fertilized ova "persons" under the law and may well criminalize miscarriage.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? Get the hell out of my fucking uterus, damn it! For a bunch of people who claim they want government out of their lives, they sure love to jam it up women's vaginas.
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I went down to the VA today for yoga and actually met the usual instructor. Her style was a lot easier to deal with than the woman who had been subbing the first two weeks I went. I don't feel nearly as physically wrecked as I did from those sessions. After yoga I went over to the women's clinic and talked to the gal who was at the desk (not the usual woman who's there) to ask about getting assigned to a doctor. She actually went and got me an appointment for the 11th for my annual so that I can talk to my new doc about meds for my migraines. I'm almost out of the tramadol I'd been prescribed, and I don't have any refills. I can't call the pharmacy and have them refer it to my doc unless I actually have a doc to refer it to, so I was pretty much stuck.

I ran into Herb at the VA after his MRI and we waited around in travel together, catching up a bit. He was kind enough to hand me a few bucks when he got his cash, so now I have half a tank of gas and could still afford to wander over to the AFK tonight to see if any steampunks showed up (they didn't) and have a snack and a cider.

Tomorrow I'll be heading into Seattle in the evening for the poetry reading at the Asian Art Museum. I got email from Heather and will probably go up to see her and Bruce early next month for a couple of days. considering the vagaries of my schedule, it'll probably end up being a Thursday/Friday visit. In looking at the calendar, the first is on Saturday, so that should mean I get paid on Friday. That'll be an immense relief.

A couple of the Seattle steampunks are setting up a dinner at one of the Moroccan places down in Belltown on Saturday, but it's at 8pm and not 7 as first suggested, which means I'll be even later in the evening than I'd anticipated. [ profile] gra_is_stor, if you want to head over to the Milonga, I will meet you there after dinner and we can head up here after you're done dancing. I'll see if I feel up to actually swinging a shoe or two when I get there.

I didn't get any writing done, but I did read a couple more papers from the CSANA Yearbook 3-4 while I was at the AFK tonight. the next one is about women poets, among other things, so I'll want to sit and read that when I have a little energy to actually focus and take notes. That will not be tonight. Probably tomorrow before I head south.

When I posted to the [ profile] cr_r community about having made the Imbas Forosnai article available, somebody asked if I knew if Nora Chadwick's Geilt article was also on the web. Not to the best of my knowledge, but it probably should be. When I'm done with the Mandragora piece I'll see if I'm insane enough to do the input for it. I gave some consideration to trying to scan it in and correct the text from there, but my scanner doesn't really seem to be particularly well set for dealing with text in that manner. *sigh* Anyway, another potential thing on my plate, yay.
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I spent a lot of time doing nothing today, given how my arms were aching after yesterday's work on the Imbas Forosnai article. I had to wait around for the exterminator to come this afternoon (between 4 and 5 apparently meant just barely at 5) and it so happened that one of the winged ants was right near the sliding door from the lanai, so he got a chance to actually examine the beastie himself.

His assessment was that the ants were probably coming in through small cracks in the cement pad that the building rests on, and he treated the seams of a couple of the walls where they meet the floor, and the outside of the lanai door. It was a thin stream of liquid that had to dry for half an hour or so, rather than an aerosolized spray or a fog type application, so I was able to just put the DoDC+3 into the bedroom and left the living room window open while I went over to the AFK for about three hours to hang out and do a little reading.

I was somewhat less exhausted when I got home than I had been when I left. I've sent off a few emails to try to arrange the rest of my week. I do need to get down into Seattle tomorrow for yoga, but am uncertain yet whether I'll be seeing [ profile] gra_is_stor. One of the Steamrats suggested a Saturday dinner at Marrakesh down in Belltown, so I've put my name on the list for that. It'll be on the 1st, so I'll actually have some money and the place is a little less expensive than the Kasbah over in Greenwood/Ballard. Parking may be an issue at 7pm, but we'll see how it goes. If I'm not an exploded ball of stuffed to the gills with Moroccan food and I don't hurt too much to move, I may go dancing Saturday night as well. I can't tell about that until probably Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow will be the first time I'll be doing the yoga group with the usual instructor, so I'm uncertain how that will go, and whether I'll be too wracked up to function afterwards.

Still nothing from Comcast (naturally). I am annoyed but unsurprised. Their suckage is mighty.

I'm going to see if I can get any writing done Friday. Everything else is either overscheduled or up in the air.

Right. Breathe.

Sleep would help.
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Accomplishments today:

1. hanging out in #writechat
2. scheduling lunch for tomorrow with Robert before he leaves for NYC
3. dishes
4. sent the partial draft of the Mandragora essay off to [ profile] finnchuill for his thoughts
5. some emails
6. food

Okay, that's a little more than I thought, but it's still not all that much. I am currently sitting at the computer with an Absolut pear & tonic. My hip hurts. Robert will be here around 1pm for lunch tomorrow. I'm dreading leaving the house this week, but I have stuff that needs/wants doing.

Tuesday: exterminators coming to look at my ant problem
Wednesday: yoga, steampunkery
Thursday: Chinese poets reading
Friday/Saturday: ?
Sunday: Geordie in town for the schmooze
Monday: schmooze

Somewhere in there, I need time to breathe and to get some writing done.
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I headed down to the VA today, where I did yoga and had my monthly shrinkage. The travel office told me I'd picked up my travel funds for last week last Wednesday, but I don't remember having done so. I know my memory is spotty, but I remember the group coordinator telling me that I wouldn't be in the computer yet by the time I got to the travel office, so I was pretty sure I'd just headed out at that point and not even bothered to go to the travel office at all. Sadly, attempting to argue with a government computer is useless at best.

Anyway, after that I headed up to the AFK, where I hung out with a couple of new steampunks and two of my local friends. I had a lovely evening out, even if all I could afford was just a cider. Gary got some deep fried cheese ravioli that were pretty tasty and shared them around, and I'd eaten before I headed down there. Their special tonight was lamb chops on rice with a side of something or other, and it looked fabulous, but without last week's travel check, that just wasn't on. Oh, and [ profile] gra_is_stor, Kayla the owner said she's looking into a gluten-free bakery for some of their items. We may be able to feed you well there yet. Portobella "burger" with sweet potato fries and a crouton-free salad, maybe? ;)

Allegedly I'll be getting a check from Comcast tomorrow (they said I should have it by the 22nd or I should call them). I hope it'll show up, but I have to leave here at 12:30 to get down to Seattle in time to meet the person whose class I'm speaking to.

After I speak to the class, I'm probably going to be seeing a couple of writers I met on twitter up at Travelers, then I'll be getting together with [ profile] gra_is_stor and her roomie. We may or may not tango tomorrow, depending on whether I'm feeling any less achy after getting some sleep. My shoulder is feeling really strained at the moment, which is not making me terribly happy.

I heard back from Brian about the ants. He asked for my phone number so he can contact the exterminators and get them in touch with me to set an appointment. I keep finding the damned things crawling around randomly. Thankfully, I haven't seen a large swarm of them in several days, but I do sometimes find clumps of them in the corner where they're coming out of the wall. Ick.

And now, off to bed.
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It's a good thing I didn't have plans to leave the house today, because it's been insanely busy.

In addition to the notice that my poetry book will be published, I also got asked via WitchVox to come down to an alternative school in Seattle this week (Thursday) to speak about CR to a small class on modern Pagan revivals. We negotiated back and forth a bit in email to coordinate dates and times, and they'll buy me lunch (it's in the I District) and give me some gas money. I'll be talking with the class for half an hour to 45 minutes, with time for Q&A if they like.

I spent some time this afternoon talking with someone about helping me deal with my website. I'd lost touch with my web person -- his email bounced when I tried to contact him and his LJ is gone again. Wendy is talking about helping me move The Preserving Shrine over to WordPress in a way that will preserve the various links that are already out there in about a bazillion places. She said moving things over would be quite a bit of work up-front, but once it was done I could easily maintain and update the website by myself. I'm not too bad with HTML, but CSS (which is what the website is using) is a bit beyond me. I'm not even sure where to cut code to remove a past event without borking the page and I really don't want to mess with too much. Anyway, that'll be an ongoing project for a while. There are broken links that need to be dealt with and I have to have a way to update with all the new publication projects and with any potential public speaking stuff, as well as a little information about the first Monday CR schmooze.

I watched Watership Down with [ profile] gra_is_stor this afternoon, and then she started in working on some stuff for Circle of Stones for me. We have chased down a few of the sources so that she can correct things and she has been poking away at stuff for quite a while. I've been making notes for the Mandragora piece while she's been busy with that.

In the midst of all this, I just pulled a lovely hot rhubarb cobbler out of the oven. It smells fantastic and I can't wait for it to get cool enough to eat!

Tomorrow we'll be going down to El Corazon for the Soriah performance. It's also my flamekeeping shift starting tomorrow evening. Wednesday is yoga and shrinkage. Thursday is my talk at the alternative school. Usually I don't feel quite as busy as I have recently, but wow a lot has been happening.

I am insane.
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Rather than working on the article or my essay today, I put together the meditations for the Samhain ritual. While I could conceivably ask for an extension for either of the former, I can't exactly ask for an extension on Samhain, so that had to be got out of the way. I stuffed them into the ritual script and sent them off to [ profile] gra_is_stor for her okay, and from there we'll send them to the list for formatting and all that.

Beyond that, I was busy with posting links to the ebook and to the upcoming anthology, and responding to some email. I did laundry and made myself what could either be described as a chicken pot pie or a chicken shepherd's pie with a biscuit crust instead of potato. I used ground chicken, fennel bulb, onion, and green peas with a little garlic and a bit of sage. The filling is slightly sweeter than I would have thought, which is probably the fennel. A touch of salt helps that a bit, but overall I think it was a resounding success.

Tomorrow I'll try to work on either the essay or the article, and possibly the review of [ profile] brandywilliams's book as well.

In the past few days I've been having some sort of periodic infestation of flying ants. I've vacuumed up most of them, but they keep on appearing. I think they're coming out of one of my walls, but I'm not sure. I'm going to have to have somebody come in and take a look at the place I've seen most of them. This is somewhat annoying. If they're in the walls between my unit and the neighbors, it's going to be a bugger getting rid of them.

I'm still not up to going out anywhere this weekend (I'd been asked if I'd like to go to the She Party over at the CSPC), so [ profile] gra_is_stor is going to grab the bus up to Everett after she deals with some stuff she needs to do tomorrow. It was raining today, so I'm slightly more achy than I probably would have been due to the yoga, but I've been trying to stay at least a little bit mobile. We will likely both do some writing this weekend, watch a little video, and hang out together for a couple of days. At the moment, I'm feeling slightly headachy, but that's probably due to the glass of wine I had a little while ago. Some days I'm more sensitive to it than others and this appears to be one of the sensitive days. urgh.

And now, a little reading before I collapse in a heap. Some tylenol probably won't go amiss either.
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So, as noted in my previous post, my ogam book came out as an ebook today.

I talked with Nicole from the OBOD grove about speaking to her class at UW Bothell this quarter. She'll send me some information on possible dates and I'll send her a copy of my geilt and PTSD article for her to give to her class as reading, then I get to just come in and talk about the stuff and my experiences. She said she was interested in coming and checking out some of the stuff we'll be talking about at the CR schmooze in the next couple of months, so I told her that she's welcome to come and join us if she'd like.

Aside from that, I went to my first yoga session at the VA today. We don't have the usual instructor at the moment. We got a substitute and will have one next week as well, before we get the usual instructor back. I'm feeling kind of creaky and there's a knot in my shoulder, but getting back into physical things like that often tend to have unintended creaky side effects, so I'll just roll with it. Next Wednesday is both yoga and my shrink session.

This evening we had the schmooze business meeting, wherein we worked out the last of the issues for the Samhain ritual. Now all that remains is to get the meditations put together. I should be able to pull that off and post it to the list by the end of the week. We also dealt with some topics for the upcoming November annual meeting, and I think we got a brief agenda for that put together. We also discussed what we might need for ritual tools for the group and spending some money on that. All in all, a lot of stuff got done by 9pm. I then hauled [ profile] gra_is_stor and Patrick back up to the Hill so that she could get home and he could head downtown for his shift.

I am a very toasty toasted thing. I came home, walked the dog, and ate. I'm going to be heading for bed soon.

I did get an email today saying that The Sacred Cauldron by Tagh MacCrossan was going to be coming out in a new edition. I'm told that some of the more egregious issues I've had with it will be addressed in the new edition (removal of the ritual involving raw honey being fed to an infant, for instance), and I said I'd pass the word along. If you know anybody interested in this, please let them know.


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