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I got an email today that [ profile] joyful_storm won't be making it down to PCon this year (I am sad), but we will get together sometime soon, with any luck, just for hanging out purposes.

B has moved in today. We discovered that the guest bathroom tub does not drain if one takes a bath. I'm going to have to get some drain unpluggy stuff for it tomorrow when the stores are open.

I have started [ profile] ogam's flamekeeping shift, followed immediately by my own, tomorrow. Also, there will be steampunkery at the AFK.

I dredged through McQuarrie's Manannán dissertation and dug up incidents of Manannán as a healing deity. I also put together my basic outline for the presentation. Tomorrow during the day, I'll drag out my big pad of paper and start writing out the names of the 30+ deities so that people will be able to spell them properly (at least from the sources I've compiled) if they are interested in exploring these figures further.

Also, there is banana bread. Noms.

Oh, and here, have a vid from the Abney Park show I went to earlier this month:

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I was in Seattle today with Geordie for the second day of his permaculture workshop. I was really kind of half asleep for much of it, but it was a good session, and I was able to participate. As we were getting ready to wrap, I got a ping from [ profile] lupagreenwolf about the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, on the road in Seattle today, and we went over to have a watch.

There were some excellent short films, and a couple of longer ones, but one thing stood out as wonderfully freaky and hilarious - Doctor Glamour, a steampunk Lovecraftian psychedelic comedy musical. The trailer for the vid is on the website linked above, but there's another complete film on the website as well. It's called "Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer," embedded below for your hilarity quotient for the day. Rather NSFW, but sooooo much fun.

Due to the film festival I was out much later than I anticipated, but it was well worth it. And I got to introduce Geordie to steampunk in one of the most fun ways possible.
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Today was a group day down at the VA; I ended up waking an hour earlier than my alarm was set for, despite having gone to bed after 3:30am. It was sunny when I got up but didn't, sadly, stay that way. Group was good, and I talked to someone at the VA who gave me a phone number for an office in Kansas where I can deal with the travel compensation issue I've been having -- they're taking a $6 co-pay out of my check almost every time I go down there and, rated at 100%, the travel office is apparently Not Supposed to Do That. The woman I talked to is another disabled vet (tons of disabled vets work at the VA, unsurprisingly) said that they would probably send me back compensation for what I'd not been paid, as well, which might be at least a couple of years' worth of visits. At six bucks a whack, that could potentially be a few hundred dollars. I don't know if it will happen before I leave for Europe, but if it does, that would be spectacular. That said, it has to start with a phone call, which is not at all my strong suit. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll probably try to call tomorrow sometime before 4pm their time, which means I will likely still be trying to kick-start the brain.

It turned out that the friend who had offered to do some massage work on me had another commitment today, so it's likely to be next Thursday before I get any work done, but that's certainly way better than not having it on offer at all. I'll be looking forward to getting pummeled.

The mail today brought the gift of a prototype for a larger féige find from [ profile] chronarchy. Here's a photo, with the other one and a quarter for scale comparison. It's quite nice work, and I was surprised and delighted to receive such a ritual tool.

Féige Find 2 - prototype for large size

Travelers was quiet this afternoon and I managed to finish reading Brigid of the Gael, take some notes, and get a little work done toward the incubation ritual for Ireland, so I felt pretty accomplished with the whole thing. It was tempting to consider going over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place instead, but I really had to get things done today. She'll be up tomorrow night sometime, as she'll be having a game night at her place with some mutual friends, but I'll be spending tomorrow dealing with the Circle of Stones galley.

Bits of me are a little afraid to open the file and see what it looks like. This is the last opportunity to make any corrections or changes, though, before it goes to press, so it's important to actually get my anxiety under control and do it. I went over to Bartell's after I got home this evening to pick up a couple of ink cartridges for the printer, as I was out of black ink; if I think I need to print out the galley, I needed a fresh cartridge. At least that was done. I also picked up a knee brace. I haven't tried it on yet, but I will tomorrow.

In other news, [ profile] unwoman posted a short trailer for her documentary on steampunk music, Beautiful Fish: Unwoman Plays Cello for Steampunks. Aside from the fact that she is, quite simply, fucking amazing, there's also a bit where [ profile] gra_is_stor and I appear, dancing in the audience at her SteamCon show, so watch for us!

I was pretty tickled, even though I don't feel like I'm particularly photogenic. [ profile] gra_is_stor, however, is terribly hot and you should watch just to see her. ;) She's the dancer, I'm the awkward one.

So: tomorrow = working on Circle of Stones and more work on the incubation ritual to flesh out some ideas I had, provided I get through the galley with enough brain cells to work on something else.
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The DoDC+3 woke me again today, for which I was in equal measures annoyed and grateful. Annoyed because I was still tired, grateful because I'd been having a really nasty dream about a tv station on a military base running advertisements for Rohypnol, encouraging men to drug women's drinks so they'd be more pliable. Just what I needed, date-rape drug dreams. Lots of nasty complex awful things there.

Thankfully, the day itself was pretty good. I got down to Seattle and spent the afternoon with [ profile] gra_is_stor, her roommate, his boyfriend, a mutual friend of ours and, later, the roommate's dad. There was good food and good conversation and good company, so I was down with that. Traffic wasn't too bad at all, but the rain did make visibility problematic, particularly on the way down into Seattle.

I helped out with kitchen stuff and moving things around and hauling a table and chairs. We watched an absolutely hilarious parody Lord of the Rings set as a 40's noir film with Humphrey Bogart, Orson Welles, Peter Lorre, Sidney Greenstreet, and Marlene Dietrich. I'm embedding it here, as it was pretty damned funny and if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to. It's about 9 minutes long.

Now, you must laugh.

I got home about 8:30 or so. I would have stayed later but I haven't been feeling well a lot lately and was pretty creaky by 7:30. I caught up with email and stuff and have put together things for turkey stock. I'll be making soup tomorrow and have the mixed legumes soaking. I'm sipping at a cup of decaf Ceylon tea and enjoying the wonderful smell of the turkey stock cooking.

I'm hoping that tonight I won't have dreams quite as surreally awful as last night's.
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This is about 2:20 long.
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It is to giggle hysterically.

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And chapter two. *giggles*

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My friend [ profile] purple_mark, an unmistakable Seattle original:

I love my friends. :D
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I'd wanted to go down and pick up my pocket watch today, but woke about 3:30 this afternoon with another brewing migraine, this one worse than yesterday's. For a while, it was at the mild spike in the head stage, but slathering my head with some migraine-combatting essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, lavender & vetiver) kicked it back enough to at least tolerate. I wasn't up for leaving the house except for doggly necessities, though. For a while, it was an open question as to whether I'd be able to put anything in the tum beyond some tea, but by early evening I felt well enough to have some of yesterday's cauliflower curry.

Tomorrow is that talk on mysticism and Italian poetry, and I'm hoping to be up to leaving the house, though I'm not certain this particular migraine cycle isn't related to the cold front that's been here for the past few days, coinciding with evil hormones. Anyway, I'm hoping I'll be doing better tomorrow and can both pick up my watch and pop down to the UW to drop off some books and catch the lecture.

The annual amulet burning ceremony is out at the Shinto shrine this Sunday. With any luck, I'll be well enough to get out there, too. If I do manage to, I might be able to catch some lunch at the Greek place in Granite Falls with [ profile] mimerki and [ profile] varina8, pending an answer back from [ profile] varina8. I last saw them when [ profile] thewronghands was in town and would love to see them again.

In the realm of serious WTFery, some fundie fruitcake has decided that the mysterious deaths of all those red-winged blackbirds was caused by the repeal of DADT.

Yeah. I know. That's about what I thought, too. *headdesk* The stupidity of human beings never ceases to amaze me. Do all those horrifying, deadly storms that whip through the Bible belt mean that God hates Southern Baptists?
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I have heard from various friends recently that political rhetoric doesn't incite actual violence. I have heard that people talking about Sarah Palin's gunsight website aren't talking about the men who are also inciting violence and that this lack of mention is about sexism. Anyone who doesn't think that political rhetoric incites violence has forgotten their history. They are ignoring the role of violent rhetoric in religious and social violence that is happening right now all around the world. And here, Keith Olbermann calls out both men and women, politicians and pundits, on both the left and the right, who are using violence as a "metaphor" for the political process.

History is a bitch. We ignore it at our peril.

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The Bizarre World of the Bisexual

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I got out to the concert down in Seattle, even though I hurt a lot. I got out of the house about 4pm, knowing that traffic would be bad, but I wanted to look for a book and catch something to eat before I went over to St James.

The drive took nearly 90 minutes in the rain. There were moments when it was fairly dangerous, with some places getting an accumulation of water that meant unnerving bits of hydroplaning, so everyone was going very slowly. I saw one accident where several cars were on the side with a cop and an ambulance and a car turned all the way around. Thankfully, none of it was sticking out into the highway.

I did find parking pretty quickly, over by Cal Andersen Park, and walked over to Elliott Bay Books. On my way, I encountered three of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence manifesting their way into the park on their way somewhere. It was a delightful thing to see, I must say.

At Elliott Bay, I was looking for Sharon Astyk's Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front, which came highly recommended by [ profile] brandywilliams. Although my life is pretty secure at the moment -- I have a place to live, a reliable income, health care, and access to food and more than I need in terms of pleasant things in life -- the world is changing in some pretty scary ways, from peak oil problems to climate shifts to perpetual warfare. I want to be able to deal with the changes as they come along, even if I have no intention of moving to some rural spot and taking up farming. There are things that can be done to change, and I've been doing some of them, including working on debt reduction and simplifying. New ideas, however, are always a good thing.

I looked for the book in the Environment section, where I expected to find it, but there was no sign of it there. I asked at the info desk and was told that they have a Self Sufficiency section, which was where I would find the volume in question. I read a bit of it while I had a little dinner at the cafe in the bookstore. Vegetarian chili, a slice of chocolate-hazelnut torte, and a cup of genmaicha were just the thing for a wet, chilly night. At the next table, some folks were playing Settlers of Catan, while several other tables were occupied by people writing, as one might expect in a bookstore cafe.

After dinner, I shuffled myself back through the park and to the car to hie myself to St James. I got in early enough to find very close parking, less than a block away. With my season ticket, I got a wonderful front-row seat for the concert. I talked briefly to [ profile] tedgill and [ profile] alexwilliams while we waited for the house to fill, and it was a full house tonight. Ted gave me a copy of Gamelan Pacifica's new cd, Lou Harrison's Scenes From Cavafy: Music for Gamelan. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. As we talked, I mentioned feeling creaky and Alex said I should wait until I was 63. I mentioned migraines, fibro, and the whole cramping to my toes thing and he admitted that, perhaps, I was already getting my dose. I said that I'd be 50 in March and both of them seemed quite shocked, despite the fact that they've known me for over 20 years. I found that slightly amusing and said that they had to come to my 50th birthday party. They agreed it would be a great thing to do.

The concert itself was, as usual, just lovely. The program was the music of Leonin, Perotin, and a few other compositions, one as late as the 15th century. All of it was French, in either Latin or French, and quite beautifully done. Before the concert began, I was sitting briefly next to one of the women from the choir. She said that she'd been downtown at Nordstrom's earlier with a flashmob of about 500 people performing the Halleluja Chorus from The Messiah this afternoon.

Here's the scene on youtube, recorded by one of the participants:

She said there were people on three floors of the store participating.

Tomorrow, Shinto.
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This is really a delight. I had to learn how to be alone. If I'd had this advice, it wouldn't have taken nearly so long.

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Narwhals, anyone?

Color me amused.


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