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This morning didn't start well. I went to sleep at maybe 4:30am, only to be awakened by landscapers outside my bedroom window running a weedwhacker at 10:30am. Needless to say, this did not make the DoDC+3 very happy. By the third pass near the window, I gave up and hauled myself upright.

Email brought photos from Caitlin of the pomegranate ogam feda she made for me:

Pomegranate ogam feda from Caitlin

They look spiffy, don't they? She works with all kinds of wood and you can see her work or commission pieces from her here.

The mail brought my copies of Fireflies at Absolute Zero today!

Fireflies have arrived!

This means if you pre-order, you should get them before the official release date of October 31st. So dash on over to Hiraeth Press and do that thing! You can even look at the first several pages of the book there. The cover looks much nicer than this lighting makes it seem.

Last in the good news for the day department, [ profile] gra_is_stor reports that she has the preliminary sound files for the Circle of Stones prayers in Gaelic/Irish and will be working on making them nice for uploading so you can buy them soon! I don't know how long that will take, but you'll know pretty much as soon as I do when they'll be available.

Even with all the good news, I barely felt up to leaving the house today. I almost left getting the mail out of the mailbox for tomorrow, but the DoDC+3 had to be walked, so I had to put clothes on anyway. Glad I did.
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When I started out today (got up at about 3:30pm after going to bed about 8:30am), I wasn't certain I'd be up to a drive to Seattle, but I put on my big girl panties and hauled myself out the door in time to get a decent seat for the Ursula Le Guin reading. She's 83 this year and slowing down, writing a lot less; who can blame her? I was so delighted, though, to see her in person for once, and to have her sign a few of my books. I was able to at least say to her that she has been an inspiration to me for decades and that I love her work. She read poems from her new collection, Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems, interspersed with talk of her life and her writing. She seems like such a lovely person.

For those who missed her tonight and who want to see her while she is still in town, she's appearing as a part of a Clarion West fundraiser on Saturday. Don't miss her if you want to see her. I don't know how many more opportunities we will have.

After the reading, and standing in line for the signing, I went over to the cafe where some snacks and drink were laid out, sponsored by Hedgebrook, a women's writing retreat on Whidbey Island. While there, I spoke with three of the women, about writing, about any advice they might have for promoting a book of poetry, about my admiration for how the organization provides space for women writers and support for the community of women who write. They were very kind to me and offered some good thoughts. I quite liked them and hope I'll have the chance to meet them again.

Having not really eaten before I headed down to Seattle, I dropped by the Odd Fellows Cafe next door and had some dinner before driving home. At the 128th St exit (where I usually get off I5) there had apparently been a really bad accident. The exit was blocked off and I swear I saw at least a dozen police and emergency response vehicles. I have no idea what was happening; I had to take the next exit in order to get home. I'm sure whatever it was will be all over the news tomorrow.

My Friday is going to be laundry and dishes and doing some grocery shopping. I didn't have time to plan for my Samhain today as I'd hoped, given that I was up so late and out of the house all evening. I need to just pick a date and go with it.
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I got some of the text work done for the EBC presentation today, but not much beyond that. Did some things around the house and put the disc and reader in a packet to send out to mom, but didn't get down to the postal place.

Some emails were answered today, and further research was done that I hope will help with the presentation. Tomorrow I need to do some scanning for some very essential illustrations.

This evening I went over to the AFK for the steampunk social. Three of the regulars came for the evening. While I was on my way back from the bathroom, a woman came up and handed me a card for a north-end over-40 lesbian meetup (includes bi women, thankfully). She has just started up the group and their first meeting will be in north Seattle on the 13th, but I have too much to do right now for me to go that night. We did exchange a few emails, and she's a bi woman herself, so I know the group will be bi-friendly. We'll see what happens. She says she's looking for community, and she thought I looked like a pretty interesting person, so she gave me the card. Yay interesting!

Kier said that there is an Egyptian-themed tea happening soon, with a subsequent visit to the Tut exhibit on the 30th of September. I'm talking with her about possibly being included in both events, possibly with [ profile] gra_is_stor if she's interested and there is available space.

I'm feeling pretty creaky today, with the knees and hips giving me trouble, but hoping it'll ease a little after I get to bed tonight. Tomorrow I've got a meeting, Thursday is the VA spirituality group, Friday perhaps gaming at the AFK with my friends. In between all that I need to do more work on the EBC presentation.
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Hiraeth Press has got a poem and an announcement up about Fireflies at Absolute Zero on their news page. The release date has been announced as October 31st. Happy Samhain for me!
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I'll be out of here in about 10 minutes, heading south for Portland, then Ashland for the night. It's 53f and drizzling here (as usual) but I'm hoping the weather will improve as I head south. Everything I can do here is done except stuffing my clothes pack Garuda's boot. I'm sipping my morning cuppa Irish Breakfast (the Floating Leaves House Black is in the car already) trying to get enough caffeine into my system for the road.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. May your travels be safe and wonder meet you on the road.
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I'll be out of here in about 10 minutes, heading south for Portland, then Ashland for the night. It's 53f and drizzling here (as usual) but I'm hoping the weather will improve as I head south. Everything I can do here is done except stuffing my clothes pack Garuda's boot. I'm sipping my morning cuppa Irish Breakfast (the Floating Leaves House Black is in the car already) trying to get enough caffeine into my system for the road.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. May your travels be safe and wonder meet you on the road.
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I got email today from Storm at Immanion/Megalithica that A Circle of Stones was released today and is now available for purchase! You can click on the cover art here and it'll take you over to their website, where it can be ordered!

Circle of Stones cover

Given the release, I'll be removing the information about the PDF of the first edition from my website shortly. The first edition will officially no longer be available except as a used paperback, if you can find one. I won't be getting as much per copy, obviously, but at least there will be the corrections and contextualization in the new edition that I think make me at least vaguely more comfortable having it out there again. I still don't think of it as anything at all like my best work. It's a product of its time and place.

I talked to an intern at the women's clinic at the VA today about meds issues. She's going to give me a scrip for 20 tylenol with codeine for the trip to Europe, and a scrip for 500mg tylenol as well, so that everything I take with me will be official prescription meds. I'll talk to my regular doc when I get back from Europe about actually dealing with useful meds for my fibro; she's on maternity leave until September, apparently. I also got a referral to podiatry for my achy feet to see if there's anything actually wrong, if it's just the fibro, and if I can maybe get some decent orthopedic inserts for my shoes if they might help.

After group today, I headed down to Travelers for chai and spent about two hours flipping through books and making notes on stuff toward the pilgrimage. I feel like I'm getting a better feel for the shape of the daily writing exercises and starting to get some ideas for actual poems and readings for each day. I also need to go over stuff that I've posted to the pilgrimage email list and see what I've sent them and what I need to link to or suggest/recommend for further reading and research for folks before we actually get to Ireland.

Aside from that, I'm just generally feeling creaky and will probably be hitting ye olde sack pretty soon.
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I was in Seattle today with Geordie for the second day of his permaculture workshop. I was really kind of half asleep for much of it, but it was a good session, and I was able to participate. As we were getting ready to wrap, I got a ping from [ profile] lupagreenwolf about the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, on the road in Seattle today, and we went over to have a watch.

There were some excellent short films, and a couple of longer ones, but one thing stood out as wonderfully freaky and hilarious - Doctor Glamour, a steampunk Lovecraftian psychedelic comedy musical. The trailer for the vid is on the website linked above, but there's another complete film on the website as well. It's called "Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer," embedded below for your hilarity quotient for the day. Rather NSFW, but sooooo much fun.

Due to the film festival I was out much later than I anticipated, but it was well worth it. And I got to introduce Geordie to steampunk in one of the most fun ways possible.
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Today Mandragora arrived in the mail. I was, as one might imagine, utterly jazzed by the whole idea.

Erynn & Geordie with Mandragora

Here's me and Geordie at Travelers, waving the book with our stuff in it. We are happy. Sooooo happy.

Erynn & Caera at Travelers

And here's me and [ profile] gra_is_stor at Travelers. She's happy, too.

But my deep, dark secret?

This is who actually writes the books...

The one who really writes the books

The day was gloriously sunny and warm, and we spent a while having chai at Travelers. I showed Leon the book (he was duly impressed). When we wandered over to Edge, I showed it to everyone there, as well. It's kind of the thing one does, after all. The schmooze turned into a pretty good discussion of trees in Celtic lore, as well as a discussion of tree as cosmological center, the Jupiter Giant columns, and various and sundry sacred omphali. (I think that's the right pluralization.)

Tomorrow is dinner with [ profile] paganpaul, who's in town from the Netherlands. Wednesday I'm picking up Geordie when I'm in town for Irish class and he'll come back up for a day or two. Stuff and things require doing, and we still have a fair bit to talk about. Much of today was spent with both of us squeeing about The Book. As you do when you're an author with a brand new pretty.

I'm tired and hoping that I'll actually manage to get some sleep tonight. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I was pretty creaky when I got up this morning. I'm hoping there won't be a migraine in the offing tomorrow, given how I felt for part of today.

When I have the Brigid and flamekeeping book together, I'm seriously thinking of approaching Scarlet Imprint to do the publication. I don't know if it's quite up their usual alley, but one never knows. They're already publishing my stuff, and some of the book will be ritual work, while much of the rest will be essays and other material about Brigid, about flamekeeping, probably about poetry, and about the whole complex of things from a CR perspective, or at least from my CR perspective (which is about all I can say about anything I write these days). Given that they're also doing paperback editions these days, it wouldn't price the book out of everyone's reach, and I'd love to have a gorgeous edition for the altar of the sort that they tend to produce.

Anyway, that's a concern for when the book is actually written.
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Today's visit to the VA went reasonably well. The travel office computer system is still broken down, which means that fucking "take a number" system has gone back to the old, quiet way of "stand in line until it's your turn to go to the window," which I vastly prefer. It's so much quieter and calmer. I took a copy of the Hyperbole and a Half "improved" pain scale in to share with the group and everyone got a good laugh out of it. I was quite pleased.

After the VA, I hied myself over to Travelers, where I met [ profile] isquiesque, who's back in town after her few weeks in DC for work purposes. We had chai, then wandered over to Queen Sheba for Ethiopian food for dinner. We had a fabulous conversation, catching up on life, talking about travel and global politics and writing and all that kind of stuff. She's wanting to go to some big roller derby thing up here in Everett, but doesn't have a car, so wasn't sure if she would be able to or not. I told her that, given it was the beginning of June, she could just come and stay here, because it's not that far away, and busses do run past my place that go into downtown Everett, where the event is taking place. She was pretty jazzed by the idea. It was really great to see her again. When we were done with dinner, we walked over to Elliott Bay and pawed around in the books until she headed back to Belltown and I scarpered for the car.

Upon returning home, I found I had an email from Jason Kirkey, my poetry publisher. I'd actually been talking with [ profile] isquiesque at Travelers about emailing him to inquire about progress on Fireflies at Absolute Zero, so I was very amused (and thoroughly jazzed) to get an email from him. He's asked me to submit a few poems from the book for their summer issue of Written River, their online poetry journal, so as to get a little interest up for the book and start the publicity process. He's thinking probably the end of August (though it is possible maybe sooner) for starting the layout and cover design process, so we're still on track for an October release. I've emailed him back and said I'd go through the stuff tomorrow and select a few for them to choose from.

Before my friend joined me at Travelers, I scribbled a little poem together and sent it over to a website where they're having a competition for a free writing e-course. I thought it looked interesting, and I'm always up for learning something new about writing, so I submitted the poem and we'll see if anything comes of it.

Geordie will be in town soon -- he's arriving Saturday, and will meet [ profile] gra_is_stor and me in the U District for the Medieval Women's Choir concert. We'll figure out other times/dates for seeing him while he's here when I see him then. I'm still hoping to get Mandragora before he arrives so we can swoon over it together, as he's got poetry in the volume as well.

So many friends, so little time!

This looks like a lot of fun for mid-May at De Laurenti's in the Market:

First on the docket is the Seattle Cheese Festival. It's May 19th and 20th here at the Pike Place Market. It's our 8th year as host and we're pumped to be welcoming you - and all the cheese makers back to Seattle for this great event. As ever, you will taste hundreds of cheeses, learn how to make mozzarella and burrata (from our very own Shane Wahlund), and watch and learn from local renowned chefs as they prepare amazing dishes with cheese. You'll taste wines from all over in our Wine Garden and you will learn, in detail, facets of the cheese business only gleaned from our remarkable Seminars. All the info and details are online, of course, at Don't forget to check out the winning Mac-n-Cheese recipe at the site as well!
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Some of you might remember last year when I was thoroughly flaily about the restored Metropolis, with live music by the Alloy Orchestra.

Guess what?

They're back.

Tonight through Saturday, Metropolis is playing at the Cinerama as part of the SIFF Science Fiction Film Festival and if you like silent film performed with live music, you MUST see this. I swear, it is the most amazing performance of Metropolis ever. Tickets are $30 but I promise you by all that's holy that it is worth every penny. I have two tickets and will be taking [ profile] gra_is_stor to the Saturday matinee at 12:30. (With any luck, we'll go to lunch afterwards.)

If you're in the Seattle area, if you love film, if you love live music, GO SEE THIS. You will not regret it.
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I had a lovely time at the AFK for my birthday tonight. About a dozen people showed up, including folks I didn't know who were friends of friends, and who happened to know other friends without knowing they were also going to be there. It's a very very small world in my corner of the universe. Pagans, fandom, politics, geekery, and steampunk all overlap in the most twisted yet fabulous ways. I do love my life, even when I feel like warmed over crap.

Today [ profile] gra_is_stor and I took down the old blinds from the lanai sliding door and installed a roll-down shade. It took about an hour more than was advertised on the package, but the job was slightly complicated by the fact that I wanted to retain the little box around the top from the old blinds so as to cover the top of the shade, and so that I wouldn't have to worry about where to hang the speaker wires that run from the TV on one side of the room to the wall on the other. I've got surround-sound speakers installed, and even though I don't use the TV very often, it's nice to have the option when I'm watching a DVD. Not having to tear down the wires was a happy convenience.

The reservation for my B&B in Penrith was made today. I'm just waiting for the confirmation; I've made the arrangements and made sure that their breakfast included things that I would be able to eat. They were very kind about the whole thing, considering the weirdness of some of my reactions to food that most people don't think of as allergens (allergy to apples means that fruit-juice sweetened juice is usually completely undrinkable for me, for instance).

Today's post brought my hiking poles from the REI Outlet. They were already over 40% off, and I got an additional 20% with my membership discount, so they were really inexpensive for what I got. I'm quite pleased, and they also collapse down small enough to fit into the duffel that I'm taking my camping gear in. I'm really pleased with the additions to my camping gear this year. It should make things a lot lighter and easier on me, even when I'm car camping, which I do at least once a year, and sometimes two or three times.

Despite the fibromyalgia and the fact that I hurt a lot most of the time, I really do still very much enjoy just getting outside and being away from the city for a while. It's good to get out into the woods or off by the water to let go of the stresses and reach more deeply into my relationship with the planet.

I wasn't able to get over to the hardware store to pick up bits for the dremel today, so I wasn't able to finish up the ogam set, but I'll do that tomorrow because [ profile] gra_is_stor needs to get back into Seattle early before Irish class, and her roommate is coming back from Mexico tomorrow, so she has a lot of stuff to do. I should be able to get my act together enough to finish up the ogam set before I head down for Irish class and then the queer Pagan meetup at Cafe Vita afterwards. It'll be nice to catch up with some of that crew I haven't seen in a while.

And now, crawling off to bed. Later y'all!
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I spent time chatting with Vyviane today and plane tickets were purchased from Seattle to Dublin, and Venice to Seattle. This is now officially a Real Thing That Is Happening!

I'm lightheaded just thinking about it. Really. Seriously. Feel like I'm about to pass out excited, here.

We also scheduled a Skype chat with the sisters to give them some idea of who I am and where I'm coming from, so that folks who are considering going along but not yet certain will better be able to make up their minds.

The piece I wrote yesterday for the pilgrimage packet was given a go. She'll let me know later if there's anything further she wants for the packet. Now I just have to worry about the last details of my post-Ireland travel and working on the material we'll be covering on the pilgrimage itself. Now that I've got the immediate (due April 1st) material out of the way, I can relax slightly. Next deadline for written stuff is May 15th.

And now I'm away to cope with the rest of my day.
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I set up to make a set of ogam stones with some moss agate I got when I originally made my paua shell triple set. Got the altar together, set everything up, put the dremel together, and then found that the tip I have won't engrave stone. I'm going to have to go over to Lowes or something tomorrow and pick up one of the diamond-tip bits that will work on semi-precious stones. Feh.

In good news, I got a draft of one of the items I'm supposed to write for the pilgrimage participants packet done today and over to Vyviane for her perusal. I'll be talking to her tomorrow, so I'll be able to check in with her about whether or not what I gave her was the sort of thing she was thinking about. If so, it clears one thing off the schedule for me.

I heard today from Ruby Sara about one of the poems for the Mandragora anthology, regarding some formatting issues that were due to this particular poem's having been through half a dozen word-processor versions and about that many computers, so I know the book is now in layout. It shouldn't be too long before they release it, if they're doing layout stuff and checking for last minute copyediting!

After some intensive research and continuing to poke around, I've figured out what I need to know about backpacking stoves in Europe for this trip, and now know what I can buy and use when I'm on the Isle of Man. It even turns out to be one of the less expensive options, which is really nice. I also found out what I have to do to clean the stove properly so that it's TSA compliant for my luggage, which apparently can be a very problematic issue if it's not done. Anything with fuel fumes or residue is likely to be confiscated, but apparently cleaning isn't that hard with the sort of thing I'm looking at.

I still haven't heard back from a couple of the B&Bs that I contacted. I did contact the one hostel in Penrith, but they're booked up. Worse comes to worst, I've emailed the original B&B and asked if I can just take the one night in Penrith, then book a room (more expensive) near the Manchester Airport for the night before I fly out and have done with it. I know I'm looking at the height of the summer season, so it may be a lost cause to get both a Thursday and a Friday night for one person in a place where they make their money by booking more than one person in the room. Anyway, I'll deal with that in the next day or two.

All this fussing about with travel details, though, is stressing me out enough that my stomach is starting to act up again, and fairly severely. We hates it we does my precioussss.
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Today I headed down to Seattle to hang out with [ profile] meddevi at Travelers. I also got to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor, [ profile] nathan_fhtagn, [ profile] grx, and a bunch of other really awesome folks for a couple of hours. There was chai. There were moments of utter hilarity. There was epic wrongness in the form of badfic. [ profile] gra_is_stor was drawn to the dark side and now has a twitter account.

There are no words for how fabulously fun my afternoon was.

All I can say is, how did I get lucky enough to know so many wonderful, talented, brilliantly amazing people?
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I spent most of today doing more research and poking around for the Brigid pilgrimage. Sources have to be dug up, texts read, notes made. I was also dealing with re-doing the two-column handout for the Brigid and Sarasvati workshop, as I'll be presenting that again at Eight Winds. It was on the netbook, thankfully, but that meant I had to reformat everything and add the info from the notes I'd taken at the PCon session. I spent several hours on it, but now that particular handout is a PDF file that can just be printed and not worried about.

When I tried to scan the grid from the Sarasvati book, the HP driver urped on me. The website said to uninstall the driver and reinstall it. So I uninstalled the driver. For which I had to download a program so that it would work. The driver got uninstalled. I downloaded the OS 10.6 driver for the scanner. It wouldn't even open. Less joy than usual in Mudville tonight. The printer works just fine and I assume the copy function does, too, as that doesn't really even interact with the computer at all, but the scanner appears to be kaput. For the moment, it's not an issue, but I'll need to figure out some way to deal with it eventually.

I'm currently getting last-minute stuff together for tomorrow's departure for Port Townsend. I've printed out the address and information for Manresa Castle so that I can slap it into the god of navigation. We're planning on taking the the 11:10 or 12:05 ferry, depending, so we'll be getting up at about 9:30 and expecting to wait in line for at least one sailing, as you do on weekends heading out to the Peninsula. I need to run Garuda through a car wash before we head out, though, as he's still a mess from the Siskiyou pass.

There is currently cornbread in the oven for [ profile] gra_is_stor. We've got her food packed up in the fridge and will stuff it in the cooler in the morning. I have to remember to haul along my tea kettle so as to have available caffeination for my bloodstream on Sunday morning. I also have to pack my clothes for the seance and murder mystery party. We did a quick walk down to the Safeway because I was out of juice and needed more half and half so that I'd have enough for the cornbread and for my tea in the morning. I also dropped a bunch of my sib's mail in the postbox there. I'm still getting a bunch of his stuff delivered here and I'm just having the post office forward it. I do, however, hope that eventually he'll send in those change of address forms...

This evening I subjected [ profile] gra_is_stor to the glory of cheez-whiz that is The Abominable Doctor Phibes, starting Vincent Price. Hilarity abounded. It was glorious. The thing that disturbed her the most about the movie? The doctor and his assistant were dancing Tango to a Foxtrot tune. ONOES!

And now I just have to go pack, and wait for the cornbread to come out of the oven. It goes ding when there's stuff.
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Hiraeth Press has announced the impending release of my poetry collection on their news page, slated for mid-October of this year. Go take a look!
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The headache came and went today, along with nasty cramps. I decided not to head down to Seattle for the schmooze, which was a good thing because about the time I'd have had to be leaving, I was almost too dizzy to walk. Feh. I'm doing somewhat better now, but it's once again and off and on thing.

I did get excellent news from [ profile] mael_brigde, who says her doc says the cancer has not spread, so she will need surgery but there will be no need for chemo or radiation! I'm so very happy for her, and extremely relieved.

[ profile] gra_is_stor reports the schmooze went quite well and she'll be up here soonish with more details.

I was briefly in touch with my beta today, who said that she'd had a bad headache today herself so didn't get anything done on the story, but that's perfectly understandable. I definitely understand headaches! (And what they can do to your concentration and focus.)

Today was spent doing a load of laundry and reading a book. It was about all I could manage. Maybe tomorrow I'll be doing a little better. I need to call somebody about one of the heating units in my living room, which has lately been giving off occasional burning smells. I've turned the temp down in the living room so it won't switch on too often until after I've had somebody in to look at it. For all I know, it may need replacing. It's one of those little in-wall electrical units. They're more convenient than baseboard heaters, which take up a lot of space, forcing you to not put anything near the walls that they're on. These are just a foot or so square. Anyway, I have to find out what needs to be done with this one.
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Today my friends Bj and SJ came over and (eight months late) finally took me over to AFK for my "birthday" dinner. They'd brought a bunch of baked stuff, which is their usual holiday routine. It's been a long time since I've seen Bj out of his lair; his health has not been good for quite some time.

By the time we'd left, we were discussing getting the gaming group together again on a weekday evening at the AFK, as Adam (whom they had visited just before me) had said he'd like to GM again. I'd be open for that, provided it doesn't clash with other stuff that I have to deal with.

It was wonderful to see them for a couple of hours. I was very glad they came by. I did, however, forget to return one of their storage containers that I'd brought food home in last time I was over there for dinner. I started to hand it to SJ and then set it down on the counter so I could give him a hug. Needless to say, it was forgotten in the tussle.

My hips are still very cranky and achy and stiff, which does not please me. That, and catching a nap from about 8:30pm to 12:30am meant I didn't get any laundry done, which I had wanted to today.

I'm going to try to get some sleep again in a little while, but I don't know how well that will go. Feh. I'm a little too achy to focus on writing at the moment, though I poked at my fic earlier today for a little while and did some editing. We'll see what happens when I get my decaf Ceylon tea together here in a few minutes. There may be chocolate.
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I got this today from Ruby Sara, editor of Mandragora.

Dear Erynn,

Thank you for your submission to the Scarlet Imprint poetry anthology, Mandragora. The following works have been accepted for publication in this anthology:

Lost Text

On the Origin of Dreams

ESSAY: Burying the Poet


We will be in touch with you in the coming months as we engage in the work of completing the manuscript. We do not yet have an expected publication date for this project, but when that has been determined, I will let you know immediately. All contributors to this project will receive one copy of the work.


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