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Hung out with [ profile] alfrecht today and talked with him about possible PCon proposals. I've decided that one of them will be a session on Airmed, Miach, and Dian Cécht, regarding Irish healing deities beyond Brigid, but also dealing with their whole story and why I think most folks misinterpret Dian Cécht's motivations. Anyway, I need to come up with a halfway decent blurb for it.

I've been too aching and brain-dead today to do much of anything requiring actual focus, but I did speak to my neighbor who is on the condo board about the whole few months out of the country and temporarily renting out my condo thing. She said a few months would be more like a house-sitting situation and shouldn't be a problem with the board at all. It's not like I'm wanting to permanently rent the place out. I told her if I were going to do that, I'd be trying to sell the place, so no worries there. That said, now I need to find a "short term" (3 or 4 month) renter for next fall/winter. [ profile] alfrecht had a couple of interesting ideas on that might or might not work out, but I've given him leave to check into the possibilities. I'm also looking at a house exchange website, though that would require somewhat more flexibility than I might be comfortable with. I'm just not sure. Anyway, that's one large potential obstacle to my possible Venice plans out of the way.

I ran the outline of the EBC presentation past [ profile] alfrecht and he said it looked good, then suggested one possible addition to the outline, so I had him make a note of it. Always good to have reasonably complete coverage.

Email arrived today from Hiraeth Press with some possible cover art bases and I commented on the ones I liked best and sent the note back. I told Jason I'd try to have the edited manuscript back to him by Monday, considering how crappy I was feeling today. He's said no rush, but I'd like to get it out of the way as soon as I can so I can focus on the EBC presentation without distraction. The PCon proposals are also due the same weekend as the EBC is occurring.

As usual, I'm asking for suggestions -- what would you folks like to see from me at next year's PCon? I'm willing to entertain proposals from you all, as you often have some pretty good suggestions. When my own brain is not functioning at its best, I am especially grateful for your thoughts.

And, finally, seven photos from my travels behind the cut )


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