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Today I got a lot done, starting with making my appointment with the consulate.

I'll be meeting with the visa applications office on October 9th, a Wednesday, at 11:15am. I talked to [ profile] lwood and she will make sure I get picked up at the airport, hauled around, and taken to the appointment in time. ([ profile] finnchuill, I do intend to at least visit briefly if I'm able while I'm down there.) I will be going down the day before the appointment and returning the day after. This is between the Sherlock Seattle con and SteamCon. I didn't want to put it off until toward the end of the month, as [ profile] gra_is_stor's birthday falls right around then and my brother has a deadline we're working toward.

I talked with my brother on skype for a bit and hammered out some details with him; he needs to make sure my appointment is before November 1st, when his contract with the AF active reserves expires so that it shows best for our financial purposes. Between the two of us, we don't quite hit the $50,000 figure I was quoted in a consulate email, but perhaps with his already being in residence and offering me a place to stay, what we do have will suffice.

As soon as I get a plane ticket (I need to talk with a travel agent to make sure I get a ticket that can be cancelled if the visa is rejected), I can give him the travel date for his letter of invitation form, but I expect it will be around mid-December. I figure if I give it 60-ish days, that should be reasonably sufficient. He's heading off to Austria in the morning for a week for a huge motorcycle rally and will get back to me with more details when he gets home again. We should be able to wrap up the letter of invitation bit by the the middle of the week after he gets home. I am going to ask him to post me the document as well as send me a PDF as I don't want to have them say "you need the original" when I get there, and not be able to provide it.

The contractor came and finished up the bathroom in a few hours, starting a little after noon. The place still smells a bit chemical in here, after the primer and paint. I had to air the place out with both doors and all the windows open for a while today. It'll be a couple of days before it smells normal, more than likely.

I spoke on the phone with BECU; they called me after our email exchange to get specific details about what I need. They apparently have a standard immigration form letter that they can fill out and notarize for me that should meet the consulate's requirements, and can also provide a letter stating that I am a member of the credit union in good standing. The notarized letter costs $18.

Now I have to locate a CPA who can deal with the other bits of this for the second "letter of reference" and to explain in writing why my income is not taxed and that I do not have to file tax returns. I've sent a couple of online inquiries to different offices but not received any response. I suspect I'll have to either bite the bullet and phone someone, or actually walk into an office with papers in hand and ask if they can provide what I need. I should get BECU's letters by late next week and will be able to take them with me when I talk to a CPA to demonstrate what I need. Do any of you local peeps know one that you would recommend?

I did some further research on overseas health insurance and have found something that more than satisfies the consulate's requirements for under $200 a month, so I will get that together closer to the appointment so I can take the documentation with me. This is a better deal, from what I can tell, than one of the places someone suggested to me earlier. They seem to cover more stuff. I am going to fill out the VA document to enroll in their Foreign Medical Program and have them mail the authorization to me c/o my brother at his APO box so that if it takes a while to process, it will get to me anyway.

An email was sent to the regional USDA veterinary office to inquire about vets in the Everett and Seattle area who are qualified to do the paperwork for the DoDC+3 when it becomes necessary. I don't expect a response before the middle of next week due to the holiday. The EU compliant ID chip arrived in today's post. I'll need to make an appointment to have him chipped and redo his rabies vaccine. He needs his nails clipped, too.

I emailed the consulate about the type of plane ticket I need and apparently someone was at their desk because less than half an hour later I received my answer - I need a one-way ticket if I am applying for a residence visa. I sent back an email thanking them for their prompt response. I think this "one question per email" thing is probably the best way to go, given they can provide a one-sentence response and it only takes a minute for them to do it. Seems far more likely to actually get a useful response with this method. Currently, mid-December one-way Seattle to Venice tickets start at just under $900 on a few of the online discount sites. Other sites start at $1200 and go up from there.

Because I made the consulate appointment today, I spent a lot of the day in kind of a panic. I called mom and talked with her for a while to let her know what's going on. She sounded a lot better and said the bronchitis had cleared up, much to her relief. Al's doing better as well, so things are going pretty well at her end of the world. I passed my brother's greetings on to her, as I'd told him I was going to call her when I was done texting with him.

I did go with [ profile] gra_is_stor to the party this evening. There were dancers and fire dancing, and there was music. It did help get me out of my stressed out state. I discovered that dark chocolate flavored red wine and blueberry lavender muffins are a godlike combination that must be tasted to be believed. I rode home with [ profile] ingvisson because he was ready to go when I was, and [ profile] gra_is_stor was going to stay and play a couple more songs. A couple of dancers from Olympia had just arrived as we were leaving.

I have a road opener candle going on my mantle at the moment. Any and all bureaucracy-smoothing, gate-opening magic/juju will be gratefully welcomed. All good thoughts are appreciated.

*runs screaming into the distance*

This weekend: bill-paying, laundry, more preparation of emails, and further evil plotting and planning.

Next week: Wednesday is shrinkage and Geordie arrives for an overnight visit.
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Today was the last day for this session of the spirituality group at the VA. We have a two week break, then back to it for another 10 or 12 weeks. I'd been keeping an eye on twitter while I checked my email in the morning. WSDOT was putting up alerts about a really bad accident right around the West Seattle Bridge that had traffic backed up for about 11 miles. Armed with that information, [ profile] gra_is_stor and I left early and went down 99 and around up behind Capitol Hill, but we still arrived about 40 minutes late for my appointment. It took two hours to drive what usually takes only about 45 minutes. There were accidents everywhere along the roads today. I have no idea what was going on, unless people were so messed up by the rain today.

As we were driving south, I got a call from another realtor, who wanted to bring people by. I told her to go ahead and do that. I mentioned the dog in his crate and said I wouldn't be home until evening.

After the VA, we went over to Travelers. I hadn't seen Leon or Allen in a while, and it was good to talk with them. Leon was really sweet to me, and I had a lovely thali before we headed up to the hill. Traffic was still a mess, even northbound (when we were done at Travelers, apparently southbound I-5 was backed up nearly to Lynnwood), so we stopped by Edge to say hi. I hadn't been in there in quite some time, and hadn't actually seen Robert in even longer, as he hadn't been in the last time I visited. He hadn't been aware of my dizziness, or that I was trying to move to Italy, so we talked about that and I picked up some road opener stuff to do a ritual to help move things along through the inevitable bureaucratic tangle.

When I got home, I dropped into skype to hang out with [ profile] random_nexus and schmooze about a fic she's working on, then I talked to [ profile] lwood for a while. Most of the people I talk to seem to think that my potential move to Italy is a done deal, even though I have tried to be really clear that this is just something I am trying to do. People are all asking me if I've already moved back to Seattle when they see me, not realizing that I can't do that unless and until the condo sells. I can't always remember who I've told what, so I end up having to tell the sordid tale over and over. I worry that I'm being too repetitive or too needy or too something. My friends all tell me that I'm not being burdensome about the whole thing, and I am being assured on a fairly frequent basis that I am loved and appreciated, which is making this whole stressful thing much easier to deal with. I'm still not entirely certain why I haven't collapsed in a whimpering heap yet.

Tomorrow about noon, the contractors are coming by to finish up the bathroom with some texturing and a coat of paint. I'm not sure how long that will take. [ profile] gra_is_stor says there is a party at Michael's place tomorrow evening and that she needs to be there by 6pm. There will be music (their band is playing), and firespinners. We'd have to leave by 5-ish, I imagine. If the painting is done by then (I am pretty sure it will be, but can't be certain until I talk to the contractors), then I'll be happy to go. There may be a hot tub involved...

Her friend Kent says he will help me with the whole "impress the Italian bureaucrats" fashion project. I'm to come up with a budget and he will haul me around and get me into clothes that will be less alterna-goth-steampunk and more mainstream, while still being reasonably comfortable for me as a human being. We shall see how that goes.

Geordie wasn't able to come down today due to a scheduling kerfuffle but, considering the traffic misery, that was probably for the best. He had hoped to come down Saturday with a friend who is driving to Seattle, but there's not enough room in the car. Instead, he'll be coming down next Wednesday and I'll probably pop on the bus and meet him down in Everett. The 510 does run from the park & ride here to the Everett central depot (it's one stop away), so we can hop back on the bus and have maybe a 15-20 minute walk back from the park & ride to my place once I meet him at the Greyhound. I'm hoping it doesn't rain, as at that hour of the night it's going to be a while between busses and we'll have to be waiting outside.

Today was frustrating and tiring, though more for [ profile] gra_is_stor than for me, given she was driving. Still, we got through the chaos. Tomorrow I have emails to write that I didn't get to today.

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Sent out some necessary emails today. The credit union says it can provide one of the letters I need for the visa application, all I have to do is tell them what the consulate wants. Once I figure out exactly what I need to pull from my documentation I can send it to them and see if they can make heads or tails of it. They offered to either mail it to me or to fax it to the consulate, but I need them to send it to me, as it all has to come in as one packet with the visa application.

The people who inquired about the bookshelf last night came today and picked it up. They said it was perfect for what they needed and would fit pretty much exactly into the space they had for it.

Another realtor came by with a couple of clients this evening to look at the place. They were only a few minutes away, so I took a couple of minutes to clean up then took the DoDC+3 out for a short walk to wait for them to come and go. It wasn't necessarily brightly sunny most of the day, but it was warm enough, and pleasant to sit out on the bench at the top of the lot for a little while.

I've listed both an electric coffee grinder that some of my friends have used when visiting, and a hand-painted Thai tea set in the shape of an elephant for sale on craigslist today. So many things that need to go.

Geordie won't make it down tomorrow. He'll probably be here Wednesday next week instead. Things came up for him at the last minute that made tomorrow impractical. I should be able to swing next Wednesday somehow. I might have to take a taxi down to get him, given Wednesday both [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson are in Seattle in the evening teaching Irish, but we shall see what can be done. I'll email them both and see if we can arrange something.

I haven't emailed the consulate with any of my other questions yet, but I did a hell of a lot of stuff today, so I don't feel too badly about it. I'm making progress, even when it's hard and I'm tired.

Tomorrow, group at the VA.
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Today's tit squish went quickly and easily. We were in and out and back home quite quickly; [ profile] gra_is_stor ended up driving instead of [ profile] ingvisson, as he wasn't feeling too well today.

I got email back from the consulate about the problem with the scheduling website. I'm now able to log in and will be able to make an appointment. They are available starting in October, though I still have to wait to hear back from the sib before I can actually make an appointment. I also have a couple more questions to ask the consulate visa office, though I will now be asking them one per email in the hope that their short answers will actually have something to do with the question I'm asking. They were quite timely in responding to the query about the scheduling website, though, so that does make me feel a bit better.

I got absolute zero sleep last night. I drank tea with caffeine too late in the day and it kept me from being able to get to sleep at all, though I did rest at least for a couple of hours. I'm hoping to get a little bit tonight.

Later this evening, I got hauled over to McMenamin's for a little dinner. Usually we'd have gone to the AFK, but we felt like trying something else out instead. I had a nice baked mac & cheese made with four cheeses, and a quite nice pomegranate cider. The cider was a little drier than I prefer, but not to the point of tasting off to me, and there was a hint of pomegranate flavor to it on the edge of my tongue that was really quite tasty.

I have an inquiry about the first bookshelf I listed on craigslist. Someone wants to come by tomorrow about 1:30 to get it and to look at some of the ones in the garage to see if they will want any of those, as well. The more stuff I can get out of my garage, the better. As I get stuff out of there, it means I'll have less to worry about moving when the condo sells, or when I leave for Italy, whichever comes first.

Papers got printed out today for the dog's veterinary certificate. I have to email the USDA vet in Tukwila to ask a couple of questions about the forms and how they are supposed to be dealt with. The instructions that came with the packet are mostly clear, but I like to be certain what I'm dealing with when filling out paperwork that will determine whether or not I'll be able to put the dog on the plane when it comes time to move him.

When [ profile] gra_is_stor and I were sitting waiting for my tit squish, we talked about figuring out what kind of thing I should wear to the consulate for the appointment. She hit upon one of her friends, who works at a fancy menswear place and has a degree in fashion design or some such. He apparently would be quite happy to help me deal with this sort of quandary. It's just such a different thing than what I usually have to deal with that having some input from somebody with a clue would be really helpful for me.

Looking at the website for the visa application appointment really hit me today. There's a tightness and a hard ball of anxiety in my chest because looking at their calendar suddenly made all of this feel very real. It's no longer in the realm of the abstract, where I'm just collecting pieces of paper. It's a situation where I can see actual dates ahead of me where things have to be finished, deadlines, and a sense that I actually have to do something if I want this to happen. It's not that I didn't feel like things were happening before, but this gives it a certain concrete existence for me, where it felt more theoretical before.

Of course, on the website there was yet a third variant of the list of things needed. This one was slightly more specific, thankfully. And it said that only one person can go to the appointment, so even if the sib were to come to hold my hand through the whole thing, he couldn't go in with me. That'll save us some money, anyway, not buying a plane ticket for him.

The waterfowl begin to align. As long as it isn't the stars doing so, raising great Cthulhu from his aeons-long slumber beneath the waves in R'lyeh, we're probably okay.

I sleep now.
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Today I got royalties from Immanion (YAY!) and heard from Mary that the remainder of what she owes me for the books she bought is headed my way. I emailed the contractor to ask about scheduling painting the repaired bathroom ceiling.

I also contacted VA neurology about the MRI and spoke with one of the nurses on the phone. The results returned normal, as I was expecting. This was a relief, but it still leaves me not knowing what's really going on. They are going to set me up a follow-up appointment.

Geordie emailed and says that he can't come tomorrow, but could he come Thursday and head back home Friday. I told him that would be fine with me.

Sadly, I didn't get to the queer Pagan meetup down in Seattle. Neither [ profile] gra_is_stor nor [ profile] ingvisson were feeling well enough, though we did get down to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, where they were meeting with Patrick about a project they are all working on together. I picked up another Italian language study book and a small book of readings in Italian and English in facing page translations, dated from the 13th to the 20th century so as to work on reading comprehension outside of textbook exercises.

I talked to Patrick about my concerns regarding the DoDC+3 and being at my brother's place in Italy with all the animals that are there on the property. He offered to take care of the pupulator for me while I am looking for my own place in Italy. Once I've found it, I can come back to Seattle to collect him and probably will be able to deal with shipping my stuff from storage at the same time. So I spent some time this evening looking for regulations about international travel for pets from the US to Italy, ordered a packet of the required forms, and an EU compatible microchip that a vet can inject. The chip he already has isn't EU compatible; most chips installed in the US are not, unless they're specifically requested. With Patrick offering to take care of Chris for a couple of months while I'm getting myself settled, that takes a huge weight off my mind. I was honestly concerned that I might have to give him up if I couldn't deal with the risk of having him on a farm with a bunch of other animals.

Today I also listed one of my bookshelves and the baker's rack on craigslist. We'll see if there is any interest.

Tomorrow: tit squish.
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I've spent the last couple of days in the company of [ profile] mael_brigde, who was down visiting from Vancouver. It was lovely to catch up with her, and she was very very helpful in helping haul the books I am selling from my place over to Mary's bookshop. Mary's still working on putting together an offer for me, but she seemed very excited by the stuff I'd brought to her. She should have the offer ready on Monday. Tuesday I will probably go over to pick the money up and the books she doesn't want, and will take my music over to Easy Street while I'm over in West Seattle; they should have a buyer there between 1-5pm on Tuesday, according to the person I talked to this afternoon on the phone.

I got my contributor's copy of Lupa's anthology Engaging the Spirit World today. I have an essay in it about animism; the anthology itself is about animist and shamanistic spiritual practices in the Pagan communities.

Email came for me two days ago from Jerome Rothenberg, a very famous mainstream poet and anthologist, asking for permission to use my translation of the Cauldron of Poesy poem for a new anthology he's doing. While poets are not really household names in the US, the anthology most likely to be familiar to folks in the Pagan community is Technicians of the Sacred, and anthology of global indigenous poetry. He is putting together an anthology of "outside and subterranean poetry" both ancient and modern. He was interested in any other writing I might have done, so I'll be sending him a copy of Fireflies and photocopies of the essays from Mandragora and Datura, as they will likely be of interest to him considering this project.

This is just such a fantastic thing to have happen. It is some serious mainstream recognition for my work, and I am very excited. If I had more energy, I would be jumping up and down squeeing so loud you could probably hear it in San Francisco. It may bring further attention to my collection, as well, which would be wonderful. Jerome said that the anthology will be out sometime next year, so I will keep folks posted about what is happening with it as I hear any developments.

[ profile] finnchuill sent me the file for his poetry manuscript that he wants me to do a cover blurb for. I have people coming for movies tomorrow but will try to read it in the early part of this week and think about what I'd like to say about the work.

It feels really good to get all those piles of books off the floor here. I feel a lot less anxious without the clutter. There's a lot of other anxiety-producing stuff happening in my life, as you might imagine, but that was one relatively easily fixed situation that has now been resolved.
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So another person inquired about the bed and then flaked out on me. If somebody else asks me about just the frame I'll probably say $350. If that doesn't put them off maybe I can get rid of the mattress/box spring separately for another $150.

The contractor came today and took a look at the ceiling in the bathroom. There is water damage but it's been there for quite some time and the ceiling is not at all damp; it probably happened when the water heater above the unit next door died a couple of years back. Anyway, they were going to talk to Brian at the condo association to see what should be done.

I now have 18 boxes of books packed and no more material to put in the boxes with the books to keep them from shifting too much. I'm going to have to get stuff to pack with.

One of my steampunk friends came over and we went off to the AFK this evening for some dinner and hanging out for a little while. [ profile] mael_brigde will be getting in a little after 3pm tomorrow and will be here for a couple of days.

I spoke with the neurology doc on the phone today. She suggested some magnesium for the hand tremors, so I will probably drop by Bartells tomorrow to pick up a bottle. We will be doing an MRI but more to rule things out than because she suspects anything in particular. It'll probably be several weeks before I hear from the clinic to schedule.

I'm going to have to go to someone to have a few of the piercings removed and then put back in after the MRI, because they are just too difficult (and painful) for me to get them out myself. A couple of years back one of the dentists made me take my nose piercing out for xrays and I swore I was never going to do that again. It hurt like hell and it was just not worth it. Getting a professional to get it out might avoid some of that pain.

And now I am going to crawl off to bed because my head hurts and my neck is aching. Feels like an incipient migraine, yay.
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I've now got 14 boxes of books packed. It's going slowly, but it is going. I packed six of them today. Several more categories of books are now boxed up. Enough stuff got shuffled off the cd/dvd shelves that I have two of them now cleared and listed for sale. Hopefully somebody will come buy them.

Two craigslist ads for stuff I have for sale - bed & cd/dvd shelves. Please pass them along if you know anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

My friend [ profile] mael_brigde will be here on Wednesday for a couple of days. Sadly, Thursday I'm probably going to have to abandon her for several hours, given that I have a VA appointment and then have to take books down to West Seattle. If the weather stays good, though, she can have a walk over in the park or something while I'm away.
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I spent some time today shuffling piles of things around to make a little more room for the Irish class coming tomorrow evening. I needed to move the couch slightly so I had to move all the books that were leaned up against the back of it. Things still are obviously not ideal, but it feels at least slightly less chaotic.

I did some more work on Italian today and was really pleased that I could listen to some of the language recordings that popped up on the iPod and understand a fair bit of it. Obviously it's really simple stuff, but it's nice to know I'm making a little progress on understanding, even if I still can't really form much of a sentence for speaking. I went through a few chapters in the Italian books I have and was reasonably good with the reading comprehension as well. When I get down to Seattle I'm going to try to sign up for an actual Italian class in hopes of getting past the problems with actually speaking it, at least for really basic conversational stuff. From what I've seen online, I'm expecting to pay about $250 to $300. There's a place on 15th on the hill that has some good reviews but a really slow, cranky website that will probably be accessible for me when I'm in the city again, run by a native Italian speaker. I'm betting that will help a lot.

A friend came by for a little while today and we talked about moving and finding apartments and other similar things. It was nice to catch up with her, as I hadn't seen her in a while. She said that when I get to the actually looking for an apartment part of my process, she could give me some thoughts on some of the buildings she'd looked at so I won't waste my time with really awful places that she'd seen and rejected; that sounds very useful to me. I think we are looking for similar things in a living space. She needed a one bedroom and I'm willing to go with a studio for temporary shelter, but our other needs match up reasonably well.
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So [ profile] alfrecht brought some folks by on Monday, and we had a lovely time talking and watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, as you do. [ profile] gra_is_stor was here as well, and that was very nice.

Yesterday I did some laundry in prep for my flight out tomorrow morning. [ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to be here after band practice tonight so that we can get out early in the morning. I need to pack and to do some dishes before I even think about going to bed tonight. Today I did a lot of editing and also wrote over 7,500 words on the fic I'm working on. That felt really good and, if I get the other stuff done in a reasonable amount of time, I'll see about getting the next scene started as well.

Right now, though, I'm going to try to get some food. I have tentative arrangements with folks for NYC, which includes some steampunky awesome - always a treat. I'll be sure to post when I arrive in NYC at my friend's place to let folks know I am safe. It will likely be at some ungodly hour of the morning or very late at night, depending on if there are delays or weather problems.

From what I saw of the forecast, it looks pretty warm out there, though apparently it's been raining. I need to figure out what clothes to bring along. It's been chilly out here (currently 49f) and rained like crazy most of the day.

Wish me luck, folks. Sunday is the big day.
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Dom got in at about the expected time yesterday and met me at the Kasbah restaurant for some Moroccan. He'd not had it before and was pleased with our result. We talked for quite a while about NYC and my upcoming short visit in June. He suggested a lot of places to see, but I will have only a limited time for seeing things, and several people to see as well. I've got lots of good ideas now, though, so this is a plus.

When we got back to my place, [ profile] gra_is_stor came over for a couple of hours to catch up with him. I'd been battling a migraine all day, so about 12:30 she left and we both headed for our respective beds. I think I heard him leave about 10:30 this morning. When I got up this afternoon it was pouring down rain in a way it usually doesn't around here. It's still coming down now, but not in nearly as vigorous a fashion.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon putting my various notes into a doc file -- I'm at four pages and not done yet. I've also got a bit more material to troll through for further information, so I will be getting to that in a little while.

I read a pretty good article today on how poetry is Not Dead Yet thank you very much, by an essayist who had apparently recently written one of those "is poetry dead, yes" essays you see so many of. He apparently got swamped with comments from poets and was suitably impressed. It's an amusing essay and worth the five minutes or so it will take you to get through it.

At the VA on Thursday, I ended up having a rant about one of the posters on their wall, which I will most likely write about when I have formulated my thoughts on it a little more. I know I was frustrated and angry about it, and said as much to one of the chaplain interns who works with our group. Anyway, more on that later, when I'm a little more together about it.
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Today was group at the VA. I spent my time at Travelers afterwards consolidating some of the notes I've been making toward the Irish healing deities presentation, but when I got on the road, it was still raining and traffic was slow and pretty thick. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it was stressful.

When I got home I tossed some eggplant in the crockpot mostly following a recipe I got from an Indian crockpot cookbook. It turned out pretty well. I will probably do it again, and I still have another eggplant left. They had a really good deal on them at Freddies yesterday and they were nice ones, not all bruised and nasty and going off, as one might sometimes find when a thing is on a sale like that.

Having had a really tasty galette when I was in Brittany visiting [ profile] eydimork, I had been looking around for a recipe for them off and on since I got home. All the recipes I'd been turning up included eggs, which they traditionally do not. Tonight I found a no-egg recipe and will probably try making some of the batter soon, as I have buckwheat flour already. I'm thinking I will need a nonstick crepe pan to do them properly without tearing them apart. I also found a couple of recipes for a mushrooms and cream filling, which was what I had there as well. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

I saw several recipes for a sweet apple filling that I think I might want to try with pears instead, considering that apples don't agree with me. I suspect they will be very tasty.

Tomorrow, Dom comes in from NYC. Sunday, my garage gets filled with stuff. Monday, Brianna gets here. Sometime during all that, I have to transfer my notes to a doc file and rough out an outline for my PCon presentation.
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There was no AFK today. Instead I got commandeered to take my sweetie and her mom down to Seattle, where they wanted to go up into the Space Needle.

I've been living in the area since 1981 and this is the first time I've done so. We got there a little before 5pm and grabbed a bite to eat first, so it was dark by the time we made the ascent. I found the whole thing kind of creepy, the way the elevator's on the outside of the structure, and just kind of pressed myself into the back of it until we got to the top. I was okay on the observation deck, for the most part, because it doesn't feel like I'm going to accidentally trip and fall off the thing.

We wandered around a bit and I pointed out some of the things around the area to [ profile] gra_is_stor's mom. After we got done there, we and her sister and the sister's boyfriend went out to his place in Carnation to have dinner and watch a movie. He turns out to live maybe a mile from where I did in 2004 when I was renting Bj and SJ's double-wide out there between West Seattle and moving in here.

The movie for the night was War Horse, which was pretty good. A lot of my fangirl friends were all over it because it has Benedict Cumberbatch (from Sherlock) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the Avengers) in it for a while. It's a WW1 movie about a kid who raises a horse, and his father sells it to the British Army to try and save their farm. The movie for the most part deals with the horse's various adventures from its birth until the end of the war. There are sniffly, tear-kerking moments galore, for those prone to them. I liked it okay, though it wasn't the sort of thing I would likely have watched on my own.

After that, we headed back here. Her mom and sister are heading back to Boston tomorrow and are going down to the Seattle Aquarium before they head for the airport. I have shrinkage tomorrow, so I'll be at the VA.
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I went down to Seattle this evening with [ profile] ogam and [ profile] alfrecht. We had some dinner at Cedars down in the U District then picked up [ profile] neo_lvx and all went over to some friends' for a ritual and hanging out with people. I had a great time catching up with folks.

There had been some confusion about the showing of The Hobbit on the 25th. At first, rumor was that the 3pm showing would be a 3D showing and that they were not having the regular showing, but the cinema confirmed that they are, indeed, having the regular showing, and that it is the $5 Tuesday afternoon special, so I picked up tickets for me and [ profile] gra_is_stor. I think some of the steampunks will be going to the 11:30am showing, but there is no way I would be going to something that early unless it was some kind of unavoidable responsibility, which is in no way how I would describe any movie. A bunch of the other steampunks (and some of our other friends) will be joining us at the 3pm showing. I bought the tickets online so that we would be sure of getting in, as I think Cinebarre is a small theatre.

I agreed to help out at another thing at PCon, so I will be posting my expected schedule of events in January. If you're interested in getting together with me there, you'll be able to find me where I'm scheduled to be.

Tomorrow I think I don't have anything going on, so I will probably sleep in. At least there was no evil headache today. Yay! Next up, more food.
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I woke rather late today, to a text from [ profile] ogam giving me a rough arrival time. Ran around doing dishes and cleaning the house and whatnot in order to get ready for him, then headed out about 7:30 to pick him up in Seattle at 8:30. His bus arrived on time (mudslide covered the tracks between Portland and Seattle, so they sent them on busses the rest of the way), but the checked luggage was in a bus some 20 minutes behind them, so we waited for his bag and then headed north to Everett.

Since he'd not eaten recently, I took him up to the AFK Tavern, which he really enjoyed. The folks there really liked him (how could anyone not?) and demanded that I bring him back. "Why haven't you ever brought him here before?" "He lives in El Paso. He just got off the train, like 45 minutes ago." "Oh. Well, bring him back!"

After we ate, I was going to show him some pics from the rest of my European trip, but [ profile] gra_is_stor came by so we had tea and conversation instead, until about 12:30. He'll be picked up about 9:30 tomorrow morning so he can pick up his rental car, then he heads over to [ profile] ingvisson's place. He's driving [ profile] ingvisson and [ profile] gra_is_stor down to Seattle tomorrow evening for Irish class, while I have shrinkage tomorrow afternoon.

Busy Erynn is going to be crazy busy for most of the rest of the month.
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Today we did some further talking and research for the spirit work and PTSD presentation. I pulled out some materials to photocopy for tomorrow, when we're down in Seattle. We passed references and PDFs back and forth and made notes and updated outlines.

For dinner, I roasted a duck. We had the rest of the borscht from a couple of days ago, and I also made a caprese salad; we had all that with some chianti. Dessert was a baked pear with fresh ginger and some mace then, once everything had settled, we had a little Mexican hot chocolate with rose water. Pretty good stuff. I spent the rest of the evening making duck broth and picking the meat from the carcass to use later.

I looked into why I hadn't yet received the tickets for the upcoming Medieval Women's Choir concert, and Brown Paper Tickets said that nobody's had been shipped and to pick them up at will-call. I'll do that, but last year we got the tickets mailed, and I taped them into the calendar for the days when the concerts would be held. That helped so I wouldn't forget when the concerts were. The holiday concert is at St James's Cathedral, Saturday, December 15th at 8pm, if anyone is interested in attending. They're featuring Medieval English carols this year.

Also today, I made a reservation to go to the local Sherlock Holmes society's Holmes Birthday Dinner on January 5th. They're still awfully 20th century. Their website is not particularly functional, they don't really have an email discussion list (or any other online forum), and they still take RSVPs generally by mail with a check. I don't think I've used checks since I swapped over to BECU, several years ago. Anyway, I can carry cash with me for the buffet, so that's dealt with, at least. I ran into these folks at the Sherlock con down in Seattle and they seemed like a nice bunch. It should be fun getting together with them.

I need to start ordering books to take along with me for PCon in February; I'll have to email Storm about copies of the ogam book and Circle of Stones, and I need to order more copies of Fireflies as well.
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Today's mail brought an iPad cover that was just a fraction of an inch too small for the iPad. I wasn't able to get it onto the thing. Since I was going over to the mechanic to have Garuda's battery replaced, I thought perhaps one of the mechanics (who are pretty much guaranteed to have more hand strength than me) might be able to pop the thing on for me. Nope, no joy. I have contacted RedBubble about the issue and asked for a refund.

The battery was replaced, and [ profile] druid_medb went along with me. We hung out and talked while the work was being done and were walking back into the lobby at the garage when the mechanic called me. It was kind of amusing. After that we dropped over to Central Market to pick up food for while she's here.

When we got back, I started some dinner - borscht and some chicken in sauerkraut. [ profile] gra_is_stor was supposed to be down in Seattle this evening for the schmooze, but got into a car accident. Her car is a little dented, and she probably has whiplash, so she didn't go down to Seattle. She came by here instead, and I fed her (soup and some sauteed cabbage and parsnips), then we all sat and watched Spirited Away. Afterwards we talked for a few hours. She headed home about 1am and [ profile] druid_medb headed for bed shortly after that. I've been trying to catch up with some of my online stuff. She will be here until Friday morning, when she has to head back to California.

More details from her on the site for Wellspring, which is in upstate New York, which means if I drive out there, I'll be pretty close to where some of my family and friends life in Massachusetts and Vermont, so maybe I can visit them while I'm out there. If I do that, I'd swing down through Missouri on the way home and see mom, as well. And maybe friends here and there on the way. I'll be needing places to stay and people to have lunch with along the road out and back. I don't know what the route would be just yet -- that will have to be investigated -- but when I know I can let folks know where I will be going so that I can try to meet up with folks.

[ profile] druid_medb printed out her notes on the presentation we're working up, so I was able to look at them and make a few notes on them. We'll discuss them more tomorrow when we get up. Tomorrow evening, the three of us will be heading out to Lake Stevens for the Air Krakens meetup, where planning for the December 21st party will be continuing apace.

I'm having a lovely time!
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Late this evening I picked up [ profile] druid_medb from the train station, which is currently being renovated (read pretty much rebuilt and is a mess). The train was three hours late, but I had lots of notice so didn't have to wait very long. We got back and talked for an hour or so then she went off to bed. I'm going to be heading there soon myself.

Tomorrow, probably a new battery for Garuda and some grocery shopping. Yay me.


Dec. 2nd, 2012 03:08 am
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Today was [ profile] gra_is_stor's birthday party. Her birthday was at the end of October, but there was a lot going on then, so the party got put off until today. She had friends over and we hung out and played some games, then she dashed off for tango dancing.

I got home and dealt with some online things, hung out with fandom folks in chat, and read some fic. Tomorrow, I'm picking up [ profile] druid_medb in Seattle at the train station in the evening. There will be much rejoicing.

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Apparently my credit union's phone app can now be used to take a photo of a check and deposit it, which means if people give me checks, I no longer have to actually get in a car and go to the building to deal with it. They used to have a cash machine where I could deposit down at the Safeway, a short walk from here, but they changed to a different financial outlet, so the next nearest place is about a 10 minute drive when there's no traffic, and it's nowhere near anything I actually go to, so I have to make a special trip. Anyway, yay for being able to use the phone to do this!

Went down to the VA today for group, grabbed some food at Travelers, and realized I really should change the wiper blades now that I have a new windshield. The car started just fine today, though there was a very slight hesitation this morning. No other troubles.

I got email today from [ profile] druid_medb about her coming up for some planning and such; she'll be here on Sunday evening and staying for a few days. I have her arrival time but not the departure date as yet. I know she has to be back home by the Monday after that (not this coming Monday), so that sets a hard limit for her.

Friday evening I'll be heading over to some friends' with [ profile] gra_is_stor for gaming and potluck. I'm pretty sure something is happening Saturday but I can't remember off the top of my head. My brainmeats, let me show you them. Sunday evening I pick up [ profile] druid_medb.

I need to get started on the ogam magic article shortly. Won't be tonight, but possibly tomorrow during the day.


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