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So when I set out to see Pirates of Penzance with the steamrats this evening, I hadn't been aware that it was a children's theatre production. This minor issue aside, I had a really fantastic time. Some of the kids actually had pretty good voices so, despite some vocal problems here and there, we did have a few songs that were quite well done. The kid playing the lead reminded me of Neil Patrick Harris, who played Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which was kind of amusing. The play itself was well staged and pretty damned hilarious. I enjoyed myself greatly in the company of about 20 of my steamy friends, and 15 of us went to dinner together afterwards at the Prohibition Grill. The food was reasonably tasty, though I am told that the Southern specialties weren't particularly good but folks who would know. I avoided them, myself, and went for the salmon, instead, which was very nicely done.

I am, at the moment, really really tired, as I haven't been sleeping too well. [ profile] gra_is_stor is here, and I think several of her bandmates attended the show as well. One of them came by and picked us up, so I didn't have to drive.

The day has been cold and pretty miserably wet, which has resulted in my feeling cold and creaky. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get myself out to find some more diamond bits for the dremel so that I can finish up the ogam project. I may go over to Snohomish to the house of some of the steampunks, who are hosting a showing of Trollhunter and providing scotch. If I'm up to getting out tomorrow evening, that might be a fun thing to do. We'll see how I'm actually feeling as the day goes on.

And now, time for this one to curl up and collapse in a heap.
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What you missed the other night:

Today was mostly just trying to get myself together and go out to the steampunk social and deal with updating software after taking the computer over to the AFK. [ profile] gra_is_stor is here, having gone to band practice. She and her bandmates will be going to the steampunked Pirates of Penzance with us and are taking care of getting the tickets for the 30th.

I made reservations for my birthday at the AFK on Tuesday the 27th for 15 people. If you're in the area and you are free that evening, please come by around 7pm to hang out for a couple of hours!

I've been messing with Plants vs. Zombies some more, with the puzzle games. My Zen Garden has been sprouting new plants and dropping coins, as it is supposed to. I got through all the I, Zombie levels and am now dealing with the endless level. Poked back into the Zen Garden because one of the zombies dropped a plant and I wanted to get it started.

Tomorrow I have to go down to the VA for shrinkage, then Irish class, then [ profile] wire_mother's birthday party. I'll be taking along my various resources and making notes again. I need to get more done on the pilgrimage stuff. I've got things for a couple of the days but I need to flesh them out more, and to work on the days for which I haven't got particular themes or exercises as yet. More idea-getting is a necessity. I'll probably have some time between getting out of the VA and heading over to Edge for class to do a little thinking and note-making.
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I'm still pretty wiped out, my arms hurt, and I wasn't up to driving to Seattle this evening. I had things to do here and still do, though I actually managed to get a couple of things shifted on the list.

I put together a file of the suggested books and some music for the pilgrimage and dropped it into a Googledoc from the others to comment on. I scribbled some notes with questions and such in the Grid Of Things To Do, and I resolved an email of stuff to deal with for the March 18th podcast I'm supposed to take part in. The podcast is one I'll be doing text chat for, given my dislike (read phobia) of phones and dealing with that sort of thing. I tend to prefer having a little time to thing about things, which typing gives me and talking doesn't, among other reasons for wanting to do things that way.

Plans last night were made for going with the Everett steampunks to a steampunked version of Pirates of Penzance at the end of the month at the Village Theatre in Everett. Should be fun. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, and there's a discount for groups of, I think, 10 or more, so we should qualify for that.

I got an email today from a guy in Dublin noting that Damien McManus's A Guide to Ogam is apparently back in print and available for €10 from the university there. He was going to check into it and let me know the details on it, so if you're interested in getting a copy, they may be available again, and for not that much money. We'll see what happens.

My upcoming (51st) birthday is on a Tuesday (the 27th), so I'll be hanging out at the AFK again this year, with my steampunk social friends and, I hope, with some of my non-steampunk friends as well. Nobody has to bring anything, but your presence would be delightful. If you really want to get me something, don't get me something, just send a donation toward the pilgrimage instead, because I'll happily be able to apply that to things like paying for my ferry tickets to and from the Isle of Man, eating, and dealing with other transportation costs once the Ireland part of the trip is through.

Tomorrow is a VA appointment. I have to deal with laundry here at some point. I doubt I will be up late enough to do a load tonight. I've been too tired to actually stay up to my usual hour.

Too many things.
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I started out the day with a little laundry so I'd have something to wear when I headed for Seattle this afternoon and, when reading The Wild Hunt, I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance has announced a new album and a tour for next year! I have no idea what the dates are likely to be, or where the tour will take them, but if it's anywhere in the region, you can bet I'll be right there!

Once the necessities of the laundry situation were taken care of, I ambled down to Seattle to Liberty Bar, up on Capitol Hill, where I met a friend and had a drink or two and a sushi roll. We were joined by another friend and had a lovely few hours of conversation before I headed downtown.

By the time we got out of Liberty, it was starting to rain and by the time I got down to 2nd Avenue, it was coming down hard. Parking was a bit of a chore but I eventually found parking in a lot a block and a half away from the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre, where I caught the 8:30 show of Bullets and Dames, a noir-themed burlesque performance put together by my friend [ profile] fullcontactmuse. Half a dozen or so performers took the stage and I had a lovely time. Because I'd had a glass of wine there with a little bit of dinner, I didn't want to drive just yet, so I joined her and about half a dozen other people (not all performers) at the Night Kitchen afterwards, where we hung out and talked about life, the universe, and everything.

By the time I was ready to head home, it was just pouring down rain. I walked from 2nd and Stewart to 3rd and Bell, where I was parked, but it wasn't too awful. I got on the freeway at the Olive onramp -- there had been a recent accident on the freeway just before the onramp and all lanes of traffic were stopped behind us, so I managed to get onto I-5 and head home without actually getting into the snarl there. I think they were about to clear things and that the backup was emergency personnel crossing the highway to get everything out of the way so that traffic could start up again.

Aside from the rain, the traffic wasn't too bad. I got home in good time and with no mishaps. Tomorrow will be more laundry, as I only had time for one small load today. Later this week, I'll have to go look at paint and stuff with the sib. We've got the wax off the wall from where candles had dripped down over the time since I'd had the altar there -- not nearly as much as you might imagine, given that most of the candles I've used have been contained, so only a few tapers have melted down the back by accident.

I'm thinking about a green of some sort, but I don't want it to darken that corner of the room too much. I do, however, want to get a gloss rather than a flat paint, so that I can clean it next time -- I don't want to have to worry about all the candle smoke again for at least a while. The ceiling... well, that'll be a different story, but it's not something I'm going to worry about anytime soon. I can't really put the new altar space together until I get the painting done, so it'll be late this coming week before I have anything to show for it, but I'm pondering the whole setup.
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When I got home today, I realized that I had a ticket for tomorrow for a Medieval Women's Choir concert. I also had a more or less tentative gaming date. Given that I spent $20 on the ticket, I opted to do the concert. They only do three a year. I think I pissed SJ off when I made that choice, though. It isn't that I don't want to game or to see my friends, but I do want to make use of what I paid good money for, and I love the choir's work.

February is always a clusterfuck for me, no matter what I do, primarily because I'm out of town for PantheaCon for a good chunk of the month. My scheduling-fu is rarely the best and I know that. I hate disappointing people. Sometimes it's inevitable. There isn't always a choice that satisfies everyone, and this was one of those times. That said, I fully intend to enjoy the concert tomorrow. I just hope I'll be able to make it up to my gaming friends soon.

Soon, there will be sleep. Tired Erynn is exceedingly tired. I'm just glad the concert isn't until 8pm. The show at the Seattle Rep on Sunday is a 2pm matinee, and that may be harder for me to get to.
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Today I went to a couple of presentations. First up was the Paganism and New Media panel. [ profile] mythworker did a presentation on this last year; this was, I think, more sophisticated and covered a broader territory, as well as bringing in new approaches. The panelists included Thorn Coyle, Star from, a board member from Cherry Hill Seminary, and one of the tech people from Llewellyn, with [ profile] mythworker as the moderator. One of the issues addressed this year was e-publishing, which hadn't really been brought up last year at all that I recall. I noted the issues I'd had with Circle of Stones being in and out of print, and how the print edition goes for ridiculous prices online, while I'm now selling a PDF of the book for the original cover price, yet folks still want hardcopy -- they buy the PDF, but I can completely understand the desire for paper copy.

The second panel I went to today was the presentation "Are Hindus Pagans/Are Pagans Hindus," offered by four Hindu practitioners from a national Hindu association. I thought it was an extremely positive and interesting presentation. Topics addressed included the history of Hinduism in America, spiritual similarities between Hinduism and Paganism (pluralism was the watchword of the panel), common cause between Hindus and the Pagan community regarding American culture and western culture generally, in terms of coerced conversions, activism, political involvement, and civil and human rights, and an examination of how we can work together. Issues of potential cultural appropriation were also addressed; this was seen as a problem if it was a commercial appropriation, but when Pagans approach Hindu deities as sincerely interested parties for spiritual purposes, the panel's attitude was that the deities are big enough to be just fine with being approached by non-Hindus.

There was a good deal to think about in the presentations and I was impressed with the speakers. They seemed very interested in working together with the Pagan communities to strengthen all our positions in resisting oppression by the monotheist majority when it seeks to marginalize or actively destroy our communities. It has not been unusual for poor Hindus in India to be bribed into conversion -- "we'll send your children to a good college, we'll give you medical care, we'll feed you if you convert." Yet this conversion is then taken to an extreme, where the new converts, who are really only going into it to try to make life a little better for their families, are coerced into desecrating not just their own altars at home, but the altars of their families or even their local temples. This sort of thing is completely disgusting, but it's not at all unusual behavior for evangelical Christian missionaries in Asia, India, and Africa. It's not at all unlike what has happened to the Native peoples in North America, where cultures were destroyed, children stolen from their homes, and entire groups of people slaughtered.

I think there's a lot of really good work to be done between the Pagan and Hindu communities in the future. I was absolutely delighted to see a strong Hindu presence here this year and hope that they'll continue coming to meet with us at PCon and under other circumstances, creating strong ties between all our communities as we all struggle for our rights as spiritual and religious minorities in a mostly-monotheist society. We need to dismantle the privilege that Christianity has in the United States; its status should be one of many, not the dominant force in American society. We cannot be equal when one religion is more equal than all the others. It's a continuation of the same aggressive, disrespectful force that allows military chaplains to believe they're simply exercising their freedom of speech when they attempt to force deathbed conversions on non-Christians and atheists. To quote from the Christian Post article, "Birch informed the audience that he would oblige to help them with their faith but would not withhold himself from helping a dying soldier or a soldier with no faith get right with God."

After the panels, I headed up to spend some time with the Sisterhood of Avalon folks, talking with them about some potential ideas for pilgrimage themes and places. It turns out that one of the gals I was talking to is an old friend of [ profile] joyful_storm from Atlanta, and she wandered in while I was talking. One of the ideas I was suggesting was a Sequana pilgrimage, dealing with that Goddess and the shrines and artifacts at the source of the Seine river; since [ profile] joyful_storm had gone to the Seine a couple of years ago to find information about Sequana and had already been to many of the sites, I thought she would have some excellent suggestions for this, and I think both of them are going to talk this over. They're also talking about proposing a Pagan pilgrimage panel for next year's con, which I think would be a fantastic idea.

Eventually, I had to go get ready for the 11pm Bakkhoi Antinoou ritual drama. I got dressed up in the most bling anyone is ever likely to see me in for a very long time, with my brocade silk jacket, one of my shiny silk scarves in iridescent colors, sparkly bracelets, and lots of green silk. It was pretty spiffy, if I may say so myself. The play involved the death of Antinous, and the Otherworld happenings surrounding his deification. We had a ton of fun, and I think the audience did as well. Tomorrow morning at 11am we have the "Antinous is Not Just for Pretty Boys" panel, consisting of several of the mystai of the Ekklesía. It'll include me, [ profile] ogam, [ profile] alfrecht, and [ profile] tristissima talking about the various ways we deal with Antinous, and what the whole thing means to us, considering the general impression of Antinoan cultus is that it's supposedly only for young pretty gay guys. None of us actually fit that particular model, of course. A lot of people ask what Antinous would have to do with them, given that they're not gay men, but most of them would never ask what Brigid would have to do with them if they're not women who are poets, smiths, and healers. I think it's a paradigm issue, really.

And now, to try to get some sleep. It's nearly 3am and I have to be up and about at some ungodsly hour tomorrow.
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Since I can't go and make free with the Lovecraft in Portland, I will be finding myself Things To Do In Seattle over the weekend. Today I'll be heading down in a few hours to go hang out at Travelers with [ profile] sebastian_lvx, who is getting on a plane tomorrow to move to San Diego. It'll be the last time I get to see him until, perhaps, next year's Esoteric Book Conference. I'll miss him.

I suspect that Friday I will be going down and renewing my library card at the Suzzallo. I may buy myself a new hat, too, depending on how free I'm feeling with the cash. Goorin Brothers makes the most awesome hats ever. (I can't do this today because I don't get paid until tomorrow.) There will probably be pho.

Saturday will be the Rite of Mercury. I may go down earlier in the day and spend some time at the Tea Festival over at the Seattle Center.

Sunday is the Great Fall Ceremony at the Shinto shrine. [ profile] alfrecht will be there and perhaps I can grab some lunch with him afterwards, if I'm doing okay for getting out of bed and on the road early enough.

In positive health news for a change, the scale this morning said 158, which is the first time in a couple of years I've been under 160. Yay me. I'd been stuck for a while in the low 160s and am glad things are moving down a little again. Maybe at some point I'll actually be able to fit into a few of the things I still have hanging around the house from an earlier wardrobe. I need to get new pants anyway.
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As many of you are aware, I'm something of a fan of Paul McGillion, from Stargate: Atlantis. I'd heard on one of the fan lists that he and Gina Chiarelli (from See Grace Fly) are doing a play this month up in Vancouver so I got myself a ticket to go see Reservations for Four on opening night. Also in the play is Brendan Beiser, whom many on my flist will recognize as the ill-fated Agent Pendrell from The X Files.

I'll probably be up in Vancouver Tuesday to see [ profile] mael_brigde after her surgery as well. Gotta call her tomorrow and see how she's feeling.


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