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Today has been a laundry day, though I only got about a load and a half done, given that I started fairly late in the day and spent the evening out. I'll finish up the work tomorrow after I get up.

I took my pocket watch out to another place in Everett to have it repaired today. I had sent an email to them late last night and got email saying bring it by and they'd get it fixed up for me. The guy who looked at it said that the little stem the hands are placed on was slightly bent, so that was why the hands were catching on the second hand. He'll straighten out the stem and put the hands back on properly and it should be fine. I'll get it back tomorrow afternoon and it'll cost me about $30.

I spent some time in SL today as well, hanging out listening to an interview with one of the poets at the venues I attend fairly regularly. That's always fun. I also dropped by where some folks were having a "new moon in Capricorn" ritual, though I arrived late, so I sat outside the circle. I can't say I was terribly impressed, but I guess I hadn't expected to be.

This evening I got a ping on twitter from [ profile] activegnome, who was stopping at the AFK for a cup of hot cocoa on her way home from her belly dance class, so I said I'd be right over. We hung out for a couple of hours and talked about music and foodporn and dancing and suchlike stuff, sharing a basket of nachos and sipping stuff. She needs to come over sometime soonish so we can do foodporn together and geek out over obscure music.

Tomorrow I should finish up the rest of my laundry, and then I'll head into Everett again for the local druid meetup, which is tomorrow evening at 7pm at the Balefire. I haven't been there before, but it's in downtown. At that hour, parking shouldn't be an issue. We'll see what's happening in the local Pagan scene and if there are folks who will be potential friends and community up here. I've only been living in Everett since the summer of 04; it's really about time I got some community that didn't involve driving down to Seattle.

Saturday is gaming. Wednesday I've got shrinkage and the CR schmooze organizational meeting; we have to deal with our impending Imbolc celebration, and Burns Night.

My hands hurt. This is wibble-inducing.
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I went to another SL poetry reading this afternoon and read one of my poems, but mostly listened. This crowd was mostly European. One of the hosts was British, the other Spanish, so there was a very different mix than the usual place I go. It was a nice shift in perspective. Later in the day I popped over to catch a steampunk set at a virtual club and heard a few new things and a lot of familiar stuff, as well as making some requests and introducing the group to some stuff that some of them apparently hadn't heard before.

We had snow today, about an inch, off and on during the day. It's 29f at the moment and I'm guessing there may be more snow in the next couple of days.

At this moment, [ profile] lupabitch is on the road north of Olympia and headed here for the night. She should be here soon. I'll be feeding her when she gets in and letting her crash in the library. Tomorrow she (or maybe we) will be heading up to Anacortes to see [ profile] alfrecht. Friday is the New Years concert, and Saturday it sounds like [ profile] herbmcsidhe might be joining us for one of the afternoon Shinto ceremonies, as he hasn't been out to the shrine before.

After a flurry of emails, it looks like our next gaming group will be on the 8th. I'll probably head over to the Everett druid meetup on the 7th and see who the locals are. Next week I also have my dental appointment, so I need to remember to deal with that.

Aside from that, nothing much going on. I'm waiting for the end of the month before I can put some gas in the car again. I should get paid Friday, given that the first is on Sunday, so that should take care of dealing with the concert and stuff.
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Today was another quiet, uneventful day, with more Man from UNCLE viewing and some red Thai curried goose with pineapple and brown rice for dinner.

I received a note from the anthology editor yesterday, who said, "Your revisions look great and improve an already excellent essay. Thanks for doing it so quickly. You more than address the reviewer’s concerns. Extra length isn’t a problem."

Satisfied Erynn is satisfied. [ profile] lupabitch should be in town tomorrow, though she's heading up to Anacortes to see [ profile] alfrecht before she comes here, probably Thursday at some point or maybe early Friday before we go down to Seattle for the Abney Park show. Whatever the plan, I'm good with it.

I popped in for another poetry reading in SL today and read a few of my poems, along with poems from Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Kathleen Raine, and Diane di Prima. It was a lovely afternoon despite the rain.

I'm still waiting on the fountain pen to get here from France, so I sent off an email to the seller asking when he'd shipped it out. I know that the holidays probably delayed it, but it's been 20 days since I got the email that it would be going out "in two to three days." It was time to send an inquiry. Overseas shipping often takes longer than you'd think, so I'm not too distressed just yet.
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I dragged myself out of bed rather earlier than I wanted to this morning so that I'd be vertical and dressed by the time I had to head out the door for the tea. I'm really glad I did. About 30 of us showed up for the afternoon, with 25 of us participating in the gift swap. We had a very nice spread, and although the wind was high most of the day and we got rain, we also got a few very bright sun breaks in the afternoon that I very much enjoyed. The building where we held the tea had a glass wall that let in a wonderful amount of light.

I spent most of my time talking with Maizie and Rupert, just hanging out and having a good time. There was a little bit of dancing, but I didn't participate, as I wasn't feeling up to it. I took along a round of goat milk brie, most of which was consumed by the assembled. I think six or eight people brought scones of various sorts, though there were some savories as well, which was what I mostly concentrated upon.

The gift exchange was fun and at the end of the day I ended up with a nice little teacup and saucer set. One gal didn't want the two tea mugs and strainer she got (they're not particularly attractive) so I said I could take them along and re-home them at some point. I'd brought along a packet of tea, which the gal who got it really appreciated. Things exchanged ranged from a little wooden box full of crafts parts to a couple of bits of steampunk jewelry. Gift categories were generally supposed to be of the steampunk or tea-related variety. There were actually a couple more gifts than people (one group brought extra). I'd originally ended up with a box containing a little stuffed santa-hamster and a bag of "snowman poop" (candy-covered peanuts). At the end of the exchange, I'd noted that the one little girl at the party, who had got a really nice top hat that was a little too large for her, had really wanted the hamster, so I gave the box I got to her and picked out another gift from under the tree for myself. So the kid ended up with two presents and I got something I really liked instead. Everybody wins!

Some homemade liqueurs were shared around, amid the various edibles, and someone brought along a very turquoise sort of punch that was quite boozy with curacao and something else. I tried some, and it was quite tasty but a bit strong.

Dinner tonight was some leftovers from the goose dinner (there's more yet in the fridge so I'll be eating on that for a while yet). I spent a little time mucking about with my pocketwatch after attending an SL poetry reading, attempting to tweak the hands so that the hour hand wouldn't stick on the second hand, but the minute hand leapt off the watch face and I can't find the damned thing now. Probably eaten by gremlins or something. I'll take it in to another watch place to get it fixed after new years, but at least now I know it's just the hands that's the problem and can tell them exactly what to look for so that when I do finally get it back, it should actually work.

And now, more eps of Man From UNCLE.
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It was another day with insomnigrackles by the boatloads. I got to bed about 5:30 this morning and got up again 5 hours later with sun streaming in the window. I don't mind the sun part at all, trust me. Sun is a good thing. I am, however, going to try to get to sleep before 1:30 tonight. We'll see how well this plan works.

I spent most of the day doing laundry, which needed to be done but was not exactly a thrill ride. There are still dishes to be done, but I may just wait until tomorrow to get to them. Writing is still not happening, though another ficcy plotbunny has risen up to strangle me. It would be nice if some of that creativity would get into my nonfiction writing. Seriously. I swear my nonfic muse is in complete hibernation, if not suspended animation.

The cold nights, down in the low to mid 30s, have left me creaky and a bit cranky. My neck is sore and achy. I still have to put sheets back on the bed. I hung out for a while in SL with [ profile] lysana and talked about goth music and the collapse of western civilization as we know it, though not as linked phenomena. Damn, my life is exciting, isn't it?

Tomorrow I need to take the goose out of the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge so I'll have time enough to brine it properly before I roast it Friday. Today's dinner was tasty, if simple -- chicken bits with salted kumquats, bay leaf, peppercorn and cinnamon stick, as a riff on a Moroccan tagine. I had it on top of brown rice. It was very very nummy.

This week I visit the VA twice, once for group and again to see Nina about a neurology consult for the migraines. Even though I feel like I've got no energy at all, I'm still very much looking forward to everyone coming over on Friday for dinner and bad movies. It'll be nice to have a house full of people again for the evening. I also need to get out this week and pick up a couple of ink cartridges for my printer, which ran out Friday when I was trying to print stuff for the gaming session that got cancelled on Saturday.

And now to pry myself away from the computer, pill the dog, and make the bed. Only two more days of dog-pilling left.
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I wasn't feeling up to leaving the house today, so I didn't head down to Seattle for the queer Pagan meetup. I sort of wanted to but I was just too tired to deal with a 20 mile drive down and the inevitable traffic at that time of day.

Instead, I poked around in SL again for a bit and went to another poetry reading, which was primarily an interview with a couple of poets that then turned into an open mic after the interviews were finished. I read three or four of my pieces. My style is really different from that of most of the folks there, who tend to be doing a lot of the gritty realist stuff about personal and social issues. While I do some of that, my approach to it is quite different, and most of what I read today was more lyrical, though I did read "Standing On a Pier, 1964" for them. I had a pretty good time and really impressed the folks who had stayed for the open mic portion, including the gal who runs the venue where the thing was taking place. They were really wanting me to come back. I suspect I'll get asked to do a reading there as a featured poet at some point once they get to know me a little better.

One of the folks I met there is an Irish guy, presumably from Belfast from our conversation (I didn't ask specifically), who grew up during the Troubles -- he's only a couple of years younger than me -- and read a couple of poems about it. It was pretty graphic stuff, but that's unsurprising, given the topic.

We talked a bit afterwards and he invited me to a virtual solstice party with some of his friends (poets, musicians, other creative types) in another VR grid (OSgrid, a very small open-source VR) on Sunday. I told him I'd try to make it. I tried to log into the place earlier today and while I managed to get in, there was something wrong with the teleport function on his sim, so I couldn't actually visit there. We actually spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the problem and he got his tech guy online too. We'll see if things get straightened out with the server tomorrow sometime. It would be pretty cool to meet a bunch of poets and musicians from Ireland, I think.

Tomorrow I do plan on making Stian's birthday party. I'll probably make some banana bread to take along, as I have the bananas and need to use them soonish.
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I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the shrine today. I took [ profile] alfrecht's gift along and he and his mom did arrive, so I was able to pass it along to him. As predicted, he was quite pleased with it. The gift was a small book printed in Ulaanbataar about Mongolian wolves, from wolf hunters and the history of wolves in Mongolia, to recounting folktales of them and their ancestral relationship to the Mongolian people. Also at the ceremony were [ profile] mimerki and [ profile] varina8, whom I will most likely see again Tuesday at dinner with [ profile] thewronghands.

Part of the ceremony today was making mochi. I've been to the ceremony a couple of times but today was the first time I actually took a whack (literally) at helping with the work myself. It was fun, but my arms ached afterwards. Still, there's nothing at all like fresh mochi that you've just pounded the crap out of yourself. I stuck around long enough to get one from the second batch as well, which was made with mugwort. The taste is distinctive and I do like the flavor of mugwort mochi. It's very different than what you get in a grocery store (if you live in a place where you can get mochi at a grocery store at all).

I'd not slept very well last night, having got to bed about 4am. I rose around 9am to get my shower and pull myself together enough to drive out to the shrine. Bad weather had been predicted, though the rain was not nearly as heavy in my area as I had expected. The Pilchuck river, at the shrine, was in moderate flood stage and progressed to major flood stage by the end of the day (I was long gone by then), expected to crest and begin receding again by tomorrow morning. While the mochi making was going on, I saw at least half a dozen sizable logs and snags go zipping past on the current.

When I got home, I got some posole started, with blue corn and some chicken instead of lamb. I set it in the crock pot and let it go. I've discovered it makes a lot less mess if I tuck a toothpick between the lid and the edge of the pot so that the condensation has somewhere to go, otherwise I had tended to get a sizable puddle under the crockpot itself. When I got up at 7 this evening, dinner was ready and the place smelled wonderful. I stuck two portions that were left into the freezer for another day.

After I'd eaten, I lit up the altar for my flamekeeping shift. I had briefly considered giving it a pass, as I'm still feeling extremely exhausted, but the liturgy is short and I felt much better for having taken the time to actually do the ritual. Once that was settled, I dropped into SL for a little while and attended a poetry reading, where I read two poems. One thing that I find disconcerting is that even if I'm sitting at my computer with the mic on, I get the shakes when I read, just like I do when I'm on stage. It was so bad that the tremors in my hands made it a little difficult to scroll down the file I was reading from.

I really wish I didn't react that way, but it's part of the reason why when I've generally done performance (singing and whatnot) I've preferred to be part of an ensemble rather than a solo performer. Stage fright is painful. I get that to a certain extent when I'm speaking or teaching at conferences, as well, but I do feel that what I do is important enough to persevere through the difficulty. I can't say that I particularly have fun when I do those things, but I do enjoy singing, and I also enjoy sharing my work and my knowledge with others. It's just so much more comfortable for me when I'm in a small group of people I know than when I'm in a room full of strangers -- even if the room is a virtual one.

I've been reading more of Sharon Astyk's book today and got to the point where she's talking about population issues and how difficult they are to discuss with any rationality. Her writing on underground economies makes so much sense, given how much of it I see around me on a day to day basis. So many of my friends are un- or under-employed but still have to make ends meet somehow, and they participate in everything from making art to growing food to cleaning houses in order to keep body and soul together, without being a part of the tax-base.

It's fascinating reading, though I'm constantly asking myself what, aside from reduction of my direct energy needs and uses, I can do as a person with physical limitations that make it hard for me to do physical things on a regular basis. So much emphasis gets placed on "move to the country, grow a garden." I can't move to the country for a wide variety of reasons. I can grow a little bit in containers but even that sometimes is hard on me. The seal on the dishwasher is leaking again and I'm pretty much giving up in frustrating and going to move on to just doing a few dishes at a time by hand and sticking them in the disher to drip dry.

Monday I can take a down day, thankfully. Tuesday is VA group and dinner with [ profile] thewronghands and her crew. Wednesday is shrinkage. Friday is Stian's birthday party -- I got the invite for that this evening.

I'll need at some point to call the vet and make an appointment to have the DoDC+3 examined. He was charging up and down the hallway again with his moose and it was a heartening sight, despite that he will likely always have part of his ribs sticking out a bit from his chest now. He's doing well and is pretty much back to his normal self.

Life goes on, despite everything humans do to mess things up.
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I was going to post last night after the Air Krakens, but the system was down and I didn't want to post from my phone. Feh.

Yesterday was primarily notable for the Everett steampunk meetup. There were nine of us last night who were actually at the meetup, with other steamy folk gaming at nearby tables, so it was, I think, a pretty good post-grand-opening turnout. Maisie and Rupert, Jade, and some folks I hadn't previously met were there and we had some good conversations about everything from taxidermy (one gal is a member of [ profile] furhideandbone and was wearing a necklace made from a stuffed mouse head) to politics (a friendly discussion between my generally way-far-lefty-liberal and a young small-l libertarian).

Today I'll be heading over to Bj & SJ's place to work on DQ character creation (no, that's not fast food). The system is relatively easy to play, but it's a bitch for fiddly bits and having to keep track of every stray fraction of an ounce of weight you're carrying.

I've dipped my toes back into SecondLife for a bit. Yesterday I spent time at a couple of poetry things, including a reading, where I read one of my really short pieces. It was very well received. That's more like what I'd been hoping for the first time I got involved. I mean, yeah, it would be nice to hang with Pagans but for the most part it's Wicca and generoPaganism, and that's just not where my heart is at.

I stopped by one place and actually found someone there, but it was an ATC outlet and the gal was plugging their Wiccan seminary really hard. I noted that I was local to the main ATC and had some history there so it would feel pretty awkward for me to hang out with them; she said most of the folks who haunted the online place were from the Georgia contingent, and I suppose that would make rather a bit of difference, given my issues are with specific people and not the ATC membership itself. Anyway, I'm not terribly likely to go back there.

And now, it's time to wrap up here and get myself ready for the drive over to Redmond.
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Attendance was small, but we had a good time. I've done up the transcript and edited it. It will be available at the Four Directions resources library, and available from me as well for anyone who wants to ping me in Second Life. I also offered links to the CR FAQ Samhain section, to my Samhain feast ritual, and to the Tara ritual, along with a short book list for resources.

I'm very much looking forward to my own Samhain night vigil.


Oct. 25th, 2007 11:52 pm
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The class in Second Life is on Saturday, not Friday, at 5pm. gah. No brain.
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My sleep cycle has been a miserable bitch lately. Due to insomnia and feeling like crap, I didn't get a chance to meet with [ profile] cadmus on Sunday as we'd planned. He says they might be back up later this year, which would be good. I'll probably have something resembling my usual energy level back by that time.

Mutterings about Samhain, scheduling, friends, writing, and politics anseo. )
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The book release party in Second Life is today at 6pm Pacific time. There will be links there to buy the book, the earlier PDF of Not Your Mama's Tree Ogam and the premier of the virtual Ogam Word Wisdom deck designed by Vorren Voltaire and Fnordian Link with info by yours truly! I'm still working on the info file to go with it, so there will be a demonstration but it probably won't be available for sale today. *weeps* Been too busy to write the actual copy of keyword interpretations for each fid in each of the three currents.

Please join me (Faoilean Rosca) at the Mystic Academy in the Buddha Bar for two hours of Celtic music and schmoozing with the author!

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For those of you on my flist who do Second Life, I'm doing a book release party there on Friday, August 3rd at 6pm Pacific. It'll be at Mystic Academy, in the Buddha Bar and there will be 2 hours of Celtic music, a link to order the book from in-world, and lots of hanging out and chatting. I can do a Q/A about the book, or whatever people are interested in. If all goes well, there may also be a virtual ogam deck that folks can use in-world as well. My name over there is Faoilean Rosca, so drop by and celebrate with me!

Busy day

Apr. 15th, 2007 01:46 pm
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So yesterday I got to see some of the preliminary artwork for the book cover. The artist hadn't read anything from the book even though I'd offered to send him the files, so the first drafts were kind of questionable, including things like "crystal megaliths". Oy. We got some of that straightened out and then took care of the issue of being unable to make a W in ogam letters by translating the title into Old Irish (thank you [ profile] alfrecht!) for the title written in ogam. I thought it was a pretty elegant solution, given that Old Irish is the language that ogam best expresses these days.

The graphics themselves were way more glossy feeling than I really wanted, but I sent the artist the edited first half of the book so that he'll have a better and less stereotypical idea of what ogam is and is about, and have discussed a few things with him. I'm hoping for a much closer approximation of the book's actual needs later this week.

I also finally got the cover blurb off to [ profile] lupabitch last night for her to take a look at. [ profile] teriel thought it expressed the contents of the book pretty accurately, so I feel good about that. He says he has a lot more questions in the second half of the book than he did in the first, but that's only to be expected, given that it covers the actual techniques of divination and working with ogam in ritual.

Finally, I went off and wasted some time in Second Life and was up until about 4:30 this morning messing around. Several of my friends -- most notably [ profile] rowanf, are members and since I'm finally finished with the ogam manuscript, I figured I could take a little time to just play around and not worry about anything.

Everything's going well with my uncle and thanks to everyone who's been sending energy his way. My family appreciates it.


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