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I had a rather bizarre half-asleep experience last night. There were a couple of thumps on the mattress I was sleeping on and I looked up to see a large white shape with a curvy white "neck" coming up out of it. My brain went "swan" and then went "that's too small to be a swan, it must be a snow goose." The next immediate thought was "how the hell did a goose get into the house?!?!!?"

It was Fintan's kitty ass and his curvy tail on the chair above me. *headdesk*

I'm happy to report that, when last seen, [ profile] mael_brigde was doing very well. She was hoping to go off for a meditation session, I think, when I ducked out a little before 10am this morning. Her mom had returned from a relative's house, and I packed up Garuda to go.

There was about a half hour to 40 minute wait at the border. When I got there, the border guard (who wasn't hostile, just fucking clueless) asked how I have the time to come up and take care of a friend during the middle of the week. I said I was a disabled vet. This usually stops their questions. Sadly, he was ex military and wanted the gory details. I gave him as little as possible and spent the rest of the trip back fuming and furious. He had apparently never actually met anyone who had been sexually assaulted in the military and wanted to know about the whole thing. I mean, I give him props for wanting to learn about it but it's very bad form to ask a random woman at the border about being assaulted, thank you very much. Way to be all triggery and shit.

[ profile] gra_is_stor was still asleep when I got here but got up because, of course, the DoDC+3 went ballistic when I put the key in the door. He was exceedingly excited to see me. (She was pretty happy too, I must say.) I dealt with my stuff, grabbed a shower and changed my clothes (it was too chilly this morning at [ profile] mael_brigde's before I left, and I didn't want to keep her when she needed to leave), then we curled up on the couch and watched Big Trouble in Little China and giggled hysterically.

I grabbed some teriyaki chicken for lunch/dinner and [ profile] gra_is_stor practiced her harp while I pulled together some of the pilgrimage stuff and dealt with emails and whatnot that needed attention when I got home. I spent time in chat with an AT&T rep asking questions about overseas phone and options and now know what to do while I'm in Europe for short phone calls and text messages. I won't be getting a data plan, but the phone calls will be .99 a minute (except in Prague, where they will be $1.39 a minute) and outgoing texts will be .25 each (.50 in Prague, all incoming are free). That means I can take my own phone with me and not worry about having to deal with finding one over there for when I have to arrange to meet people. I'll just have to keep things as brief as possible, but for me that's rarely a problem with the phone.

I've sent off emails to [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] eydimork about transportation issues and options, and will be contacting [ profile] tdancinghands regarding the Prague end of things for picking me up at the airport sometime soon. I've checked out airfares (EasyJet) from Liverpool to Paris and from Paris to Prague, and can do both for a total of just under $200. Getting from Paris to Vennes is a detail I'm having to ask [ profile] eydimork about, as the website for the train was in French and they don't book tickets until about 3 months out anyway.

I did finally get a date for the Dublin to Douglas end of things after the pilgrimage. They sail once a week and I can make the trip on July 22nd, so I bought a ticket for that trip. I'll buy the Douglas to Liverpool for the 29th when I hear back from [ profile] fififolle about travel options from Liverpool to Cockermouth. There are several sailings a day from Douglas to Liverpool, so I just need to figure out what time things need to happen in order to (a) get there on the ferry Manannán and (b) get to reasonable transportation to get me to Cockermouth. This is in progress.

I've contacted a B&B in Penrith for the overnight there to meet Stephen, the ceramics artist, at Potfest in the Pens, then back to Liverpool for the trip to Paris. Once again, train schedules are not available until 8-12 weeks before booking, so I haven't a way to tell just yet what will be available when, though I do have a target time for the Liverpool to Paris flight. Once I've got things more closely nailed down, I'll book the EasyJet flights. Their carry-on dimensions are slightly more generous than RyanAir's so that's good by me.

I've got a short list of questions for the folks at Rick Steves' Travel in Edmonds tomorrow. My appointment is 4pm.

Why do I feel like a grownup?
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Today was a mostly migraney mess, though I managed to get through it by late afternoon. [ profile] mael_brigde did a little massage work on my neck and shoulders that helped a fair bit but I ended up taking a bunch of tramadol to try and kick it. This afternoon a couple of women from a Japanese Shinto-based group called Mahikari-no-waza came over to do energy work on her, and did some on me as well.

I had a rather interesting experience during that, where a couple of the spirits that I work with fairly regularly showed up and started pulling things out of my head. One stuck its paw in and pulled out stringey, sinewey things from near my eye and the other pulled out black lumps from the back of my head. I was doing considerably better within about an hour of that. I don't usually see them showing up while other people work on me, so that was definitely different.

Shortly after they left, Slippery Elm came by and visited with us for about three hours. He actually had a little time after class today and so we called out for Ethiopian and he and I walked over to pick it up so that we could have dinner with [ profile] mael_brigde here at her place. We had a really wonderful conversation and I was delighted to finally get them together face to face. They traded books (and [ profile] mael_brigde gave me a copy of an anthology that she has a short story in) and we hung out and drank tea until both of them were starting to fade.

I'll be heading back home when she leaves tomorrow morning for an appointment at about 10am. I don't expect any significant traffic on my way home, and I usually don't have any real trouble from the US side of the border these days. I'm hoping it'll be a painless trip back. [ profile] gra_is_stor said she'd hang out another day to spend Thursday night with me. Friday I have my appointment with the travel consultant in Edmonds, at 4 in the afternoon. I need to get my finalized list of questions together tomorrow when I get home so that I won't forget anything while I'm there talking with them.

And now, it's probably about time for this one to curl up in a little ball and get some sleep.

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Yesterday was pretty quiet and I went for a walk to grab a falafel sandwich for a late lunch. It was drizzling slightly, but the weather wasn't too bad. Today it's been pretty cold out but thankfully not bad enough to snow; it's been a sharp cold but more from the wind really.

I read a chapter of Wisdom of the Outlaw to [ profile] mael_brigde today, then handed her off to one of her other friends while I went and spent a few hours with Bruce and Heather. I took them out for dinner and we went to a Japanese place near their house. I met their new (to me) kitty and heard about their various travel adventures of this past year to Hawaii and Australia. It was fantastic to spend time with them again; I've missed them a lot. I'm just sad that the border crossing is usually such a miserable hassle for me so often.

I'll be leaving a stack of postcards for the pilgrimage up here with [ profile] mael_brigde, who will see that they get out to the local bookshops where folks might find them of interest. I'd been intending to take some over to Heather and ask her to take them to Banyan, but I forgot. Brain and brain, what is brain?

Earlier today I sent off a text to Slippery Elm to see if he was going to be available to get together for a cuppa tea or something, but I haven't heard back from him. I think he's off at a protest at the moment, so I might not hear from him before I get back to Everett. It would be nice to see him, though, if it's possible.

[ profile] mael_brigde will be loaning me her copy of Pagan Past and Christian Present in Early Irish Literature. It's one I've read before, and I have a photocopy of one of the chapters at home, but some of the other stuff will likely be useful for me in preparing for the pilgrimage as well. We talked about the badly made Brigid source material book and agreed that while the quality is just crap, the information brought together is probably useful to have all in one place. There is literally nothing beyond a sentence or two regarding the goddess Brigid in the book, but what, I suppose, would one expect? He does talk about how Brigid is associated with vultures, but the only place I've ever seen that is in Mary Condren's The Serpent and the Goddess, and that, for the most part, is a pile of crap that can't be trusted. I really should read Lisa Bitel's book on Brigid and a French saint when I get home. She's possibly got more insight that I could actually use.

I really do think that a realistic book on Brigid and flamekeeping is long overdue. I have a lot of material toward the book already, it's just a question of dealing with the pilgrimage then starting outlining and other work when I get home from Europe. With any luck, I'll be able to include some color photographs of places I visit as well, as they relate to the practice, but that I'm not going to worry about until much much later in the process.

For all I know, a book on Manannán might also come out of the time I spend on the Isle of Man, but I can't even think about that beyond a brief acknowledgement that it's something I'd like to do at this point. I've got way too much on my plate right now as it is.

Tomorrow is likely to be another quiet day at [ profile] mael_brigde's place. I showed her Plants vs Zombies last night and she was pretty amused. I'll probably just let her play on the iPad for a bit at some point tomorrow so that she'll have something funny and mindless to do, then I can do a little reading and note-taking at the same time.
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I arrived a little after 2pm. No real hassle at the border. [ profile] mael_brigde is doing pretty well, though she gets tired very easily, as one might expect. I'll be wanting to grab something a little more substantial for lunch here in a little bit.
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I'll be heading out after I grab some breakfast and wash the dishes. Hopefully, that won't take too long. I had to catch up with email and stuff, and I got up at 9:30 instead of 9 because I was awake too late last night. I've had some tea and am more or less functional now, though still a bit achey.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again. Wish me luck at the border. I hate crossing these days.
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Today was the podcast adventure. It was kind of "obnoxious talk radio" done Pagan, but the conversation in the chatroom was okay. Some of my friends showed up and asked good questions and made some good comments. The hosts were nice to me, but were very RAR WE DO NOT AGREE WITH PEOPLE about things. That said, they actually tended more to agree with what I said than not, so their generalizations about What CRs Do apparently didn't much apply to me, despite that I'm a CR. It was interesting, at least. Some of what I said was repeated on the air, as they'd said would probably happen, though I think some of it was a bit lost in translation, if you will.

Two of the three hosts are Heathens, and they do regard the CR community as kin of a sort, which isn't too uncommon. I have pretty good relationships with the Heathens in my life. We've got a lot in common as reconstructionists, after all. I'm not sure where the hosts were getting the idea that the worship of some of the major "pan-Celtic" deities (Lug, etc) was somehow a Wiccan influence. They were talking about how this sort of thing was all the druids and wasn't what the tribes did at all, which I can't really agree with. They were all "we are so tribal" and not really explaining what that meant. Not really my thing. I don't necessarily identify as a druid most of the time unless I'm fulfilling that function in my community, but the CR community interacts with a much more diverse selection of deities than they seem to think it does.

One of the women had apparently written a CR book that got slammed by some of the CR community online, and she was rather sore about it. There was a fair bit of snarking about that. I hadn't read it and she didn't mention the title that I recall, so I seriously doubt I'd read it, but I know that a lot of the self-published stuff out there isn't very good quality, sad to say.

As a result of this, however, [ profile] vyviane suggested that I do a chat session with women from the Sisterhood of Avalon so that they'll have a better idea of my take on Brigid and what I'm like. Perhaps this would bring in a few more folks for the pilgrimage, which would be lovely. As of yesterday, we have seven of twelve potential openings spoken for. That means there are only five places left, so if you're interested, please do get in touch with her so that you can get in on it. It's going to be a really fantastic thing and I'm looking forward to it so immensely.

Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Vancouver to help out [ profile] mael_bridge for a few days, after her surgery on the 15th. I'll be heading out in late morning and will be returning Thursday afternoon. I'd like to avoid rush hour on both ends if possible, so I'll most likely be leaving by about 11am and departing Vancouver by 1pm on Thursday so as to be home by about 4, if all goes well and the border doesn't suck like a bilge pump. I still have to pack tonight, and figure out what I'll be taking for writing and for keeping myself entertained while she snoozes. I'll be having dinner with Bruce and Heather, though we haven't got the details worked out yet. I'll call them when I get up there, after I've dropped stuff and checked in with [ profile] mael_bridge and seen that she's doing okay.

Chances are I'll be able to update regularly. She has internet access, and I know there are cafes with wireless nearby as well. I may be a little slow in responding to emails, though. I'll try to remember to post a quick note before I head out the door.
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I finally finished one of the books I'd got from the Suzzallo today, and hauled it back. The last few sections didn't have much that I actually needed or was particularly interested in at this point. I was too tired to do much else today. I'd really intended to be in bed before now, but such things are sometimes not to be. The group at the VA today was pretty good and I was glad I'd been able to make it.

Next week there's no group and I'll be going up Tuesday to see [ profile] mael_brigde to help her out, as she had surgery today. I'll be gone from the 19th to the 22nd helping take care of her, and visiting with Bruce and Heather and possibly Pete if I get in touch with him beforehand. I know he's been busy with a just-released Bruce Lee documentary.

It looks like [ profile] lupagreenwolf and [ profile] smcinpdx will be up tomorrow and I'll probably meet them at the AFK, as she wants to show him the place. I've been invited out to play Munchkin tomorrow there too, so that's probably what will happen.

I wanted to do some work on the pilgrimage packet stuff today, but got sidetracked. Initial deadline for some of that material was supposed to be today, but I know that [ profile] vyviane and Jhenah are a little behind the ideal schedule as well, so I'm not feeling too bad about it as yet. I did get my Queering the Flame paper off to Jhenah, who is doing her Masters on conclaves of holy or fairy women, particularly those living on islands. She wanted to know if there was any evidence for pre-Christian flametending practice for Brigid, but I had to say that I hadn't really found any. Best to offer the evidence I'd found; there's enough information in there for her to chase down some other stuff that's non-Brigidine, which should be useful to her anyway.

I also got an email from [ profile] druid_medb today asking about the warrior rituals, and working on a project of rites of return and healing for people in spiritual communities. Part of her work is on spiritual healing and PTSD, which is - as everyone here knows - a deep interest of mine. I sent off a copy of one of the final drafts of the paper on geilt and PTSD for the Disability and Religious Diversity anthology. She's considering proposing a ritual for PantheaCon next year, so I referred her over to [ profile] alfrecht. Both of us are behind the idea.

I know that Selena Fox of Circle Network did a ritual for vets this year (which I didn't attend), so it would be interesting to see a script for that one and check out what has been done, and what veterans might do for one another, as opposed to civilians attempting to serve a community of veterans.

[ profile] gra_is_stor's bandmate loaned me his Thermarest sleeping pad to see if it was going to work out for me for my camping trip, but it's not got enough loft to be good for my back, and it's very short. I'm going to have to look into the more expensive ones at REI to see if they would fit the bill any better. I still have some time before I will have to have one, so I'll have a little time to save up to get something that would work for me with the fibromyalgia and the bad hips and shoulders.

I feel like I didn't get much done today, but looking at it, I did get a few things together that needed to be done, and they were in fact important things. Sometimes I feel like if I'm not constantly busy, I'm not actually accomplishing anything but that's certainly not the case. I need to be more forgiving of myself and my use of time. I do get things done; I do a lot of work, I just don't always recognize it.
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I didn't do a lot today, but I did get some dishes clean and went over to visit with some friends at the AFK for a couple of hours this evening.

I'm confirmed for going up to Vancouver from the 19th-22nd to help out [ profile] mael_brigde after her surgery. I'll be able to see Bruce and Heather while I'm up there as they should be in town.

My creaky parts are still incredibly creaky, though I tried to give my arms at least a bit of a rest today. They're doing slightly better. I did write a drabble (a 100-word fic), but that was the work of about ten minutes and not much of a strain.

Tomorrow is Seattle to watch [ profile] meddevi and [ profile] nathan_fhtagn perform.

My parts hurt a lot. I wish they didn't. Pain is so damned tiring. It just chips away at you a little at a time when it never goes away. Don't get me wrong, I'm very fond of my life, I just wish there was a little less ache in it.

Arms hurt

Mar. 9th, 2012 12:27 am
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The arms have not been getting any better. If anything, the pain is getting worse. It's not quite at the "can't pick up a fork" point but it may get there if this keeps up. It's times like this that I wish I could get tylenol with codeine over the counter. American drug laws are so fucked up. Sadly, there's not much I can do to reduce my use of my arms right now, given I have a lot of work to do, and typing is about the only way to do it.

I may be going up to Vancouver from the 19th - 22nd to help out [ profile] mael_brigde after her surgery, if those dates work for her.

The weather today was gorgeous. It was sunny and about 60f-ish in Seattle when I was down there this afternoon. Ran into [ profile] nathan_fhtagn at Travelers and he was going to head out to the airport to pick up [ profile] meddevi for their show this weekend. I'll be there with [ profile] gra_is_stor Saturday night for the show.

Today brought a copy of Brigid of the Gael by Conrad Bladey in the post. The book claims to be a pretty much complete compilation of source material on Brigid. So far it seems reasonably comprehensive, but it's poorly edited and extremely cheaply made. A lot of the material looks like raw scanner output that's barely been formatted. There are typos everywhere; in some passages you actually have to know what you're looking at in order to decipher it. I can't deny that there is a vast amount of information here, and it would undoubtedly be useful to people interested primarily in Brigid as saint. There's very little information here about Brigid as goddess, not even the brief passages from the Book of Invasions. The Cormac's Glossary passage is there, but it's the only text directly quoted regarding Brigid as goddess. I would say more, but my arms aren't really going to hold out for it.

In other book information, I'm not sure how many folks were aware, but Damien McManus's A Guide to Ogam is back in print for only €10 + postage from Trinity College. Information can be found at this web page, at the bottom:

I have to stop typing. Maybe more tomorrow.
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I went down to the VA today for yoga and actually met the usual instructor. Her style was a lot easier to deal with than the woman who had been subbing the first two weeks I went. I don't feel nearly as physically wrecked as I did from those sessions. After yoga I went over to the women's clinic and talked to the gal who was at the desk (not the usual woman who's there) to ask about getting assigned to a doctor. She actually went and got me an appointment for the 11th for my annual so that I can talk to my new doc about meds for my migraines. I'm almost out of the tramadol I'd been prescribed, and I don't have any refills. I can't call the pharmacy and have them refer it to my doc unless I actually have a doc to refer it to, so I was pretty much stuck.

I ran into Herb at the VA after his MRI and we waited around in travel together, catching up a bit. He was kind enough to hand me a few bucks when he got his cash, so now I have half a tank of gas and could still afford to wander over to the AFK tonight to see if any steampunks showed up (they didn't) and have a snack and a cider.

Tomorrow I'll be heading into Seattle in the evening for the poetry reading at the Asian Art Museum. I got email from Heather and will probably go up to see her and Bruce early next month for a couple of days. considering the vagaries of my schedule, it'll probably end up being a Thursday/Friday visit. In looking at the calendar, the first is on Saturday, so that should mean I get paid on Friday. That'll be an immense relief.

A couple of the Seattle steampunks are setting up a dinner at one of the Moroccan places down in Belltown on Saturday, but it's at 8pm and not 7 as first suggested, which means I'll be even later in the evening than I'd anticipated. [ profile] gra_is_stor, if you want to head over to the Milonga, I will meet you there after dinner and we can head up here after you're done dancing. I'll see if I feel up to actually swinging a shoe or two when I get there.

I didn't get any writing done, but I did read a couple more papers from the CSANA Yearbook 3-4 while I was at the AFK tonight. the next one is about women poets, among other things, so I'll want to sit and read that when I have a little energy to actually focus and take notes. That will not be tonight. Probably tomorrow before I head south.

When I posted to the [ profile] cr_r community about having made the Imbas Forosnai article available, somebody asked if I knew if Nora Chadwick's Geilt article was also on the web. Not to the best of my knowledge, but it probably should be. When I'm done with the Mandragora piece I'll see if I'm insane enough to do the input for it. I gave some consideration to trying to scan it in and correct the text from there, but my scanner doesn't really seem to be particularly well set for dealing with text in that manner. *sigh* Anyway, another potential thing on my plate, yay.
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Things went pretty well getting up to Vancouver -- for me and [ profile] alfrecht. The same could not be said for Abney Park, but that comes a little later, here.

We dropped in to say hi to Bruce and Heather and dropped off the bit from my brother, as expected. We stayed a little longer than I'd anticipated, but it turned out all right. They needed to get ready for dinner, and we needed to catch something as well, so we toddled off to grab some cheap teriyaki up the street. The place we went to, Blue Star, wasn't so great. Their teriyaki chicken was made with chicken katsu, which is a deep fried version, so it was kind of greasy chopstick if you know what I mean.

When I went back to get Garuda, one of the belts (probably the one I didn't get replaced the other day) was squealing like I'd stabbed the sucker. I'm going to have to get it replaced as well. That'll need to be soon. I made it back just fine, it's just making horrible loud noises sometimes.

Anyway, we found our way to the venue without incident and ended up right behind [ profile] nathan_fhtagn in line. One might ask why he was in line.

One would be justified in asking this question.

Apparently he'd been in a separate car with a friend or two and passed over safely. The rest of the band and the equipment, however, got turned back at the border and Nathaniel didn't find out until he'd already been in Vancouver for a while. What made this extra-sucky was that it was the first time he'd been to Vancouver. Needless to say, there was much disgruntlement. He said he'd almost turned around then and gone home. One poor guy had flown up from California for the show! He got a hell of a hassle at the border too, apparently.

The venue offered a discount if you wanted to go in and see the (formerly) opening act anyway, and they scrambled and found another steampunk solo musician. Anyway, we got in, and the DJ was playing some Abney Park. Things got started and the musicians weren't bad. The young guy who opened was okay, though we all knew he was really last minute. We had to give everybody some slack for picking up when most of the crowd had come to see someone else. A belly dancer came and danced a couple of bits (there had been a dancer scheduled for the show, and I don't know for certain if this was her), and then the night's main act took the stage. They're a group called Corset, and they were pretty good. They're more of a hard rock style than Abney Park, but pretty appreciable. They gave away free cds of their music. [ profile] alfrecht ended up getting handed two of them (I already had one) so he said to give it to [ profile] wire_mother when I see him. I'll have it at the September schmooze.

I did a little dancing, both to the band and to the DJ stuff afterwards. I actually ended up dancing with [ profile] nathan_fhtagn for Stigmata Martyr, which was only slightly surreal but also made of many types of awesome. Needless to say, this was the freeform wiggle around dancing, not the snuggle up on someone sort. At the end of the night he said he'd had fun and was glad he'd stayed, so that was really good to hear.

After things had quieted down a little, we headed south, with Garuda still making occasional squeaky noises. I dropped [ profile] alfrecht at his appointed place and continued home, where I was greeted by a very happy DoDC+3.

Last night said DoDC+3 was an utter pill, and it's lucky he's got that +3 or I'd have defenestrated him. I barely got any sleep because he insisted on dancing on me all night long (when he wasn't going off on the raccoons outside the back window). Anyway, it was an interesting day.
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I'm just about to shut everything down and head north for Vancouver.

Have a Steamy day, everyone! I'll check in when I get home early in the AM.
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I got down to Seattle this afternoon to pick up my travel reimbursement from the VA. I actually could pick up money for two appointments, so I had a little to spend on some groceries as well as gas for the trip to Vancouver tomorrow. I'll be meeting [ profile] alfrecht in Mount Vernon sometime between 2 and 2:30. We'll drop in and see Bruce and Heather briefly -- it's their 21st anniversary tomorrow and they'll be going out for dinner, so we'll just be swooping by to drop off the money from my brother.

I got a call from the mortgage people today and arranged for the signing, which will be Wednesday afternoon, the 1st of September. Because of how this falls out, I don't have to make another mortgage payment until November, so I can take care of a few things I've wanted or needed to do, and get some bills paid down. I'm very relieved. I'll also be able to mail out the package to my brother.

The possible kerfuffle with the ticket receipt for the show is taken care of, so I don't have to worry about getting up there and not being able to get into the show. (Thanks, [ profile] robert_from_ap!)

The body is creaky and I'm not looking forward to the drive back after the show tomorrow night, but I know I'll have fun while I'm there. I won't be around the computer beyond maybe an hour or so early in the day before I head north, so don't expect to hear from me again until sometime Sunday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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It rained all day today, so I didn't go down to Seattle. The first day of rain after a long spot of sunshine usually messes up the roads and leaves people driving even more like idiots than usual. Instead, I stayed home and did a bunch of laundry. I was still having a migraine hangover anyway, though this means I really do have to get down to Seattle tomorrow so I'll have a little cash to get up to Vancouver on Saturday for the show.

I've got my ticket (sort of) and I'll have to arrange for when I'll be picking up [ profile] alfrecht on Saturday afternoon. I also need to stop by to see Bruce and Heather briefly to drop off something for my brother. I need to remember to print out the address and mappage for the venue so that I won't get lost; it's in a part of Vancouver that I've never actually been to before. I'm not sure what I'll do about parking, but I'll worry about that then.

The trip up to Vancouver will just be for the show. We'll be heading back immediately afterwards. It's going to be a really long day for me, though. I probably won't try to dress up too much, given the whole border thing. I really doubt the border guards would get steampunk.

Anyway, stuff do do, things to see. Later, y'all.
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With wildfires raging in the BC interior, the trek up to Vancouver today was a little dimmer than usual. We got pulled over and searched at the border (of course), but I guess I was expecting it because the sib was with me and he lives in Italy.

The air has been crappy all the way down to Tacoma at least, but it as awful up in Vancouver itself. From the beach in Kitsilano, you could barely see downtown and the ships in the bay through all the smoke. We stayed in most of the time we were there, hanging out with Bruce and Heather in their place, though we went for a brief lunch snack and a short walk down to the park not long after we got there.

Aside from the smoke (which left me coughing more than I expected) it was a fantastic visit. I had a wonderful time. We had Japanese for dinner and were home by 10:40 this evening.

We talked (as usual) about books and film ad politics and life in general. Heather showed the sib her jewelry work, and Bruce gave me a book and some dvds he was getting rid of, so yay for new bits of things. I had brought him a book when I went up there as well.

Now I'm just really tired. We'll be heading up to Anacortes tomorrow, to be there somewhere around two in the afternoon and hang out for several hours. Much talking will commence.

And now, bed.


Aug. 5th, 2010 12:20 am
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Tomorrow I'm taking the sib and we're heading up to Vancouver BC for the afternoon and to have dinner with friends up there. I'm really looking forward to the whole thing. We'll be out of here sometime between 10 and 11 am, putting us in Vancouver mid-afternoon, hopefully before traffic gets too weird.

Friday will be a visit with [ profile] alfrecht up in Anacortes. There may be Greek food in the offing.

Saturday, if the chimney inspection folks get here early enough, we'll probably do a day trip out to Mt. Rainier to see the Grove of the Patriarchs.

Sunday he's got a thing with BOTA that we need to get final info on so I can get him there at the appropriate time.

Monday we have dinner with Bj and SJ, and a couple of other friends.

Tuesday and Wednesday I think we'll be out on the Peninsula hiking around in the Hoh and checking out the coast. After that, it's collapsing in a heap until he goes to visit his friends in Olympia.

This schedule is, however, subject to change depending on the situation.
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I've been having a fabulous time in Vancouver, but I'm getting ready to hit the road for home. I'll be packing up the car in a moment, I have tea all brewed for the trip, and am looking forward to getting back home.

Thanks to B&H, [ profile] mael_brigde and Pete for the great conversations and the ability to spend some time with you again.
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Went out for another walk this morning, though I was still quite creaky. This one was much shorter and Bruce and I stopped for a scone for my breakfast. I then went over to [ profile] mael_brigde's to meet some folks (only one of whom could make it) and talk for a couple of hours. She and I were going to catch some dinner afterwards. We did get a chance to stop by and see Pete McCormack for a quick walk around Trout Lake before she and I went out to eat.

Used bookshops are on the agenda for tomorrow, and dinner with B & H. We might also go to the anthropology museum at UBC, which is a really fantastic place. I've been several times before and always seen something new each time. It might be a touristy kind of day. I'll be heading home after dinner tomorrow, so I will probably be on the road by 9:30-ish pm.

I am in my happy place.
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I arrived in Vancouver yesterday in very good time. There was no traffic to speak of and no wait at the border, though the dude did want to see the vehicle registration because, apparently, women who look like me can't possibly be a disabled veteran and have a disabled veteran's plate on their car. *headdesk* He wasn't evil and scary about it, he just asked to see a bunch of my documentation.

I'm having a lovely time with Bruce and Heather. Went for a very long walk with Heather along the waterfront last night at sunset, though I was extremely creaky afterwards. The DoDC+3 is very pleased with himself and has been mostly entertaining, though walking him around Kitsilano means he meets another dog and goes ballistic about it every other block. (This is why I keep him on a short leash.)

I'll be seeing [ profile] mael_brigde this afternoon, and her hedge school group. They're working with my ogam book and apparently everybody's all jazzed about my coming over today. The group meets from 3-6 and so she and I will probably have dinner together afterwards so B&H don't have to worry about a meal with me that late. I also emailed Pete and will be calling him in a couple of hours to see about getting together wtih him sometime tomorrow if our schedules permit for a cuppa chai or something.

The weather has been fantastic; sunny and warm and just gorgeously Vancouver. *hearts vancouver*

I'll be home late Sunday. Everybody have fun!
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I'll be heading up to Vancouver with the DoDC+3 shortly to see my friends north of the border. I'll be home late Saturday sometime. I'll try to pop into a webcafe or someplace with wireless at least once to post and catch up with stuff, but don't hold your breath for updates.

When I get home, it'll be time to start on that review of "War and the Soul" for Warriors & Kin.


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