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My primary responsibility today was the Sisters of Seshat ritual with [ profile] brandywilliams and a couple of other Sorors. We had (much to Brandy's surprise but not at all to mine) quite a group of women show up for the ritual. There were 33, in fact. It was a very nice ritual, and rather more quickly done than we'd anticipated, so we let out a little early.

I caught up with a bunch of people today that I hadn't seen or had an opportunity to talk much with, like Macha NightMare and Sabinia Maggliocco, as well as spending time with some of my friends from the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn. I attended the last seating for the Hermetic Tea Ceremony this evening at the OSOGD suite and had a lovely time there. Tea will be had in Everett with the culprits at some point later. I promised to share some of my wonderful mid-70s vintage aged pu ehr, which led to wide, delighted eyeballs being aimed in my direction.

Also at the OSOGD suite, I got a little bit of acupuncture to help with a headache that's been dogging me most of the day. I'm still pretty badly off and finally had to beg out of a dear friend's room party because of it, but I did my good deed for the night by introducing a young gent to him and when I left they were continuing to have a really great conversation.

I got a chance to catch up with quite a few folks in other con suites as well, and spent time here and there. Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with the SOA sisters to do some more planning for the Ireland pilgrimage. One woman who stopped by the SOA suite brought along a tarot deck that she had designed that is illustrated with the most gorgeous vintage nude photos of women from the 1920s and 1930s. I love photos from that era and these were some truly amazing ones. I dashed down to the dealer's room before they closed for the day so that I could get a deck for myself. I don't generally buy tarot decks anymore, but the art on this was just so strikingly beautiful that I couldn't resist.

Also tomorrow is my workshop on Brigid and Sarasvati, at 7pm, and 9pm will be [ profile] alfrecht's Queer Celtic Mytbology workshop, which should be fascinating. I always love to hear his talks when I'm able to get to them.

And now, collapsing in a heap to try to deal with the migraine.

Goodnight all! Hope you had a fabulous day!


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