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Sent out some necessary emails today. The credit union says it can provide one of the letters I need for the visa application, all I have to do is tell them what the consulate wants. Once I figure out exactly what I need to pull from my documentation I can send it to them and see if they can make heads or tails of it. They offered to either mail it to me or to fax it to the consulate, but I need them to send it to me, as it all has to come in as one packet with the visa application.

The people who inquired about the bookshelf last night came today and picked it up. They said it was perfect for what they needed and would fit pretty much exactly into the space they had for it.

Another realtor came by with a couple of clients this evening to look at the place. They were only a few minutes away, so I took a couple of minutes to clean up then took the DoDC+3 out for a short walk to wait for them to come and go. It wasn't necessarily brightly sunny most of the day, but it was warm enough, and pleasant to sit out on the bench at the top of the lot for a little while.

I've listed both an electric coffee grinder that some of my friends have used when visiting, and a hand-painted Thai tea set in the shape of an elephant for sale on craigslist today. So many things that need to go.

Geordie won't make it down tomorrow. He'll probably be here Wednesday next week instead. Things came up for him at the last minute that made tomorrow impractical. I should be able to swing next Wednesday somehow. I might have to take a taxi down to get him, given Wednesday both [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] ingvisson are in Seattle in the evening teaching Irish, but we shall see what can be done. I'll email them both and see if we can arrange something.

I haven't emailed the consulate with any of my other questions yet, but I did a hell of a lot of stuff today, so I don't feel too badly about it. I'm making progress, even when it's hard and I'm tired.

Tomorrow, group at the VA.
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I didn't do too much today beyond go to the AFK to hang out with the local steampunks. We had a really good turnout after last week's, where several of our number were down with the flu or some other ick that is just now letting up. There were nine of us tonight and things were still going strong when I headed out about 9, with a kink in my back. We finalized details for the Sunday tea & whisky sipping.

I stopped by the grocery store to get a few things. I was out of flour and was going to bake some scones for Sunday, so I had to get a bag, along with dog food, and whatnot. A little while ago I put a hunk of lamb in the crock pot to let it cook overnight. There are mushrooms, garlic, and some spices in with it.

I've been too tired today to work at all on the research and notes for the book, but will probably do some of that tomorrow. I ended up getting up today at about 4pm, which was later than I would have liked, but I was still pretty creaky and exhausted when I did so. Thankfully, I don't have any specific plans for tomorrow beyond "get up, shower, get dressed, take the dog out." Oh, and "have tea and eat." That would probably also be useful.

Speaking of tea, some arrived from Adagio today in the mail, but they neglected to send the tin I had paid for, so I had to email customer support and tell them to send it along. They'd sent a packet of tea instead of the tin. grar.
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I got us tickets for Beowulf today, and it seems that [ profile] mimerki was really enthusiastic and got tickets for herself as well. It should be a really cool performance.

There are plans in the offing for a March 17th tea & whisky sipping with steampunks here at my place, so if you are interested in coming, please let me know. I only have so much room in the old homestead. Also, on Wednesday the 27th of March, I'll be heading over to the AFK Tavern around 7pm to celebrate my birthday. Come along if you like. I don't plan to make a reservation for the day as I have no idea if anyone will be coming, given it's mid-week, but I'd love to see you if you want to come by.

My creaky parts continue on their usual creaky way. Some grocery shopping was done last night, including both rhubarb and some frozen peaches, so I am contemplating a couple of cobblers in the coming weeks. Brianna might have a line on a place to move to come mid-month, and we'll see how that goes.

Along with everything else, sleep is still for the weak.
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After contemplating it for several months, I finally went to Lulu and spent all of last night and most of today putting together a 20-page hardbound photo book of my pilgrimage through Ireland and the Isle of Man. It's available by link only, not as an open search item on, so if you're interested, you can have a peek at the book by clicking here. It's $35, because it's hardbound and full color. I've got my proof copy on order but everything looked fine online. Once I get my copy (when I get back from PCon, as there's no way it would get here before I leave), I'll add a permanent link and information for it on my publications page over on Searching for Imbas.

There are a couple of pages of narration, and some material identifying where the photos are from and what they are, but beyond that, it's just some pictures of places I went and things I experienced. There are a couple of other people in some of the photos, but not usually faces, or the faces are far enough away to not be clear. This was primarily necessitated by the fact that I often simply couldn't get photos without people in them at some of the places. Two photos (of me) were taken by others, and the photographers credited. There's no ISBN, so it can't be got through Amazon or other online outlets. It's only available through the link. Anyways, please pass the word along to anyone you think might be interested.

I did most of the work on Firefox, but the browser wouldn't actually process the file to publish, so I had to switch over to Safari for the final work. It eventually got done. It was annoying, though.

This evening I went over to Lake Stevens hang out with the steampunks, and we plotted and planned stuff for the coming several months. March 17th we'll be having a tea & whisky tasting at my place. Other things are planned as well, but mine will just be a small, quiet affair starting about 2pm. If you're interested in coming and having tea and booz0rz with steampunks, let me know.

[ profile] gra_is_stor is going to be starting up Irish classes in Everett soon. I'll post information as soon as I have it.

Tomorrow will be spent doing more PCon prep.
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This evening I finally got out to Otherworlds, the steampunk shop in Edmonds. I went with [ profile] gra_is_stor for steampunks dancing, and we did mostly waltz type things and some English country dancing. I was a little dizzy by the time I sat down, and the hips and knees didn't hold out for more than an hour or so, but I think I did okay. The proprietors are tea geeks like me, and she is into teaware and we geeked about ceramics and teas for a little bit after the dancing. I got a teacup and saucer much like the ones I inherited from my father's mom. She's apparently having a hard time selling the antique Japanese ones (Merit, Trimont, etc) because people believe that the glazes or paints are lead-based. Considering that I mostly just display the old ones, it's not that much of an issue for me.

Tomorrow evening I'll be picking up [ profile] ogam at the train station downtown in Seattle. I think I'm shipping him over to [ profile] ingvisson's place after that.

And, under the cut, Mom with Santa! )
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I got email from my editor, Taylor, asking if I would be on the Immanion authors panel this year. I agreed to participate. I also got an offer from the folks running the ADF Hospitality Suite to host an informal chat about the pilgrimage and my trip to Europe, so I will most likely be bringing photos from the trip and spending time with folks there, talking about my adventures. It won't be on the official schedule, but I'll see if we can get the information out on the bulletin boards or in the daily newsletter at the con.

This evening I went to Seattle with [ profile] gra_is_stor and we attended the Medieval Women's Choir holiday concert. This year it was English carols (meaning from England, not necessarily all in English). While I enjoyed it, I don't think it was among their better showings. The group seemed somewhat smaller this performance, and the only instruments were Margreit's vielle and some bells. I missed the harpist and their usual soloists, and I'm hoping we will see them again in the March and May concerts.

I did run into Brandy and Ted there, briefly. We weren't sitting anywhere near one another. They aren't season ticket holders this year, and Brandy's not in the choir, as she's taking a break from it for at least this season. We talked about Prague and a little about the other places I visited, but we didn't have a lot of time before the concert started. At the end, we went to look for them, but I suspect Brandy had dashed off to talk to the other choir members, because we didn't see them.

Tomorrow [ profile] gra_is_stor and I might be going to visit a friend of ours who is in hospital at the moment, but we're not sure of the visiting hours and whatnot. We'll figure it out when we're both awake and mobile tomorrow sometime.

I had ordered some tea from Floating Leaves online this week, as I've not been able to get down to Ballard when they were open, and it arrived today with a lovely note from Shiuwen, who inquired about my trip to Europe -- I'd stopped in not long before I left this summer. I'm going to try to get down there when [ profile] ogam is in town, if that's doable, so that we can all have some tea and catch up a bit. I need to get more than I had actually ordered, as I hadn't been entirely clear on how much one unit was - the tea is being sold by the ounce, and I hadn't ordered enough of what I wanted. It will certainly last for a little bit, but I would like more.
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Qi came by this afternoon for tea and photos, and we hung out for nearly four hours. I started out with an unpleasant migraine, but it faded as the afternoon progressed, thankfully. She brought pumpkin muffins, which were very nice but a little sweet for me, as most commercial stuff tends to be. They were very nice and moist, though, which was quite delightful.

After she left I made some chicken soup for dinner, which also helped some. Mostly I'm just exhausted.

Since sending my email to the list about leaving the schmooze, I've had a couple of very supportive emails from folks. I haven't had the chance to reply to both as yet, but I will. I also got an email from Caitlin, with whom I left some pomegranate wood back in June at Eight Winds, with a request for her to make a set of ogam feda for me. I should be receiving them soon and am really looking forward to seeing what she's done with it. I'll post a photo when I get them.

I keep reaching for the ring I cut off my finger last night, as I have always tended to fiddle with it a bit, and it feels really strange not having a ring there after so many years. My hand does feel better without it, though, so that's a start.

I'm supposed to be writing up something short for [ profile] mael_brigde for the 20th anniversary Daughters of the Flame newsletter about my practice over all this time. It needs to be in soon, so I hope I have enough brain cells scraped into a pile to be able to do it. I'm not sure I will manage it, though, given the amount of exhaustion I'm slogging through lately. I did tell her she could use the Kildare writeup from my Searching for Imbas blog, so I will at least have offered some contribution.
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My reminder woke me up at 2 about the appointment I'd cancelled. I still need to reschedule the orthotics fitting appointment. I'll do it when I have braincells.

Last night I ended up finally cutting the silver ring off my finger because it had been causing some nerve impingement for quite some time, making the fibro/tendonitis in my right hand worse. I wasn't thrilled, but I couldn't get the ring off otherwise. There will likely be a dent in my finger for a few weeks until things repair themselves.

I was hoping to get a little done on the upcoming Samhain ritual, but just didn't have the wherewithal. I didn't go to bed this morning until nearly 8:30. I didn't get out this evening to the AFK because I was just too tired. The day was largely taken up with doing some dishes and spudifying in front of the computer reading fanfic, because I couldn't find the brain cells to do anything else.

Tomorrow Qi from the steampunk group is coming by for tea and to see some of my photos from Europe. [ profile] gra_is_stor informs me that she's done some recording of the Gaelic prayers from Circle of Stones and hopes to do some more tomorrow evening at some point. As soon as the sound files are available, I'll let people know. C in Arizona updated my Preserving Shrine website yesterday with info about Fireflies at Absolute Zero so, for the moment, it's got everything up to date. I'll update again when the sound files are available.

My arms hurt. I need to work on the Samhain ritual. I got a nice, supportive note from one of the folks from the schmooze about my departure. This pleased me. We'll probably get together at Travelers from time to time after my VA appointments - we used to see one another at the CapHill Travelers when it was still open.

I'm very tired. Off to bed. I may read a little bit before I sleep, but it's definitely time to crawl off between the sheets.
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This morning [ profile] alfrecht, [ profile] gra_is_stor, and I went out to the Shinto shrine for the fall ceremony. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, and [ profile] tedgill and [ profile] brandywilliams were both there, so we got a little bit of a chance to catch up with them.

[ profile] alfrecht's mom picked him up from the shrine and [ profile] gra_is_stor was too tired to come down to Seattle with me later during the day for the tea and conversation. (BTW, [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] thewronghands, you should follow one another and maybe we'll have an easier time getting you two in the same place at the same time!)

I stayed for the tea for a couple of hours, then hauled [ profile] wire_mother out for some dinner and then off to chat at Cafe Vita for a while. We spent about two hours together catching up and talking about a lot of things. I was able to make a pretty large decision over the course of our conversation, I just have to figure out how to articulate it soon.

Tomorrow I'm having tea at 1 with a friend, then taking the DoDC+3 to the vet in the late afternoon. I haven't had him in to see one since he nearly got himself killed a couple of years back so he is vastly overdue for his vaccinations.

Got word from Jason today that the poetry book was sent off to the printer and he'll check over the proof copy and then approve it for publication. I'm sitting here looking at a stack of things that I need to write, one of which is for the Hiraeth website as publicity for the book. I have to put together a little bit for [ profile] mael_brigde for the DoF newsletter. I have to put together an article from the ogam and magic talk I gave at the Esoteric Book Conference and submit it to Abraxas, then I need to get to work on the Brigid book. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but it still feels pretty overwhelming. I need to finish up the Hiraeth project Tuesday so it'll be with them on Wednesday for publication. Tomorrow I probably won't have a lot of time for it, but Tuesday I should before I have to head out for the steampunk social.

If I'm missing something I've promised to do, please do let me know. My brain is utterly sieve-like right now.
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So yesterday the only thing I did was post a fic. Everything else was pretty much beyond me.

Today I did some laundry and went over to help [ profile] gra_is_stor with some unpacking. We hauled boxes around until we had them in appropriate categories, I unpacked stuff into her kitchen, and then we unpacked music and books. She's got her two cats now, but they were hiding the entire time I was there (unsurprisingly, as the whole place was pretty chaotic).

I had a friend over for tea in the early afternoon. I made some lavender scones and we talked about stuff and things and I showed her an ep of Venture Brothers, as you do. She was exceedingly amused. She had to go about 3 to pick up her daughter; [ profile] gra_is_stor showed up maybe 15 minutes later from a doctor's appointment.

Today's mail brought an envelope from UW Physicians, who had finally sent my bill for the tit squish over to the VA, as they should have in the first place. Also, my mortgage was sold to some other company, so I had to spend some time arranging to change my payment details, which was annoying but not terribly difficult. I should be able to have everything swapped over for next month's payment without any problem.

Tomorrow will probably be more unpacking with [ profile] gra_is_stor.

I can't remember if I linked it, but Hiraeth has published another excerpt from Fireflies at Absolute Zero on their website yesterday.
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I'll be out of here in about 10 minutes, heading south for Portland, then Ashland for the night. It's 53f and drizzling here (as usual) but I'm hoping the weather will improve as I head south. Everything I can do here is done except stuffing my clothes pack Garuda's boot. I'm sipping my morning cuppa Irish Breakfast (the Floating Leaves House Black is in the car already) trying to get enough caffeine into my system for the road.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. May your travels be safe and wonder meet you on the road.
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I'll be out of here in about 10 minutes, heading south for Portland, then Ashland for the night. It's 53f and drizzling here (as usual) but I'm hoping the weather will improve as I head south. Everything I can do here is done except stuffing my clothes pack Garuda's boot. I'm sipping my morning cuppa Irish Breakfast (the Floating Leaves House Black is in the car already) trying to get enough caffeine into my system for the road.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. May your travels be safe and wonder meet you on the road.
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From the Floating Leaves blog:

The new spring Oolongs arrived about three weeks ago and they are opening up beautifully. I have been very happy with this season's tea. A lot of them have very full flavors with an exquisite softness underneath. Many people have already tasted this season's teas with me and the feedback has been very positive.

Normally by this time, I would have been able to choose my favorite tea for the season, but it has been difficult for me to make a decision. I like the warm and full-bodied 2011 Muzha Tieguanyin. I like our Dong Ding Traditional that has a solid mouth feel, whereas our Dong Ding Select is very soft and gentle through many, many infusions. I like the boldness of the Buddha's Hand, which at the same time, feels so soft on the palate. The high mountain Oolongs are all unique, but wonderfully complex with creamy, buttery textures. If you haven't tried out this season's teas yet, please do!

I am also very excited to share these delicious new teas with some tea friends in Portland. I will be in Portland on June 29th and 30th to present four tastings: a Baozhong Tasting; a High Mountain Oolong Tasting; a Dong Ding Tasting, and an Aged Oolong Tasting. If you live in Portland or know friends who you think would like to join me, please pass on the information. For detailed information and to sign up, please contact:

David, Portland Tea Enthusiastis' Alliance (PDX TEA):

Special thanks to Jan Ellis and David Galli for putting this event together in Portland.
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I spent a lot longer in Seattle today than I had anticipated or intended, but it was a pretty good day. I met [ profile] joyful_storm at Travelers, where I had a chance to talk with Mary and Leon a bit. Allen was doing better but had a relapse and needed to deal with doctors again. Things continue to be difficult, but the Beacon Hill location is still going strong. They are hoping to be out of the Cap Hill space by I think the 28th of June. I'll be there again Wednesday after my VA shrinkage, but that will likely be my last visit to the space. [ profile] joyful_storm asked where I would hang out on the hill after my appointments and I answered probably the Elliott Bay Cafe or maybe Caffe Vita, as both are pretty much right there as well.

[ profile] alfrecht and [ profile] neo_lvx came by after we'd been talking for a bit. [ profile] alfrecht gave me a book to deliver to [ profile] blindwebster in Sacramento on my way down to Eight Winds in a couple of weeks, so I'll have that with me.

After Travelers, [ profile] joyful_storm and I proceeded down to Belltown to a travel clothing store. I picked up some things I needed there, then we wandered over to Ballard, where I stopped into Floating Leaves and talked with Shiuwen for a bit and got some new tea. I told her about the trip and she really wants to see photos from Europe when I return. She's been to Spain, but never northern/western Europe before and would like to see some of the places. So that'll be another stop when I return -- so many folks are excited to see all this stuff. She asked if we were going down to the Freemont Solstice Fair, which we hadn't realized was this weekend. We said no, we had other errands that we needed to run. After getting tea, we walked down to another travel store and picked up a few more things that I needed (socks for hiking boots -- most of mine aren't suitable). We then got on the road to the next place on the agenda.

I thought she'd said "Greenwood" and she'd actually said "Greenlake," so we ended up going in the wrong direction then getting caught in a ton of Solstice Fair traffic, then missed another turn because my brain was still saying "Greenwood" and finally got down to Greenlake, where we did a little more stuff. After that it was down 65th to her place, where I was going to come in for a cuppa tea and some toast and biff off home. Instead, I got invited to stay for dinner, which I did. I had a fantastic time, and we all talked for several hours about travel and the pilgrimage and a bunch of other things. [ profile] joyful_storm loaned me Under the Cloak: A Pagan Ritual Turning Point in the Conversion of Iceland, because it deals directly with incubatory ritual and references some of the Irish stuff. I've seen most of the Irish material it discusses, but the Icelandic material is less familiar to me, and it's directly relevant to one of the rituals I'm working on for the pilgrimage.

All in all it was a very fruitful and busy day. The food and the company were good and, although I'm tired, I feel like I got a lot done. I didn't get home to write as soon as I wanted, but having a chance to take some time after having to deal with special event traffic and (ugh) shopping, I figured I deserved it.

Tomorrow, Skype chat with Jhenah about the pilgrimage, and work on the incubation rituals.
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It was another gloriously sunny day today, in the high 60s, and I went for a walk around the lake again. I forgot to put the knee brace on first, so I was kind of creaky when I got back (hip as well as knee), but it was a good walk. I stopped for a minute to take a couple of photos of some Canada geese and their goslings on the lake as I was on my way through the park.


When I got back, I wrote up a brief author interview for someone's blog. I'll post a link here if/when he posts it. The interview was about writing and publishing, so a little different than the usual Pagan stuff though, of course, Pagan stuff got mentioned because it's what I write about. He's also interested in disability issues, as he has Spina Bifida and has been in a wheelchair since he was 5, so I also talked a fair bit about the whole geilt and PTSD connection as well, and the challenges of writing with fibromyalgia, chronic pain issues, and migraines.

Today's online Isle of Man trip research netted me a web cafe with wireless access in downtown Douglas, on Victoria Street, open from 9am to 6pm, about 4 miles from the campsite I'll be staying at (and not far at all from the ferry terminal), so I should be able to be online for at least a brief update most days. I've also located Keeil Vreeshey, which is the ruin of a St. Brigid chapel, so I'll be doing my best to get out there while I'm running around. I'm thinking that renting a car for a day or two might be a really good idea so that I can get to some of the more outlying areas easily. My google-fu, let me show you it!

Last night's roast duck is currently being turned into broth for lentil soup for tomorrow. I'll be taking the bones out shortly and stripping the remaining meat from them. I walked down to the Safeway to pick up leeks and some other supplies for the soup and whatnot. I did have some veggies, but not the right sort of thing for lentil soup. I did wear the knee brace for that walk, and it helped a bit, but I had to take it off after I'd been sitting for a while when I got home. I was too tired to do much for dinner, so I made some thick hunks of toast with the kalamata olive bread I have, topped it with some goat cheese, then covered it with gravy I made from last night's roast duck. It was fabulously delicious, and I still have gravy left over, so I can do something like that tomorrow, as well!

Shiuwen from Floating Leaves sent out an email saying that from now until Saturday all the tea is 20% off, as she's clearing the decks for her trip to Taiwan in May to bring home the spring season teas, so I'm going to have to head over there and pick up some of her House Black, if she still has any in stock. I haven't been over in some months and have been out for a while. I've been drinking tea bags of English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast instead of the good stuff. ;)

I talked to Teo Bishop today on Twitter about his blog post and said I was planning on doing a response to it. He was pretty excited by that and was looking forward to seeing what I had to say, and he told me he'd link people over to my post when I have it up over on Searching for Imbas, so that'll be nice.

I did a small crafts/repair project today as well, having nothing at all to do with either the pilgrimage or writing. I have an old eyeglasses case that my glasses came with back in the 90s. It's metal and the little plastic padded case inside started coming loose. The faux leather outside wore off several years back and it has been just some slippery fabric that was rather difficult to open. I'd dealt with that temporarily by putting some duct tape in the places where I'd grasp it to open it. It was not the best solution, but it was what I could do without really thinking about it. Today I took a hot glue gun to the interior so that the part that's come loose is affixed once again, then I took an old, worn out Tibetan prayer flag and glued that to the outside. The fabric is rough enough to offer a good grip, and decorative enough to be pleasant to look at. There are a couple of photos of the finished project behind the cut here.

Two photos ahead! )
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I realized last night after I went to bed that I hadn't posted anything about yesterday. It wasn't a busy day, but it felt rather long.

I went down to the VA for the spirituality group and gave my Medieval Women's Choir concert ticket to one of the women in the group who loves their music and was very excited about getting the ticket. I was honestly surprised that nobody online expressed anything but passing interest; the group is amazing and if I can't go, I want to be able to share their music with someone.

After group I went over to Travelers. I spoke with Leon briefly, who was going to Philip Hesleton's talk on Gerald Gardner last night. When I showed Leon the postcard for the Ireland pilgrimage, he asked if he could have it; I still have four and will need to get to a copy shop to make some more before I give any others away. He said he was going to show the thing to Heselton, though why, I'm not sure. I doubt he would be at all interested. Leon sounded pretty jazzed by the whole idea of the pilgrimage though, of course, he's got a million things to do here. I just wanted him to know about it so that he could spread the word along.

Jeff dropped into Travelers while I was there, and we talked for a while and he bought me a chai. [ profile] gra_is_stor was off at a bodywork appointment and so couldn't join us. She'll be up here later this afternoon so we can be ready to head out to Port Townsend tomorrow for the Victorian seance and murder mystery party.

I did spend some time alone at Travelers, taking notes from one of the books I've still got out from the Suzzallo. It has one of the medieval hymns to Brigid in it, which was what I was looking over last night. I need to dig through the Lives as well. I feel deadlines pressing along pretty much every side, for the pilgrimage and for the Eight Winds trip in June.

I have to remake the Brigid and Sarasvati handout from PantheaCon so that I can add a couple of things to it that rose out of our discussion at PCon. I'm doing the presentation again at Eight Winds this year. I also got a request for the information to be put online by a guy who was at my talk and who has Indian roommates who were interested in his account of the discussion. (eta: Found the paper on the netbook, where I composed it because the laptop had been giving me fits. Redundant computerage is redundant. And helpful.)

This afternoon, I'm sipping a pu erh tea that smells like the inside of a cave. I rather needed a little of that. It's grey and drizzling out and the traffic is rushing by on the street below the parking lot. Ducks are quacking over the sound of the cars going by. It's a typical early spring day in Everett.
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Today I hauled [ profile] gra_is_stor and M back to Seattle then met [ profile] thewronghands and [ profile] mimerki very briefly at Remedy Teas to deliver a copy of [ profile] dpaxson's The Way of the Oracle (signed of course) to TWH. Immediately having done that, I headed back north to pick up [ profile] ingvisson and a hard drive enclosure, which it turned out I didn't actually need, due to the fact that the drive I already have did in fact have a USB2 port on it and I had a cable in one of my boxes that I could use.

Stuff and things were transferred, but I haven't yet been able to move my old mail to my new computer. I've got the mailboxes, but none of the contents. The computer itself currently has two conflicting admin accounts, and the two are talking to one another only minimally, so I may have to erase the new computer entirely, transfer the information, and then reinstall OSX Lion and the extra bits that [ profile] lwood had given me in order for everything to work together harmoniously and without two admin accounts snarking at each other across the great divide.

I got teriyaki chicken for the two of us while we futzed with things and poked at manuals, then I took the unused drive case I'd got in California back to the local Best Buy for my money back, and hauled [ profile] ingvisson back to his place, whereupon I came home and synched the new phone with my iTunes so that it has everything on it that it's supposed to. I'll deal with synching the iPad tomorrow.

The cloud did in fact eventually download the email that I'd saved onto my iPad, so that bit works, but I'm still kind of flustered about the potential loss of all my other emails and the information in them. We'll see what happens. I still have the old computer here, deciding to hang onto it until the entire transfer is dealt with, then I'll give it to [ profile] ingvisson, as it will be a fairly significant upgrade to his system.

I'm still busy trying to adjust the settings on this critter so that it does what it's supposed to. Some of the new OS's settings and habits are a little odd to me, but I'll adjust. I'm just glad I have some time to myself in the next few days. I am so entirely peopled out I can hardly handle it. Tomorrow is my flamekeeping shift. That should help me settle back in a little more. Getting back into my ritual routine should be a comfort. I need to do some work in the incubation chamber as well, as Himself noted to me during the Echtra, Immram and Aisling workshop. I didn't really get into journeyspace beyond being told to hit the incubation chamber when I got home; I was too distracted by the room and the people to try to go deep, but the workshop wasn't designed for folks like me, it was designed around beginners to journeying, and I think for that it did a pretty good job.
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Today was given over to the steampunk New Years recovery tea, and what a lovely tea it was! I took [ profile] gra_is_stor out to a very nice, roomy place in Snohomish replete with llamas, pwnies, and other various and sundry wildlife. And that was just outside the place...

There was quite a good crowd there, and some wonderful conversation was had by all. Tea and snackies occurred, along with a white elephant gift exchange, at which I got a very nice Chinese style teacup for loose leaf oolongs. I was also given a nice bag of jasmine green by someone who'd bought Way Too Much of the stuff and was never going to drink it before it died of exposure. I was happy to bring it home.

We met some lovely new people there, guests from Portland, who were the cousin and cousin's spouse of one of the local steampunks. Fantastic geekdom conversation was had by all. [ profile] gra_is_stor and I cuted at everyone again.

Once we got back here, I checked the email then sat her down in front of the TV for a shot of Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which she'd not only never seen before, but never even heard of. I told her that they'd stolen a character from it and stuffed him in, almost unchanged, as a villain in The Tick animated series. Of course, Strangelove is also the source of a huge number of tropes in subsequent movies and TV shows, so it's always interesting to look at the effect it's had on American popular culture.

I noted on twitter that I was showing it to her, and got a variety of responses from some of my friends there. I had a conversation with one of my fandom friends, who said she'd been born in 86 and just didn't quite get the zeitgeist of the movie, having no experience with Cold War mentality. I told her I was extremely glad that was the case, but she certainly saw it for the brilliant farce it was. It's the sort of movie that, if you lived through the whole mess, is so dark you have to laugh so as not to go a little bit nuts with the memory of it all. It kind of speaks to my own nuclear nightmares, particularly given that, as a communications person, I was always worried that any of a certain particular class of messages I sent out frequently would end up being That Message, and the world as we knew it would end. It's a hard one.

After all that, I dived into a beta project for another fangirl friend of mine, which I'd promised to do but didn't do thoroughly enough the other day. She took it down and let me finish cleaning it up, so that she can re-post and it will look much better. I had done a really quick job and had missed an embarrassing number of things. I really hate it when that happens.

Anyway. Tea. Steampunks. Strangelove. Quite a day.
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Today was some writey stuff, and I posted one of my short fics for a fic exchange after having banged it out (1200-ish words) in its entirety in a few hours before getting ready to head for Seattle.

We dropped things off at [ profile] gra_is_stor's place then grabbed some lunch at Mirch Masala on Broadway, before heading over to Travelers for a bit. I finally finished reading Heroic Poets and Poetic Heroes after about 18 months, so I can now return it to the Suzzallo. About damned time, really.

The schmooze this evening went pretty well, though we didn't have our entire usual crowd, given holiday work schedules and other issues. I think we had a good conversation and we talked about ways to apply what we'd been learning over the course of the year. Several suggestions for potential classes or workshops were touted, some of which I'm sure we'll implement in the course of the next year. We also decided that in January, we'd talk about the deities we work with and what kinds of things we do to honor them. We'll be having our monthly business meeting to decide on February's stuff and figure out what to do for Imbolc next Wednesday (not this one coming up).

One thing that there was some significant interest in was further information about the whole geilt concept. I need to remember to post a couple of things to the Puget Sound CR group for folks to read on that. There was also some desire for a workshop on ogam as well. Moss noted that there would probably be a good deal of interest in both of these things in the larger community, but we had planned on making some of these classes open beyond just our group anyway, so when we do schedule these things, he can certainly pass the word along.

On the way home I picked up a few things I needed at the grocery store, though I have yet to go through and do my major shopping run for the month. That will probably take place this week, though.

Tomorrow I have the weekly steampunk social at AFK, which I'm quite looking forward to. There will no doubt be nefarious plotting for the upcoming New Years Recovery Tea.
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We got a fair crowd (7-ish) at the steampunk social at the AFK tonight. Quite a few of them are interested in actually building some community up here, and there are some plans afoot for a New Years Day tea up here, hosted by a couple of the new folks. I'm all in favor of this. People are working on designing a logo for the group, which I am also all in favor of. It's looking like things might finally be getting off to a decent start, after some fits and stutters. This is a relief to me, as it means I don't feel like I might spend a couple of hours out hoping for company and nobody coming. There are also plans afoot for the group to go and attend a showing of the second Sherlock Holmes movie in December when it comes out. I'll go see it just for the amusement factor of Stephen Fry as Mycroft! Being able to hang out and see it with a bunch of steampunks will just be the frosting on the cake.

I've decided that my brain can't handle any more serious writing for a little bit and have dived into a fic thing I've been wanting to write for a bit now. Once I've got that finished, I'll get on the Phosphorus article, but I honestly can't focus on nonfiction right now and the break will help me get my head together for it again. I also got a note tonight from somebody in one of my fandoms who wants to do an illustration for a fic I wrote a while back, which is absolutely delightful, as she's a very talented artist. I don't know if a finished piece will result, but even knowing she wants to do this is totally making my fannish day.

Tomorrow I have yoga and shrinkage. Thursday is the spirituality group. Friday is [ profile] yiaya's birthday. Saturday is tango. I may or may not survive.


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