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I've just sent off the file for Circle of Stones to my publisher! I spent a hefty chunk of this evening slaving over a hot keyboard and now the editing is done and it's away! My editor, while at the Esoteric Book Conference this fall, was saying it would be available in May of 2012, though I suspect that was a placeholder. At any rate, it should be out next spring or summer sometime. Watch this space for details.

No, not this space, THAT space! *points*

I will now have a kermitflaily moment.
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I mentioned last time that I was in the AFK that a film crew was there taking some footage for a report on their Best of Western Washington wins in three categories. Here's the video report at KING5's wesite, and you can see me sitting in a booth with a couple of other folks (I'm facing the camera) at about 2:10, right near the end of the report.

In other news, the Datura anthology has come out in paperback and is available for £15 plus postage from Scarlet Imprint. This is the affordable edition, folks! Now I must dash off to update my publications website!

Also of writy interest, [ profile] gra_is_stor has finished with the pronunciation guide for Circle of Stones and we just have to get the files to me so that I can send them off to Megalithica. That will probably be early next week. Once that's together, it's into layout and formatting and out of my hands for a while. I'll keep you updated.

Samhain impends.
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I've heard back today from Jason Kirkey and Leslie Browning of Hiraeth Press -- they'll be publishing my poetry book next fall sometime!

I don't yet have a title for the volume, and I'm looking over the contract in the next few days with an eye to questions for them regarding the particulars. They sound very excited about working with me, and I've done a little bit of work for Jason before, providing a cover blurb for his The Salmon in the Spring a while back. I reviewed it very favorably and was quite impressed with his handling of the material, so I'm quite pleased to be working with him again on this volume. It represents a good deal of the poetry I've written in the last ten years and will mark the first major publication of my poetry, which has previously occasionally appeared in journals and anthologies.

I had sent in an inquiry to Jason a couple of days ago after having originally sent in my submission after querying them earlier this summer. Jason was on the road for a bit, and in Arizona for a low-residency MA in environmental studies, and is currently working on moving to North Carolina, so my submission had got backburnered in the shuffle. Perfectly understandable, considering the amount of commitment necessary for stuff like degree work and moving. I was delighted to hear back from him and from his co-editor today, though.

Other stuff happened today that I'll be talking about in a later entry before I head for bed, but I thought this particular event deserved an entry of its own. Color me kermitflail!
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As noted, I went down to Seattle today to hang out with [ profile] gra_is_stor and watch Xanadu in the park. I had never seen the movie before so wasn't quite certain what to expect. It was pretty damned hilarious, actually. So so very painfully 80s. I had a fabulous time, emphasis on the fabulosity. Gene Kelly rocked the show and they seriously didn't do nearly enough with him in the movie.

It was a gorgeous day. I finally got the check from the VA travel office in the mail today from the day I had the panic attack down there. This meant that I could grab a chai and a little dinner while I was in town and not have to worry about it. I got a text from the sib, and he is on his way to Kuwait at the moment. He will be heading for Iraq from there. Please wish him luck and a safe year there.

I still don't really have an idea what to do for PCon this year and am soliciting actual suggestions. Seriously folks, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Being a bit tired, I'll be staying home tomorrow rather than going out to Seattle again for more tango things. Sunday I'm most likely going over to Bj and SJ's place for dinner. I got a call today but had to wait to hear back about what was happening this weekend from other sources. I called back and left a voicemail, but never got a return call, so I'm not sure if my message ever got through. I emailed when I got home, though.

Sadly, [ profile] mael_brigde won't be able to make it down for the schmooze Monday, as her ride fell through. I'll be catching up with [ profile] alfrecht actually in Seattle that day and hauling him back here for Monday night.

Saturday will probably be dedicated to some more work on Circle of Stones, as I got nothing at all done on it today.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday.
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I didn't have a chance to get anywhere near the free wifi last night with my computer. I was dashing about in a state of utter insanity catching up with people and doing things.

We actually did get here in time for [ profile] alfrecht's Three Kinds of Truth workshop, which was even better than the Reader's Digest Condensed Version I got back at home before we left. Definitely worth attending, with much food for thought.

I spent a good bit of time up at the ADF suite, and actually dashed through the merchant's room before they closed. I picked up a lovely copy of The Festival of Lughnasa hardbound, so that I could replace the photocopies I have. I was thrilled!

There have been dozens of driveby hugs as everyone has been dashing from place to place, with a few chances to sit down and actually have food with people as well.

That rascal [ profile] ogam made a ribbon this year that says in Irish script and ogam "is Erynn mo banfhile" ("Erynn is my poetess", which is a riff on the old "Jesus is my druid" thing). He's been passing them out to my friends with glee. I was told by several of the ADF folks that I must get some from him to pass out to people here. I wondered if that didn't smack a little of hubris. I about died laughing over the whole thing. Anyway, that's the fan club thing I was babbling about last night.

When I was up with the ADF folks, I was gifted with two gorgeous sets of ogam staves, one in purpleheart wood and the other in madrona wood. They are absolutely lovely! Many thanks to [ profile] tis_caitlin for her kindness and exceeding generosity!

Today at 1:30 I'll be at [ profile] finnchuill's poetry workshop. At 5pm there's a reception for the Pagan Newswire Collective up in the COG suite that I need to be at, then at 7pm is my talk on Living a CR Path.

I'll post tomorrow's schedule when I get closer to tomorrow. Busy Erynn is BUSY! (and loving it!)
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But I must say I had a fabulous time at the AFK Tavern with [ profile] danicia and her husband, along with several of her other friends who came to see the place open tonight.

The place is located pretty conveniently, on 41st just off the first exit north of me, though I headed over there during a pretty high-traffic time in a heavy drizzle, so it was a little bit stressy driving in. It was packed to the gills when I got in and stayed that way the whole time. Seats were at a premium, but we'd managed to get a booth (six of us were sitting at a four-person booth for a while), and we played half a dozen rounds of Cthulhu Dice. Cthulhu won about half the time, but that's par for the course when eldritch horrors are involved. Sanity was in slim supply.

Service was very slow and they were out of some things, but they were absolutely swamped and seriously understaffed, so we were pretty mellow about it. They'd had no way of knowing they were going to get a crowd that size. It had opened at 3pm and I got in about 6; one of the managers said the building seated 260 and they'd already had twice that many people through. The waitstaff was doing their level best, though it did take about an hour to get food. Drinks were a little quicker coming, but that didn't require the kitchen to be involved.

It's a pretty good sized place, well-lighted, and open (unless it's wall to wall geeks, as it was tonight). Lots of tables, lots of internet access, lots of stuff for lan parties and WoW and other nerdly activities. It's definitely going to be the sort of place you could hang out at for hours once the grand opening rush has calmed down.

And the food was fantastic, at least what I got. I had a pasta salad (made with spaghetti) that was really more a small hot pasta dish on spinach. It was spicy and garlicky and OMG fantastic, with crunchy roasted garlic cloves and sun dried tomatoes. One of the others with us got the macs and cheese and I have to say, it beat the macs and cheese at Night Kitchen hands down (sorry Night Kitchen). Although the staff was harried, they were friendly and as cheerful as they could be while dashing around madly trying to keep up with half the geek population of western Washington.

From what I understand, hours are going to be 3pm to 3am daily, so I may well have a late-night place to hang that's not Just A Bar. This could be beneficial to my writey stuff. Give the place a week or so to calm down a little and work out the kinks and this will be a great venue for getting together with friends to get your geek on. I think it will definitely be the steampunk venue of choice in Everett, as they're actively courting that market.
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The show rocked. Really. I had a fantastic time. [ profile] nathan_fhtagn played one song with Ego Likeness, who were really very good. (The steampunk violin, however, did not make an appearance.) Chant, a guy named Brandon, was a percussionist/singer from Austin who seriously rocked the house. I thought he was fantastic, and he joined Ego Likeness for a couple of numbers too. Even the opening band, Pill Brigade (a local growly death metal band consisting of three guys I'm not convinced were old enough to get into the bar) weren't bad. I've heard a hell of a lot worse on the stage at El Corazon.

The crowd tonight was tiny -- maybe 15 of us, tops, but it was a Sunday night and none of these were big name bands, so that's not too surprising. I danced and hung out a little with Nathan and Libby and briefly saw [ profile] willowbl00.

The fail on my part was pretty colossal though. I went to enter the bar and the guy said, "I can't let you in, your driver's license is expired." It expired in March. First thing tomorrow when I drag my ass out of bed, I'm off to the DMV to renew the damned thing. I had no idea. I've been in at least half a dozen bars where I've had to show ID to get in, and none of them even noticed. I'm pretty sure they only looked at the birth date. Anyway, I didn't get to have a drink tonight and I'm feeling like a complete and utter idiot. At least I've been a safe driver. *headdesk*

The Great Deleting over on FB went by without incident, so yay for that.

All being said and done, I had a fantastic evening, but man I feel like a complete dork.
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I arrived about 7pm safe and sound. I'm currently with [ profile] lupabitch at her place and we're awaiting [ profile] teriel's arrival so we can have dinner. After that, most likely up to [ profile] martianmooncrab's for the night.

Most of the shipment of pre-orders arrived today and they are now signed, including a stack of personalized ones. We're short a few but they should arrive tomorrow afternoon and so I'll probably be in Portland either until tomorrow afternoon and stop somewhere before Missoula or I'll stay an extra night until Wednesday and head out early so that I can make it all the way out to Missoula before I crumble for the night.

Books did not arrive at my place today, so I ended up leaving at about 3pm. [ profile] garzan, if the second shipment does arrive tomorrow, I'll still be bringing yours with me. And also? Six bottles of Sky River -- they had sweet and semi-sweet but they were out of dry. I've got the receipt for you and they're tucked safely in a liquor shipping case. Yay mead!

I need to call [ profile] martianmooncrab when I'm done checking email and such and let her know what's up.

Blessings to everyone from the road!


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