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I'm at Kaladi Brothers using theirs. My wireless thingummy died a miserable death. ATT is sending me a new one. It'll be here in a day or two, as I paid $15 for the St. Expedite service.

The heater guy called. The replacement is going to cost me over $250. I can't afford that right now, but thankfully the place can still be heated without it, no problem. It will wait.

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, it's because I haven't been able to get somewhere with tubes.
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Once again, my aethertubes have had complete fail at home. I am at the AFK messing about with stuff that I have to be online to do, before heading back home to attempt something vaguely resembling sleep, given that I have my VA spirituality group tomorrow.

I was informed that [ profile] gra_is_stor now has actual inhabitable furniture at her place, so there will be somewhere comfy to sit instead of perching on really awkward folding chairs or wooden bar stools. This will be happymaking and I will be making the acquaintance of said furniture tomorrow after group. Also, turkey day will be at chez [ profile] gra_is_stor.

The weather today was rainy but not nearly as cold as yesterday. Garuda didn't get frosted over, for instance. I left about half an hour early for my yoga group because one can never be certain how traffic will react in the rain. It was fine, though, thankfully, and I got there in about the usual amount of time. Shrinkage was also today. It was suggested that I might want to talk to my meds doc, as I've been having depressive jags much more frequently recently than has been my usual and Tracy said it might be useful to consider an increase during the winter and dipping back down to current dosage once the weather turns good again, or at least when the time change goes back to more light. This will necessitate a visit to the outpatient PTSD clinic to request a new meds doc, given that mine has departed the VA as of a few months back. I believe I was assigned a new one, but I haven't seen her yet. It's probably about time, and I may well be due for another liver function test just in case.

After the VA, I dropped into Travelers, where I was joined by [ profile] gra_is_stor and then by Jeff and eventually by Charles, though they weren't all in the same place at the same time. There were some conversations about the schmooze and about ritual and whatnot. I'm going to try working on some stuff regarding the juniper use in the group sometime soon, I think.

PantheaCon is starting to announce names of presenters publicly, though beyond that, we're not really supposed to say anything regarding either the sessions or the schedule. They'll let us know when we can do that. I'm kind of confused this year, given that they're announcing things publicly but not wanting us to do the same. Anyway, I'm complying.

Scribbly bits on fic continue apace.
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I called today and made an appointment to get Garuda's oil changed tomorrow afternoon, so that's no problem. Later in the evening, I'll be at [ profile] passionandsoul's class and then taking him over to the Grind.

Friday I may be having dinner at Kalia's with [ profile] ravenlaughing, if she responds with a yes.

Tonight I went over to the AFK and spent time with some of the steampunks, and bought a couple of books from Phil Foglio. It was a lovely evening. Before I headed over to the AFK, I dropped into a game shop at the Everett Mall and picked up a copy of Monty Python Fluxx, and we played that this evening. There was a good deal of laughing, as one might expect when Outrageous Accents are invoked. The wireless situation at AFK has shifted again -- wireless is once again available, with a daily posted password in the establishment. It was a sensible solution on all counts. Oh, and there's a new guy being trained as waitstaff who goes by Gir. He has a Gir tattoo on his leg. I am deeply amused.

My creakyparts are creaky. I started on the bc pills today and did not take any of the tylenol I would have. Needless to say, I am exceedingly creaky, headachy, crampy, and just plain fucking miserable. I didn't have time or energy for trying to get in touch with the patient rep at the VA, but I'll do that early next week sometime. I may be meeting [ profile] lakmiseiru for chai on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll try to get into the VA that day to talk to the rep. Consolidating things into one trip would be the easiest way to do it.

I got in touch with [ profile] mythworker, who said I don't absolutely have to be at the 9am PNC thing, though he's encouraging us to be there for the Q&A session. There will apparently be a meet & greet on Sunday during dinner which he says would be the best time for me to show up, so I'll definitely shoot for that and see if my brain is leaking out my ears or not for the 9am slot. I'll do my best to make it then, too, but I can't really promise.

Of more import regarding the AFK is the fact that I'm going to actually arrange to have my birthday party there on March 27th. I've already talked to Kayla and just need to get it onto the schedule with them formally. They'll do catering type stuff there, so that makes it a hell of a lot easier on me, not having to actually rent a venue. I know Everett is kind of out of the way for a lot of my friends, but with two month's notice, I figure people can make arrangements to get there that evening if they really want to show up and celebrate with me. I was pretty shocked when Kayla swore that she thought I wasn't a day over 30. I mean, seriously, and she wasn't just yanking my chain with that.

Anyway, watch this space for more info on the party. I'll offer more as details emerge.
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Apparently there will be wireless in the desert. I should have suspected that such a company of geeks would have wireless, even if cell phones won't connect to anything...


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