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My schedule at PantheaCon this year is looking like this:

Saturday: 1:30pm Immanion/Megalithica Author's Panel
5pm: ADF Suite, Photos & tales from the Ireland pilgrimage
11pm: Joint workshop on spirit work & PTSD with Jessie Olson - Wounded Spirits: Heeding the Call Through Trauma
Sunday: 9pm: Irish Healing Deities: Beyond Brigid

I paid my PCon membership today as well, before the reg fee went up.

I've got a poetry manuscript from Michael that I need to read over. I printed it out today but haven't got round to having a close look yet. He's in Hawaii at the moment, so it's not entirely urgent. I'll probably have a look at it later tonight.

I did some cleaning around the house today, and last night I got some steamers and mussels while I was out grocery shopping with [ profile] gra_is_stor so I had them today. It was really nice to have some shellfish again. I don't have them very often. I also got some groceries delivered (mostly heavy stuff) so that I didn't have to haul myself out of the house today.

When I got up this morning, it was snowing. It snowed very lightly all day but none of it stuck. The parking lot is coated with black ice tonight, though, after all the moisture froze over. It's overcast tonight, though, so it's not down in the 20s; in fact, it's 33f right now, which is warmer than it's been at night lately. I'm happy about that, at least.

I emailed my publishers at Hiraeth today to let them know I would be in their area. The publisher is based in CT. One of them lives in Boston, the other about an hour from Providence, so I may be able to get together with them while I'm out there, as well. That would be fun, I think. They are going to try to arrange it, at least, probably while I'm in Providence, as it would be the most central location for both of them.

Tomorrow, probably the AFK in the evening for steampunks. Thursday is group at the VA. I wish I could focus a little better right now.
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I'm up a bit earlier than anticipated. Checked the pass and chains are definitely still required, but I didn't see any notes about needing chains south of the Yreka area. Mt Shasta City was suggested for road food for folks with bizarre food allergies, so we might try there if we don't just grab something at a cafe here before we leave. I will need to go poke [ profile] gra_is_stor in a few to make sure she's actually vertical.

In a few minutes I'm going to start hauling my stuff down to Garuda and check the chains to make sure everything is in order and that they haven't lost the clips that hold them together. I should probably consider getting cash for the road as well. Yelp reports a co-op cafe, but it's cash only and right now all I have are my cards.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement on the road. I'm not looking forward to the pass through the Siskiyous today. At least it's bright and sunny!
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In thinking about what I've been posting lately, and in the last couple of years, I realized that I've slowly been letting a little more of my past seep into this than I had before. I've written about my past before, though not a lot in public places. I have talked about some very personal stuff here, I know, but I think it's been fairly rare. In publishing my poetry collection, there is a fair bit of my personal history to be found, and I think I'm mostly okay with that.

Rambling, a photo, and a few questions below. )
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I was actually able to get out of the place today. The slush and ice were only about two inches deep in the parking lot around the middle of this afternoon, so I shoveled out Garuda and hit the road for the AFK for lunch. While I was there (got there about 3pm) I did a bunch of uploading and downloading that I needed to do, and which would have taken a salmon's age to do here, with my wimpy wireless. The furries were out in force having some kind of a meetup there this afternoon.

Upon my arrival home, I worked on the next iteration of the Imbolc ritual and sent that off to the group for comment and possible editing. Then I wrote up a brief post for Searching for Imbas on the upcoming release of my poetry collection. I also finally answered a short questionnaire from a guy at university in Luzern, Switzerland who is doing a study on CR practitioners about the place of myth in their spiritual practice. That had been sitting in my inbox for a couple of months, given how crazy busy things have been.

I got word today that I'll be getting a couple of passes for FaerieCon here in February, the weekend before PantheaCon, so [ profile] gra_is_stor and I will be attending, thanks to a kind and generous friend. She will be up here in about half an hour.

Dishes were done. Laundry was folded and put away. A little communication was had with my publisher. For my next trick, I have to outline one of my PCon workshops. With any luck, that can happen tomorrow.

The mail today brought an inquiry from the VA. They want to suck up my DNA and use it (they are hoping for a million veterans to participate) and use it for research purposes. I'm of two minds about the whole thing. On the one hand, medical research, yay. Potential understanding of disease and potential cures, yay. On the other hand, the government owning my DNA, fuck that noise. Pharmaceutical companies potentially profiting from my genetic structure, likewise fuck that noise. I've got an appointment Wednesday with my shrink and will talk with her about the whole thing. Maybe she'll be able to offer a little insight. Some of the items on the questionnaire I'd need access to my medical records to answer, anyway. I don't have a complete record here, but it can be looked up at the VA if necessary.

And now to finish slurping up my dinner. It's the tag end of the curried chicken and lentil soup. Very tasty, very spicy. YUM.
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It's been raining off and on all day, which is helping deal with the snow, but this also means that the whole area is under a flood warning. There's still about four inches of packed snow and slush in the parking lot, which means it's a bit of a chore to negotiate. I'm still not driving anywhere.

[ profile] brandywilliams cancelled the Sisters of Seshat initiation for tomorrow. It'll be rescheduled for later, when people don't have to worry about dealing with the awful roads and such.

I didn't get much done today. I did hang out in #indieop on twitter with a bunch of writers and artists, and that was fun. I watched Auntie Mame, which was okay, but I remember liking the book a lot better. And I still want to grow up to be Auntie Mame. ;)

Feeling a bit queasy, so it's probably just as well that the initiation was cancelled. The sinuses are a little off still, too. I'm likely to head to bed pretty soon in hopes of feeling a bit better.

Friends were over at the AFK tonight, but there was just no way that I was going to try to get Garuda out of the parking lot to go there. Gary said not to even try - they have a truck and I have a wee bitty Toyota, so they were a lot more able to negotiate the mess on the roads. I'm hoping by Monday things will be better. If I'm feeling okay tomorrow, I'm going to see about shoving the eight inches or so of snow off the top of Garuda so that eventually I'll be able to get out of here at some point. I considered it today but just wasn't up to that much physical work. Wet snow is awfully heavy.

I really need to try and pull it together tomorrow and deal with the Imbolc ritual edits.
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It snowed from about 5am until mid-afternoon and we got another four-ish inches or so today. The main road out front has got at least an inch of hard packed snow/ice over it, and people are still driving on it. The parking lot has more like three inches of the hard packed stuff and six inches or so in some places. There's about a foot of the stuff on top of my car at the moment. An article in the LA Times had the gall to refer to us as "snow wimps" -- a city that does 24 hour coverage of half an inch of rain. Yeah, stay classy guys. Different regions have different weather patterns -- I don't expect you to cope with four inches of rain, don't expect us to cope with a foot of snow.

Group was cancelled today. Trees are down all over the region. Roads are closed. Tons of flights out of SeaTac were cancelled today as well.

If this doesn't substantially go away on Friday up here, I'm not going down into Seattle for the Sisters of Seshat initiation. I just won't take that kind of chance, even if it's only 3 miles to the freeway. There have been way too many accidents out there today -- I've been following the WSDOT twitter and they report on all the stalls, spinouts, accidents, and other incidents on the road. There have been several per hour all day today. It's insane.

This is what it looks like outside my place right now, even though there's no snow coming down.

more snow

I think I may be coming down with a cold. I've got that scratchy sinus feeling and have been sneezing a bit the last couple of hours. I went walking down to the Safeway at 112th this evening and watched cars slipping on the road, going too fast. People are nuts. At least I've got veggies and some other stuff to last me for a while.

Today's post brought a Veterans for Peace sweatshirt that I'd ordered back in November (they were out and I told them to go ahead and ship me one when they got the new stock in), and a check from my car insurance company. Apparently, my credit rating went up a few points and I'm now eligible for a lower insurance rate, so they sent me a check for the difference. That was unexpected, and a very pleasant surprise, so I stuffed it in my savings account for PCon and/or the Ireland pilgrimage. That was part of the reason I'd bothered to walk down to the store today, so I could deposit the check. I have enough stuff here to last for a bit, but it was nice to have a little variety, rather than relying on what's currently in the house.

The trees menacing the Shinto shrine were taken down today, over a tense period of a few hours. According to the shrine newsletter, the guy who did the work said it was the most dangerous situation he'd ever tackled, and gave them instructions about calling 911 and his wife if anything happened. Everything went well, I am pleased to report. They are somewhat over halfway in their fundraising efforts, but if you can kick a few bucks their way, please do. I'm sure this is not going to be quite the end of the whole thing. More snow and ice may yet fall and bring down more trees.

I didn't do any writing today, but I figured dealing with dishes and walking to the store with my hip seizing up on me was enough effort for anyone.
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Current Status at Tsubaki America Okami Yashiro

to all our friends in various places on our sacred Earth Jewel: thank you so much for warm consideration and Ki always...

Current situation is that it is snowing moderately heavily with a large ice storm expected to arrive later this afternoon / evening... electricity was restored last nigh at 1:00 AM...Snohomish PUD has over 100 crews out in the field, tree crews , line crews etc. who are working around the clock with minimum sleep and maximum dedication...

..owing to the particular nature of the layers of snow and ice this series of storms has been extra dangerous as the weight continues to pile up on trees....on Kaikan side many many trees are down, mostly alders, but a medium sized cedar tree has grazed our apartment as well...literally dozens of trees are already down on Kaikan side...

Jinja side...a medium sized and much loved yamazakura/ mountain cherry has fallen against the shrine building...we think the roof is intact and are dealing with that tree as well as a number of other trees that have fallen....however a pair of very large alder trees located to the north side of the Shrine building have seriously increased their angle of seems quite likely they will not last the day...we have managed to find a tree service whose owner and crew are willing to do their best to save the shrine building today... again the situation is extremely dangerous to this crew and to the shrine building as well....

Normally to removes such large and dangerous trees costs several thousand dollars...with the added stress on the trees of the huge amounts of snow and ice and added danger the fee has increased by a factor of three as well....ganbarimasu.......

Shrine is in serious danger by snow storm !!!! Please help us!!!
Many big trees had fallen down already. And now 2 huge trees are almost to fall down on shrine building. We contacted professional tree service to save our shrine. It estimate about $6000.00. It is huge money for us. Could you help us please?

Our paypal account is
our if you would like to donate by credit card, please contact to Barrish sensei by phone or e-mail. But we are not sure how long we can have power here.
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It's still below freezing out there. There's two inches of hard packed snow and ice in the parking lot. My car is buried under about eight inches of snow. It snowed a while this morning and into the afternoon, lightly, but stopped and has not, so far, restarted.

The snow out there has a thin ice crust on top of it now, which means the dog doesn't want to walk on it. He's really nervous about the snow and ice. Fluffy snow he'll play in, but once the parking lot starts icing over, he gets very persnickety. I can't pick him up and carry him over the problem spots because I'm quite honestly afraid of falling and wrecking both of us.

I've called and cancelled my Thursday group. There is no way I'm going to try messing around with the parking lot tomorrow, or the roads, which are still quite bad out there in many places, including near here on I5, where a downed tree blocked the park and ride northbound ramp at 112th, near my house.

Getting the poetry book done was good. I'm really glad to have that put together and sent off. Now all I have to do is fret about it until it gets published in late October. ;)

My next project has to be dealing with the revisions to the Imbolc ritual text and the PCon presentation outlines. I'll see what I can do about those tomorrow.
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If you're reading this, you're probably already aware of SOPA/PIPA so I won't reiterate. Please do say something to your governmental "public servants." Pretty much every website I use regularly would be devastated by the legislation if it passed, my own included.

We got probably five or so inches of snow today. It stopped snowing mid-afternoon and hasn't started again yet, but it's started up in Seattle already and will probably hit here sometime in the next few hours. Weather reports are predicting "the worst snow in a couple of decades" with possibly a foot or more falling in the next day or so.

I had my next-door neighbor over for dinner tonight. She's been doing a lot of snow shoveling when I'm not really able to, which I deeply appreciate, given that I slipped on this stuff a few years back and broke an arm. She was really happy to be invited and said it was nice to be appreciated for what she's doing. I just wish I could contribute more to the effort.

Earlier this evening I had to take another tramadol; I am going to presume that this was yet another weather-related headache like the one I had the other day. I'm doing okay, but it's annoying to hurt like that.

My shrink called early this afternoon to cancel for tomorrow because of the weather. We've moved the appointment to next week. I'm probably going to call tomorrow to cancel for Thursday, as well. I also asked in the appropriate place whether there are contingency plans for Saturday's Sisters of Seshat initiation.

[ profile] lwood pinged me today and said that Eli and Don won't be at PCon this year, so we will be sharing a room rather than a suite with Diana. I'm okay with this, and it will cut down more on expenses, which all of us will appreciate. It's easy enough to get a roll-in bed if we need one.

I've printed out the manuscript for Fireflies at Absolute Zero and have edited about a third of it. I'm still thinking about the dedication page. Tomorrow will be more editing, and I'll probably do more tonight before I go to bed, as well.

I'm not going anywhere until this whole weather situation has resolved. I hope those of you who are required to be out in it will be careful and stay safe and warm.
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The temperature has been hovering around 32/33f for the last several hours. We got light snow all morning and into the afternoon, putting down about another inch over the course of the day. Right now it's being slightly melty and there was a very slight drizzle for a while.

The parking lot has about an inch of ice on it right now, but the sound of water dripping is everywhere outside. With any luck, the temperature will rise tonight instead of fall, and we'll have some melt instead of it freezing over again.

I walked down to the store a couple of hours ago to get things in case the weather got nasty again tomorrow. I will most likely make chicken and dumplings tomorrow; I got a whole chicken and will happily hack it into gobbets and turn it into tastiness.

Email arrived today from Jason at Hiraeth Press, who says we have a date of mid-October to November 1st for the release of Fireflies at Absolute Zero. I need to get it finalized and sent off to him this week.

I took a couple of pics of the DoDC+3 tonight. They were taken with my phone and my shaky hands, so enter at your own risk. Devastating Cuteness herein )
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The Everett weather forecast from now until next Sunday predicts at least a chance of snow every day except Thursday.

I may not be going anywhere for several days unless it's a walk down to the grocery store. You have been warned.
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I woke about 11:30 and it was snowing still/again. There's about two inches on the ground, wet and heavy and, needless to say, I didn't get out to the shrine today. I did hang out for a while in #writechat, and I also shoveled the walkway into our set of doors. I didn't have enough in me to shovel out the walkway between the cars, where I fell and broke my arm some years back due to ice. I'm hoping someone else will take up where I left off. I got as much ice up as I could.

Tired Erynn is now tired and shaky. There should be food.
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I think my headache yesterday was a "crap weather is coming" headache rather than a "crap happening in my body" headache. Everett got about half an inch here at Silver Lake. My web has been slow and/or crappy and/or nonexistent most of the day. I walked next door to Amante's for dinner and had rosemary-chicken ravioli and a glass of chianti. I am tired and still headachy, so I'm going to crash for a while and see if a nap will help me feel better.

Or I'll just stay in bed.

I'm rather doubting I'm going to make it out to the shrine tomorrow. *sadness*

Below the cut, a photo of this afternoon's snowfall. Snow )
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The evil s-word has been fluttering down off and on this evening. It's 34f at the moment. I'm not feeling a whole lot better, but I wasn't expecting to quite yet. To all my friends who are apparently going to be on the road tomorrow, stay safe and drive carefully.

I was able to eat a little something and not have too much trouble with it, but I'm still kind of a mess. I am so staying home this weekend, especially if it continues to get colder.

I got a little writing in today. In a bit I'll mess around with Plants vs Zombies again. Maybe there will be sleep at some point.
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I didn't get out to the concert today. Between exhaustion and a constant drift of snow all day long, I wasn't up to braving the situation. It wasn't too bad until evening started coming on and the snow began sticking more. We eventually had about half an inch, though some of it's already gone. The temp has risen from a daytime 27f to about 30f right now, so perhaps tomorrow the weather will be better, though more snow is predicted both here and in Seattle. If we do get more snow, I'm likely to miss the matinee of "The Brothers Size" as well, which will be disappointing, but not a tragedy. Due to a gift certificate, I only paid $8 for the ticket, unlike the approximately $20 for tonight's concert ticket.

I really should have known I would feel like this when I got home; I always do. It takes weeks for me to really get any energy back after I've done a long trip like this. I manage to stick it out until I get home, then the body just says "okay, home again, screw it all" and keels over.

Yesterday's mail had brought me a bottle of the same blood pressure meds (in a lower dose) that my doc had previously prescribed for allegedly preventing migraines. This was prescribed by a doc whose name I don't recognize and I'm presuming it's somebody in the neurology clinic who didn't bother to read the damned record where it said the drug DID NOT WORK. I'm annoyed. I left a message on the women's clinic voicemail about it and anticipate that I'll hear something on Monday. They sent me a letter asking me to make a new appointment anyway.

Thankfully, since I stopped taking their various drugs in an attempt to head off the migraines, I haven't had one that wasn't a part of the usual pattern. Unlike all the drug-triggered ones I'd been having. *headdesk* I have to wonder if these people have a clue at all.

Given that the DoDC+3 bounced on me and woke me up at 8am this morning, I'll probably be going to bed early tonight. I hope it'll help.
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WSDOT information and other sources tell me that I-5 north from Olympia through at least Tacoma is a complete and utter clusterfuck. Traffic is at a standstill in many places, there are a ton of accidents, and even though things are pretty much fine here in the Portland area, it's snowing like a sumbitch north of here. Thus, we shall be in Portland for an extra day. I'll do some laundry and hang with [ profile] martianmoocrab for the day. With any luck, tomorrow will be much better conditions on the freeways. I'd love to get home tonight, but it sounds like I'd be spending hours idling on the road with nothing to do and nowhere to go.
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We arrived in Oregon City about 9pm, safe and well, despite lots of snow in the passes. The weather actually started out beautiful, and we did get through the majority of the Siskiyous without trouble; once we reached the Oregon side of the border, things got dim and grim pretty quickly. The snow was worst through the Grants Pass area, with off and on from there up to Portland.

I hurt like a sumbitch and am going to collapse in a heap very quickly. At this point I've been seeing reports of truly awful weather (snowplows in Federal Way early today, snow in Seattle, Tacoma and Gig Harbor) throughout the day on WSDOT and am not sure if we will be able to leave Portland tomorrow. Thankfully, we are safe at [ profile] martianmooncrab's place and can stay an extra night or even two if it becomes necessary. I will, however, have to do laundry here if that's the case. I also have to ping [ profile] evilbusdriver tomorrow when I know what's happening to let him know if I'll be home tomorrow or not.

Now to wait for the pain meds to kick in...
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The snow was mostly gone when I woke up feeling awful at 10-ish this morning. All my joints felt like they wanted to explode, so I called and definitively cancelled my shrinkage appointment for the day and asked for a callback to reschedule. I went back to bed and got up at about 3pm and popped into the shower, whereupon I got called by my shrink and had to return the call when I was dry and dressed.

I did feel well enough to get down to Seattle this evening for the schmooze organizational meeting. We've decided we're all too fried to deal with Burns Night this year, got the readings for March together, and pulled together ritual stuff for Imbolc (scheduled for Jan 30th) and the Feast of Cú Chulainn (March 17th-ish). All in all, not a bad night's work. I need to head over to a crafts shop to get stuff for making Brigid's crosses.

I also need to get it together to reserve the space for my birthday in March.

Did an update with info for PantheaCon and the Mensa annual gathering on my FB page. We hates it we does, my precioussss.

Tomorrow I need to call the women's clinic and set up an appointment to see Nina again about the whole meds thing.
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I just took the DoDC+3 out and poked my finger into the snow. We have nearly 5 inches at the moment, and still falling. Fuck if I'm going anywhere tomorrow.
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Snow had been predicted for the day, so I wasn't sure what was likely to happen when I got up. I did pick up my pocketwatch today and it's working beautifully. I did, however, have a credit card kerfuffle with them. It went down like this.

Watch dude runs the credit card and accidentally hits "refund" because it's the button right next to sale.

Watch dude gets manager because he's not sure how to void a refund. Manager thinks I need a refund and does a second refund.

Manager gets the sitch explained to him and voids the second refund. Manager cannot void first refund.

I told them "Go ahead and charge me for the work. I'll sort this with the credit union." I told them I'd call them when I got things sorted.

Naturally, getting the credit union on the phone with an actual human being proves impossible, so I go down the road to the main office, which is still open. Credit union says that they do have the charge, but if there is a refund, it's still in process and not visible on the system, so I'll have to check in 24-48 hours.

Long story short, I have my watch and, for the moment, the watch place has my payment. I will have to check to make sure it stays that way. This was a headdesk but not a bad one.

I drove down to Seattle and grabbed some pho on the Ave, then walked over to the Suzzallo and dropped off some books. After that, I headed over to Kane Hall for the lecture. I was a bit early, but that was okay. I got myself a seat down front where I could see what was going on and read for a bit while the crowd was assembled and last minute stuff with the lecturer's powerpoint was dealt with. There was a pretty good crowd -- maybe 40-60 people, though I didn't count.

The lecturer, Paolo Valesio, dealt with primarily Judeo-Christian (read Christian) mysticism and modern Italian poetry. I have a little background in reading Christian mysticism, but none in modern Italian poetry. Here's the basic premise of the lecture. )


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