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This afternoon [ profile] druid_medb and I headed down to the VA for group. She waited for me and then we went over to Travelers for some dinner and up to the Hill so that I could take her by Edge and Elliott Bay Books. I dropped her at her hotel down in Pioneer Square in the evening and then headed home. She'll be able to walk to the train station tomorrow morning at OhGod:30. We had a pretty great time and did a lot of work on our presentation. We've got enough stuff together to pretty much take it from the outline we have now, but we can also do some polishing and additional work via email, so we're good on that. I need to remember to scan a couple of things and email them to her.

When I got home, I talked with [ profile] gra_is_stor, who is almost ready to upload the sound files for Circle of Stones. She's working out a few final graphics issues and, with luck, the file will be available (she said $5 but I want to check in with her one final time before I announce that for sure) tomorrow on BandCamp.

I checked a bunch of tickyboxes for Norwescon's panels this evening. We're required to pick 10 or more so that they have an ample field to choose from. I ticked 10 boxes and reiterated my time restriction (nothing before 2pm if possible), so that should be good. Mostly fanfic panels, a couple of writing/publishing panels, a couple of poetry panels. I figure I'll get a few of them and it should be fun.

At the moment, my upcoming schedule is kind of spotty, but I have the following things on it, at least tentatively:

Amanda's Birthday: December 9th
Medieval Women's Choir: December 15th
TENTATIVE: [ profile] mael_brigde: between December 17th-19th
I believe [ profile] ogam gets here December 18th
Queer Pagan Meetup: December 20th
Air Krakens End of the World Masquerade: December 21st
Sigillaria: December 23rd
The Hobbit with Steampunks: December 25th
[ profile] nathan_fhtagn and [ profile] meddevi at the Can Can: December 30th
Shinto New Year: January 1st
Air Krakens Post-Apocalypse Tea: January 1st
Sound of the Baskervilles' Holmes birthday party: January 5th
Seattle Sherlock fandom's Holmes party: January 6th
Abney Park show: January 19th
Bad Movie Night: January 20th

I'm also looking at planning a bad movie party with some of my friends in January.

If I've said I would do something with you and it's not on this, please let me know. My memory is like a steel sieve.
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I finished the last of the read and approve process for Fireflies and sent off the last note and my approval to Hiraeth. They'll send the files off to press on Sunday (that would be today by most people's clocks).

This afternoon I went with [ profile] alfrecht and [ profile] neo_lvx down to Travelers on Beacon Hill for a little food before we headed up to Capitol Hill for the Christopher Penczak talk. Not much that I didn't already know, but it was nice to see folks and hang out with friends. I got to talk to Leon and Allen for a bit while we were at Travelers, and saw quite a few folks after the talk that I hadn't seen in a while.

We headed back north about 12:30 and then [ profile] gra_is_stor came over and will be going to the Shinto shrine with us tomorrow morning. Tomorrow evening I'm down to Seattle again for tea with [ profile] thewronghands and friends.

Happiness abounds!
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Today [ profile] alfrecht came over about 9am and we went up to the Shinto shrine together, where we spent a little time with [ profile] mimerki and [ profile] varina8. [ profile] gra_is_stor didn't come along, as she wanted a bit more sleep. She was still crashed out when we got back, but got up when we came in.

We all talked for a little while until I had to do the chat with the Sisterhood of Avalon folks. That was problematic due to my wireless being borked. It's just too unreliable to have a decent conversation, sadly. About half of what I was saying got swallowed by the great bit bucket in the sky. We're going to reschedule and I'm going to do the chat from the AFK, where at least I get reliable internet access. When it works here, it works okay. When it doesn't, it's severely fucked. [ profile] alfrecht and [ profile] gra_is_stor talked with each other while I was having my frustrating time with the chat.

She headed out a little after that, because she had things to do this evening, and [ profile] alfrecht's mom came and picked him up about 5pm. I spent the rest of my evening putting a couple of patches on my luggage for the trip, so that it will be easily identifiable. See below:


It was kind of rough on my hands, and I did spill a little blood to the gods of sewing, but I got them done. Not satisfied with what I'd done, and wanting to clear some more of the height on the kitchen counter so that I had a better view and more light into the kitchen, I shuffled things around. I'm not entirely done yet, and I think I sprained some of my toes trying to reach up to the top of the cabinets, but I got a fair bit moved around and cleaned up, and I've tossed some things that were really just taking up space. I need to go through some of the cabinets tomorrow and get rid of other things that are likewise not being useful, and see what I can get up off the counters entirely, so that I have a little more space to work in. It's getting there, it's just not done yet. I'll probably do a photo when I finish getting things more or less how I want them, as it changes from time to time.

And now I'm going to make some ginger tea and curl up to read some fanfic.
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Frog and ema of Sarutahiko-no-okami


Inari shrine from the pathway below

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Today was time spent dealing with the galley proof of Circle of Stones. There were a few formatting issues and a couple of places where the order of things needed to be slightly rearranged, but I sent along notes of all the various places I found problems. I didn't go over it for typos, I just didn't have the brain power. I was a bit headachey today and couldn't focus quite that carefully on minutia.

I asked Taylor about whether there were going to be blurbs in the book and he said that, if I wanted them, would be my department. This is the "this book is awesome so you should buy it - famous author" type blurbs, not the descriptive text on the back cover telling you what's actually in the book. I've asked [ profile] alfrecht to do one for me, given his Celtic credentials. I need a couple more, but I'm not entirely sure who to ask. I've pinged John Michael Greer through his blog, as I've misplaced his email address, and perhaps he'll do one; he was half of the authors of the Pagan Prayer Beads book, after all. If anyone has further suggestions, particularly people who would have some context for this, rather than just being Pagan authors, I'd love to hear them.

Anyway, after that I did a bunch of dishes and then got down to cataloging a bunch of books. I did a stack of about 40 of them and finally got them off the floor next to the desk. I still have about that many that I'm going to have to enter manually before I dive back into the shelves in the library, but at least it was done.

I had hoped to do a little work on the incubation ritual for the pilgrimage today, but wasn't quite up to speed for something like that. I caught up on a little email, though, and did a little decorating of the cover of the pilgrimage notebook that I'll be taking along. I found a b/w Celtic style illustration that I pulled off the intertubes and printed out, with dandelions, an oystercatcher, sheep, a flame, and a blacksmith's bellows and tongs surrounding a Brigid figure. I had to fiddle with it a bit to size it properly, then I glued it to the front and did a little color on it with some colored pencils I've had sitting around in my desk for ages. It's not brilliant, but it's okay. It'll certainly do the job. I'm just hoping the liquid glue I used to paste the picture to the Moleskine notebook will stay. It seems to be okay so far.

[ profile] gra_is_stor had gaming with some friends tonight and is now on her way up for the weekend. She might go to the Shinto shrine with me and [ profile] alfrecht on Sunday, though we're not certain just yet. He'll be arriving around 9am on Sunday morning when his mom drops him off on her way elsewhere. She'll be picking him up again around 5pm, from what he says.

I'll probably head for bed shortly after [ profile] gra_is_stor gets here. I'm not particularly tired, but my head is still kind of off.
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I woke today about halfway through the Sunday #writechat, which was rather slow and sparsely attended, presumably because it was Easter Sunday and a fair few people were off doing things with family rather than hanging about yattering with fellow writers. Still, I had fun as I usually do. It's an enjoyable crowd.

Laundry was done while I was chatting, then I tossed myself into some clothing and went for a walk around the lake. It was a lovely, warm 68f today, and partly sunny, so it was pretty much ideal for a walk. I very much enjoyed it, and the park was pretty crowded, as you might expect on such a day. My knee was twinging a bit as I went. It wasn't enough to stop me, but it was fairly creaky. I'm probably going to want to talk to the VA about getting a knee brace sometime soon. If I'm going to walk, especially if I'm hiking overseas, I'd like to be a little more sure the knee isn't going to give out on me at an inconvenient moment - not that there's a convenient moment for joints collapsing, but you know what I mean.

Last night I'd walked over to the Safeway and picked up a few things, including a couple of lamb chops, one of which I had for dinner tonight with some asparagus, brown rice, jerusalem artichokes, and a glass of Boujoulais, which suited it quite well. It was all very tasty, and I hadn't really felt much up to cooking recently because I'd been too tired and there wasn't a lot here that I really felt like eating, nor was there much beyond pasta or a can of beans that was just something I could do quickly and without a fair bit of effort. I dislike having so little energy, but I've been taking B vitamins again and it seems to be helping a bit with that. Sadly, it doesn't do jack for the insomnigrackles.

[ profile] druid_medb emailed back about Eight Winds and was very much into opening up the discussion, but I think she took it as being potentially rather more than I'd have the bandwidth to help out with. She suggested maybe a ritual (a tentative suggestion), but I don't have it in me to deal with something that involved before I leave in July. I suggested maybe we could do something at PantheaCon next year instead, considering this is pretty heavy duty stuff and I don't have the skills to deal with it if somebody goes all splodey on us. She certainly has more than I do, but I don't think Eight Winds this year is the right time or place. We'd need a lot more time and preparation to pull something viable together. That said, I do think it's an excellent idea to consider for another time and place. Depending on what's going on next year, maybe at Eight Winds in 2013 instead.

This evening I did some more work on the links document for the pilgrimage preparation. I've got something for all the various places we are (or might be) going, and most of the deities and other figures we might deal with as well, so we'll see if this is what Vyviane had in mind when she asked for something. We'll talk on Tuesday at some point, so I don't have too much longer to wait and see if I need to deal with this differently.

Monday is the CR schmooze. I guess the idea is dealing with a definition of cosmology. I'm not in charge of this ride, so I'm not too terribly worried about it. I've got other things to keep my brain spinning its wheels. I'm also meeting [ profile] thewronghands for tea afterwards for a little bit, pursuant to a conversation elsejournal. Wednesday is Irish class, Thursday is group at the VA (which I should actually get to this time, gods willing) and probably meeting [ profile] isquiesque afterwards. I may also be seeing another friend, but am not so certain on that one. I was supposed to see her last Thursday but something came up and she asked to reschedule for this week. Saturday is a birthday party, Sunday is the Great Spring Ceremony at the Shinto shrine and a chat with some of the people from Sisterhood of Avalon. All in all, a pretty full week. I hope I have the braincells.
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Today was a mostly migraney mess, though I managed to get through it by late afternoon. [ profile] mael_brigde did a little massage work on my neck and shoulders that helped a fair bit but I ended up taking a bunch of tramadol to try and kick it. This afternoon a couple of women from a Japanese Shinto-based group called Mahikari-no-waza came over to do energy work on her, and did some on me as well.

I had a rather interesting experience during that, where a couple of the spirits that I work with fairly regularly showed up and started pulling things out of my head. One stuck its paw in and pulled out stringey, sinewey things from near my eye and the other pulled out black lumps from the back of my head. I was doing considerably better within about an hour of that. I don't usually see them showing up while other people work on me, so that was definitely different.

Shortly after they left, Slippery Elm came by and visited with us for about three hours. He actually had a little time after class today and so we called out for Ethiopian and he and I walked over to pick it up so that we could have dinner with [ profile] mael_brigde here at her place. We had a really wonderful conversation and I was delighted to finally get them together face to face. They traded books (and [ profile] mael_brigde gave me a copy of an anthology that she has a short story in) and we hung out and drank tea until both of them were starting to fade.

I'll be heading back home when she leaves tomorrow morning for an appointment at about 10am. I don't expect any significant traffic on my way home, and I usually don't have any real trouble from the US side of the border these days. I'm hoping it'll be a painless trip back. [ profile] gra_is_stor said she'd hang out another day to spend Thursday night with me. Friday I have my appointment with the travel consultant in Edmonds, at 4 in the afternoon. I need to get my finalized list of questions together tomorrow when I get home so that I won't forget anything while I'm there talking with them.

And now, it's probably about time for this one to curl up in a little ball and get some sleep.

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A photo from [ profile] aion131 by way of PSV Lupus's blog. You may recognize a few faces.


Good gods. Am I really that tiny compared to my friends? Wow.

Perspective. What a concept.
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Photo heavy post. Lots of them under the cut.

I went off this morning (after a crap night of sleep) to the Shinto shrine, where I ran into the usual suspects, some of whom I hadn't seen in some time. It was a pretty good ceremony, and I had a lovely time. [ profile] alfrecht gave me a copy of his most recent book (thank you!), [ profile] brandywilliams and [ profile] tedgill were there with [ profile] aion131 and his wife, and [ profile] mimerki was there as well. The only one missing was [ profile] varina8 for it to have been old home week. After the ceremony all of us except [ profile] alfrecht went out to lunch at the Greek place in Granite Falls and talked Pagan stuff and PantheaCon, as well as some reminisces of our various pasts and talk of travel.

[ profile] brandywilliams says she will introduce me to her literary agent at PantheaCon when we get down there and I'll be able to pitch my Brigid book to her, in hopes of getting a larger press interested in it. I think it's a good candidate for a more mainstream press, given it is a much less specialist publication and should have a fairly broad appeal, even if it's particularly aimed at a CR audience.

After my Shinto morning, I came home and put things together for the schmooze's Imbolc ritual, then went off to pick up Charles, whereupon we headed down to Seattle. Things got off to a late start but, aside from (the usual) issues with the fireplace fire (I really should have brought the firelog I planned on rather than assuming Patrick would be able to actually get a fire going and keep it that way), the ritual went pretty well. Things happened as they were supposed to, dinner was good, and the company was, as always, fun and interesting.

Once I got home, I fired up the Brigid altar, as it is my shift tonight. I'm feeling a bit creaky and headachey, as I have been most of the day, but I'm still doing better than the last several and was able to function.

Charles was able to get the photos off the disc I got from [ profile] fullcontactmuse and uploaded them so that I can access them. I've pulled one and sent it off to the SOA folks so they can use it for their publicity stuff. I still have to write a short bio for the publicity packet, but I'll worry about that tomorrow when, hopefully, I'll have less of a headache.

And now, on to the photos! Shinto Below! )
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I headed down to Seattle today for the crafty portion of prep for the Imbolc ritual, but it turns out you have to soak the stuff for making Brigid's crosses for rather longer than we expected, so Mint will actually be making them tomorrow morning. We did a little blocking for one of the parts of the ritual and hung out and talked for a while. I took Charles back up north with me and dropped him at Central Market, where I picked up organic parsnips and some stuff for me for dinner. The parsnips are for tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to go to the soybean throwing ceremony at the Shinto shrine, then coming back and cooking parsnips, then heading down to Seattle for Imbolc.

I have now got a couple of potential places to visit as I make my way from the pilgrimage down to Italy to see the sib. I have an offer of a spare room in Belfast and crash space with a fannish friend in Cockermouth, and I can get from Ireland to England via the Isle of Man if I want to go by ferry from Belfast to Douglas to Liverpool, which would be pretty awesome, because the ferry from Douglas to Liverpool is the Manannan. I mean really, how can I not? For serious?

I don't have further stops on the trip yet, but I do know that I was told I could stay with a friend in Brittany on the way as well, though I don't know where she'll be living in July/August, as they're trying to buy a place and might not be in the place they're renting. Anyway, I'm planning on traveling across Europe via couches, spare rooms, and the occasional hostel so that I can stay there longer. One needs money to get from place to place, and if one doesn't have to spend it on expensive rooms for the night, all the better!
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Current Status at Tsubaki America Okami Yashiro

to all our friends in various places on our sacred Earth Jewel: thank you so much for warm consideration and Ki always...

Current situation is that it is snowing moderately heavily with a large ice storm expected to arrive later this afternoon / evening... electricity was restored last nigh at 1:00 AM...Snohomish PUD has over 100 crews out in the field, tree crews , line crews etc. who are working around the clock with minimum sleep and maximum dedication...

..owing to the particular nature of the layers of snow and ice this series of storms has been extra dangerous as the weight continues to pile up on trees....on Kaikan side many many trees are down, mostly alders, but a medium sized cedar tree has grazed our apartment as well...literally dozens of trees are already down on Kaikan side...

Jinja side...a medium sized and much loved yamazakura/ mountain cherry has fallen against the shrine building...we think the roof is intact and are dealing with that tree as well as a number of other trees that have fallen....however a pair of very large alder trees located to the north side of the Shrine building have seriously increased their angle of seems quite likely they will not last the day...we have managed to find a tree service whose owner and crew are willing to do their best to save the shrine building today... again the situation is extremely dangerous to this crew and to the shrine building as well....

Normally to removes such large and dangerous trees costs several thousand dollars...with the added stress on the trees of the huge amounts of snow and ice and added danger the fee has increased by a factor of three as well....ganbarimasu.......

Shrine is in serious danger by snow storm !!!! Please help us!!!
Many big trees had fallen down already. And now 2 huge trees are almost to fall down on shrine building. We contacted professional tree service to save our shrine. It estimate about $6000.00. It is huge money for us. Could you help us please?

Our paypal account is
our if you would like to donate by credit card, please contact to Barrish sensei by phone or e-mail. But we are not sure how long we can have power here.
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The new wifi unit arrived today. It was just the unit, not a new battery, back cover, and whatnot. The default net and password are usually on the back cover of these things, but with no back cover, I couldn't log in. A call to ATT did solve that issue, thankfully. It was hidden elsewhere that I hadn't thought to look. I now have web at home again.

I've spent most of the day with a headache, sadly. I'd been hoping today would be decent. It wasn't as cold as one might have thought, considering that snow had been predicted last night. (It never arrived.) I've been achy in the hips and legs, but the headache was rather worse for me.

My brother surprised me today in a very happymaking way. I sent out his package to him, finally getting that bit taken care of. I was able to do a bunch of mailout stuff all at once, including returning the dead wifi unit.

I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. [ profile] gra_is_stor has suggested we go out dancing, provided we're both up to it. I'm not sure at this point, but perhaps I'll be lucky.

Sunday I'll be going out to the Shinto shrine for their kami inferno burning of last year's amulets and the like. Should be fun, if I can get my arse out of bed in time. I'm hoping to say hi to [ profile] alfrecht there, among others, if all goes well.

All in all, not a bad Friday the 13th.
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It's a later post than I expected, as I came home after the shrine visit and wrote. Today was mostly quiet, except for the Really Big Explosions from the fireworks some of the neighbors bought. These weren't the little crackly ones, they were the ones that go BOOOM, at least while I was still at home.

I went over to the Shinto shrine at about 11pm for the midnight ceremony, which was quite lovely. I wasn't able to renew my shrine membership while I was there, as Brock or someone else had apparently misplaced the forms, but I can do that with a form I print out from the website and mail it in later.

Attendance was a little low, but it was a ceremony that started at midnight. The next three days there at the shrine are going to be insanely busy. They get hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand people through there for the ongoing ceremonies.

I'd considered making a stop at the AFK on the way home, but realized that I would rather get an hour or two in writing tonight than stop in and have a snort with a huge crowd, even if it is one of my favorite places. In my favor, I got quite a bit done on that project today and am up to 68,700 words as of right now.

As for myself, I wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous new year filled with hope, the love of good friends, and freedom. Good night and gods bless!
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I had known that Occupy Everett was being evicted tomorrow, but the county moved up the schedule on getting them out, and was not going to allow them access to any of the dumpsters or recycle or other resources tomorrow, so they put out a call for folks to come down today and pick up things that had been donated, and help with clearing out whatever could be done this afternoon.

I went down to pick up the camp chair and the five-gallon water bag I'd left for them to use and ended up helping out with some of the cleanup for an hour or so. KSER, the local public radio station, was doing a live broadcast from the encampment this afternoon at 4pm. The guy hosting the show said it was the first time they'd ever done a show outside the studio, and he and his assistant seemed pretty interested in everything that was going on. Everybody was asked if we wanted to be interviewed on the radio. I figured why not, so I spoke to the woman taking names. She asked what I wanted to talk about and I noted that veterans issues were important to me. I ended up being the second person they interviewed, for maybe three minutes.

I stayed for a while after that, but it was getting colder and darker and eventually I was shivering. Everyone said I did a good job and was pleased with what I'd said. I'm told that the show will be archived on the KSER website at some point and hope that I'll be able to link you to it when I find out it's up. I spent a bit of time while I was there talking to someone who worked for the city. Zie declined to be interviewed on air due to concerns for their job and potential conflict of interest, which I could respect. We had a good conversation, but I had to leave because I was just freezing. I hadn't expected to stay nearly so long so I hadn't worn my long wool coat or a heavy sweater. I'd intended to stay maybe half an hour and help out a little, but ended up being there for nearly 90 minutes, by which time I was too cold to stay any longer.

Staying that long was probably a mistake. I wrapped myself up in warm things when I got home, made myself some hot tea, and some dinner, but I'm still not feeling quite right. I'm really exhausted and aching, and I'm hoping I don't come down with a cold. With any luck, getting some rest tonight will help. I will probably actually sleep before 5am tonight.

I also got a call this evening from [ profile] mael_brigde with an update on her condition. She will need surgery but they caught this quite early while the tumor is very small and, if she is lucky, she won't need chemo or radiation. She's got an MRI appointment for January 9th (the day of the next CR Schmooze) and hopes to come down for a couple of days shortly after that if all goes well, before she has to go into surgery again. At the moment, provided the MRI results are good, she has an excellent prognosis and I'm definitely pulling for that to be the case.

Between all that, I got another 2,000-ish words done on my fic, leaving me currently at 65,300 and going. I might write for a little longer before I go to bed, given that the muse is being kind to me at the moment, but I'm awfully tired and am not sure how much longer I'm going to last.

Tomorrow night, Hatsumode at the shrine. I doubt I'm going to be up to going down to Seattle for any dancing, given how I'm feeling right now. Sunday is the steampunk tea party. I need to pay bills tomorrow (January's VA check came in last night) so that I don't have to worry about it later.
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I crawled out of bed this morning at the ungodly (for me) hour of 9am so that I could be out in time to get to the Shinto shrine for the ceremony today. I was tired, but it was a very nice morning anyway, and when I got to the shrine I saw [ profile] mimerki, [ profile] varina8 and [ profile] alfrecht there. The first two named were seated on the floor, while [ profile] alfrecht found a seat in the row of chairs in front of me. I didn't really get to talk much with any of them until after the ceremony, when there was mochi-making. Gods, there is nothing like fresh mochi made by actually pounding the rice -- the stuff made from mochi flour just cannot compare.

I didn't go out to the Inari shrine today. Possibly next time I'm out there, though maybe not, given I was planning on going out for the midnight New Years ceremony and it'll be too dark to want to deal with the path out there. Anyway, next time I get the opportunity, I'll take a walk out there.

After the shrine, I came home and did a little in #writechat. It was pretty slow today, only a few of us there. One guy was ranting about how all writers these days are shit because they want to be loved and they listen to other people. He wants to make ART, even if people hate it.

I am of the opinion that making art is work that requires study and practice, along with the development of one's own voice as a writer. But a lot of that work comes through imitation of other styles as you learn the tools of the craft. You have to know how and why some things work in order to try something new. Musicians don't play jazz without first learning their scales, so why should it be any different for writers? Of course, I'm probably one of those writers who insists upon being loved and adored by all and sundry, therefore sacrificing my artistic integrity.

Later in the afternoon I took myself over to Firewheel Books and met with a couple of folks to do some basics of WordPress. We spent about an hour, and now we have two people who can log in and have a basic competence on the differences between posts and pages, making a post sticky, adding links to the sidebar, and adding items to the calendar.

Got home before 7pm and had a little dinner. I've also been doing some writing today as well. I'm currently at 46,000 words and will probably write some more tonight before I go to bed. Monday I'm not planning on doing anything. There is the west coast port shutdown planned with Occupy Seattle, but I'm going to be in Seattle three days next week already, so I'm not keen on adding a fourth. I wish everyone luck, though, and safety in the endeavor.
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I didn't feel well enough to go down to Seattle today. Everything ached with a vengeance. I was up around noonish and pinged [ profile] gra_is_stor about the fact that I wasn't going to show and then went back to bed for a few hours. I got up again at 4:30 but didn't revive at all. I went next door to Amante's for dinner because I just couldn't face life, the universe, or anything, and had some rosemary chicken ravioli. Eventually I was alert enough to be able to deal with the dishes. 8:30pm saw me out the door to deal with my grocery shopping for the month over at Central Market. That took me about an hour.

Upon my return, I futzed with the Occupy Everett site some more, fixing a few of the obnoxious problems that I wasn't able to deal with last night. I think I have enough of a clue now to be able to address most of the basic stuff that the other site admins are going to want to do with it. I've figured out the calendar system so that I can get both single and recurring events on there without difficulty, as well as adding things to the calendar as I could find them on the OE Facebook page. I have a few ideas for other pages we may want to add so that things can be easily found by anyone wanting to find them.

I'm planning on being at the Shinto shrine tomorrow morning for the ceremony, then back here for a bit to rest up before I head over to Firewheel for the 5pm meeting with the OE web admin folks.

In doing a little more looking around regarding the Defense legislation that was approved and will be sent to Obama, which people are saying gives the military permission to hold US citizens on US soil, here is the actual text, which does not actually say that:


(a) Custody Pending Disposition Under Law of War-
(1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (4), the Armed Forces of the United States shall hold a person described in paragraph (2) who is captured in the course of hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40) in military custody pending disposition under the law of war.
(2) COVERED PERSONS- The requirement in paragraph (1) shall apply to any person whose detention is authorized under section 1031 who is determined—
(A) to be a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force that acts in coordination with or pursuant to the direction of al-Qaeda; and
(B) to have participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.
(3) DISPOSITION UNDER LAW OF WAR- For purposes of this subsection, the disposition of a person under the law of war has the meaning given in section 1031(c), except that no transfer otherwise described in paragraph (4) of that section shall be made unless consistent with the requirements of section 1033.
(4) WAIVER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY- The Secretary of Defense may, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, waive the requirement of paragraph (1) if the Secretary submits to Congress a certification in writing that such a waiver is in the national security interests of the United States.
(b) Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-
(1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.
(2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to a lawful resident alien of the United States on the basis of conduct taking place within the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States.

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Engrossed in Senate [Passed Senate] - ES) Sec. 1032

Whether or not any of this is particularly right is another question entirely, but at least it doesn't say that the military has absolute discretion to imprison anyone at any time for any purpose. It is at least somewhat mollifying.

Today's mail brought my annual Social Security notification, and for the first time in several years I'll actually be getting a little more money in my check. That will be a relief. I'm still trying to kill some of my credit card debt, and this and the VA pension both go up for 2012. I've also made the final payment on the condo special assessment for the decks, which frees up more of my budget to deal with those damned credit cards. I swear I shall get rid of another one of them this coming year. The one with the lowest interest is about 9% and the highest is around 24%, which is insane. That's the one I'm working on right now.

A little writing got done today on the fic. It is approximately 44,000 words now. Busy Erynn is busy.
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First thing today, I called the VA and talked to the woman in charge of the yoga group. She looked into the whole computer mess and said that the aide who had been supposed to enter people as present had mistakenly marked me as a no-show. She was going to change the entry herself, and next time I'm at the VA on Tuesday, I can collect for this Wednesday. She wasn't sure why the guy in the office wouldn't even look at the paper she'd given me. Anyway, it's at least fixed and I can collect my travel funds next week and don't have to worry about the whole no show thing.

I popped down into Everett today to pick up my boots, but the guy said the zippers are still on order and they might be ready by next Thursday or Friday. I shall phone and find out.

Since I was in Everett, I headed over to the Occupy encampment and talked with one of the guys about getting the admin password for the website. They do WordPress. I use Blogger for Searching for Imbas but I figured WordPress couldn't be that hard to figure out, given I have at least a little bit of knowledge of webby things. I was given the password and hung out to talk for a little while. Some of the other folks came back from doing a grocery run. One was a young gal who had just lost her home a few days ago and had come to the encampment so she'd have a place to sleep. I brought her back here so she could have a hot shower, and gave her a bottle of TheraFlu, since she'd had a nasty cold for a week or two, in the hopes that it might at least help her sleep.

After I dropped her back downtown, I came home and banged away at the Occupy Everett website. I revamped the front page information, added some links, entered a page of information on their camping and good neighbor policies, plugged in a Twitter widget so that people can see the twitterstream for #OccupyEverett, and worked on the events calendar.

It's the calendar stuff that's giving me the most trouble. The layout of the template for the site leaves the main information column a little too narrow for the display of the calendar items text, and I'm not sure how to adjust the calendar's column width. I'm going to have to ask around about CSS and see what can be done. I was beating my head on my desk for a while and at one point accidentally deleted the Events page entirely and had to recreate it; it wasn't quite as hard as I'd feared, but I'd prefer not to have to do it again.

A couple of the other Occupy Everett folks who have the password want to know how to get into the site and update or change things as necessary, so Sunday evening about 5pm I'll be going over to Firewheel books and teaching them the basics of getting in to the dashboard, how to add pages and posts, and how to add things to the calendar. I'll probably also add a sidebar widget so that the site will display new wall posts from the Occupy Everett Facebook page. That'll let people keep up with what's going on in a number of different ways.

I am now poking away at my fic, which is currently at about 41,900 words. It's going slow but sure and I'm reasonably pleased with my progress, given how much else I was messing with today.

My hips are being pretty creaky. I'm hoping to get down to Seattle for a march against violence that the Veterans For Peace are requesting presence at, but that'll depend on how my hips are doing by 2 in the afternoon. This is the same route that left me not able to walk for three days, so I need to be able to actually get down the hill and back up it again, because I don't think I'll be able to handle it if I get into downtown and can't get back to my car.

Sunday is a Shinto ceremony at the shrine, and the thing with the OE folks in the evening. Monday is a huge action to shut down the west coast ports, and Seattle expects to have a very large contingent. I am debating whether or not to go, but that will depend entirely on whether I can walk and whether I have any spoons for it at all. I can't make up my mind until I know how I'm doing on Sunday, at the very least.

Mom says she is supposed to be getting actual web access that doesn't involve dialup, so I might be able to send her photos in email now. I'm hoping it all goes smoothly.
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I found out this evening that Nathaniel Johnstone ([ profile] nathan_fhtagn) of Abney Park is leaving the band to pursue solo projects. (link to his FB, you have to be a member to see it) I'm assuming it's amicable, as he's mentioned the possibility to me several times in the past couple of years when I've spoken to him at Travelers over chai. He'd once said he didn't really want to be a rock star and there were other things in life that he found more important; I agreed with his list and think he'll be doing some wonderful things with his time. AP just got back from a European tour and released a new album, so I suspect it was as good a time as any to move into a new phase of his musical career. While I'm sad to see him go from the band, I certainly wish him every success and hope to see him in his other musical endeavors at venues around the area.

Yoga at the VA was okay today, though the travel office was fuxx0red. The machine that gives out the numbers was out of paper, and nobody seemed to be around who could/would refill it, so there was going to be something of a massive backup to wait for things to get straightened out. I'll pick up today's (and last Thursday's) travel funds after my group tomorrow. By then they ought to have the stupid machine refilled. This, of course, would never happen if they would just let us stand in line like we used to.

I was joined at Travelers this afternoon by Charles, though [ profile] sebastian_lvx was unable to make it. We had a nice talk about a variety of things, then I gave him a ride back in this direction. I'll probably be dropping by Occupy Seattle tomorrow afternoon after I get out of the VA to see how they are doing. Eviction is supposed to take place if they're not off of SCCC property by mid-day Friday.

I remembered what I have to do Friday -- pick up my Docs at the shoe repair place! And yes, it is definitely important!

My season tickets for the Medieval Women's Choir concerts arrived today. I am pleased and very much looking forward to the concert on the 17th.

[ profile] alfrecht reminded me that there is a Shinto ceremony Sunday morning, so I will probably go to that, though I am planning on going to one of the protest marches on Saturday and am not certain how my body is going to cope. I may or may not be able to walk on Sunday. We'll see how it goes. Regardless, I'll be there for Hatsumode on New Years Eve.

I am currently poking away at my fic again. Yay for writing!
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I got up a bit early today so that I'd be more or less coherent when [ profile] dmiley and his wife came over. They arrived right about noon from Olympia and we had some tea and talked for a bit before we headed out to the Shinto shrine. They were quite delighted by the place, and by Barrish Sensei. Doneby had studied aikido many years ago and they spoke about that briefly at the shrine. We had a ceremony and toured the grounds. I hadn't been out since they had done some repair work on the path out to the Inari shrine, and they've installed a new stone lantern and a couple of other new features as well. I've missed being able to get out to the shrine for ceremonies, but I've been out of town for most of the seasonal stuff recently. I am hoping to get to Aki Matsuri in September this year, though!

After the shrine visit, we came back and talked for a little longer, grabbing some more tea and a snack, then watching The Anchoress, which rather tied in with part of the conversation we'd been having. It was just long enough to get us up to dinner, and we walked down the street to Emory's. I hadn't been there since before the fire; the place has gone somewhat upscale from what they were, but the food and the wine were absolutely excellent. We had a knowledgable and attentive server, wonderful food, and some great conversation as well -- what a great pleasure!

They have tucked themselves into bed. They need to be out of here about noon or so to get up to Anacortes for the Orcas Island ferry, so I'll be getting up early and we'll catch some breakfast together before they leave. Perhaps they'll have a chance to stop by on their way south again; it would be lovely to see them again before they head homeward.

All in all, a lovely day. Good news from mom, Sally brought the new globe for the light on my lanai and installed it when we were out at the shrine, and I had wonderful company! How much better could it get?

Thanks, universe!
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Some of my relatives have returned to evacuated homes in Greenfield and everything is okay so far. Mom's husband's son is being moved to a nursing home from the hospital tomorrow. The surgery seems to have him resting easier for the moment, at least, so this is good. There are still a few folks I'm not sure about, but news is filtering in, so thanks, Mom, for keeping on top of all that and keeping me in the loop.

I did a little work on the lanai today, moving empty plant pots into the garage. I talked to Sally about the broken light globe and she's going to make sure I get a new one. I got invited to another neighbor's potluck on the afternoon of Sunday the 4th, just across the way. This is the lady who was brought to my door in the middle of the night back in the spring, and whom we had to call the ambulance for. She and several of the folks in the complex are having a bbq and she asked me to come along. I said I probably would.

Hauling the plant pots was pretty rough on my hips and knees, even though I took them up to the garage in two loads on a cart. It was moving them from the lanai out to the sidewalk and then onto the cart that was kind of hard on me. I'm a bit achy, but I've currently got a glass of pomegranate juice with some Kraken rum in it that's relieving me of a little of the physical and emotional stresses of the day. I also did a bunch of dishes and swept the floor to rout the dust vorpal bunnies.

Tonight is my flamekeeping shift. I got email back from [ profile] mael_brigde about the Queering the Flame essay. There was a typo that she marked, but I didn't see any other comments. She said it was really good and she was glad she'd been given the opportunity to comment on the drafts and to read the work. She said also that there was a lot in it that was very interesting, so I'm pleased.

I talked for a little while with [ profile] gra_is_stor about some of the things that were stressing me out today -- primarily the stuff about the storm and family and all that. I'll probably give my shrink a call tomorrow and see if I can get in to see her later this week or early next. This whole thing brought up some unexpected things and I kind of need to talk to her about it. She says I can call anytime to schedule an appointment between our usual ones if I need to, so I'm not worried about that.

Between a little work on the house and the various other things I was doing today, I haven't actually done any writing. I'm feeling too disconnected to do that right now. I know that [ profile] gra_is_stor has been doing some work with the Samhain ritual stuff, and that [ profile] joyful_storm has added a few comments as well, given that it's at her house. We're moving closer to a completed framework to hang the vigil on.

Tomorrow I'll be having [ profile] dmiley and his partner over for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them! We'll be out at the Shinto shrine in the afternoon, then out to dinner later in the evening. I'm expecting them in around noonish from Olympia, so I need to be up by about 10:30 tomorrow morning to be ready for their arrival.

And now I think I'll watch a dvd. Samurai Banners arrived today, and I've had Werner Herzog's Fata Morgana here from Netflix, so I should watch them and get them back there.


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