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There was a fair bit of quiet hanging out today before I took Geordie down to the bus station. We talked a little, read a little, and ate a little. [ profile] gra_is_stor was getting ready to leave about the time we were. She was doing a little better but not feeling that great while she's been visiting. I had a really rough time sleeping last night due to an uncomfortable tum myself.

I waited with Geordie down at the bus depot, where we had a cup of tea together awaiting the Greyhound to Bellingham. We talked about poetry bookshops and poets and Diane di Prima and City Lights and other such things. I told him that I'd take him down to Open Books, the poetry bookshop in Seattle, next time he came down if we had time. I should probably take him along to Elliott Bay, as well, because they have a pretty good poetry section. I did tell him last night about Poet's Market because he was asking me for suggestions about where to submit poetry to magazines and journals, and most of what I've been doing in the last several years has been prose, so I'm not up on current markets.

While I was at the bus depot, I finally got a call back from Julia at the VA, and got a chance to explain to her about why I was leaving the yoga group. She was glad it wasn't anything to do with the group itself. I told her it was just too early for me, and the stress of dealing with getting there before I'm really awake, and the whole thing about dealing with driving to Seattle (and the travel office when I'm done) was more stress than the yoga was actually relieving. I said if I lived in Seattle, or if the group was up in Everett, it would be a lot less of an issue. She quite understood, so I felt pretty good about finally getting to talk to her about all of it.

Once everyone was off to their respective destinations, I got home, made some dinner, and tossed laundry in the washer. I'm still working on drying load #3, and I have another to do tomorrow, as well. For dinner, I baked a couple of chicken legs with some jerusalem artichokes, herbed feta cheese, and pine nuts. When that was ready, I sauteed leeks and black curly kale as my veggie. It was really quite delicious. I had a little of what's left of the wine I opened a few days ago as well. All very nice.

I got a bit of writing done once everyone had departed, too, amidst the rounds of Plants vs. Zombies. I'm at 60,066 words at the moment. I have been having a bit of a conversation with [ profile] alfrecht in his LJ about the new Sherlock Holmes movie. He missed one of my favorite scenes when his back was turned!

Mom emailed and said that the bronchitis has cleared up really quickly, like flipping a switch, and she's doing much better today, except that her voice is still kind of rough. She's definitely going to finish out the prescribed antibiotics, though. Don't want those suckers to come back. I'm really glad she's doing so much better today.

Tomorrow will be another day at home. I messed around a little with my graphics program to edit one of the photos I'm looking at for the Occupy Everett calendar, but I'm not sure the photo itself will be large enough to use for the space I want it on the cover. I'm going to have to go to the AFK at some point, for a faster connect, and do a little uploading of various pictures to check out how the graphics work there. It's way too slow here for me to even consider working on from my own wireless network. I'm not that familiar with graphics programs, but once I figure out sizes, I should be able to put something reasonable together. And maybe I can get a little help from some of the other more tech-oriented folks while I'm at it.
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Most of the day today I stayed home with [ profile] gra_is_stor. She hasn't been feeling well the past several days, but was at least doing a little better today. She did stuff and practiced her harp, and I played a lot of Plants vs Zombies, and had a consult with my partner-in-fic online, though Random was interrupted regularly by stuff on her end. Plotty bits were done.

This evening I went down to talk to some of the Occupy Everett folks. The encampment is being removed (entirely peacefully) Friday, but the community tent will be staying as an information point for folks to come and learn about the movement and for distribution of info about events and actions happening in the community. The meeting was specifically to deal with some publicity stuff. One guy wanted to do cds with some photos on them. I'm not really up on that sort of thing, but we did figure that we needed a little info sheet (with black & white photos) on who Occupy Everett is and what the main points of whole thing are about. We've got one guy on that project, and I said I'd take the photos (I copied them to my laptop), review them, and put together a calendar for next year with the photos and some information about a dozen of the main points we're working on. The info sheet needs to be done end of the week or so; the calendar project can take a little longer than that. We'll just do it through so that we can link to it through the Occupy Everett website and let folks order it, as well as having some on hand through the community tent. I spent about 90 minutes there -- we had six people show for the meeting and, given it was a very last-minute thing, I think that wasn't too bad.

I'm not hugely talented with graphics, but I can probably put something reasonable together with one of the templates there online. I did, however, have to go through probably 700 or so photos to find things that were actually in focus enough and of reasonable enough quality with enough interest to potentially be a part of photo collages or individual images for the cover and for twelve months. I ditched the ones that didn't look too useful to me so as to save room on my laptop's hard drive. Once the photos are all dealt with and uploaded to Lulu for the project, I can delete the rest of them as well.

Tomorrow, Geordie's coming down from Vancouver. I'm picking him up at the Everett bus depot at 2:15. I also have to remember to call the VA and talk with Julia about canceling the yoga thing. Tomorrow evening is also the steampunk social. [ profile] gra_is_stor will be off with some musicians working on musical things and then, I believe, heading back home to Seattle.

Overall, a pretty quiet day.
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First thing today, I called the VA and talked to the woman in charge of the yoga group. She looked into the whole computer mess and said that the aide who had been supposed to enter people as present had mistakenly marked me as a no-show. She was going to change the entry herself, and next time I'm at the VA on Tuesday, I can collect for this Wednesday. She wasn't sure why the guy in the office wouldn't even look at the paper she'd given me. Anyway, it's at least fixed and I can collect my travel funds next week and don't have to worry about the whole no show thing.

I popped down into Everett today to pick up my boots, but the guy said the zippers are still on order and they might be ready by next Thursday or Friday. I shall phone and find out.

Since I was in Everett, I headed over to the Occupy encampment and talked with one of the guys about getting the admin password for the website. They do WordPress. I use Blogger for Searching for Imbas but I figured WordPress couldn't be that hard to figure out, given I have at least a little bit of knowledge of webby things. I was given the password and hung out to talk for a little while. Some of the other folks came back from doing a grocery run. One was a young gal who had just lost her home a few days ago and had come to the encampment so she'd have a place to sleep. I brought her back here so she could have a hot shower, and gave her a bottle of TheraFlu, since she'd had a nasty cold for a week or two, in the hopes that it might at least help her sleep.

After I dropped her back downtown, I came home and banged away at the Occupy Everett website. I revamped the front page information, added some links, entered a page of information on their camping and good neighbor policies, plugged in a Twitter widget so that people can see the twitterstream for #OccupyEverett, and worked on the events calendar.

It's the calendar stuff that's giving me the most trouble. The layout of the template for the site leaves the main information column a little too narrow for the display of the calendar items text, and I'm not sure how to adjust the calendar's column width. I'm going to have to ask around about CSS and see what can be done. I was beating my head on my desk for a while and at one point accidentally deleted the Events page entirely and had to recreate it; it wasn't quite as hard as I'd feared, but I'd prefer not to have to do it again.

A couple of the other Occupy Everett folks who have the password want to know how to get into the site and update or change things as necessary, so Sunday evening about 5pm I'll be going over to Firewheel books and teaching them the basics of getting in to the dashboard, how to add pages and posts, and how to add things to the calendar. I'll probably also add a sidebar widget so that the site will display new wall posts from the Occupy Everett Facebook page. That'll let people keep up with what's going on in a number of different ways.

I am now poking away at my fic, which is currently at about 41,900 words. It's going slow but sure and I'm reasonably pleased with my progress, given how much else I was messing with today.

My hips are being pretty creaky. I'm hoping to get down to Seattle for a march against violence that the Veterans For Peace are requesting presence at, but that'll depend on how my hips are doing by 2 in the afternoon. This is the same route that left me not able to walk for three days, so I need to be able to actually get down the hill and back up it again, because I don't think I'll be able to handle it if I get into downtown and can't get back to my car.

Sunday is a Shinto ceremony at the shrine, and the thing with the OE folks in the evening. Monday is a huge action to shut down the west coast ports, and Seattle expects to have a very large contingent. I am debating whether or not to go, but that will depend entirely on whether I can walk and whether I have any spoons for it at all. I can't make up my mind until I know how I'm doing on Sunday, at the very least.

Mom says she is supposed to be getting actual web access that doesn't involve dialup, so I might be able to send her photos in email now. I'm hoping it all goes smoothly.
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Today was largely spent poking away at my fic (some 4,000 words since I started the day, go me) trying to focus through a far-too-achy hip. I also updated my Searching for Imbas blog with a rundown of the three things I'll be doing at PCon in February. I didn't get anything else done, but I hadn't planned to. I watched an episode of Jeeves and Wooster.

This evening I started getting some trickles from Occupy Everett about press and publicity stuff. They haven't given me enough details to write anything up as yet, but I've asked for what I need.

Tomorrow, SJ and possibly Bj may come by with baked goods. I was threatened with fruitcake via twitter by way of Herb and Katrina.

If my hip will handle it, I'll tackle some dishes before I go to bed tonight. We'll see how that goes. I should at least try to get a few of the largest bits clean and put away so I'll have space to deal with the rest of it. Laundry should probably be accomplished tomorrow.
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The Seattle Times has been looking into the incident of the young woman who allegedly miscarried after being pepper-sprayed by Seattle police during an Occupy action. It's looking more and more like there was no miscarriage and she probably wasn't pregnant at all. From what the article says -- and I have to note that I'm not capable of diagnosing anyone of anything -- it's possible that she has some mental illness issues that could be influencing this claim, and that it may not be the first time she's made this sort of claim.

Whatever the truth is here, we have to remember that not everyone involved with a global political movement is involved for the same reasons, and that it does not in any way diminish the egregious violence of police response to peaceful protesters with pepper spray. I wanted to link this here so that people would be aware that I've seen this and know that my previous post mentioning the situation was made before this information was brought forward.

This afternoon I went down to an Occupy Everett planning meeting for an event they are calling "Roccupy Everett" where they intend to have Dorli Rainey, the 84 year old woman who was also pepper sprayed, come up as the featured speaker. They are currently looking for musical acts and other entertainments. The catch is, they want to put this together by December 3rd. I think it's awfully soon -- all of ten days -- for them to get anything significant together, but I volunteered to help out with media/publicity, in terms of helping out with proofing material, assisting in finding media outlets for the other two people on the committee to contact, and making sure that the publicity material is at least reasonably well-written. I doubt that I will make it to the actual event, but I can at least help out in some small measure.

Vivian McPeak, who has been running Hempfest here in Seattle for the last 20 years, came up and talked about his experience as an activist in all that time and had some very useful things to say. He was, he said, used to talking to a much younger crowd that those of us assembled this evening. The Occupy Seattle crowd tends to be much younger. Pretty much everyone at the meeting this evening was middle-aged-ish. We met in a coffee house and bookshop that is in the same space Gathering Grove used to be. I think they may even still have some of the same books; they certainly have a similar vibe, if not nearly so visibly Pagan.

I had to leave the meeting about half an hour early, given that I was starting to develop a migraine. Low blood sugar combined with florescent lights was probably what did it. I came home and ate something and am doing better. I also tossed the turkey breast into the oven and roasted that for tomorrow at [ profile] gra_is_stor's place. It turned out delightfully tender and juicy, and I had stuffed the body cavity with rosemary and sage, which has lent a nice flavor to the meat. I made some gravy and now all of it is in the fridge awaiting transportation.

When I get home tomorrow, the bones and what meat that was close to the bone will be going into the pot to make some turkey soup.

A couple of days ago I got the new Abney Park cd, which I ripped today and transferred over to my iPod. I listened to it and, while I'm really not as enamored of it as most of their previous stuff, they do have some nice new acoustic arrangements of older songs, and you can actually hear the lyrics in some of them a bit better, so this is good.

I am tired, but not terribly sleepy at the moment. I will probably try putting myself into bed and reading for a while to see if that will help. Tomorrow I have to be in Seattle by around 4pm for foodage.
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As noted in my previous post, I did go out to Applebee's for lunch, as I had planned. I also dropped by the Brown Bear car wash in downtown Everett because Garuda desperately needed a bath and they were doing a free wash for vets today. That put me within a few blocks of the courthouse, where Occupy Everett is encamped, and I had to deal with turning around on the main road through town, so I swooped up past the courthouse instead of trying to turn on Broadway. I figured I could stop and see if anybody needed coffee or something and maybe I could bring them something hot, because it was windy and pouring down rain.

I found about half a dozen people attempting to set up a shelter, without a whole lot of organization. The guy who was trying to read the instructions wasn't too certain what was supposed to go where, so I pitched in and helped out, deciphering stuff and putting things together. Between the half dozen or so of us, we got it standing, and I left them with the shelter put together and a couple of guys securing it down with heavy ropes and wooden stakes to keep it from blowing away in the wind. I was wearing my wool winter coat which, while warm, is not exactly suited for wearing outside in the pouring rain for an hour. My leather gloves left black dye stains all over my hands that are going to take a couple of days to come out, despite my having scrubbed them several times already.

I was feeling a need for a little bit of the needful, so I dropped in to the AFK to have a jolt of Klingon blood wine (yes, they do have a drink called that) and a pot of tea to see if I could warm up a little and dry out before I headed back home. They had a tasty sounding special on the menu, and by the time I was done with the alcohol, I was hungry again, so I ordered food. When I was done eating and sipping most of that pot of tea, it was about 7pm, so I texted Gary to see if he was at the AFK, as he and a bunch of his friends are usually there of a Friday evening for some gaming. They were, in fact, there, so I went over and joined them until almost 9:30. My coat was still wet, but I was tired and chilly and damp, so I bid them adieu and headed home.

So that is why I did not just stay home today and get some rest. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Also, by way of [ profile] heilan_coo and the Tairis blog, a link to Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria, an e-text of a book about Old Irish wisdom texts and their spread and influence.
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The Call for Presentations went out from the EBC last week, which I posted here. I've previously noted the sometimes disturbing lack of women presenters at the conference and, in accordance with suggestions over the years from [ profile] brandywilliams, have decided that I'll propose a session.

I talked a little bit with [ profile] gra_is_stor about it, as we met for a while at Travelers after my VA appointment today. The spirituality group is back up and running and it was wonderful to see my friends there again. We have two new chaplain interns along with Wendy, the psychologist who coordinates the group. I'm excited to be involved with it again. Sadly, I thought the group was at 2 rather than 3, so I was there over an hour early. I am dumb.

Jeff came into Travelers for a while as well, before his yoga class, and he sat and talked with the two of us. He's interested in presenting something to the schmooze on Celtic coinage. I'm figuring that discussing iconography on coins would be pretty cool, particularly if it was aimed at dealing with use of coin iconography in exploring how the various Celtic peoples viewed their deities.

I ran my idea for the EBC past them, and they thought it would be an interesting one. I've considered for several years that it might be cool to present on ogam. Since the focus of the conference is on books and magical traditions related to them (primarily, though not exclusively), I thought I could do a presentation tentatively titled "Ogam: From Medieval Manuscripts to Modern Magicians," dealing with things like the use of ogam as cryptography and mnemonic device, and abbreviations and ogam glyphs in the manuscripts as an inspiration for sigilization, then examine the practices of several modern writers and magicians, like Ian Corrigan, myself, and a few others, who are using ogam as a part of a magical practice as well as a spiritual one.

Someone over in [ profile] cr_r a while back asked about an ogam book published through The description of the book included stuff about the qabala and the I Ching, which made me raise an eyebrow or two. I've been calling the qabala the Procrustean bed of occultism since the late 80s and haven't really changed my opinion on that, but the author also talks about ogam and sigil magic, so if I'm going to be talking about modern approaches to ogam and sigil magic, it sort of behooves me to actually read the text of someone else who's doing that kind of work. I can decide after reading it whether or not the material is worth addressing. Thankfully, there's a Veterans Day coupon code, and the book is already somewhat discounted, so I can get it fairly inexpensively. The author is also someone that [ profile] gra_is_stor met while she was in Ireland, and she has some notes from him that she said I could look at. Still, notes versus an over-500 page book is a substantial difference in terms of being able to see what he's actually on about.

I need to look over the call for presentations and determine what I need to do for this, then do a more firm outline. I don't have to really worry about doing the bulk of the work until after PantheaCon, given that EBC isn't until autumn of next year, but I do need to pull together enough material to do the proposal and a rough outline so I'll know where to go with it when I get home from California next February. I also have to decide whether I'll speak from an outline or write a paper. I'm obviously going to have to work up a PowerPoint presentation to go with the presentation so that people can see what I'm talking about for several of the points I need to make.

I haven't heard back regarding the volunteer gig tomorrow, so I'm assuming that they're not interested in anyone showing up after 10am. Their loss. I have better things to do with my time than try to be somewhere at that hour, thereby guaranteeing my next three days are going to be nearly unlivable. I realize that a lot of people think of 10am as not only no problem, but as sleeping in, but when you have insomnia and sleep disturbance issues, 10am means I might have gotten two hours of more-or-less uninterrupted sleep, even if I went to bed at 10pm (which is usually ungodly early for me anyway). If I try to be anywhere by that hour, I'm guaranteeing that I'm going to be pretty much non-functional for the day, and it will take me a couple of days to get through it to the point where I can sort of function again.

This is why I am very insistent that I not be scheduled for morning sessions at conferences and why I refuse to make any sort of appointment, medical or otherwise, before noon if I can possibly avoid it. I hate the fact that I am in pain and can't focus if I am up too early, and that I can't just have a cup of tea and be fine, like most people. I can't really even just go home afterwards and go to bed, because it's almost impossible for me to sleep in the afternoon. I often feel worse after an afternoon nap that I would if I just stayed awake until my "normal" bedtime of somewhere between 2am and 5am. Bedtime means I go and lie down, not that I go to sleep.

And on that note, it's probably time I try to retire for the night.
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I mailed in my ballot a couple of weeks back. Given that Washington has shifted over to a completely mail-in system, this means that it may be days before there is any clarity on some races. In the good news, Tim Eyman's most recent initiative has gone down in flames. Anything that has even the slightest whiff of him about it tends to send me into something of a frenzy. He's the guy who borked our public transportation system, and who once took signatures on an initiative down to Olympia dressed in a Darth Vader outfit. The guy has had huge financial scandals associated with his politicking and people still put his crap on the ballot.

In good news, the Mississippi "personhood" amendment that would have essentially given fertilized eggs more rights than adult women was defeated. Ohio rescinded a piece of anti-union legislation. We can hope that the Occupy movement has been raising some awareness as it has grown.

I spent a few hours down at Occupy Everett today. It was pretty quiet there while I was in attendance; apparently there had been a discussion of the movement over at Everett Community College and quite a few people had gone to that. I talked with several people, both supporters and people who were just curious. There were the usual "what's it all about" type questions. I seriously think that attempting to reduce a movement that is addressing a lot of issues down to a thirty second sound bite isn't doing anyone any favors. Sound bites remove any necessity for people to actually think about issues and to communicate about the deeper problems underlying what we see happening right now in the world.

One Canadian blog offered this analogy:

Social movements have often started out with a shared grievance, not a particular solution. Think of the flagship of today’s global movements, environmentalism. It ranges from conservationists who want to preserve wilderness, to more politically-oriented groups advocating policies to counter global warming, to radicals who see civilization itself as the problem. A smorgasbord of approaches. But united by a concern that the ecosystems on which humans depend are threatened, and need our conscious protection.

What we have are a vast number of shared grievances. Most people think the system is broken. Most of them have no idea what to do about it. No one answer is going to fix everything. We need to focus on a multitude of potential solutions and be open to the fact that we can't explain them all in one breath. If we could, we would be missing immense parts of both the problems and the solutions.

I'm concerned about a lot of things -- environmental issues (without an environment, we won't have any humans to be worried about), economic justice, corporate personhood, corporate money in politics, veterans issues and warmongering generally, just to name a few. I'm concerned about our police state, with its cops who teargas peaceful protesters and the TSA giving us a choice of being irradiated or groped if we are going to fly anywhere, with apparent plans to extend this intrusive abuse into other parts of our transportation systems.

At the same time, I need to have a life outside of these concerns, which is why I hang out with steampunks, why I am involved in music and the arts, why I write and practice a private and personal spirituality as well as participate in what I consider a spiritually engaged political life.

I was pleased to head over to the AFK tonight and be joined by nearly a dozen people, most of whom were new to the gathering and whom I hadn't met before. Several of them want to be much more involved in the community and there is talk of a new traveling tea party around the holidays, and attending the new Sherlock Holmes movie premier in steampunk attire. We have to have fun and emotionally sustaining things to look forward to in order to maintain any semblance of sanity while we deal with things that desperately need to be addressed in our political and economic systems. The two are not mutually opposed or even mutually exclusive.

Tomorrow I have yoga group. I'll be hanging out afterwards with people at Travelers. Thursday I've got the new spirituality group starting up at the VA again for the next six weeks. Friday I may or may not be doing volunteer work, depending on whether I hear back from the volunteer coordinator about whether or not I can come to work with them in the early afternoon; being there at 10am is going to be beyond my capacity, even if the work itself is something I can do.

It's been a busy week and it continues to be busy. I'm feeling a real need for some down time, just spending a few days at home without doing anything except maybe a little writing. I need to catch my breath.
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Today was the CR schmooze. Several people weren't up to coming for various reasons -- illness, transportation issues, and the hit that we all take when the time change comes were all a part of it. I was able to pull it together to do a talk on poetry, and there was some good engagement on the topic, particularly as it related to incubation practices and to practical magic. I plugged several of Robin Skelton's books; Spellcraft is one of the only books out there that directly addresses poetry as magic and I still highly recommend it to people.

While at Edge of the Circle, I saw that they had received their paperback copies of Datura, which means that I should be seeing my contributor's copy sometime soon. I was delighted to see it there, and they seemed pretty happy to be carrying it.

Tomorrow I'll be going down to Occupy Everett for a while before I head over to the AFK for the Tuesday steampunk social. I'm really pretty tired after everything I've been doing, but I feel a need to at least check in with them. They were apparently doing some activism on veterans issues today, which is kind of unsurprising given that Everett has a Navy base. It's not a big one, but it's certainly a presence. There used to be a VFP chapter here in Everett but it apparently became less active and the Seattle chapter kind of absorbed it. I don't know the history surrounding that and for all I know there may be some political stuff involved, but at the moment I'm more interested in VFP's participation in the Occupy movement than in its internal politics.

American Women Veterans put out a call for people to do volunteer work in Seattle and several other places on Veterans Day, and I've been in contact with them and with the local organization doing the work. They do have things I'm able to do, so now I'm inquiring whether I can show up in the early afternoon and work with them until the end of the day, rather than showing up at 10am, which would be nearly impossible for me due to sleep issues.

Last night I had a really rough night physically. We had a bad cold snap -- it was at least 10 degrees colder last night than it is tonight, and I was in too much pain to sleep, so I ended up sitting up on the couch until about 5:30 in the morning reading so that I wouldn't disturb [ profile] gra_is_stor with my thrashing around trying to find some vaguely comfortable position. I'm doing rather better tonight, but the time change is still really throwing me.

My editor emailed me and said he'd got the file for Circle of Stones and also noted that corrections had been made to the ebook version of Ogam. I asked him to send a new copy to the person who had pointed out the problem to make sure that things were in order now. One of the problems was that the ogam font was not displaying, so it made the e-text almost useless for actually learning the ogam letters. This, of course, defeats the purpose of having the ebook at all. Of course, I've been rather skeptical about ebooks for a while anyway, and this only reinforced some of my issues with them. The font problem, combined with continuing formatting problems for some kinds of poetry, really does make them less useful than a print book for those purposes. That said, things are progressing, and we'll see how they go.

I still have the Phosphorus article to deal with. I really wish I felt like I could take a break, but the topic is important and should be dealt with. I just hope I'll be able to pull something together soon. I have an outline-ish thing, and a couple of paragraphs together, but I really need to reexamine what I have and might need to start over entirely, given that I initially started the project a couple of months back and that it's really not been in the forefront of my mind since that time. I had more pressing deadlines to deal with. Right now, I mostly just want to collapse in a heap.

The end of the crazy is not at hand.
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I actually did manage to get down to Seattle today. I hadn't been sure I would make it, as I was pretty tired and still rather creaky, but it was a good thing I did, as the folks who had promised to go with her begged out due to headaches and such. I got down to her place a little before her ride arrived and we headed down to Red Red Photo Studio, where she played for a couple of hours, and I had some nice conversations with a couple of photographers, and some other folks who had come to the show at the artwalk. It was awfully cold in the place, and I'm still feeling that; being cold makes me much creakier. I was at least able to get a comfy chair and curled up into it to stay a little warmer. [ profile] gra_is_stor had a little heater set up behind her while she played, so she didn't realize how cold it was in the room until she got up after she was done playing.

Here's a photo of her playing this evening. It was taken with my phone, so my apologies for the crap quality.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the file back from her with the pronunciation guide for the Irish and Gaelic in Circle of Stones so that I can finally finish that project up and get it off to my publisher. It'll be nice to have that finally dealt with!

I got a note from American Women Veterans today looking for folks in Seattle (and a couple of other cities) to do volunteer work on Veterans Day, so I emailed asking for more details to see if there's anything on the list that I will be able to do for at least a few hours. We'll see what happens.

Earlier this week I finally was able to renew my UW library card. It had expired on the 31st, so I had to deal with it or haul back the books that I currently have checked out. They've been renewed and all is well; my research can continue apace. (That pace is slow, admittedly, but it does continue.)

Nothing is on the calendar for tomorrow, but Saturday is triple-booked for me. There's the CR Schmooze annual meeting, Pie Fawkes Night with [ profile] mimerki, and then the first anniversary party at the AFK Tavern. [ profile] gra_is_stor is up here with me, though, so I will have company to snuggle with on the couch. Perhaps we'll watch Black Orpheus tomorrow, which I currently have from Netflix.
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We headed out a little earlier than expected today, about 11:30 or so in the morning, to go off to Whidbey Island to help out [ profile] tryst_inn in rebuilding Bunhalla. I didn't want to take the ferry, given how expensive it is with a car and two passengers. Also, being the first really nice day we've had since February, I figured everyone would be heading across the water for the day.

Unfortunately, I totally did not realize it was tulip festival this weekend. Traffic was hideous from Everett up well past Marysville and then from pretty far south of Mount Vernon, I-5 north was nearly at a standstill. We got around a little of it by getting off at an earlier exit, but Mount Vernon itself was nearly impassible. I'd planned on being at [ profile] tryst_inn's place by about 1:30, but it was about 3pm when we finally arrived, already a bit frayed at the edges and in need of a nosh. Thankfully, there was food in abundance.

We partook of the munchies and then got to it with the digging of ditches (narrow and about 6 inches deep to bury chicken wire so the rabbits won't dig their way out). There was much seeking of tools in a really overwhelmingly badly organized toolshed. Shovels were eventually located, but two of the three were broken almost beyond using. One actually was broken and unusable. There were a couple of spades, which we also used, but actual shovels are easier for digging while spades are more for moving dirt from one place to another. We also had to cut tree roots with a pruner in order to get through some of it. Things were exceedingly muddy, though not as bad as they could have been. The ground had been given a little time to dry out, and it was warm and sunny today.

I helped with some digging, hauling of a chicken wire bundle to tack onto the fence posts, shifting some feed bags, and moving some of the older chicks into the henhouse with the smaller chickens from the brooder. I also shifted small rocks to line the bottom of the fence to keep everything in place, and slung some hay with a pitchfork. We finished up at about 5:30 with half of the work done (it wasn't a bad day's work, though); I was aching and kind of gimpy but hoping that by the time we got down toward I-5 again (no way I was going to wait through two or more ferries to get back to this side of the water) the tulip traffic might have calmed down. We headed out and stopped in Oak Harbor for some Greek food -- okay, but definitely nothing to write home about. We were done with dinner by about 7:30 and back on the road again then.

Sadly, Mount Vernon was still kind of a mess, though not as much as it had been going out toward Whidbey. Thankfully, I-5 south was pretty much clear and at speed all the way home again. [ profile] tryst_inn gave the sib a couple of dozen eggs for his trouble and they'll discuss some house-sitting coming up sometime soon.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I hurt, but I had a good time and some decent conversation. When we got home, there was catching up with email and the end of season one of the Venture Brothers. I also discovered that my cheap wall clock is now dead. The battery was a mess too, but the clock itself doesn't work at all with any of the batteries I had, which means I'll have to replace it. That, though, can wait for a few days. Tomorrow I'm probably going to veg here at home and keep my feet up. My hips are not quite functional at the moment.

And now, I am going to curl up and do a little reading in bed until I collapse in a heap. That will probably be a while from now, given all the iced tea I drank today.
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The Pagan Newswire Collective, an open collective of Pagan journalists, newsmakers, media liaisons, and writers who are interested in sharing and promoting primary-source reporting from within our interconnected communities, is seeking out an Editorial Coordinator so we can progress to the next step in our mission!

The PNC has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past year, and we are nearly ready to debut our new web site. In addition, we are planning a meet-and-greet and other events at the upcoming Pantheacon this February in San Jose. However, in order to fulfill our ambitious plans to build a news network for the Pagan community, we need a dedicated and ambitious volunteer to step up to coordinate our editorial team. If you have a background in journalism, editing, or publishing, and are looking for a way to make a positive impact on our interconnected communities, can work well with others, and have at least 5-10 hours to dedicate per week, you may be just the person we are looking for!

Responsibilities and duties of the editorial coordinator:

* Coordinate the editorial team, making sure all volunteers are active and engaged.
* Promote content from the regional bureaus to the main PNC national feed.
* Promote content from PNC partner organizations to the main PNC national feed.
* Edit regional bureau content, as needed, for the purposes of national syndication.
* Assign writers and editors to important stories needing coverage within our communities.
* Coordinate with bureau coordinators on larger stories and projects.
* Oversee special editorial projects.
* Work with the other national coordinators (Outreach, Bureaus, Projects, Tech) in the running of the PNC.

If interested, please apply to Projects Coordinator Jason Pitzl-Waters (jason at, or jpitzl at with your contact info, a listing of relevant experience, and why you want to be our editorial coordinator.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Wild Hunt
The Pagan Newswire Collective
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I actually do a lot of clergy work in my life. It's not just the occasional hospital visit to friends or strangers, but a lot of online work in chat with folks as well. rambling a bit is good for the soul )
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[ profile] alfrecht reports that the books have arrived safely at my place, though only the 12 of them I was originally expecting, so the ones for the artists didn't come to me. [ profile] lupabitch, you're going to have to talk to Storm about what happened to the artist copies.

Laundry is commencing. Stuff has been packed into plastic bins for dust-protection. Things will be tucked into the camper tonight and we'll be out at ohgod30 tomorrow morning for parts south and west of here. [ profile] garzan showed me the route. For those interested, we'll be heading west on 2 down to 87 and from there to 15 south through Idaho. From there we join up with 86 to 84 and then down 93 at Twin Falls until we hit 80 heading west to Winnemucca, Nevada and off into the desert to Black Rock City and the Playa.

[ profile] garzan says that our work for the festival will be trolling the borders of the temporary city in his truck, making sure nobody without a ticket tries to sneak into the festival and that nobody gets lost wandering outside it. I brought my binoculars for birdwatching along the way, but I guess I'll be using them for keeping an eye on the perimeter as well. He says if I can't deal with the heat, they'll set me up on a shift at the radar shack instead, as there's air conditioning for the equipment. Either way, sounds good to me.


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