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Once again, I didn't do much today. Since the sib liked the ep of Venture Brothers I showed him last night, we watched three more today. This evening I went over to Best Buy and picked up the two volumes of Season Four, as I haven't seen them yet. They'll be ready when we get there, at least. I also went slightly further afield and hit the Half Price across from the mall, where I got the Robert Downey Jr version of Sherlock Holmes, and a couple of cd's. I'm delighted that Half Price exists - a place to pick up cheap used books, music, and flicks is always a good thing.

Mom called today and talked to the sib again. She's been calling every few days. I don't mind talking to her, but I really hate talking on the phone, so this means I get to hear what's going on without having to deal with the phone myself, and she gets to hear what's happening here without having to only read it on my LJ.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Bj and SJ's place for Indian dinner with friends. I'm very much looking forward to that. It's been a while since I've seen everyone.
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Yeah, sidereal astrology has been around for ages. The Hindus use it. Western astrology isn't based on the same principles, so your sun sign hasn't changed. Really. Even the ancient Greeks knew about this stuff. None of this is in the least bit new.

And here's a brief news bit from KING 5 in Seattle featuring Robert from Edge of the Circle talking about the whole thing. Be warned, there's an annoying 15 second commercial at the beginning of the vid, but you can turn the sound off.

Late this evening, my next door neighbor (not Sally who watches Chris for me) dropped by and asked if I had a card she could borrow. Her friend's son accidentally locked them all out when they went for a smoke about 10:30. I loaned her an old Trader Joe's gift card so she could slip the lock on her door. I was amused. That was my excitement for the day.
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This is the first time I've ever tried a video embed, so we'll see how it goes:

Talk about your steampunk comedy...
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There's a YouTube commercial up for Edge of the Circle, featuring Robert, Raven [ profile] golanv1 (who used to be one of my roommates and plays bass for Legion Within), and [ profile] alfrecht, my current roomie. I make a momentary appearance on the edge of the screen to the left in the workshop clip, as does [ profile] lupabitch.

I'm not sure how long the vid will stay up -- somebody commented over there that advertising vids are against the TOS. Personally I think that if people are going to put up European commercials for their comedic value or prurient interest there's no reason that people can't make them for small US shops that need a little advertising. It's not like anybody has to watch them, after all. I've seen ads for Irn Bru (a Scottish soda), French condoms, and any number of other things on YouTube. Anyway, go check it out!

[ profile] yiaya will be by in a couple of hours to peruse some of my books. I'll probably invite her to stay for dinner. Thinking about chicken thighs with collard greens and black eyed peas. I have some bananas that need using up so I'll probably make banana bread for dessert. If I'm feeling really adventurous I might even make cornbread for dinner. Depends on if I have enough energy.

Laundry is in progress. Got back from Seattle, where [ profile] alfrecht had a Sarah Lawrence traveling faculty thing.

Yiaya just arrived -- must dash!


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