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The Veterans For Peace website has a collection of links surrounding the Auburn veterans day parade here. There's some decent coverage there, both print and video.

I stayed home today and woke up around 2:30 or so. I expect to get jolted out of bed at some point tomorrow morning with package from the post office that didn't get delivered here Saturday because I was in Auburn. I suspect it is the new copies of my poetry book. I had sort of hoped I'd be able to haul my ass out and get a haircut, but I was just too tired. I ordered in a pizza for dinner, but I didn't eat much other than that today.

I did spend time writing. The fic I'm working on is at 12,600 words, which is about 2500 words more than when I stopped last time, I think, so I didn't do too badly today.
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This year, the city of Auburn (which holds apparently the largest veterans day parade west of the Mississippi) had decided that even though they were going to allow a Corvette club and a daffodil festival float into the veterans day parade, they didn't want Veterans For Peace marching, because that would be in conflict with the purpose of the parade.

From the ACLU Washington website, The Greater Seattle Chapter of Veterans For Peace has participated in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade since 2006. Yet the city denied the veterans group’s application to march in the 2012 parade, claiming that the city chose only those applicants which most closely meet the purpose and goals of the parade. At the same time, the city has approved applications from a motorcycle club, a Corvette club, the Optimists and Kiwanis International, the Sons of Italy, and a Daffodil Festival float. The US District court ruled in favor of the VFP, and today I went down to march with the group. This necessitated getting up way early, despite having barely been able to close my eyes last night. I'm hoping to actually sleep tonight to maybe make up for some of it.

The Seattle Times reported on our participation. I saw reporters from KING 5 and KIRO 7 (I talked to the KIRO people while we were marching), and was told that Q13 was also there covering our participation. KING 5 has a short segment up on their website from this evening's broadcast. I can be seen in the first few seconds of film and the two photos in the gallery, off at the far right of the column, just behind the peace flags, carrying a VFP flag. I haven't seen the KIRO broadcast yet, so I don't know if any of the interview with me was used.

Our reception was almost entirely very positive. There were a couple of people who booed when we went by, but we were thanked for coming by quite a few people along the route. At one point, four guys who were standing next to some Civil War reenactors turned their backs to us, but I didn't see that as being any big deal.

The reporter asked me if I was bothered by that and I said not particularly. She asked what I thought about it and I said, well, it's their right. And, of course, that's exactly what we were doing in the parade today - expressing our first amendment rights and offering a challenge to the extreme militarization of American society. Four guys turning their backs on us along a parade route isn't even a pimple on the backside of the flotilla of grey whales that comprise "things in this world that disturb me." Nobody was violent, nobody was shouting slurs, nobody was trying to prevent us from walking along the street like every other group. I don't see what the harm could possibly be, and my feelings just aren't that delicate, thank you.

There were maybe about 40 of us in the VFP contingent. I had some lovely conversations with people both before and after the parade. We stood around for about an hour at the staging area, then marched a mile or mile and a half down the parade route, which I then had to walk back to the car. We all met up at a BBQ place for lunch afterwards but, with all the closed off roads in Auburn, finding it was kind of like running a maze. Thankfully, both a little paper map and my phone's map app allowed me to get there in a reasonable amount of time. I think there were about 34 or so of us at the restaurant.

I talked with several people about my trip to Europe this summer, as they were planning their own trips to various places for next year at different points. It was nice to be able to share some of my experiences so that they would find it a little easier to do the traveling themselves, a little less expensively.

I'd hoped that I could go dancing with [ profile] gra_is_stor this evening when I got home, but I didn't even get here until around 4:30, and by that time I'd started a headache (I think the barbeque sauce had something in it that triggered one), and within an hour or so, the idea of trying to move my legs much was a bit beyond me for the rest of the night. She didn't actually end up going tonight either, not feeling very well, but we'll try to get together tomorrow evening for some fireside snuggling after I get back from the veterans day dinner I'm going to with some of the women I've met at the VA in my group.

Overall, a pretty good day. If I find a clip from KIRO tomorrow, I'll post a link to that, too, whether or not I make an appearance in it.
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I did a little writing on a fic today (I should crack 10,000 words before I go to bed shortly), hung out with some friends on livestream, and did a little cooking. Aside from that, my day was really quiet, which I needed.

I have to go to bed soon because I've committed to walking with Veterans For Peace at the Auburn veteran's day parade. It's one of the largest in the country and the VFP had been informed this year that they would not be able to march, not because of any violations of parade rules, but because the Auburn organizers didn't like the idea of veterans interested in peace. This morning, a court ruled that they had to allow the VFP to participate on first amendment grounds, so the local chapter is asking to have as many members as possible show up. I'll have to get up hours earlier than I usually do to be able to get to Auburn by 10:30am awake enough to cope.

The weather right now is 31f, and it will likely be quite cold tomorrow, so I'm going to have to consider what I want to wear for the parade. It will need to be warm enough for when I'm not moving, but not all sweaty when I'm walking. I have a few ideas, but I'm also planning on layering a few things and taking off a sweater or whatever if I don't actually need it. It's more my legs than my upper body that I'm concerned about, as they tend to get colder, but I do have a silk underlayer that I'll be putting on.

Tomorrow evening, if my legs haven't fallen off, I'm supposed to go out dancing with [ profile] gra_is_stor. We'll see how I hold up. Anyway, sleep soon. I've heard there will be press coverage of the parade due to the first amendment issues, so who knows, I might be in some of the parade shots on tv tomorrow night.
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It snowed from about 5am until mid-afternoon and we got another four-ish inches or so today. The main road out front has got at least an inch of hard packed snow/ice over it, and people are still driving on it. The parking lot has more like three inches of the hard packed stuff and six inches or so in some places. There's about a foot of the stuff on top of my car at the moment. An article in the LA Times had the gall to refer to us as "snow wimps" -- a city that does 24 hour coverage of half an inch of rain. Yeah, stay classy guys. Different regions have different weather patterns -- I don't expect you to cope with four inches of rain, don't expect us to cope with a foot of snow.

Group was cancelled today. Trees are down all over the region. Roads are closed. Tons of flights out of SeaTac were cancelled today as well.

If this doesn't substantially go away on Friday up here, I'm not going down into Seattle for the Sisters of Seshat initiation. I just won't take that kind of chance, even if it's only 3 miles to the freeway. There have been way too many accidents out there today -- I've been following the WSDOT twitter and they report on all the stalls, spinouts, accidents, and other incidents on the road. There have been several per hour all day today. It's insane.

This is what it looks like outside my place right now, even though there's no snow coming down.

more snow

I think I may be coming down with a cold. I've got that scratchy sinus feeling and have been sneezing a bit the last couple of hours. I went walking down to the Safeway at 112th this evening and watched cars slipping on the road, going too fast. People are nuts. At least I've got veggies and some other stuff to last me for a while.

Today's post brought a Veterans for Peace sweatshirt that I'd ordered back in November (they were out and I told them to go ahead and ship me one when they got the new stock in), and a check from my car insurance company. Apparently, my credit rating went up a few points and I'm now eligible for a lower insurance rate, so they sent me a check for the difference. That was unexpected, and a very pleasant surprise, so I stuffed it in my savings account for PCon and/or the Ireland pilgrimage. That was part of the reason I'd bothered to walk down to the store today, so I could deposit the check. I have enough stuff here to last for a bit, but it was nice to have a little variety, rather than relying on what's currently in the house.

The trees menacing the Shinto shrine were taken down today, over a tense period of a few hours. According to the shrine newsletter, the guy who did the work said it was the most dangerous situation he'd ever tackled, and gave them instructions about calling 911 and his wife if anything happened. Everything went well, I am pleased to report. They are somewhat over halfway in their fundraising efforts, but if you can kick a few bucks their way, please do. I'm sure this is not going to be quite the end of the whole thing. More snow and ice may yet fall and bring down more trees.

I didn't do any writing today, but I figured dealing with dishes and walking to the store with my hip seizing up on me was enough effort for anyone.
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Today was the CR schmooze. Several people weren't up to coming for various reasons -- illness, transportation issues, and the hit that we all take when the time change comes were all a part of it. I was able to pull it together to do a talk on poetry, and there was some good engagement on the topic, particularly as it related to incubation practices and to practical magic. I plugged several of Robin Skelton's books; Spellcraft is one of the only books out there that directly addresses poetry as magic and I still highly recommend it to people.

While at Edge of the Circle, I saw that they had received their paperback copies of Datura, which means that I should be seeing my contributor's copy sometime soon. I was delighted to see it there, and they seemed pretty happy to be carrying it.

Tomorrow I'll be going down to Occupy Everett for a while before I head over to the AFK for the Tuesday steampunk social. I'm really pretty tired after everything I've been doing, but I feel a need to at least check in with them. They were apparently doing some activism on veterans issues today, which is kind of unsurprising given that Everett has a Navy base. It's not a big one, but it's certainly a presence. There used to be a VFP chapter here in Everett but it apparently became less active and the Seattle chapter kind of absorbed it. I don't know the history surrounding that and for all I know there may be some political stuff involved, but at the moment I'm more interested in VFP's participation in the Occupy movement than in its internal politics.

American Women Veterans put out a call for people to do volunteer work in Seattle and several other places on Veterans Day, and I've been in contact with them and with the local organization doing the work. They do have things I'm able to do, so now I'm inquiring whether I can show up in the early afternoon and work with them until the end of the day, rather than showing up at 10am, which would be nearly impossible for me due to sleep issues.

Last night I had a really rough night physically. We had a bad cold snap -- it was at least 10 degrees colder last night than it is tonight, and I was in too much pain to sleep, so I ended up sitting up on the couch until about 5:30 in the morning reading so that I wouldn't disturb [ profile] gra_is_stor with my thrashing around trying to find some vaguely comfortable position. I'm doing rather better tonight, but the time change is still really throwing me.

My editor emailed me and said he'd got the file for Circle of Stones and also noted that corrections had been made to the ebook version of Ogam. I asked him to send a new copy to the person who had pointed out the problem to make sure that things were in order now. One of the problems was that the ogam font was not displaying, so it made the e-text almost useless for actually learning the ogam letters. This, of course, defeats the purpose of having the ebook at all. Of course, I've been rather skeptical about ebooks for a while anyway, and this only reinforced some of my issues with them. The font problem, combined with continuing formatting problems for some kinds of poetry, really does make them less useful than a print book for those purposes. That said, things are progressing, and we'll see how they go.

I still have the Phosphorus article to deal with. I really wish I felt like I could take a break, but the topic is important and should be dealt with. I just hope I'll be able to pull something together soon. I have an outline-ish thing, and a couple of paragraphs together, but I really need to reexamine what I have and might need to start over entirely, given that I initially started the project a couple of months back and that it's really not been in the forefront of my mind since that time. I had more pressing deadlines to deal with. Right now, I mostly just want to collapse in a heap.

The end of the crazy is not at hand.
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VFP has started a fund to help pay Scott Olsen's medical bills after being badly injured by a shot to the head by cops in Oakland a couple of days ago. You can make donations here, if you're able.

Also from the VFP, this information:

An “Anonymous” website also asked supporters to send Olsen their own get well cards, directing them to: U.S.M.C. Scott Olsen, Highland Hospital, 1411 East 31st Street, Oakland, CA 94602.

Word is that he has improved somewhat, to "fair" condition, but is still on a respirator and will probably require surgery. If he is not at a VA facility, this is going to be expensive.

You can write to officials in the city of Oakland to protest police violence at:

Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 444-CITY
TTY: (510) 238-3254

You can call the Oakland Police Department at 510-777-3333; 510-238-3365; 510-238-3131


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