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I had Comcast come in and do an installation again. The modem I bought didn't work so I'll take it back to BestBuy and get a new one that should. I'm currently using the Comcast-provided one for a few days. The installer called and was able to come a couple of hours early, but that was unfortunately overshadowed by the fact that I CANNOT SEND SEANET EMAIL FROM MY COMPUTER over Comcast. I spent two hours on the phone with Comcast tech and half an hour or so with Seanet's tech, and nothing is working. I can still happily send emails over the AT&T wireless, but I can't send anything out either hardwired into the Comcast modem or via the wireless router. I'm extremely frustrated by this.

The Comcast tech is supposed to call me back on Saturday (the first day that he's there and I'm actually home while he's in the office) to see about doing more troubleshooting, but we have tried everything. I'm not at all angry with him; he went above and beyond in terms of trying different things in order to help me figure out what the hell is happening here and nothing was working. He was awesome. Sadly, it is definitely a Comcast issue, because I didn't have any trouble sending out email until the Comcast internet was installed. We shall see what happens. If it doesn't work, I'm going to be getting something out of them as a concession for having to use a different wireless account to send email from the email account I've had since 1995 that has never failed me before.

Because of all the time I spent with tech support today, I wasn't able to go for my walk around the lake. It was raining most of the day, though, so I'm not too awfully perturbed, but I do want to make a habit of it.

At about 6:40 I headed over to the AFK and hung out there. One of the Air Krakens came by for a little while, but I spent most of my time talking with Drew and one of the cooks. It was a really pleasant evening, and I must say that on a stressful day, the application of a little alcohol sometimes helps. I do feel much better having had a couple of drinks and will dive back into stress and stupidity on Saturday.

Yesterday's research netted me a street view of the entryway to the campsite I'll be staying at on the Isle of Man, as well as a view of the location for the web cafe in Douglas. I'm feeling more confident being able to have a look around before I go there. While, on the one hand, satellite surveillance is awfully creepy for a lot of reasons, the ability to have the same view as someone standing in the street to look at the entry of a business or the driveway of a campsite half a world away before I actually go there is so immensely helpful. It's weird how tech can be at the same time both wonderful and terrifying.

[ profile] gra_is_stor is here for the evening after her band practice. She's got to pick up an out of town friend tomorrow at the airport at 11, so she'll be leaving before I do tomorrow. She did say, though, that since I picked up the tab for Saturday's showing of Metropolis, she would be willing to spring for tickets to the 70th anniversary showing of Casablanca on Thursday. It's showing at 3 or 4 cinemas around the area, but it's being shown nationwide Thursday evening at 7pm with commentary and behind-the-scenes stuff, sponsored by Turner Classic Movies. It'll probably be pretty cool. She thinks her friend might be willing to come with us, so that would be really nice to see it with them.

Tomorrow, along with shrinkage, is Irish class and there might be further pummeling from Patrick. If that's the case, I hope it doesn't do a number on my shoulder again, like it did last week.
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If you're reading this, you're probably already aware of SOPA/PIPA so I won't reiterate. Please do say something to your governmental "public servants." Pretty much every website I use regularly would be devastated by the legislation if it passed, my own included.

We got probably five or so inches of snow today. It stopped snowing mid-afternoon and hasn't started again yet, but it's started up in Seattle already and will probably hit here sometime in the next few hours. Weather reports are predicting "the worst snow in a couple of decades" with possibly a foot or more falling in the next day or so.

I had my next-door neighbor over for dinner tonight. She's been doing a lot of snow shoveling when I'm not really able to, which I deeply appreciate, given that I slipped on this stuff a few years back and broke an arm. She was really happy to be invited and said it was nice to be appreciated for what she's doing. I just wish I could contribute more to the effort.

Earlier this evening I had to take another tramadol; I am going to presume that this was yet another weather-related headache like the one I had the other day. I'm doing okay, but it's annoying to hurt like that.

My shrink called early this afternoon to cancel for tomorrow because of the weather. We've moved the appointment to next week. I'm probably going to call tomorrow to cancel for Thursday, as well. I also asked in the appropriate place whether there are contingency plans for Saturday's Sisters of Seshat initiation.

[ profile] lwood pinged me today and said that Eli and Don won't be at PCon this year, so we will be sharing a room rather than a suite with Diana. I'm okay with this, and it will cut down more on expenses, which all of us will appreciate. It's easy enough to get a roll-in bed if we need one.

I've printed out the manuscript for Fireflies at Absolute Zero and have edited about a third of it. I'm still thinking about the dedication page. Tomorrow will be more editing, and I'll probably do more tonight before I go to bed, as well.

I'm not going anywhere until this whole weather situation has resolved. I hope those of you who are required to be out in it will be careful and stay safe and warm.
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The new wifi unit arrived today. It was just the unit, not a new battery, back cover, and whatnot. The default net and password are usually on the back cover of these things, but with no back cover, I couldn't log in. A call to ATT did solve that issue, thankfully. It was hidden elsewhere that I hadn't thought to look. I now have web at home again.

I've spent most of the day with a headache, sadly. I'd been hoping today would be decent. It wasn't as cold as one might have thought, considering that snow had been predicted last night. (It never arrived.) I've been achy in the hips and legs, but the headache was rather worse for me.

My brother surprised me today in a very happymaking way. I sent out his package to him, finally getting that bit taken care of. I was able to do a bunch of mailout stuff all at once, including returning the dead wifi unit.

I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. [ profile] gra_is_stor has suggested we go out dancing, provided we're both up to it. I'm not sure at this point, but perhaps I'll be lucky.

Sunday I'll be going out to the Shinto shrine for their kami inferno burning of last year's amulets and the like. Should be fun, if I can get my arse out of bed in time. I'm hoping to say hi to [ profile] alfrecht there, among others, if all goes well.

All in all, not a bad Friday the 13th.
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I think that kind of describes my entire day.

I woke to the news of a $250+ repair for my heater. I found out my wireless was dead. I spent an hour on the phone with ATT and left the house late for my appointment at the VA. I got there just barely on time, after having had to route around a traffic jam. I dashed into the group room panting for breath and frazzled to a pip.

After I got out of the group, I didn't bother to go to the travel office. It would have been too awful to contemplate. I went to Kaladi Brothers and used their internet to post the fic I'd been working on after I caught up with my email. That took me most of an hour, and I finished just in time to run to Greenwood for the CR schmooze business meeting. Where two people were an hour late, but that was okay because I needed time to catch my breath.

After the meeting, I took the DoDC+3 out, downed some leftovers (I'd had two cups of tea, a cup of herbal tea and a scone all day) and headed out to deal with the rest of my intertubes over at the AFK. Where bad karaoke is taking place. I'm done with the stuff I needed to do. I had something actually dinnerlike and a pint of Blackthorn. I'm doing a little better now and getting ready to head home.

I'll probably be back here for at least a little while tomorrow to check email and cope with the world online, but plan on taking advantage of my enforced intertubes fast by working on my stuff for PantheaCon and making some edits to the Imbolc ritual as discussed at the meeting tonight.

Snow is apparently expected in the Seattle area tonight/tomorrow, from what I've heard. It's currently 34f in Everett. I'm hoping the white stuff won't come down. Ugh. That would be sucktastic.

And now, home again. I hope your day was a hella lot better than mine was.
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I'm at Kaladi Brothers using theirs. My wireless thingummy died a miserable death. ATT is sending me a new one. It'll be here in a day or two, as I paid $15 for the St. Expedite service.

The heater guy called. The replacement is going to cost me over $250. I can't afford that right now, but thankfully the place can still be heated without it, no problem. It will wait.

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, it's because I haven't been able to get somewhere with tubes.
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The Pagan Newswire Collective has started a new project, the Occupy Pagans and Heathens blog. I've set up an RSS feed for it on LiveJournal at [ profile] occupypnc for those who are interested.

The feed has not picked up the three posted articles yet, but should update at some point today.
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I crawled out of bed this morning at the ungodly (for me) hour of 9am so that I could be out in time to get to the Shinto shrine for the ceremony today. I was tired, but it was a very nice morning anyway, and when I got to the shrine I saw [ profile] mimerki, [ profile] varina8 and [ profile] alfrecht there. The first two named were seated on the floor, while [ profile] alfrecht found a seat in the row of chairs in front of me. I didn't really get to talk much with any of them until after the ceremony, when there was mochi-making. Gods, there is nothing like fresh mochi made by actually pounding the rice -- the stuff made from mochi flour just cannot compare.

I didn't go out to the Inari shrine today. Possibly next time I'm out there, though maybe not, given I was planning on going out for the midnight New Years ceremony and it'll be too dark to want to deal with the path out there. Anyway, next time I get the opportunity, I'll take a walk out there.

After the shrine, I came home and did a little in #writechat. It was pretty slow today, only a few of us there. One guy was ranting about how all writers these days are shit because they want to be loved and they listen to other people. He wants to make ART, even if people hate it.

I am of the opinion that making art is work that requires study and practice, along with the development of one's own voice as a writer. But a lot of that work comes through imitation of other styles as you learn the tools of the craft. You have to know how and why some things work in order to try something new. Musicians don't play jazz without first learning their scales, so why should it be any different for writers? Of course, I'm probably one of those writers who insists upon being loved and adored by all and sundry, therefore sacrificing my artistic integrity.

Later in the afternoon I took myself over to Firewheel Books and met with a couple of folks to do some basics of WordPress. We spent about an hour, and now we have two people who can log in and have a basic competence on the differences between posts and pages, making a post sticky, adding links to the sidebar, and adding items to the calendar.

Got home before 7pm and had a little dinner. I've also been doing some writing today as well. I'm currently at 46,000 words and will probably write some more tonight before I go to bed. Monday I'm not planning on doing anything. There is the west coast port shutdown planned with Occupy Seattle, but I'm going to be in Seattle three days next week already, so I'm not keen on adding a fourth. I wish everyone luck, though, and safety in the endeavor.
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I didn't feel well enough to go down to Seattle today. Everything ached with a vengeance. I was up around noonish and pinged [ profile] gra_is_stor about the fact that I wasn't going to show and then went back to bed for a few hours. I got up again at 4:30 but didn't revive at all. I went next door to Amante's for dinner because I just couldn't face life, the universe, or anything, and had some rosemary chicken ravioli. Eventually I was alert enough to be able to deal with the dishes. 8:30pm saw me out the door to deal with my grocery shopping for the month over at Central Market. That took me about an hour.

Upon my return, I futzed with the Occupy Everett site some more, fixing a few of the obnoxious problems that I wasn't able to deal with last night. I think I have enough of a clue now to be able to address most of the basic stuff that the other site admins are going to want to do with it. I've figured out the calendar system so that I can get both single and recurring events on there without difficulty, as well as adding things to the calendar as I could find them on the OE Facebook page. I have a few ideas for other pages we may want to add so that things can be easily found by anyone wanting to find them.

I'm planning on being at the Shinto shrine tomorrow morning for the ceremony, then back here for a bit to rest up before I head over to Firewheel for the 5pm meeting with the OE web admin folks.

In doing a little more looking around regarding the Defense legislation that was approved and will be sent to Obama, which people are saying gives the military permission to hold US citizens on US soil, here is the actual text, which does not actually say that:


(a) Custody Pending Disposition Under Law of War-
(1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (4), the Armed Forces of the United States shall hold a person described in paragraph (2) who is captured in the course of hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40) in military custody pending disposition under the law of war.
(2) COVERED PERSONS- The requirement in paragraph (1) shall apply to any person whose detention is authorized under section 1031 who is determined—
(A) to be a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force that acts in coordination with or pursuant to the direction of al-Qaeda; and
(B) to have participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.
(3) DISPOSITION UNDER LAW OF WAR- For purposes of this subsection, the disposition of a person under the law of war has the meaning given in section 1031(c), except that no transfer otherwise described in paragraph (4) of that section shall be made unless consistent with the requirements of section 1033.
(4) WAIVER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY- The Secretary of Defense may, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, waive the requirement of paragraph (1) if the Secretary submits to Congress a certification in writing that such a waiver is in the national security interests of the United States.
(b) Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-
(1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.
(2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to a lawful resident alien of the United States on the basis of conduct taking place within the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States.

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Engrossed in Senate [Passed Senate] - ES) Sec. 1032

Whether or not any of this is particularly right is another question entirely, but at least it doesn't say that the military has absolute discretion to imprison anyone at any time for any purpose. It is at least somewhat mollifying.

Today's mail brought my annual Social Security notification, and for the first time in several years I'll actually be getting a little more money in my check. That will be a relief. I'm still trying to kill some of my credit card debt, and this and the VA pension both go up for 2012. I've also made the final payment on the condo special assessment for the decks, which frees up more of my budget to deal with those damned credit cards. I swear I shall get rid of another one of them this coming year. The one with the lowest interest is about 9% and the highest is around 24%, which is insane. That's the one I'm working on right now.

A little writing got done today on the fic. It is approximately 44,000 words now. Busy Erynn is busy.
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First thing today, I called the VA and talked to the woman in charge of the yoga group. She looked into the whole computer mess and said that the aide who had been supposed to enter people as present had mistakenly marked me as a no-show. She was going to change the entry herself, and next time I'm at the VA on Tuesday, I can collect for this Wednesday. She wasn't sure why the guy in the office wouldn't even look at the paper she'd given me. Anyway, it's at least fixed and I can collect my travel funds next week and don't have to worry about the whole no show thing.

I popped down into Everett today to pick up my boots, but the guy said the zippers are still on order and they might be ready by next Thursday or Friday. I shall phone and find out.

Since I was in Everett, I headed over to the Occupy encampment and talked with one of the guys about getting the admin password for the website. They do WordPress. I use Blogger for Searching for Imbas but I figured WordPress couldn't be that hard to figure out, given I have at least a little bit of knowledge of webby things. I was given the password and hung out to talk for a little while. Some of the other folks came back from doing a grocery run. One was a young gal who had just lost her home a few days ago and had come to the encampment so she'd have a place to sleep. I brought her back here so she could have a hot shower, and gave her a bottle of TheraFlu, since she'd had a nasty cold for a week or two, in the hopes that it might at least help her sleep.

After I dropped her back downtown, I came home and banged away at the Occupy Everett website. I revamped the front page information, added some links, entered a page of information on their camping and good neighbor policies, plugged in a Twitter widget so that people can see the twitterstream for #OccupyEverett, and worked on the events calendar.

It's the calendar stuff that's giving me the most trouble. The layout of the template for the site leaves the main information column a little too narrow for the display of the calendar items text, and I'm not sure how to adjust the calendar's column width. I'm going to have to ask around about CSS and see what can be done. I was beating my head on my desk for a while and at one point accidentally deleted the Events page entirely and had to recreate it; it wasn't quite as hard as I'd feared, but I'd prefer not to have to do it again.

A couple of the other Occupy Everett folks who have the password want to know how to get into the site and update or change things as necessary, so Sunday evening about 5pm I'll be going over to Firewheel books and teaching them the basics of getting in to the dashboard, how to add pages and posts, and how to add things to the calendar. I'll probably also add a sidebar widget so that the site will display new wall posts from the Occupy Everett Facebook page. That'll let people keep up with what's going on in a number of different ways.

I am now poking away at my fic, which is currently at about 41,900 words. It's going slow but sure and I'm reasonably pleased with my progress, given how much else I was messing with today.

My hips are being pretty creaky. I'm hoping to get down to Seattle for a march against violence that the Veterans For Peace are requesting presence at, but that'll depend on how my hips are doing by 2 in the afternoon. This is the same route that left me not able to walk for three days, so I need to be able to actually get down the hill and back up it again, because I don't think I'll be able to handle it if I get into downtown and can't get back to my car.

Sunday is a Shinto ceremony at the shrine, and the thing with the OE folks in the evening. Monday is a huge action to shut down the west coast ports, and Seattle expects to have a very large contingent. I am debating whether or not to go, but that will depend entirely on whether I can walk and whether I have any spoons for it at all. I can't make up my mind until I know how I'm doing on Sunday, at the very least.

Mom says she is supposed to be getting actual web access that doesn't involve dialup, so I might be able to send her photos in email now. I'm hoping it all goes smoothly.
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I'm doing progressively better with the cold, though I'll probably be toast by the time the Samhain vigil is over. I'll be staying at [ profile] gra_is_stor's place on Sunday after the vigil, as it's a much shorter drive to the hill than it is back up to Everett from [ profile] joyful_storm's place. I'm heading into town tomorrow to pick up things in Seattle for the ritual, and to pick up [ profile] gra_is_stor so that I won't have to make a trip to the hill before the ritual on Saturday.

There is some shopping and some cooking yet to do, but the ritual is sorted, I have the list of tales I have to bookmark and the stack of books to mark them in, and have been collecting some of the items I have to remember to take with me that aren't in the box over at Edge.

I'll probably be taking the DoDC+3 and his cage with me, so space in Garuda will be limited, but there will be enough for what I need to take along, and for [ profile] gra_is_stor and her harp. There's a good chance my LJ won't be updated until Sunday sometime, though I might have a little bit of time Friday at some point to post an update.

Scott Olsen regained consciousness today, though I believe that surgery is still likely to be necessary. His injury has galvanized veterans and military members to action in regards to the Occupy movement, which I think can only benefit everyone in the long run. We, as a nation, have been asleep for a long time, and this is a long, slow, and painful awakening to the realities we face.

I have to remember to get things mailed out tomorrow. I have my ballot that I filled out, and a box of books that the sib had shipped here because he couldn't get them to ship to him in Baghdad, along with some other stuff to forward to him.

I swapped over from Chrome to Firefox last night because I was having some severe performance issues with Chrome due to an unexpected update that the program didn't actually tell me about until it happened. Firefox seems, for the moment, to be working somewhat faster and rather better for me, though I've had to learn a few different ways of doing things. I'm okay with that; I like to think I can still learn new things when I need to.

I'm about halfway done with Disability and Religious Diversity and have found most of it pretty interesting so far. They had a few typos in my essay that I'm pretty sure I didn't put there (citing The Táin as "Thetain," for instance, wtf?), but overall I think it presented the material accurately and they didn't actually misspell my name, thankfully. I'm very much looking forward to the paperback edition of Datura arriving. The cover photo looked really lovely.

And now, some hot ginger tea adulterated with citrus Airborne to help kick the cold, and a dash of key lime juice to help flavor it a bit more. I'm hoping to crash sometime soon, as I woke up today about 2:30 with a nasty headache. That dissipated through the day, for which I am grateful, but I'm hoping it's not going to manifest tomorrow as well.

Blessings of Samhain to you all, whenever you decide to celebrate it!
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Today's installment of The Wild Hunt has a bunch of Pagan links and contains a mention of and link to my Ogam ebook in his weekly Pagan News of Note column! I'm even in the same paragraph with a mention of Margot Adler and Drawing Down the Moon. This is because we both had ebook editions of our work come out recently, but still -- Margot Adler and me in the same paragraph, imagine! ;)

Thanks [ profile] mythworker!
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Does anyone have any experience with Clear wireless? I've been on Comcast for-freaking-ever at about $75/mo just for my internet (I don't need or want cable or phone service) and Clear is about $30-$40 less per month depending on their service options. Apparently they have service here in my area, according to their map.

Any opinions on what Clear's service, access, and support is generally like?

Thank you intartubes!

ETA: Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your opinions and experience!
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Seriously. All his fault. I lay the blame squarely at his feet and staple them there with the Gae Bolga.

The Myths Retold blog has myths and folktales retold to hilarious effect. His retelling of the Táin is Cúchulainn is the Megatron of Killing People.

So, you really kind of have to appreciate lots of blood and vulgarity in your myths (but of course, they're filled with that anyhow) and the whole archie and mehitabel vers libre thing he's got going, but it's fantastic and filled with mayhem. He's got Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and other myths retold as well. Go. Read. Howl your laughter to the unforgiving stars.

Today's Wild Hunt link list talked about the whole Bin Laden thing and [ profile] mythworker linked to my one-line post on the topic. I'm not sure why. I think he's buttering me up for something... *eyes him suspiciously*

Also, today I went down to Seattle for the writing group again. I talked to Wendy briefly after our session and feel better about the whole thing. Her thought was that it's not supposed to be a competition (my position on it, as I've said), that we all have unique perspectives to bring to this, and that I shouldn't deprive myself of the experience, or other people of my various insights, given that we all have them and that it's about sharing this stuff in the group. I was good with it. This week more people were willing to do a little reading from their work, and that was a large part of what made me feel better, too. I may be a professional writer, but that doesn't mean the inside of my head is any neater or more organized than anyone else's, after all. It could be argued, in fact, that it's significantly more fucked up than a lot of other people's.

The sib came down to Seattle with me and read while I was at the VA. We hung out at Travelers for a while and read there, too. I told Leon about the ogam ebook deal and he was pretty excited. We had one of those "back in the day" conversations about when he and I were about the only people we knew who were actually into the whole thing locally and who were actually trying to do any research on it.

Before we dropped [ profile] mael_brigde at the bus (before the VA trip), I gave her a copy of the five-ish pages I've written of the Queering the Flame essay and she's going to send me some comments and suggestions. We talked a little about the first two or three pages before she left, and she had some really good thoughts. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from her about the rest of it, in fact. She pointed out something that I hadn't really thought about, in terms of negative evidence, if you will -- in the various saint's lives of Brigid, none of the authors mentions the flame being kept only by women, so one wonders why (if this was an important thing, or if it even existed at all) the writers of the vitae wouldn't have mentioned it.

Tomorrow I need to start looking for readings for June's schmooze. Next month is family, rites of passage, and things of that nature. I've got a slightly more in-depth summary of the concept in a file on my desktop, I just haven't got everything in my head right now. This is more in terms of births, deaths, adulthood, and things of that nature than, say, warrior rituals or initiatory stuff; we're dealing with the everyday rites of passage and the things of home and hearth.
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The Pagan Newswire Collective, an open collective of Pagan journalists, newsmakers, media liaisons, and writers who are interested in sharing and promoting primary-source reporting from within our interconnected communities, is seeking out an Editorial Coordinator so we can progress to the next step in our mission!

The PNC has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past year, and we are nearly ready to debut our new web site. In addition, we are planning a meet-and-greet and other events at the upcoming Pantheacon this February in San Jose. However, in order to fulfill our ambitious plans to build a news network for the Pagan community, we need a dedicated and ambitious volunteer to step up to coordinate our editorial team. If you have a background in journalism, editing, or publishing, and are looking for a way to make a positive impact on our interconnected communities, can work well with others, and have at least 5-10 hours to dedicate per week, you may be just the person we are looking for!

Responsibilities and duties of the editorial coordinator:

* Coordinate the editorial team, making sure all volunteers are active and engaged.
* Promote content from the regional bureaus to the main PNC national feed.
* Promote content from PNC partner organizations to the main PNC national feed.
* Edit regional bureau content, as needed, for the purposes of national syndication.
* Assign writers and editors to important stories needing coverage within our communities.
* Coordinate with bureau coordinators on larger stories and projects.
* Oversee special editorial projects.
* Work with the other national coordinators (Outreach, Bureaus, Projects, Tech) in the running of the PNC.

If interested, please apply to Projects Coordinator Jason Pitzl-Waters (jason at, or jpitzl at with your contact info, a listing of relevant experience, and why you want to be our editorial coordinator.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Wild Hunt
The Pagan Newswire Collective
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OCCULT KABBALAH TAROT WICCA MASONIC GNOSTIC HERMETIC - eBay (item 370462019062 end time Dec-05-10 17:10:26 PST)

If you are an author or ever contributed to the PODSNet BBS system or had something included in the "Riders of the Crystal Well BOS", aka the PODSNet BOS, aka "the Internet BOS" you should check to see if your work is included, and if it is, file your DCMA takedown requests.

Many of the books in this collection are currently in-print works of living authors. Please pass the word far and wide and get this removed from Ebay and other possible websites.
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Today was encouraging. The DoDC+3 is drinking more, though he does have to be encouraged toward it. He's eating well, though, which I think is a very good thing.

He's been moving in a rather more spritely fashion, as well. He was trotting around the house a little bit today, and did a fair imitation of his usual "take me out" dance. He's also hopped down from the couch a couple of times without incident, though I would honestly prefer he not do that just yet. As long as he's not faceplanting, though, I suppose we're all right. His bruising is pretty much all gone from what I can see without actually spreading him out on his back to take a look. His abdomen has gone back to its usual pinkish color, at least.

He's been about as happy as he can be in the crate next to the bed at night. He still looks up longingly at the bed itself, but he's not tried to jump up onto it. I'm grateful for this. He hasn't been all frantic at the door when people go by in the past couple of days either, but I suspect that's more because he hurts and is tired than because he's over it. Perhaps, though, if he goes through a couple of weeks without going off about the people/dogs outside, he might get used to not doing it and relax a little about it. That would please me, if it were the case.

I headed down to Seattle for my VA group today in the rain. It's been warmer again, and much more normal weather for the region. I will admit I was feeling a higher level of anxiety than usual, but the combination of rain, dim lighting, stress over the pupulator, and the interview I did yesterday was a bit of a challenge. One of the gals in my group had a really severe anxiety attack due to someone trying to grab her backpack on the way in, so I gave her a ride home after group. She's in Seattle so it wasn't at all out of my way to take her, and that helped her immensely.

Tomorrow is the official inaugural meeting of the Air Kraken Hunter's Guild (Everett Steamrats) over at the AFK Tavern. There's an art show opening then, and we should have a pretty good turnout. We've got the Red Room set aside for the group. Festivities start at 7:30, though getting there a little earlier might be okay, as by 7pm traffic is probably going to be calmed down enough to be negotiable. I'll probably grab some dinner while I'm there as well. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone, and the arts installation. I love having such a creative community around me! I have to remember to take those games over that I've set aside for them, as well.

Writing on the Brigid essay hasn't been going so well, but I'm having a hard time focusing on the more academic stuff. I do have to put together the packet of copies to be handed out next Monday at the CR schmooze this week, though. I'll try to take care of that on Thursday. Notice has been sent out again to the SeaPagan list and posted on my FB page.

I did, however, post an update today on the Warriors and Kin blog about the release of the Pentagon's study on DADT. Apparently 70% of the military feels that having us in the ranks openly won't be a problem. Needless to say, Republicans are outraged. Please get in touch with your congresscritter -- if we're lucky we may be able to see this policy repealed by the end of the year.

And now, to pill the dog.
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In doing a google on my ogam book, I found that there are about half a dozen torrents for downloading it. I have no idea if any of the files are actually complete, but I've emailed the service where my book is allegedly being hosted and asked them to remove the files, as well as emailing Storm and [ profile] lupabitch to alert them to the situation.

It's not like I make a lot of money on this. If you value small presses and good quality work, please don't download small press books from sites like this. I didn't authorize this, nor did my publisher. Everyone's struggling in this economy and even a few actual book sales help a lot.

ETA: [ profile] lupabitch says the files are all viruses and other electronic ickies, as are the other Immanion/Megalithica titles she found there. Sadly, a Polish website has got one of her books uploaded. I think she's waiting for a resolution on that one.
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Margaret and Helen are a pair of elderly women who write a political blog. I followed them pretty religiously during election season and love so much of their common sense. Today's installment is a bit of perspective on the current situation.

Folks, from where I sit, we’ve never had it so good. One less war. Most of the TARP money paid back and another Great Depression avoided. Unemployment numbers are shitty – yes - BUT imagine how bad it would be if Republicans had done away with unemployment benefits like they wanted. And as someone who has Medicare, I can assure you that government-run healthcare isn’t Obamacare, it’s common-decency-care.

The Tea Party wants to complain about Obama’s “run-away spending” but the fact is Bush spent billions on wars while Obama has spent billions on an economic stimulus package. Fact. More private sector jobs were created in the last 8 months than in the entire 8 years of the Bush presidency. Fact. The only thing the Republican Party has increased recently is the number of gay teen suicides.

Elections are coming up in just a couple of weeks. Remember that even though what's happening now isn't everything we'd like, it's a hell of a lot better than we might have had.
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I started a Facebook fan page for my writing and festival appearances.

I do not have a personal FB page nor do I want one, but if you're the FB type, you are more than welcome to keep up with my writing and appearances there!
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I don't know how often folks look at the sidebar on my LJ, but there are a bunch of links there. I'm almost up to the limit for what I can have on my account and there are times when I'd like to replace some of them or to broaden out some of the categories. So what I'd like to do is ask you, my friends and readers, which categories of links you're finding most useful or thought-provoking, and which you think I can drop in favor of expanding others.

One thing I'll note is that the Gaelic links here are duplicated and expanded over in my links lists at Searching For Imbas, so I could see removing those because I already have a link to SFI, which then contains that information. Yet if folks never visit SFI, they may never see any of the links at all, so it's kind of a balance regarding access and visibility.

I would be happy to get suggestions about what could be pared-down or eliminated in your esteemed opinions, along with things you think are a part of the core of the info I present here. My personal stuff isn't going to go away; links to interviews and to my websites will remain. Pretty much anything else is negotiable.



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