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I want to order a couple of compilation CDs from this website:

I have no idea how mail order works from a site in Germany like this, and I need to have someone help me write an inquiry letter. If you are someone who speaks German, can you please help me?


ETA: Got it handled, thanks!
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It's a good thing I didn't have plans to leave the house today, because it's been insanely busy.

In addition to the notice that my poetry book will be published, I also got asked via WitchVox to come down to an alternative school in Seattle this week (Thursday) to speak about CR to a small class on modern Pagan revivals. We negotiated back and forth a bit in email to coordinate dates and times, and they'll buy me lunch (it's in the I District) and give me some gas money. I'll be talking with the class for half an hour to 45 minutes, with time for Q&A if they like.

I spent some time this afternoon talking with someone about helping me deal with my website. I'd lost touch with my web person -- his email bounced when I tried to contact him and his LJ is gone again. Wendy is talking about helping me move The Preserving Shrine over to WordPress in a way that will preserve the various links that are already out there in about a bazillion places. She said moving things over would be quite a bit of work up-front, but once it was done I could easily maintain and update the website by myself. I'm not too bad with HTML, but CSS (which is what the website is using) is a bit beyond me. I'm not even sure where to cut code to remove a past event without borking the page and I really don't want to mess with too much. Anyway, that'll be an ongoing project for a while. There are broken links that need to be dealt with and I have to have a way to update with all the new publication projects and with any potential public speaking stuff, as well as a little information about the first Monday CR schmooze.

I watched Watership Down with [ profile] gra_is_stor this afternoon, and then she started in working on some stuff for Circle of Stones for me. We have chased down a few of the sources so that she can correct things and she has been poking away at stuff for quite a while. I've been making notes for the Mandragora piece while she's been busy with that.

In the midst of all this, I just pulled a lovely hot rhubarb cobbler out of the oven. It smells fantastic and I can't wait for it to get cool enough to eat!

Tomorrow we'll be going down to El Corazon for the Soriah performance. It's also my flamekeeping shift starting tomorrow evening. Wednesday is yoga and shrinkage. Thursday is my talk at the alternative school. Usually I don't feel quite as busy as I have recently, but wow a lot has been happening.

I am insane.
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I've been wanting for a long time to put my Amanita article, Speckled Snake, Brother of Birch, up on the Preserving Shrine website. Although neither the website's front page nor the articles page has been modified yet, the article has been uploaded as a PDF file. Now it's available online in English for the first time. Drop by and give it a read! I'll be re-loading the French translation at some point soon, and many thanks to my webguru [ profile] cruitire333 for his work on this project.

Please do note that it was co-written with Timothy White of Shaman's Drum magazine and that most of the "shaman" mentions are his. Our opinions differ somewhat on the topic of "Celtic shamanism", but in order to publish, some compromises had to be made. I felt it was far more important to get the research out there. The article was originally published in 1997.
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I went over to The Gathering Grove today with [ profile] alfrecht so that he could schedule a poetry reading and brought my laptop. This resulted in getting a one-page (and an extra para or so) of my geilt book started. It was a preliminary draft of an opening more than anything else. Sort of a direction I'd like to take the book in. I feel okay about it and he looked at it and thought it seemed pretty good. I'm encouraged, at least.

The other major thing I accomplished was finally scanning my amanita article from Shaman's Drum for my website. It got turned into a pdf and sent off to [ profile] cruitire333 for inclusion on my articles page, and I'll have the French version up as well again. Finally, after all these years, the thing will be available in English without having to find a physical copy of the magazine. For me, this is huge. I'm very excited to be able to make it available for folks, as it's actually a fairly important article on the topic and has been cited in a lot of places. The scan isn't fantastic quality, but it's readable -- I've looked at the whole thing.

After all that, I read two articles that will be of some importance for the geilt book from the CSANA yearbook Myth in Celtic Literatures. They gave me some interesting things to think about and some sources to hunt down, particularly regarding Lí Ban, who was also known as Muirgeilt (sea-geilt), so this is a second female figure in Gaelic literature (along with Mís) that follows something of a geilt pattern. I desperately need to make a coherent listing of articles that have been written on the topic of geilt, of Suibhne, and of poetic madness and correlate that list with what I've actually read so far. The Merlin book was useful in that sense, and also pointed me in the direction of a few other names to add to my list of characters to search for, so that was excellent fodder for my work.

In doing this I need to remember that I'm not trying to write any kind of comprehensive survey of the literature. I'm trying to write about my own explorations and how I've used them and my interpretations of the geilt phenomenon for self-healing work. It's not supposed to be a doctoral thesis, no matter how tempted I may be to range that far from time to time.

I'd like to get it written in this lifetime...
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With appropriate thanks to [ profile] cruitire333, The Preserving Shrine was updated today with info about my Arizona classes in November and the Warrior ritual has been added to the Ritual page. Please drop by and check it out!

Thank you!
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We have figured out what happened. Email exchange beneath the cut.

silly druid, kix are for trids... )
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People have been having trouble clicking through to buy the ogam deck from my website. The page has been redone so that people can purchase either through PayPal or directly from a credit card or their bank. We've also had some issues with the email contact form. If you or someone else wants to contact me, please email directly rather than using the form until that issue is fixed. [ profile] cruitire333 is working on the problem even as I type.

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I know that a lot of folks on the web link to my articles or have them posted on their websites. I don't mind this and in fact I'm grateful that people think my words are worth sharing. I do prefer people linking to my website rather than posting on their own, but there's not much I can do about it, either way.

What bothers me, however, is situations where people put my name on something that bears only a vague resemblance to what I originally wrote. A good example is this version of my Following a Celtic Path essay from the Nemeton email list days. A quick look at the two versions will show that aside from the general format and the introductory ideas, there is very little resemblance between the two. I don't mind people taking my ideas and running with them. I don't mind them quoting me. I certainly don't mind them crediting me where credit is due. But a lot of this is extrapolation from things I said and in fact adds a lot of things I don't particularly agree with, even if it's reasonably well stated.

Each realm, or aspect, was viewed as a cauldron that was supported by three legs. Each leg, in turn, became its own cauldron that was supported by three more legs. The way this system works can be seen in this example: The Cauldron called the universe is supported by the three legs of sea, sky and land. The Cauldron called the sea is supported by the three legs of water, moon and spirit. The Cauldron called the spirit is supported by the three legs called intent, plenty and emotion. Um, no. Land, sea and sky as three legs of a cauldron is a lovely image, but most of the cauldrons from the Celtic period didn't actually have legs. They hung from chains over a fire. I don't see spirit as a cauldron upheld by intent, plenty, and emotion. Not something I would have said.

As to sexual preference, the Celtic people did not show a difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality; the idea of sexual prejudice was unheard of. This is simply not true. There were distinctions. Prejudices took different forms than they do now, or than they did in many other societies, but they certainly existed. Again, not something I would have said.

When following a Celtic Path, scholars and Celtic Reconstructionalists generally agree upon nine "points" that a person should incorporate into their Celtic Path in order to live spiritually the way these people did. Where and when did scholars and CRs generally agree on these nine points? I'd really like to see some cite for that one.


I've emailed the group and asked them to please link to what I actually wrote rather than putting my name on their version of my essay.
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Al Herrera contacted me last week about translating some of my articles into Spanish. He's finished up his website, La Arboleda Sagrada and posted it to the world today. It includes articles by me and many others and focuses on several different forms of Druidism and Celtic Paganism including CR. Note that his website has music, so if you're on a slow connection you may want to click it off so that you can browse without the streaming download going in the background.

The site design is very nice, though there's no "home" button to get back to the main page. Everything is done on dropdown menus and easily navigable otherwise. Al is a Mexican student living in England and in his personal blog he has some lovely photos of sites in the UK and Ireland that he's visited. This site also has streaming music embedded.

Gracias, Al, and may your work to open Druidism and CR to the Spanish speaking world be a success!
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Thanks to the amazing talents and godlike patience of [ profile] cruitire333 (who probably doesn't have any hair left after working with me these past months), I am pleased and gratified to announce the new and improved Preserving Shrine website. An all-new look, a new contacts page, and a new public contact email address are all a part of the package.

He's put in an incredible amount of work and time into this so please drop by and take a look. New material will be on the website soon. If you have any interest in getting yourself a Pagan webguru with 1337 sk17z, take yourself over to his website, Desert Druid Web Design and have a chat with him. Or just drop by his LJ.

It's fantastic! And amazing! And wonderful!


It even makes up for the whole inch of hail/snow we got today... ;)
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I've done a new, short post over on Searching for Imbas, and I've also added a link to the blog to the sidebar of my page with the other links. This one is a very short essay about imbas and why I'm looking for it.
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The lovely and generous [ profile] lupabitch went over and created a feed for [ profile] searchforimbas if folks want to add the RSS feed to their flist.

Thank you, Lupa!
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In accordance with the desires of my webguru, I'll be starting up a new blog that will be embedded in my Preserving Shrine website. I don't think it will affect what I post here in the LJ much if at all, given that I'll be specifically addressing filidecht and CR issues there for the folks who come to The Preserving Shrine for my articles and info about my books and workshops. I'll probably crosspost some of my book reviews there, among other things, but I'll be sure to provide an RSS feed here on LJ for those who'd like to keep up from their flist here. I'll continue to use this as my everyday place to talk about my life, my spiritual work, and all the other things I've always done here.

The new blog is called Searching for imbas, and the current format is not what it will look like when it's embedded. It'll look like part of The Preserving Shrine at that point. This was just to get a quick startup together so that [ profile] cruitire333 would have something to work with.

If folks have ideas for topics they'd like to see me address there, by all means, please let me know! I'd love to hear from you!
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Mom and I had a fabulous time in Vancouver. We didn't actually get out to the Capilano suspension bridge, but we did see [ profile] mael_brigde and Bruce and Heather. We stayed in Burnaby, and Kevin (the cute guy who waits tables at the restaurant every GunCon) was there for breakfast this morning. Yay!

To my friends with the Peter Grodin Dammit campaign, the signs stayed up for a day and a half ;)

I took mom to the anthropology museum at UBC and we both had a lovely time, though they're doing a lot of construction and other stuff in preparation for expanding (doubling!) the size of the museum. [ profile] yiaya, I have hazelnut tea for you and a book from the museum gift shop that I think you'll like. I'll call you after I get up to see about getting them to you and potential Moroccan dinner.

[ profile] lupabitch reports that she's already recieved 9 pre-orders for my ogam book and the site's only been up for two days. The new version of my website is being worked through and my web guru, [ profile] cruitire333 is doing a fabulous job with the design. I think you'll all like it a lot.

I'm planning on heading for the coast Sunday for a few days. Got to arrange for a place to stay out there. More on that when I figure it all out.

When we got home tonight all three of the smoke alarms were doing the occasional "beepbeep" of dead-batteryness, which was hideously annoying. I finally ended up yanking the batteries from all three of them so they would just fucking STOP. What I didn't know until after mom called her husband to ask him (at midnight his time) was that they damned things take about 15 minutes to lose their charge, so they KEPT BEEPING even without the batteries in them. Annoyance. Aggravation. Snarling at the top of a ladder.

At the moment, however, blessed silence reigns.

Sleep. I must sleep.

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Yep. Still down with the head cold. I'm making chicken soup, as it's just that kind of day. Lots of garlic, of course.

Bj called earlier today to cancel astrology class. One of our fellow students, Kirk, is in hospital in Kansas City (I think that's where Bj said) with pneumonia and a collapsed lung, so if any of you would be willing to spare a few thoughts his way, he would appreciate it. Kirk asked for healing energy when Bj spoke to him this morning.

I'm still mostly collapsed on the couch reading. It's raining out and I'm wrapped up in a sweater and have the heat up a bit. Taking my vities and getting lots of liquid. I've been doing some contemplation on the filidecht book and my website as a part of my enforced lying-down-ness.

The inevitable "is Celtic shamanism real" reared its head again on the Nemeton list today. The list has been extremely quiet, so better some discussion than none at all, but that does seem to be one of the big recurrent issues there.

I'm looking forward to feeling better soon. Honestly I am.
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See my webguru?

He's wearing it.
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In the course of working up a new look and shifting the content and focus of my site for my upcoming book, my web design guru is strongly suggesting getting a new domain name. On the one hand, it would probably be kind of cool and maybe new people would find it and it wouldn't be Seanet's website anymore. I'm told that having your own doman, etc, is "more professional."

On the other hand, I've had the Seanet site since 1992. God and everybody knows where to find it. Also? I get the website space for free along with my email since I cut a deal with them when I went to cablemodem.

I can see his argument, but I'm also (at least in this) inclined to inertia when it comes to changing anything much about my web presence.

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions about this? Pros and cons from those who have been there? I'd love your input, o geeky ones.
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I'll be heading down to Seattle in a bit for the Medieval Women's Choir concert at 8pm at St. James Cathedral. I always love listening to the choir so there will most likely be a concert review when I get home tonight. I'd been hoping to swoop by and take [ profile] alfrecht with me, but he's got dogsitting duty tonight, poor thing.

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