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I have [ profile] gra_is_stor here tonight, yay! We are working on the CR schmooze Samhain ritual. I've typed in the notes we have and emailed them to her and she's going to fill in notes that she took from the discussion on our ritual list to modify the list somewhat. We're discussing various bits and pieces of things that need to be done and dealing with how long we think various things are going to take. Music is being plotted and planned. Ritual texts are being assembled.

I also sent off an email to [ profile] finnchuill about the proposed visionary poetry workshop with some suggestions for things I'd like to see, and some technical bits and pieces for us to discuss. He's going to be taking a look at it tomorrow, I think, after he gets back from his camping trip.

Discussion is also underway in email on some Antinoan stuff for Foundation Day, which is the day after our Samhain vigil. Logistics are going to be slightly problematic, but ritual will be had. Mystifications may be in the works as well, possibly during the Esoteric Book Conference the weekend of September 9th, depending on how things work out.

My relatives in New England are battening down the hatches or just evacuating, depending on where they are. I am keeping them in my thoughts. It's going to be a rough one. Mom says it is projected to be as bad as the hurricane that blew through back in 1938, the year before she was born. Both mom and grandma talked about it from time to time when I was growing up, and I remember them telling me the stories. It involved the Deerfield River in Charlemont and the surrounding areas flooding massively, which swept away a woman who owned the indian trading post on the Mohawk Trail where my grandmother once worked -- the woman was killed in the storm. Naturally, I'm worried about my family. I'm hoping everyone is prepared and stays safe. My thoughts are with all my friends back east who are dealing with this -- may you all be well and may damage be minimal.

I talked to the sib today for a little while. He persuaded me to download Skype, so we chatted briefly. It was 10pm in Baghdad and about noon here. He said it had been 128f today, with dust storms. That sounds so horrifically insane that I just can't imagine it. It was nice to talk to him, though it does still pretty much just feel like a phone call. Maybe doing it with video would change that somewhat. Damn, videophones. We do live in the future. Where's my flying car and jetpack, dammit! (Cue Paul Simon. These are the days of miracle and wonder, and don't cry baby, don't cry don't cry...)

Later this evening I'm going to attempt a rhubarb cobbler with gluten-free biscuit crust. I'm hoping it works out. The cornbread we did the other day was really nummy, so it might just be okay.

The wireless is working out just fine so far. I got about three-ish or so hours out of it when it wasn't plugged in (documentation suggested up to four hours), so the battery will last a fair bit when I'm away from a power source so long as I'm not just hanging around online for no reason. It's very slightly slower than Comcast was, but I'm okay with that, considering how much less I'm paying for it. I also popped over to Netflix and eliminated streaming movies from my service, which cuts that bill in half (admittedly it's a very small bill, but everything helps). That'll also cut down on the amount of bandwidth I'm tempted to use. I was mostly using streaming vid when I was crazy bored anyway, so it was sporadic at best.

And now, back to the coal mines.
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I didn't have a chance to get anywhere near the free wifi last night with my computer. I was dashing about in a state of utter insanity catching up with people and doing things.

We actually did get here in time for [ profile] alfrecht's Three Kinds of Truth workshop, which was even better than the Reader's Digest Condensed Version I got back at home before we left. Definitely worth attending, with much food for thought.

I spent a good bit of time up at the ADF suite, and actually dashed through the merchant's room before they closed. I picked up a lovely copy of The Festival of Lughnasa hardbound, so that I could replace the photocopies I have. I was thrilled!

There have been dozens of driveby hugs as everyone has been dashing from place to place, with a few chances to sit down and actually have food with people as well.

That rascal [ profile] ogam made a ribbon this year that says in Irish script and ogam "is Erynn mo banfhile" ("Erynn is my poetess", which is a riff on the old "Jesus is my druid" thing). He's been passing them out to my friends with glee. I was told by several of the ADF folks that I must get some from him to pass out to people here. I wondered if that didn't smack a little of hubris. I about died laughing over the whole thing. Anyway, that's the fan club thing I was babbling about last night.

When I was up with the ADF folks, I was gifted with two gorgeous sets of ogam staves, one in purpleheart wood and the other in madrona wood. They are absolutely lovely! Many thanks to [ profile] tis_caitlin for her kindness and exceeding generosity!

Today at 1:30 I'll be at [ profile] finnchuill's poetry workshop. At 5pm there's a reception for the Pagan Newswire Collective up in the COG suite that I need to be at, then at 7pm is my talk on Living a CR Path.

I'll post tomorrow's schedule when I get closer to tomorrow. Busy Erynn is BUSY! (and loving it!)

Rest stop

Aug. 15th, 2007 12:29 pm
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I'm checking in from a rest stop a little outside Spokane on I-90 heading east. There's wireless here (though I have to pay $6.95 a day for it) so I thought I'd just tell everyone I'm doing well and definitely expect to be in Missoula tonight without trouble. Grabbed a sammich at Safeway while still in the Columbia Gorge. Put some gas in the tank at a little commercial refueling place (highway robbery) in a podunk nowhere town about 70 mies back because I only had a quarter tank and wasn't certain I'd make Spokane on it. I only put five gallons in ($3.19!!) and will fill it up the rest of the way in Spokane.

It's beautiful and sunny and there's been little to no traffic except just around Portland this morning. I got out about 6:30, which is probably why the roads were so clear, so it's been a blessing. There's a breeze coming in over the rollnig brown hills though it's probably about 90 degrees here at the moment. I'm about to change into my Utilikilt from my jeans so as to cool down a little. AC is okay but not really built for this, and rolling down the window doesn't help much. Been staying hydrated and snacking on a lemon cucumber from [ profile] martianmooncrab's garden. Yummmmm. Fresh cukes!

I'll drop folks a line when I get into Missoula tonight!


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