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I spent a fair bit of the day today too dizzy to sit up too much, but got things done anyway. I walked down to the mail outlet and posted the next-to-last box from all the folks who have bought books from me. I'm still waiting to hear back from Geordie, because he wants stuff shipped to Canada and it's going to cost damned near as much as the books did to ship it. I may just have to hang onto it until he gets back from Spain and comes to visit.

Yesterday was Irish class, and some further book shuffling, and I packed three more boxes of poetry books. I've got another shelf of poetry to go and then I start on the poetics and writing shelves. Today I put all the cds in boxes and stacked them, then cleared all the books off most of the surfaces here in the living room, stacking them on the floor in somewhat more orderly piles. I've got a few more piles to go but needed a break.

I wrote a couple of thousand words yesterday in my fic but nothing today because it was a little much for me, though I did a bunch of work on my Italian, both online and some basic grammar exercises.

Due to a bank thing (it worked out in my favor) I spent half an hour or so on hold and talking to people at BECU. All is well, but it was a bit of a surprise. I cancelled the dvd portion of my Netflix account and am sending the last dvd back to them. I just haven't had time to watch it and I don't want anything to get lost while I'm in the middle of all this; I sometimes watch things streaming, even if they don't have everything available at the moment. That bit is a little frustrating.

The contractor called about the water damage in the guest bathroom, and they are sending somebody out at 2pm on Friday to have a look and make an estimate for the condo association. I still have heard nothing back from the realtors (if nothing by Wednesday I'm doing a web search on people who specialize in short sales and getting someone on board for real). I called Mary and will be trying to get my books down to her in West Seattle. [ profile] gra_is_stor didn't have time today, won't tomorrow, and Wednesday through Friday are going to be busy for me. It's looking like I won't get this stuff out of here until next week sometime. [ profile] ingvisson has still been driving Sol's car, and that broke down, so he can't help with this.

After everything else, I ordered an Italian dictionary of the not-pocket variety so that I can actually read the entries a little better, and so that I'll have somewhat more vocabulary to work with as I'm learning. I spoke briefly to an old fandom friend and will be giving him a bunch of X-Files/LGM stuff that I don't want to just let go off into the aether; I do have to get rid of it for space purposes but I'll feel better having it go to a fellow fan. I may end up doing the same with all the SGA stuff I collected.

So anyway, lots of tiny things done. I know I'm making progress but it feels like I'm moving in geological time. Glaciers move faster. I remind myself that I'm fighting this huge physical issue on top of all the other crap I usually deal with, so I'm really doing pretty well. Still, I'm way too easily depressed of late because of how stressful things are, and having to depend on everyone else's schedules and situations in order to accomplish things.
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Today I didn't do a whole lot physically, after having dealt with four hours of book sorting yesterday. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went and got Garuda's tire dealt with. I got some of the maintenance records printed out (he's going to have to talk to his accountant to see where the ones prior to 2010 are), and found notes in the LJ regarding the maintenance I had to have done in Ashland in 2010, so that's all good.

I talked to Sally, my next door neighbor, today. She said the board has been talking about my request and it's looking pretty good for chances for me being able to rent the place out. She told me that Brian, the property manager, would probably get back to me early next week about it. When I hear from him, I'll ask him about a manager to deal with renting/maintenance/etc for the place when I leave it. I don't want to have to mess with anything if I don't have to - if there's someone who can deal with it professionally so I don't have to worry, all the better.

We went over to AFK this evening for Gary's birthday. I took him one of the signed books I was getting rid of and gave that to him; he was thrilled with it, so I was very pleased that he'd got something he liked. After that we went to the Everett Pagan Meetup out at one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's bandmate's place. There was a fairly large crowd for a while, and a fire on the deck in the back. I was talking a little with a few of the folks there about moving; I mentioned I would be selling my drums and Michael said to just let him know how much I wanted for them and he'd buy them, so I need to take a quick look at reasonable value for used instruments in order to give him a quote on them.

I spent some time in Skype text with my brother today as well, talking about various things regarding moving to Italy. He was saying that he thought Venice was fantastic to visit but not so great for actually living there (and since he is actually over there I'm taking his opinions into account). I said, if Venice wouldn't be so great, where would you recommend? He said Verona, Udine, or Trieste, so I have been looking around at stuff about those areas as well. Once I get over there (he is very confident I won't have any trouble with it) we can road trip around and look at the cities in question and check out the lay of the land, the most walkable areas, and all that stuff. I figure that while I am enamored of Venice, if other places would suit better (and more cheaply) I can still visit Venice just by hopping on the train pretty much anytime I like. And cheaper means more space, so there might even be a spare room for guests instead of just an air mattress on the floor in the living room.

The other thing I spent a great deal of time on was looking for studios/one bedrooms in Seattle. Capitol Hill may not have anything available in my price range, but the U District seems to have a fair number right around campus and the Ave. That would be more than acceptable for temporary lodging while I deal with paperwork for Italy and suchlike things.

I only got about 350 words written today, but I have had some epic writing days lately for my fic, so I'm not that discontent about it. I'll work on it some more tomorrow, and do more sorting on the books in the library and then start on the poetry/writing books in the living room for stay/go purposes.

Lots and lots of things to do, but I am hanging on as best I can despite my rising stress levels. I'm considering asking my shrink if I can see her twice a month instead of just once, while all this is going on. It might help me deal a little better with all the stuff that's coming up around this.
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Bi Men’s Anthology: Call for Writing and Artwork!


Due to the inspiring response to our original call and the impressive quality of the submissions we’ve received, we have decided to expand the vision of the anthology to include an e-book and print book, and to include a subset of selections online on the Good Men Project Magazine. We are therefore also extending the call for submissions and inviting additional work for inclusion in the anthology. If you identify as a bisexual (or anthrosexual/ambisexual/fluid/no labels/multisexual/omnisexual/pansexual/pomosexual/polysexual or in some other way as non-monosexual) man/male-identified person, we hope you will consider submitting your work.

You are welcome to submit essays, fiction, images, cartoons, poetry, or any combination of these. Suggested length for submissions is 500-2500 words.

You can submit work about anything you want, as long as it is somehow related to bisexual identity, practice, and/or experience. Suggested topics include:

Why and how you identify sexually;
Where you find support and/or community;
How your experience of sexual identity is shaped by your other identities (race/skin color, ethnicity, class, geography, religion, age, gender identity, etc.);
Stories about falling in (or out of) love or about relationships;
When and how you came out to yourself;
When and how you choose to come out to others;
Being a bi-identified man in different communities (e.g., heterosexual, SGLBTQI, kink, polyamorous, ethnic, religious, professional, cultural, etc.);
Racism, sexism, homonormativity or heteronormativity in bisexual spaces;
Marriage and marriage equity;
Being a father and managing family life;
Brotherhood and building men’s communities;
Organizing for social justice;
Ecological consciousness and sexuality;
Postcolonial queer identity;
Envisioning queer futures;
Mothers/Fathers and their bi sons;
HIV/AIDS, prostate/testicular cancer, or other health challenges;
Healthy living;
Media images of bisexual men (general or pornographic)
Being bi and out in gay organizations;
Bi men as elders and mentors.

We are also hoping to include a few resource lists. If you are interested in working on one of these, please let us know right away. Some ideas: bi men’s fiction, bi men’s nonfiction, bi men’s website; websites (bi or not) of particular interest to bi men.

We intend for the final project include a diverse range of voices and perspectives. Submissions from the Global South and people of color communities within North American and Europe are strongly encouraged. We are very much interested in the voices of young people, transgender men, and men living in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Indigenous/Aboriginal communities. If you feel that you rarely see people like yourself represented, please consider submitting work for the anthology.

Submissions are due by June 30, but it would be very helpful to get a sense now of your intentions.

The editors for this publication are Robyn Ochs, an educator, speaker, award-winning activist, and editor of the 42-country anthology, Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World and the Bi Women newsletter, and Dr. Herukhuti, sexologist, shaman, cultural worker, founder of Black Funk: The Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality and co-editor of Sexuality, Religion and the Sacred: Bisexual, Pansexual and Polysexual Perspectives.

Please write to us at

Thank you,
Robyn Ochs and Dr. Herukhuti
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I asked [ profile] gra_is_stor to take me over to the Apple store today because my desktop was making rattling noises. It's one or both of the fans, but since my desktop is still under warranty, they'll replace them without charging me. They should call me tomorrow so that we can go over and pick it up.

Tomorrow should also be some grocery shopping, the Mensa TGIF at Emory's, and a birthday party for a friend over in Everett. I'm tired and hoping I will be up to all of this stuff. I was really dizzy today most of the day, and the drive to Alderwood didn't help much. I did get a little writing done in the last couple of days - about 3,000 words in the fic I'm working on. So far, so good.
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So [ profile] alfrecht brought some folks by on Monday, and we had a lovely time talking and watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, as you do. [ profile] gra_is_stor was here as well, and that was very nice.

Yesterday I did some laundry in prep for my flight out tomorrow morning. [ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to be here after band practice tonight so that we can get out early in the morning. I need to pack and to do some dishes before I even think about going to bed tonight. Today I did a lot of editing and also wrote over 7,500 words on the fic I'm working on. That felt really good and, if I get the other stuff done in a reasonable amount of time, I'll see about getting the next scene started as well.

Right now, though, I'm going to try to get some food. I have tentative arrangements with folks for NYC, which includes some steampunky awesome - always a treat. I'll be sure to post when I arrive in NYC at my friend's place to let folks know I am safe. It will likely be at some ungodly hour of the morning or very late at night, depending on if there are delays or weather problems.

From what I saw of the forecast, it looks pretty warm out there, though apparently it's been raining. I need to figure out what clothes to bring along. It's been chilly out here (currently 49f) and rained like crazy most of the day.

Wish me luck, folks. Sunday is the big day.
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I've been pretty busy writing fanfic lately, and dealing with tired and creaky and prepping for the trip to New York and all that stuff. I talked to my mom and she is okay; they tornadoes were supposed to go through their area but went around, so I am relieved by that.

I've been in touch with folks back east about my trip and am hoping to see several people while I am out there. One of the women who came to Ireland with me last summer will be coming to the poetry reading and awards ceremony, so it will be fantastic to see her again.

I am still dizzy with no end in sight. I called the otolaryngology clinic on Thursday and asked about neurology, as I haven't heard anything from them about the consult as yet. The gal I saw in oto the week before will call them and ask what's going on; the consult was received so they should be trying to schedule an appointment for me. Perhaps I'll hear from them before I leave next week. Maybe.

Generally speaking, I wish I were a little more focused, but I'm working on getting there. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually be able to deal with nonfiction writing again and my research, it's just going to take time. Which is disappointing, but that's life. On the up side, I've had a little progress, in that I'm able to write at all. Today I've spent doing some editing and checking for continuity in the story I'm working on, but that's very slow going because it's so detail-oriented.

Tomorrow [ profile] alfrecht and some of his peeps are supposed to visit on their way back from Seattle. I'm looking forward to having a little company and doing Pagan schmoozing. I'm also supposed to review a piece that [ profile] wire_mother sent me, and am hoping to do that tomorrow night, provided I have the brain juice.
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I was awakened this afternoon by [ profile] ingvisson's text telling me he'd be at my place at 2pm to take me to the VA, which I had completely spaced. I threw myself into the shower and was finishing up the whole getting dressed thing when he arrived.

We got to my appointment on time and things were okay, but I was frustrated by my having forgotten. Afterwards, I went over to Emory's for some dinner - duck with pasta in a truffle cream sauce and a glass of Argentinian Malbec. Noms. The eagles were out sitting in the trees across the lake, in the rain. I've been seeing them and the ospreys with relative frequency the past few weeks, which is always nice.

My fic writing continues apace. Yesterday I got about 600 words, the day before that nearly 3000, and today there were about 1200. I'm tired, but reasonably pleased by this. My head hurts, though.

Today's email brought this:

The Bi Writers Association announces their Bisexual Book Award finalists today. The winners will be revealed and awards bestowed at the Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony following the Bi Lines VI reading and multi-arts program on June 2nd.

Awards will be given in seven categories. Finalists are announced today for all categories except Bisexual Book Publisher of the Year, which will be kept secret until the awards ceremony. The awards are open to people of all orientations, except the Bi Writer Award, which goes to the best bi author of the year, from all the categories combined.

Books were nominated by the Bi Writers Association and allowed to be nominated to any category they fit. No limits were set on number of finalists, but were narrowed down to the best in each category by the judges. Bisexual Fiction had the most nominees, and therefore, the most finalists. The judges are a combination of award-winning writers, respected bi writers and passionate bi book readers.

The first list of finalists for the Bisexual Book Awards is announced today
Photo credit: Crown Awards
Bisexual Book Awards Finalists List:

Bisexual Fiction
1. Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Edited by Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press

2. History of a Pleasure Seeker, Richard Mason, Random House / Knopf
3. In One Person, John Irving, Simon & Schuster
4. The Last Nude, Ellis Avery, Riverhead Books
5. Mount Royal, There’s nothing harder than love, Basil Papademos, Tightrope Books
6. Silver Moon, Catherine Lundoff, Lethe Press
7. Whitetail Shooting Gallery, Annette Lapointe, Anvil Press Publishers

Bisexual Non-fiction
1. Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals, Janet W. Hardy, Beyond Binary Books
2. My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B, Cheryl Burke, Topside Signature

Bisexual Poetry
1. Fireflies at Absolute Zero, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Hiraeth Press
2. Love Without Limits: The Bi-Laws of Love, Yazmin Monet Watkins, Red Journal Publications
3. Shine, Donnelle McGee, Sibling Rivalry Press

Bisexual Erotic Fiction/Erotica
1. Mount Royal, There’s nothing harder than love, Basil Papademos,
2. The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four, Cecilia Tan, Ravenous Romance
3. Times Square Queer: Tales of Bad Boys in the Big Apple, Mykola Dementiuk, Renaissance eBooks

Bisexual Speculative Fiction [Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror]

1. Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press
2. Gleams of a Remoter World, Fiona Glass, Riptide Publishing
3. The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four, Cecilia Tan, Ravenous Romance
4. Silver Moon, Catherine Lundoff, Lethe Press

Bi Writer Award
1. Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press
2. Fireflies at Absolute Zero, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Hiraeth Press
3. Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals, Janet W. Hardy, Beyond Binary Books
4. My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B, Cheryl Burke, Topside Signature
5. Mount Royal, There’s nothing harder than love, Basil Papademos, Tightrope Books Inc.
6. The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four, Cecilia Tan, Ravenous Romance
7. Silver Moon, Catherine Lundoff, Lethe Press
8. Times Square Queer: Tales of Bad Boys in the Big Apple, Mykola Dementiuk, Renaissance eBooks
9. Whitetail Shooting Gallery, Annette Lapointe, Anvil Press Publishers

Bi Book Publisher of the Year -Winner will be announced at the Bisexual Book Awards, June 2nd in New York City.

I'm about to crawl off to bed. I hope you all have a great night/day/whatever it happens to be when you read this.
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Yesterday I tried to get online to update folks, but LJ was having trouble and I couldn't get in to read or to post. Thankfully, it appears to be fixed at the moment.

Yesterday was a dental visit to the VA. The minor pain I'd been having in one tooth turned out to be the grand canyon under one of my fillings. They had to remove the filling (which I expected) and the intern said they might need to do a root canal. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, but they did have to rebuild a huge chunk of the tooth. It's possible this filling may need to be replaced by a crown if there are any problems with it, but we shall see. I have a late June appointment for a cleaning and we can check things out again then.

Overall, still tired, still dizzy. I have an appointment at Otolaryngology tomorrow, and [ profile] gra_is_stor will drive me there. I finished up a story and posted it, and it has been getting some nice comments, so I feel pretty good about that, at least.

One of the things that I've noticed is that some kinds of music (like the Hildegard concert) make the dizziness worse. It's by no means the only thing, nor the only kind of music, but it was very very noticeable while I was there in the cathedral. I get this effect at my desk while listening to the ipod sometimes, as well.

A little while ago I was trying to get into a jar of sauerkraut from a local company and it was the most impossible thing I think I've yet run into. The lid to the jar was plastic and I eventually ended up having to literally break the lid off the jar in order to get to the stuff inside. I went to the company's website and left a comment about it. I swear, my hands are going to be a mess for hours after this. It's hard enough getting into jars already - I don't need to have to use a fucking pickaxe to get into things. Anyway, the kraut is nice, but I can't go through that again. Just, no.

Yesterday, memberships for the Sherlock Seattle con went on sale, so I got mine.
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Tickets to NYC were bought yesterday. I'll be flying in late on the 30th of May and leaving early on the 4th of June. I have a place to stay when I get there, and someone to go to the event with. I need to talk to a few of the other folks I know there and see about going to places I want to see. There's a bar there with a TARDIS, and I want to see the Cloisters and the NYPL while I am there. I figure that will probably be about all I can stuff into the few days I will be in the city and still preserve my energy and sanity.

Saturday [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went down to Seattle for the Sherlock Seattle picnic. We had a great time; she hadn't been expecting much but got into some of the conversations folks were having. She figured it was going to be all fandom all the time, but this crowd isn't really like that. Yes, we love our fandom, but we also talk about all kinds of other things. After the picnic, we went to Mirch Masala for some pre-concert dinner, and talked with one of the gals from the picnic.

At the Medieval Women's Choir concert, we saw Brandy and Ted, and also Denny and Rebecca. The concert was glorious, all Hildegard music, with their soloist Marian Siebert, who is just incredible. After the concert a bunch of us went to Charlie's. I saw a text from [ profile] thewronghands about tea and mochi. I was invited to come up with [ profile] gra_is_stor, as things were still going, but it was late and the DoDC+3 was still in his crate, so we came back home.

Sunday I had a migraine and so I went to lie down in my room while the Irish class happened. I just didn't feel well enough to deal with it at all.

Wednesday I have a dental appointment and Friday I've got one at Otolaryngology at the VA, so that'll be one more step toward trying to figure out what's happening with me. Still dizzy, still not making any progress toward clearing that up at this point. It's exceedingly annoying. I'm getting a tiny bit of fic writing done, but that's about it.

I sent in an email about being a fic/writing panelist at the Sherlock Seattle con this fall. One of the local fans asked if I wanted to be on a panel she's doing and I said that sounded like fun, so we'll see what happens.

One of the things that I've noted is that sometimes certain qualities of sound cause the dizziness to be worse. The vocals at the concert, for example, were really triggering some dizziness for me. It sounded glorious, but it made my head spin. It was a fascinating sensation. I've noted that it also sometimes happens with certain types of music while I'm listening to my ipod at home. I don't know what that means but I'll be sure to mention it to the docs when I see them Thursday.
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Once again sleep did not find me until it was already light out, but at least I spent the night working on the story I'm doing. I made some pretty good progress last night and will probably do some more writing tonight, crawling into bed with my laptop.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, up in the 70s - it's still 54 here at the moment, which is about what it's been in the daytime of late. [ profile] gra_is_stor came by and picked me up so we could go get groceries. I asked if she'd haul me to the mall so I could get some new jeans, as one of my pairs died a couple of weeks ago and the one I'm wearing now is about to give up the ghost as well.

Some of what I did ended up being standing waiting in one place for some time, which was more exhausting than I would have thought. The dizziness is still making things like that hard on me, and I was pretty fried when we got back to my place. She took her groceries home then came back over for a little bit to watch an episode of Raffles with me. Gods the innuendo in that show. I'm sure it wasn't directly intended but wow. Damned near inescapable and hilarious at the same time. Needless to say, I'm rather enjoying the whole thing.

Tomorrow (today really) is Irish class in the evening. Monday I have an audiology appointment. Saturday is the Sherlock Seattle picnic and the last of the season's Medieval Women's Choir concerts, presenting music by Hildegard of Bingen. Tuesday is the monthly steampunk social that most folks actually attend -- I don't know yet if I'll be going. It will depend on whether I can get a ride. I don't know if a place has been set for it or if it'll be at the AFK again. I'll have to check with folks and ask.

I'm still thinking a lot about what I need to do if things don't go well for me with the medical stuff. I'm spending too much time frustrated and depressed about it. That said, I'm doing my best to keep on doing what needs to be done; I'm staying as positive as I can, but contemplating any change like this is pretty overwhelming. I have plots and ideas, though. We'll see what happens.
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I got mail yesterday from the VA scheduling me for another audiology appointment, though I'm not entirely certain what this one is for. I'd thought the one on the 17th was my follow-up, but this is for the 6th. Unfortunate dizziness continues apace as I contemplate what to do should this condition be permanent.

I got an email inviting me to a friend's birthday party in Vancouver yesterday, but didn't have enough time to arrange a bus trip up there or someone to drive me, so I had to email and send my regrets. Apparently a previous email got eaten by the aether, which I really regret. I would have loved to be there.

Yesterday I posted a fic I'd been working on for a fandom exchange, and have got some lovely comments on it. I'm currently working on another, though that will take quite a while to write. I'm expecting it to be quite long, and have it pretty thoroughly plotted out. I had wanted to write yesterday and today but have only been able to get a little focus today, late in the evening. I've done about 1200 words so far and might do a little more, so as to feel like this scene is finished, before I give up for the night.

Thursday [ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to take me for a haircut and to get Garuda in for an emissions test. She can't really be in the salon, as the chemicals will make her pretty sick, but she can take Garuda off for the test and then wait for me down at the nearby Starbucks if she's done before I am.

Mom called to let me know she's back from Atlanta. Apparently the officer who was organizing the ship's reunion was a complete dick, so they didn't stay very long. Somehow this fails to surprise me. His answer to "why doesn't the hospitality suite have chairs or anything other than really inadequate nibbles" was "this is a meet and greet, not a stay and eat." Yeah, thanks. Lots of older folks, some of whom might actually be disabled? You get chairs so people can sit and talk, you stupid fucking wanker. Titanium sporks at dawn.

Still not thrilled with my situation, but surviving. As you do.
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I went down for my shrinkage today and talked with her about how the whole dizziness thing is getting to me. It was good to get some of that off my chest and to get a little feedback on it.

Tomorrow is a two to three hour test that is pretty much guaranteed to make me miserable, as it's designed to attempt to make you dizzy so they can figure out what might be causing the whole thing. I'm not really looking forward to this very much. I am not supposed to eat anything four hours before or to take any meds for dizziness (I don't have any at the moment) or anxiety for 48 hours prior to the test. Thankfully, I haven't needed to take any anxiety meds recently. They did say not to stop taking meds for any other conditions that I might require, so I'm not going to worry about the antidepressants and whatnot.

In the mail I got a note about the appointment with the otolaryngology clinic that I'd been called about earlier this week. The letter says it is apparently some kind of consult with a surgeon to "determine or confirm a problem that was initially diagnosed by another provider." They sent along a form for me to fill out where they pretty much want my entire medical history (and that of my family) in some blanks on two sides of a single sheet of paper. Optimists. So I don't know what went on with the audiology test but apparently something is happening. Maybe I will learn something tomorrow. It's possible that this is just a preemptive scheduling of the followup appointment for the test tomorrow. It's not until the 17th of next month.

As to the writey stuff, the animism anthology that [ profile] lupagreenwolf has been putting together for several years, interrupted by her masters program, is finally together. I received the PDF galley proof today for final corrections, which I dutifully read and have sent to her. She said it will go to press as soon as all final corrections are received, which means in a couple of months I will have a shiny new book to add to my bibliography.

Crap days

Apr. 19th, 2013 12:52 am
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Yesterday was a pretty crap day. I was really dizzy all day long and pretty down about the whole thing. I managed to beta a fic for a friend, but that was about all I could handle. I was doing slightly better today and managed to finish up the fic I was working on for an April fandom exchange, so that was pretty good at least.

I sent off email to Ian Corrigan with a backup CC to another ADF druid I know (in case Ian for some reason isn't getting my emails), letting them know that I've cancelled for Wellspring. I had kind of wanted to wait until I heard back from Ian about this before I made any public announcement, but it's been a few days since I sent my initial note and I've heard nothing. It's just time that I admitted trying to get out to Wellspring this year is an unrealistic hope. Nothing is really going to fix it before I'd have to go and I shouldn't push myself on this.

Thankfully, next Wednesday I have a visit with my shrink and can talk with her about this. That usually helps some.

I still feel like crap, generally speaking, but am trying to refrain from sinking into a morass of negativity beyond just cancelling the trip. That I can't focus enough to write nonfiction is problematic, but less important for the moment.

For those folks who were hoping to see me either at Wellspring or on my trip out and back this year, I'm sorry. I wish things were different but I have to be realistic about my situation. With any luck, maybe I can do this next year. I'm still holding out some hope for Eight Winds, later in the summer. Perhaps things will be more stable for my by then.
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I called yesterday to the VA and made an appointment with audiology. They say the testing will take about two hours because it is dealing with dizziness and not hearing loss, which is a different set of tests. I think my usual doc believes I may have symptoms of Menieres Disease which is a problem with the inner ear. I have some but not all of the symptoms of this, so I am hoping if this is what it happens to be, it won't be severe enough to cause hearing loss. This said, a guess without testing is certainly not a diagnosis. Mom suggests that all those years of awful ear infections as a child might be contributory and she may well be right. I remember it being pretty agonizing and that it happened frequently.

My appointment is for the 15th, so it's not horribly long to wait. They do understand that I'm hoping to do a cross-country road trip in May and June so, with any luck, they can get this together without too much delay.

The dizziness continues but has eased up somewhat. Today and yesterday I wasn't dizzy all day, though I have had episodes. It's still not predictable enough for me to say I can drive, sadly. I'm considering dealing with at least some of my grocery shopping this month online, as several places do deliver, and I won't have to worry about carrying bulky items when my balance is precarious.

While I haven't been able to focus well enough for nonfiction, I've been trying to keep myself occupied with some fic writing, which at least keeps me from fretting too much. I wish I was more together.
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Rhubarb cobbler was achieved. It was tasty.

I spent several hours today off and on digging around in journal articles, chapters of books, and reading through some of my previously written/published stuff to sift through ideas toward the Brigid book. Some things in my brain are shifting a bit and beginning to coalesce, but I'm uncertain of the shape of things to come.

Got an email today from a French grad student working toward a PhD dealing with the use of Amanita muscaria and shamanism who was asking me about some of the stuff covered in my old Shaman's Drum article, so I sent him a link to the English PDF and the translation that was done into French some years back. With any luck, he will find at least some of it useful. Also responded to an email from Tony Mierzwicki asking some questions about Beltaine, providing a brief answer for a talk he's preparing to give in a couple of weeks.
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After contemplating it for several months, I finally went to Lulu and spent all of last night and most of today putting together a 20-page hardbound photo book of my pilgrimage through Ireland and the Isle of Man. It's available by link only, not as an open search item on, so if you're interested, you can have a peek at the book by clicking here. It's $35, because it's hardbound and full color. I've got my proof copy on order but everything looked fine online. Once I get my copy (when I get back from PCon, as there's no way it would get here before I leave), I'll add a permanent link and information for it on my publications page over on Searching for Imbas.

There are a couple of pages of narration, and some material identifying where the photos are from and what they are, but beyond that, it's just some pictures of places I went and things I experienced. There are a couple of other people in some of the photos, but not usually faces, or the faces are far enough away to not be clear. This was primarily necessitated by the fact that I often simply couldn't get photos without people in them at some of the places. Two photos (of me) were taken by others, and the photographers credited. There's no ISBN, so it can't be got through Amazon or other online outlets. It's only available through the link. Anyways, please pass the word along to anyone you think might be interested.

I did most of the work on Firefox, but the browser wouldn't actually process the file to publish, so I had to switch over to Safari for the final work. It eventually got done. It was annoying, though.

This evening I went over to Lake Stevens hang out with the steampunks, and we plotted and planned stuff for the coming several months. March 17th we'll be having a tea & whisky tasting at my place. Other things are planned as well, but mine will just be a small, quiet affair starting about 2pm. If you're interested in coming and having tea and booz0rz with steampunks, let me know.

[ profile] gra_is_stor is going to be starting up Irish classes in Everett soon. I'll post information as soon as I have it.

Tomorrow will be spent doing more PCon prep.
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I spent a few hours today doing stuff around the house. I dealt with the guest bathtub drain (ugh), indulged in some banana bread that I made last night, did dishes, and did more toward finishing up prep for the PCon presentation. This evening I went out with friends to the AFK for some steampunk and Zombie Dice (I lost all three rounds - my zombie feets were not very quick). When I got home, I printed out the outline and the notes for the presentation and dragged out the big notebook to start scribbling things for the physical end of the presentation there.

[ profile] gra_is_stor brought B home from the transit station and took her off shopping to Trader Joe's. We all had something hot to drink and watched an episode of The Tick. Much fun was had by all. She will likely be starting up an Irish language class up here in Everett sometime soon, just down the block. It'll be $10 per lesson, if anyone local is interested. I can give you details once they're hammered out.

And now, I am going to crawl off to bed.
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I got an email today that [ profile] joyful_storm won't be making it down to PCon this year (I am sad), but we will get together sometime soon, with any luck, just for hanging out purposes.

B has moved in today. We discovered that the guest bathroom tub does not drain if one takes a bath. I'm going to have to get some drain unpluggy stuff for it tomorrow when the stores are open.

I have started [ profile] ogam's flamekeeping shift, followed immediately by my own, tomorrow. Also, there will be steampunkery at the AFK.

I dredged through McQuarrie's Manannán dissertation and dug up incidents of Manannán as a healing deity. I also put together my basic outline for the presentation. Tomorrow during the day, I'll drag out my big pad of paper and start writing out the names of the 30+ deities so that people will be able to spell them properly (at least from the sources I've compiled) if they are interested in exploring these figures further.

Also, there is banana bread. Noms.

Oh, and here, have a vid from the Abney Park show I went to earlier this month:

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I attempted galettes today. I need to actually sift the buckwheat flour, because the stuff I have has the little bits of husk in it from when it was ground, and it is slightly annoying in the finished galette. I also need some practice getting them thinner and flipping them so they don't break apart. They tasted pretty good, though.

I've finished the basic digging through books that I'd planned for my healing deities presentation. I have five pages of notes, plus the text of one poem that I do plan on using as part of the presentation. I have 32 named figures and half a dozen or more unnamed ones who are mentioned as doing something that heals themselves or another person, or who are invoked as a part of a healing procedure or ritual. It's been quite interesting. Tomorrow, when I'm not dealing with Brianna's moving stuff in, I'll be working on an outline.

I'm ranting a bit here, but it's not that long. )
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Dom got in at about the expected time yesterday and met me at the Kasbah restaurant for some Moroccan. He'd not had it before and was pleased with our result. We talked for quite a while about NYC and my upcoming short visit in June. He suggested a lot of places to see, but I will have only a limited time for seeing things, and several people to see as well. I've got lots of good ideas now, though, so this is a plus.

When we got back to my place, [ profile] gra_is_stor came over for a couple of hours to catch up with him. I'd been battling a migraine all day, so about 12:30 she left and we both headed for our respective beds. I think I heard him leave about 10:30 this morning. When I got up this afternoon it was pouring down rain in a way it usually doesn't around here. It's still coming down now, but not in nearly as vigorous a fashion.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon putting my various notes into a doc file -- I'm at four pages and not done yet. I've also got a bit more material to troll through for further information, so I will be getting to that in a little while.

I read a pretty good article today on how poetry is Not Dead Yet thank you very much, by an essayist who had apparently recently written one of those "is poetry dead, yes" essays you see so many of. He apparently got swamped with comments from poets and was suitably impressed. It's an amusing essay and worth the five minutes or so it will take you to get through it.

At the VA on Thursday, I ended up having a rant about one of the posters on their wall, which I will most likely write about when I have formulated my thoughts on it a little more. I know I was frustrated and angry about it, and said as much to one of the chaplain interns who works with our group. Anyway, more on that later, when I'm a little more together about it.


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