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My reminder woke me up at 2 about the appointment I'd cancelled. I still need to reschedule the orthotics fitting appointment. I'll do it when I have braincells.

Last night I ended up finally cutting the silver ring off my finger because it had been causing some nerve impingement for quite some time, making the fibro/tendonitis in my right hand worse. I wasn't thrilled, but I couldn't get the ring off otherwise. There will likely be a dent in my finger for a few weeks until things repair themselves.

I was hoping to get a little done on the upcoming Samhain ritual, but just didn't have the wherewithal. I didn't go to bed this morning until nearly 8:30. I didn't get out this evening to the AFK because I was just too tired. The day was largely taken up with doing some dishes and spudifying in front of the computer reading fanfic, because I couldn't find the brain cells to do anything else.

Tomorrow Qi from the steampunk group is coming by for tea and to see some of my photos from Europe. [ profile] gra_is_stor informs me that she's done some recording of the Gaelic prayers from Circle of Stones and hopes to do some more tomorrow evening at some point. As soon as the sound files are available, I'll let people know. C in Arizona updated my Preserving Shrine website yesterday with info about Fireflies at Absolute Zero so, for the moment, it's got everything up to date. I'll update again when the sound files are available.

My arms hurt. I need to work on the Samhain ritual. I got a nice, supportive note from one of the folks from the schmooze about my departure. This pleased me. We'll probably get together at Travelers from time to time after my VA appointments - we used to see one another at the CapHill Travelers when it was still open.

I'm very tired. Off to bed. I may read a little bit before I sleep, but it's definitely time to crawl off between the sheets.
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I had been fairly certain Monday was my VA appointment but my calendar said Tuesday. I was up until about 6:30am and was too fried to wake up before 3. When I got up I called and canceled ehr appointment. I have no idea if I'd missed it or if it really was supposed to be today.

I went back to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place in the evening and finished putting her dresser together then headed home again. Sent out invites for my private Samhain. I also wrote and tried to send my email declaring my leavetaking from the schmooze but, thanks to the vaguaries of yahoogroups, my email didn't go through before I dropped my group memberships. The email bounced. I've asked GIS to forward it for me, given the kerfuffle. It would be awfully awkward to have to join the group and wait to be reapproved just to send an email saying I'm leaving.

Anyway, that'll be done and it is a huge load off my mind. I may be going ove to the AFK tonight if I have any energy at all, and I need to email M from GIS's band as he expressed an interest in going this week. That, though, is a matter for when I finally get some sleep, which I am not doing right now.
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Jason said that the proof copy came back today and looked really good, so he's approved printing. I've ordered some copies and should get them soon. I'll have a purchase link up for the poetry book as soon as I'm able. He said it should be sometime this weekend, as he has deadlines coming up. Here's the publicity piece I was working on for the website for them. I hope it gives a little bit of a look in on the poetry and the process.

Today's post brought a couple of Man From UNCLE books from one of the fans who was looking to reduce the number of books taking up shelf space; I filled in a couple of holes in my collection and am pleased by this. Now I think the only ones left are toward the end of the run. I don't usually go out of my way to look for them, but if things come up I don't hesitate to ask or to make an offer.

I had shrinkage today after missing last month due to health and scheduling issues. I worked through a few things that I needed to deal with, then went over to Travelers for some food and finished reading a poetry writing book I'd been poking into for a while. Talked for a bit with Leon, who was talking about London and what things to see if I ever manage to get over there. I hope I will someday. At this point in my life, I can't rule it out, after all.

While at the VA, I stopped by the Prosthetics clinic and made an appointment for Monday, as I'd been informed that the orthotics were ready and I needed to come in and have them checked out. I'll be over there in the afternoon.

Tomorrow Ursula Le Guin is reading from her new poetry collection at Elliott Bay Books at 7pm, so if you're into her work, this would be a good opportunity to see her. I'm planning on taking her poetry collection Hard Words in and hoping to have her sign it.

Also tomorrow, I have to schedule my Samhain ritual. It'll just be a small, private affair. I don't have the bandwidth to deal with the schmooze or worry about whether or not a ritual is going to happen there. I just hope I have enough brain to get something together for it soon.
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I was feeling pretty under the weather today and a little slow. I hung out with some friends online for a while, and tried to take some photos for the EBC presentation, but the lighting wasn't working. I'm not quite sure how to fix it, but I'll try something different tomorrow for the same pieces.

The CR schmooze was this evening and I ended up hauling the laptop over and showing some of the photos from the first half of the trip. I was too tired to stay afterward for dinner at Charlie's. I'm not sure anyone actually went this month. I did get to see [ profile] wire_mother briefly, though he had missed his ferry, and his backup foot ferry wasn't running because of the holiday, so he didn't get there until after 8pm.

When I got home, I put my trip photos (and some others) onto an SD disc that I'm going to send to my mom, along with a little USB drive that can read one. That should take care of her problems pulling photos from any of my websites. I'll need to mail them out to her later this week.

And Tired Erynn is really tired so I'm going to crawl off to bed. With any luck I might even get a little sleep tonight.
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[ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to the park today to pick salal berries, but they were really substandard there. Most of them were dried out and a lot of others were moldy, which was really pretty nasty. We ended up picking from along the sidewalk by the lake. It was closer to the road than I liked, but at least they don't use lead in gas anymore, so I wouldn't be too worried about lead poisoning or anything. They washed off just fine and we got three bags full, which got cleaned down to two big mixing bowls full of berries that are now sitting on the counter on paper towels drying off a bit. I'll put them in the food dryer tomorrow, as I don't want to leave them in overnight. Last time I did that, they got crispy, which really doesn't do much for their flavor.

I spent part of today updating some of my software for the new computer and messing with the email so that it works again. Last night being able to send was sporadic but I think I've got it together again now, and it's been sending consistently again. Bills got paid, though the charge for the new computer hasn't showed up on the credit card yet. I'm sure that'll happen soon.

My Dead Can Dance hoodie showed up from [ profile] miss_adventure today, which has delighted me to no end. I wore it out when I went grocery shopping tonight. I hadn't been out for more than just a day or so's worth of stuff since I got home from Europe, so I had rather a lot to pick up, but there were some nice Washington peaches that felt and smelled ripe -- it's hard to get peaches in a store that are actually ripe enough. They're often either grainy or crunchy. I think these might turn out okay because they're fairly local and they claim they were "tree-ripened," though what that means these days is anyone's guess. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow when I have one for breakfast.

As noted in my other posts today, I did a blog page on finding the Wayside Well in Kildare, and Hiraeth Press posted one of my poems to their website, which made me quite happy. I sent off the link to the publicity person at Immanion. I also sent off a copy of the manuscript to [ profile] finnchuill for a poet friend of his to look over. I hope he'll like it.

Tomorrow I'll probably do #writechat for a while and then work on some more material for the EBC presentation. I have photos that need to be taken and things that need to be scanned for further slides. Fortunately, Word and PowerPoint both still work on this version of Mac OSX. I'm definitely liking the new larger monitor. It's at a better height and I have a lot more space to deal with things.

Today's mail, along with the hoodie, also brought a fairly lengthy health practices survey from the VA. A lot of the questions are not particularly answerable (for me at least) in the format they've laid it out. So much of their stuff can really only be answered as "it depends on how I feel that day," which they really don't have allowances for. I'm going to have to give some serious thought to my answers. Also with the VA, Wendy called on Friday and left me a message that the spirituality group starts again on the 6th, for a four-week session. Things are shifting yet again, so they're needing to figure out how to handle it. But it'll be nice to see everyone again.

Carrying the huge box with the computer in it yesterday really messed up my arms. They're very sore today, as they were last night. Hauling four heavy bags of groceries tonight didn't help much, sadly. Monday is the CR schmooze. Tuesday is the steampunk social at AFK. Wednesday I have a meeting with a couple who want someone to do a handfasting for them. Thursday Jeff's back to help with finishing up (I hope) the EBC presentation. In the midst of all that, I have to deal with scanning things, photographing things, writing up text slides, and expanding on some of the material I've got for the presentation outline.

Tired Erynn is really, really tired. Probably should cork this yummy apricot cider, pop it back into the fridge, and head for bed.
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It was raining a lot today, so I had to watch parts of the Venus transiting the sun event on the computer. NASA's broadcast was kind of wibbly, probably because of the huge number of people watching, and then I heard that some transit worker in Australia did something weird and accidentally cut a cable, shutting the broadcast down temporarily. I don't know what's up with that, but I did see it on a Google search for a site showing the transit.

The steampunk social was tonight, and planning happened for several things, including a bonfire and potluck out at Qi's place on the 16th. I'm hoping to be able to make it, but I'm not sure if I will. It really depends on how much I actually have finished by then.

Some books were posted to the Puget Sound CR email list by [ profile] wire_mother and I've posted a few more, but I feel like absolute crap right now and couldn't focus enough to dredge around for more titles. We're working on stuff that was published since the CR FAQ came out, as noted last night.

I've sent off inquiries to the Ashland Hostel about a bed there for the night on the way down to California, and asked [ profile] mythworker if he'll be home and might have space for me in Eugene on my way back, as I'm looking at heading north pretty much directly from the campsite, rather than staying the night in Sacramento again on the way home. I'm not sure I'll make it as far as Portland that night, but Eugene is probably doable.

Further articles were sent to the pilgrimage list containing material that might be of interest to those attending. Nobody has to read all of it, by any means, but some people might actually want to take a look at some of it.

Because [ profile] ingvisson is having some trouble right now, I'm going to have [ profile] gra_is_stor house- and pup-sitting for me, so I contacted my insurance company and had her added as a driver for Garuda. It didn't cost anything extra, so I don't have to worry about stretching the budget at all for that, and it'll mean she'll have a lot more flexibility than needing to rely on sharing her roommate's car while I'm gone for six-ish weeks and she's here at my place in Everett.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have Irish class, but right now I'm feeling absolutely awful (it might have been something I ate, or just the IBS kicking my ass because I've been so stressed out lately) and if I'm still not feeling well tomorrow, I'll probably have to cancel on that. Regardless, I'll try to work on at least one of the ritual scripts tomorrow, and one day's worth of exercises. Time is getting shorter every day, and I'm really staring to feel it.
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I was awakened by the postal carrier, who had one of my prescriptions for a signature. The last two shipments from the VA didn't include non-childproof caps, which is very annoying and I'm going to have to talk with them about it.

I headed down to Seattle early for the CR schmooze tonight. I actually got a fair bit of work done, finishing one of the basic instructions section for part of the daily meditations on the pilgrimage, and making more detailed notes on the various ogam feda we'll be focusing on each day of the pilgrimage. Now that I have them (two for each day, to follow the various themes), I can work on the actual material I'll be sharing with folks before we actually go into the cauldron meditations. That'll be about one page for each day, and then I have to choose appropriate readings and the precise writing prompts for each day.

I still have to do more than outline the opening and closing rituals, the incubation in the barrows, and the dream incubation, and the Airmed ritual for Heapstown cairn.

While I was at Travelers, I ran into [ profile] neo_lvx, and (briefly) Craigula, and we spent a little time catching up with one another. The schmooze this evening was a really good discussion of books and resources published since the release of the CR FAQ. We are, supposedly, going to post some of our suggestions for newer books on the Puget Sound CR list, where we can then compile things and post them around here and there in response for the folks who want newer material. There are, sadly, still not a lot of actual CR books available yet, and from what was said, apparently nobody's actually talking on the lists and whatnot about writing them. I doubt that I'm the only person working on new things, but a lot of that is happening on a few blogs, not on the lists or the various online communities.

It was really good to see [ profile] wire_mother again today. He's not been able to make it to the last several schmoozes, and I've very much missed his company and his contributions.

Tomorrow is the steampunk social, and I think quite a few folks will actually be there, as there has been some discussion on the Steamrats list regarding north-end activities and gatherings. The Krakening tends to be where a lot of that stuff gets planned, and the first Tuesday of the month is generally the most heavily attended social.

I've exchanged emails with [ profile] seanthedruid about funds for my travel to Eight Winds. He's in Massachusetts right now but promises to get something out to me shortly. I'll be glad when that's out of the way. I need to remember to see if there will be a bed at the Ashland Hostel on the way down to California at the end of the month, and reserve one if there is. Given the time of year, if they don't have one, then I'll go ahead and push for Redding and get a cheap motel there, as it'll still be light for the pass through the Siskiyous, which makes it a much less harrowing drive.

I need to look at my calendar tomorrow and decide what day I'm heading south. I'll probably stay the night before Eight Winds at [ profile] seanthedruid's place again, as it was a reasonable drive from there out to the campsite in the Sierras. I also need to do a quick review of the Brigid and Sarasvati presentation and make sure I have all the handouts together so I can make cheap copies before I leave. There won't be any copy shops where I'm headed.

The other thing I need to do this week is see if I can get Garuda checked over and the oil changed on Thursday. While that's going on, I'll see about getting a haircut and getting the green streak bleached so I'll be able to re-dye my hair when it's short again. The hair's getting down into my eyes and being really irritating again lately.

Busy Erynn is still way too damned busy. I'm glad I have friends who understand that and support me in my work.
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The VA sent me an appointment for podiatry in the mail today, which is scheduled for 8:30am on July 9th. I called and left them a message that I was going to be on a plane that day, thank you, and they should call me soon, but NOT BEFORE NOON to reschedule. I am so not going to an 8:30 appointment. I would have to be up by 6am to get there in time, given rush hour traffic and all the crap that entails for a trip in from Everett. There is No Fucking Way I am going to have an appointment at that hour. If they only have a morning clinic, I will have the very last appointment of the morning, thanks very much. I had told the gal who was sending the referral in to have them CALL ME first, but of course this is the VA and they don't actually listen. yay.

I sent off the payment for my UK train tickets to [ profile] fififolle, who received it today. That finishes up all the travel stuff for my trip except the Isle of Man, where I'll probably get a bus pass for the week.

Last night I also finally got around to answering an email from a young woman (presumably, from what I could get from the email address name) who was asking me about centralizing CR and making One Big Website with Everything On It where info would be sorted and reliable and folks could buy books that were published about CR and... sigh It's a great dream, but that's just never going to happen. The original Celtic cultures were never a unity and it's completely unrealistic to expect CR Paganism to manifest unity when we all worship different deities, our rituals are going to be different, and there are different cultures involved. I wish the online community was a little less acrimonious, but the only way anything is going to get done is by people actually doing them instead of sitting around online talking about it and telling everyone else how UnCeltic they are. Stuff like this doesn't spring up overnight, anything involving an organization that publishes is going to have to deal with nonprofit laws, and it would take a lot of volunteer effort that never quite seems to be forthcoming. Anyone who wants to see organizations and groups start, even if they are not a scholar and don't want to be one, is just going to have to step up to the plate and start organizing things. It's not magically going to happen by wishing. But I have given that particular rant many a time before. I hope I was at least encouraging to her about finding her talents and contributing to the community as best she's able.

Today I spent some time talking on Skype (texting actually) with [ profile] vyviane about pilgrimage stuff and sorted through some things. I sent her a link for the doc where I have a bunch of research links and stuff for some of the sites we're visiting, and where I'll be adding more things as I find them in the next few days. I also wrote up part of a document for the list on three cauldrons meditations that will be the basis for the daily work we'll do before the writing prompts each morning. I would have spent more time on it, but I needed to get down into Everett to pick up my guests and have dinner with them, then we came back here and watched the Lovecraft movies, which were greatly enjoyed. She did note that airfare from Boston or New York into Dublin is, I believe, just under $1,000 for a round trip right now, so if anyone was wondering if cheaper airfare might make going on the pilgrimage possible, now would be the time to consider tickets and coming along!

ETA: [ profile] vyviane says "I found tons of 1,000 RT from all over the place via Air Lingus and Expedia has a couple 811 and 864 RT from Boston and New York City!"

Further work was done on dealing with the specific themes and readings for each day's meditations and travel. I still need to dig through some books to find appropriate poems, but that's tomorrow's job.

I was delighted to discover that the Celtic Scholar's Reviews blog had posted a very positive review of Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom a few days ago, giving it a very high recommendation. Her reviews tend to be honest and clear about a book's flaws, as well as its positive points, and she was really quite pleased with my work.

Thursday I've scheduled a chat with the Sisterhood of Avalon again, given that the last one was pretty much utterly defeated by a lousy internet connect. I'm looking forward to it, as it was so messed up last time. Apparently they really enjoyed what little I did get through to everyone, so it'll be nice to be able to actually talk to them realtime instead of with those hideous delays and signal drops.

Monday is the CR schmooze, and Jeff is going to be doing a presentation on deity imagery on Celtic coins. He's really into numismatics and will have illustrations and such. It should be fun.
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Today Mandragora arrived in the mail. I was, as one might imagine, utterly jazzed by the whole idea.

Erynn & Geordie with Mandragora

Here's me and Geordie at Travelers, waving the book with our stuff in it. We are happy. Sooooo happy.

Erynn & Caera at Travelers

And here's me and [ profile] gra_is_stor at Travelers. She's happy, too.

But my deep, dark secret?

This is who actually writes the books...

The one who really writes the books

The day was gloriously sunny and warm, and we spent a while having chai at Travelers. I showed Leon the book (he was duly impressed). When we wandered over to Edge, I showed it to everyone there, as well. It's kind of the thing one does, after all. The schmooze turned into a pretty good discussion of trees in Celtic lore, as well as a discussion of tree as cosmological center, the Jupiter Giant columns, and various and sundry sacred omphali. (I think that's the right pluralization.)

Tomorrow is dinner with [ profile] paganpaul, who's in town from the Netherlands. Wednesday I'm picking up Geordie when I'm in town for Irish class and he'll come back up for a day or two. Stuff and things require doing, and we still have a fair bit to talk about. Much of today was spent with both of us squeeing about The Book. As you do when you're an author with a brand new pretty.

I'm tired and hoping that I'll actually manage to get some sleep tonight. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I was pretty creaky when I got up this morning. I'm hoping there won't be a migraine in the offing tomorrow, given how I felt for part of today.

When I have the Brigid and flamekeeping book together, I'm seriously thinking of approaching Scarlet Imprint to do the publication. I don't know if it's quite up their usual alley, but one never knows. They're already publishing my stuff, and some of the book will be ritual work, while much of the rest will be essays and other material about Brigid, about flamekeeping, probably about poetry, and about the whole complex of things from a CR perspective, or at least from my CR perspective (which is about all I can say about anything I write these days). Given that they're also doing paperback editions these days, it wouldn't price the book out of everyone's reach, and I'd love to have a gorgeous edition for the altar of the sort that they tend to produce.

Anyway, that's a concern for when the book is actually written.


May. 14th, 2012 12:03 am
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A fair few of the folks who said they'd be along today canceled, but it was (a) Mother's Day and (b) gorgeously sunny and warm out today, so I was not at all surprised. I did have several people, though, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Geordie got here around 11 or so, and we hung out for a bit and then went for a walk around the lake to catch up on stuff. He's spent a fair bit of the day pawing through my library making notes for his herbalism class coming up next weekend. Tomorrow he'll be asking [ profile] gra_is_stor for Gaelic pronunciation for some of the stuff in the Carmina Gadelica, which he also wants to use.

Folks started arriving about 4pm, and at 5 we started the movies. First up was The Call of Cthulhu, which I've seen several times, as had a couple of the folks in attendance. New to all of us was The Whisperer in Darkness, which was a fabulous 30s noir horror with a wonderfully creepy twist ending. The whole thing was really well done and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has seen the first movie and enjoyed it. You will not go amiss!

Most everyone bailed after the movies, but Brianna stayed and had dinner with me, [ profile] gra_is_stor and Geordie. I made some curried lentils on basmati rice that turned out very well. We finished up the rhubarb cobbler for dessert. Upon finishing up dinner, we watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra before Brianna headed home.

We're currently winding down for the night. I'll try to get to some of the comments in the last few days of my LJ tomorrow before we all head down to Seattle. The schmooze is tomorrow, and Geordie will be coming down with us. He'll be staying in Seattle but will probably be up here at least once more before his class next weekend.

Geordie says he looks forward to "another action-packed day filled with adventure and colluding," so I'm sure we'll have a lovely time tomorrow.
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It was another "wake up after 1pm" sort of day, but around 3pm I managed to haul myself down into Everett to the Snohomish County offices and talk to an actual human being about the tax exemption thing. Nobody was in line, so I didn't have to wait, though some folks came in after I did, and they had to while the clerk was talking with me.

I had pretty much all the information they needed except for one thing, which I could look up on my phone instead of having to go find paperwork somewhere. The online packet wasn't entirely accurate -- the extra page it gave for previous year refunds was not actually the form that needed to be filled out, but the clerk just had me sign, date, phone number and put my address on the proper forms and said she'd fill them out for me. This was good because just doing that little bit on three forms left me with my hand in a knot and my wrist aching. Yay carpal tunnel? There are reasons why I type instead of writing things by hand unless it's absolutely necessary. The clerk said they had "two and a half people" working on the backlog, but that it would take three to six weeks, "maybe less," for me to hear back about whether the exemption had been approved or not. She was pretty sure it would be. She said if it were approved, I'd get a letter from the county and then a check. If I'm lucky, it might get here before I go to Ireland, which would be lovely.

I did get down to Seattle for Irish class, which was nice. I also picked up paper for the printer and ziploc bags for the freezer, which I was out of. After class, I got some work done on my feet by Patrick, who says I have plantar fascitis in my left foot. The right wasn't nearly so bad. He asked why it might be worse on one foot and I explained that I limp a fair bit, and I tend to favor my left hip when I do, so that's probably what got it started. He suggested some exercises for it but I'll also talk to my doc in the women's clinic at the VA when I see her later this month. Maybe she can refer me to orthopedics or something.

Tomorrow I'm back at the VA for the weekly group. Saturday is the Medieval Women's Choir concert, and Geordie will be in town. Sunday is the Lovecraft movie afternoon. Monday is the CR schmooze. Tuesday I have dinner with Paul, who's visiting from the Netherlands, and his local sweetie. I'm not sure when Geordie's actually visiting me here and staying at my place, but I imagine I'll be hearing from him soon.

I have to do stuff. And things.
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I woke up this morning to the dog being sick on the floor (at least he got off the bed first), and that stiff-neck-shoulders-ache feeling that I get if I'm pre-migraine, accompanied by vague nausea. I took him out but couldn't quite bring myself to go back to bed, even though I wanted to. I was worried he'd be sick again and I'd just have to get back up.

Tramadol was taken, which helped slightly, but I've been pretty dizzy and groggy all day and wasn't able to go out tonight as I'd wanted. I'm uncertain whether I'll be able to go down to Seattle tomorrow for the schmooze Beltaine ritual. I've already given the group a heads up, so I will post to them tomorrow to let them know with a yea or nay.

This was one of those days where I had to talk myself into getting into the shower before I got dressed, even though I knew for a fact that I'd feel at least a little better for standing under the hot water for a while. Most of my day was spent between sitting at the computer trying to do things and curled up on the couch reading. It's just been a really slow brain day and I'm still feeling out of sorts, 10 hours after I took the tramadol, so it's not all just the drug.

In the happymaking news mentioned above, Ruby Sara reports that she got her copy of Mandragora today, which means that my copy will be shipping any time now! I'm absolutely delighted about this and, as you can see from the photos at the link, this is an absolutely gorgeous volume. I can't wait to get my hands on it! Ordering information can be found here, and a paperback edition is due out later if the hardbound is a bit too dear for your tastes. Knowing that something with my work in it has been released is always a great way to make my day brighter, even when I feel like absolute crap and want to fall over and sleep for a week.

And now I need to try to eat a little more before I fall over.
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This morning I went back over to Best Buy and traded in the modem that didn't work for another one of the proper type (DOCSIS 3.0). I'll do the installation when the Comcast tech calls me back on Saturday afternoon, then take their modem back to them so I don't have to pay rent on the damned thing.

Today's drive down to Seattle was pretty smooth except for about 10 minutes of near-standstill through I-5 in downtown, due to a stalled out vehicle. I got to my group on time, but only just. It was a pretty good group today - good topic, good discussion.

Once I was done at the VA, I headed over to Travelers and grabbed a chai and had some banana bread, as I hadn't really eaten much before I left. Upon finishing up, I pinged [ profile] gra_is_stor to find out what our agenda was for the evening. Her roommate had the car, so I went and picked up her and a friend who is out visiting her from Boston. He's pretty cool. He also paid for our movie tickets this evening.

I really enjoyed the movie, as I always do. I keep forgetting how funny parts of it are; there's a fair bit of humor there that I like a lot. And yeah, there's no subtext between Rick and Louis at all. None. *snerk*

I updated the maps in my god of navigation today with US and Canada maps, and got the lifetime renewal option, so I can just download updates whenever they happen. In exploring the site while the downloads were happening, I discovered that (a) I can get an SD card with maps for Europe that includes everywhere I'll be going (for $99), and (b) that I can charge it on European current as well as US current. I already have the global adapters necessary, and it has a slot for a USB port, so I'll take along the camera cable that also works with the Garmin and be able to find my way around pretty well once I get where I'm going. It may not tell me every last detail about everything, but it should make finding things like restaurants and such much easier when I'm on my own.

Tomorrow I need to do some more work on the pilgrimage stuff, then I might head down to Seattle to see [ profile] gra_is_stor and her friend tomorrow night, if my hip cooperates. It's been kind of stabby-pain lately, which is not pleasant, but so it goes.

I got email today from Nicole reminding me of my speaking engagement at her class on May 1st in the afternoon. The schmooze has scheduled Beltaine for May 6th, though I'm still waiting on a time to show up. I'll be providing the rhubarb cobbler. Arlen is not going to be deployed to Afghanistan again (yay!), so we don't have to worry about doing the warrior ritual for him at this time.

I'm sure there are a million things I'm forgetting, but I have had my dinner. I made duck and lentil soup, with leeks and mushroom, seasoned with rosemary, thyme, white pepper, and fresh bay leaf, and topped with feta cheese crumbles. It were YUMTASTIC. I am such an awesome cook. ;)
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Today was the CR schmooze; as noted yesterday, I wasn't too clear on what we were to be talking about, but we did have an interesting conversation. A new person showed up whom I'd met last year at Eight Winds, and I don't think we terrified her or anything, so perhaps she'll come back again to talk with us.

My anxiety today was bad enough that I had to medicate for it. I dislike how the anti-anxiety meds make me feel, but they're at least slightly preferable to that horrible feeling of an impending panic attack. It was enough to get me through the evening, thankfully.

I left Everett a little early so that I could drop off stuff about the pilgrimage at East West Books. That was about a two minute stop. Some kind person had stuck their parking tab onto the kiosk so it could be re-used (it had over an hour's worth of time still on it). I used it for a few and stuck it back on the kiosk myself, to pass along the good karma, as it were. After that I hauled myself over to Travelers, where I ran into [ profile] nathan_fhtagn and another friend. I was reading a book but we did have crossover conversation, and Nathan says he'd be interested in coming when I screen the Cthulhu movies from the HPLHS, Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness, so I got a contact email for him and will include him on the list when the dvd arrives and I have some idea when I want to schedule it. He's off for Providence I think this weekend to do some stuff out there (with [ profile] meddevi, perhaps?), so I'll be wanting to schedule it for when he's back.

[ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] joyful_storm both came by Travelers for chai. I'll be wanting to talk with [ profile] joyful_storm again about travel stuff, as she's a much more experienced traveler than I am when it comes to the European stuff. She had a couple of suggestions for places to look for light, comfortable, multipurpose clothing that will work for packing into one light carryon bag. She said she'd email me links.

After the schmooze, I went off to Remedy to have tea with [ profile] thewronghands and we sat and talked for about 90 minutes, catching up with a bunch of things. She's only in town for two days, so I was glad to have the chance to see her. She said she liked [ profile] dpaxson's The Way of the Oracle that I brought back from PCon for her, though I haven't had the chance to read it yet. I asked if she'd like anything from Ireland and she said that a field guide to Irish plants or trees would be awesome, so I'll see about finding one when I hit a bookshop in Dublin or Sligo. I'm sure there are a fair few of them out there. I know that I like field guides and natural histories, so I'm hoping I'll have a good feel for what she might want in one of those. When I was there last, I bought a field guide to birds because I had seen a few that had fascinated me, but I had no idea what they were. Knowing what I'm looking at helps so much in orienting myself to a new place.

We talked a little bit about traveling solo and other similar stuff, and it turned to Badass Women In Seattle (we're looking at you, [ profile] lakmiseiru, [ profile] canyonwren, and [ profile] varina8, among many others). There really are a lot of amazing women we know here, who travel the world alone, who climb mountains and kick ass and save lives, who keep on doing astonishing things despite the health problems that nature handed them. I'm so delighted to know so many of you! Lucky Erynn is one lucky Erynn. We also carped about the right-wing and their attempts (far too successful recently) to rescind every fucking right that women have gained in the last 50 years; anyone who thinks we don't need feminism needs to fuck off. I am a human being and I refuse to condone a government that tries to tell me I'm not. GRAR.

I also noted that [ profile] thewronghands really needed to be introduced to [ profile] gra_is_stor because they have a fair bit in common. She said it sounded like an excellent idea, so we shall try to arrange that when she's going to be in town for a bit and we have some scheduling options.

[ profile] druid_medb got back to me and clarified about the whole Eight Winds versus PCon contexts. Both of us were having fibro fog and got a couple of wires crossed, but we're good now, and much more clear on what it was we were both attempting to convey. There are both Eight Winds and PCon components to what we were discussing and we just needed to sit down and sort where the salient points slipped by us. Eight Winds is definitely more of a personal with a few other folks in on it type conversation about some of the warrior stuff, geilta, and PTSD, with another private conversation on other issues, while PCon would be more involved, a lot more public, and more formal.

Tomorrow is my Skype chat with [ profile] vyviane, there may be some steampunkery at the AFK, and [ profile] gra_is_stor will be coming up before her band practice then heading out to play music with her friends. I really have to deal with sheet changing and all that kinda stuff. With my arms hurting like they have been lately, stripping and re-making the bed has been a challenge, so I'm hoping I can get a little help with it before she has to head for the rehearsal space.

Still way too busy, but at least working on getting some things done.
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I woke today about halfway through the Sunday #writechat, which was rather slow and sparsely attended, presumably because it was Easter Sunday and a fair few people were off doing things with family rather than hanging about yattering with fellow writers. Still, I had fun as I usually do. It's an enjoyable crowd.

Laundry was done while I was chatting, then I tossed myself into some clothing and went for a walk around the lake. It was a lovely, warm 68f today, and partly sunny, so it was pretty much ideal for a walk. I very much enjoyed it, and the park was pretty crowded, as you might expect on such a day. My knee was twinging a bit as I went. It wasn't enough to stop me, but it was fairly creaky. I'm probably going to want to talk to the VA about getting a knee brace sometime soon. If I'm going to walk, especially if I'm hiking overseas, I'd like to be a little more sure the knee isn't going to give out on me at an inconvenient moment - not that there's a convenient moment for joints collapsing, but you know what I mean.

Last night I'd walked over to the Safeway and picked up a few things, including a couple of lamb chops, one of which I had for dinner tonight with some asparagus, brown rice, jerusalem artichokes, and a glass of Boujoulais, which suited it quite well. It was all very tasty, and I hadn't really felt much up to cooking recently because I'd been too tired and there wasn't a lot here that I really felt like eating, nor was there much beyond pasta or a can of beans that was just something I could do quickly and without a fair bit of effort. I dislike having so little energy, but I've been taking B vitamins again and it seems to be helping a bit with that. Sadly, it doesn't do jack for the insomnigrackles.

[ profile] druid_medb emailed back about Eight Winds and was very much into opening up the discussion, but I think she took it as being potentially rather more than I'd have the bandwidth to help out with. She suggested maybe a ritual (a tentative suggestion), but I don't have it in me to deal with something that involved before I leave in July. I suggested maybe we could do something at PantheaCon next year instead, considering this is pretty heavy duty stuff and I don't have the skills to deal with it if somebody goes all splodey on us. She certainly has more than I do, but I don't think Eight Winds this year is the right time or place. We'd need a lot more time and preparation to pull something viable together. That said, I do think it's an excellent idea to consider for another time and place. Depending on what's going on next year, maybe at Eight Winds in 2013 instead.

This evening I did some more work on the links document for the pilgrimage preparation. I've got something for all the various places we are (or might be) going, and most of the deities and other figures we might deal with as well, so we'll see if this is what Vyviane had in mind when she asked for something. We'll talk on Tuesday at some point, so I don't have too much longer to wait and see if I need to deal with this differently.

Monday is the CR schmooze. I guess the idea is dealing with a definition of cosmology. I'm not in charge of this ride, so I'm not too terribly worried about it. I've got other things to keep my brain spinning its wheels. I'm also meeting [ profile] thewronghands for tea afterwards for a little bit, pursuant to a conversation elsejournal. Wednesday is Irish class, Thursday is group at the VA (which I should actually get to this time, gods willing) and probably meeting [ profile] isquiesque afterwards. I may also be seeing another friend, but am not so certain on that one. I was supposed to see her last Thursday but something came up and she asked to reschedule for this week. Saturday is a birthday party, Sunday is the Great Spring Ceremony at the Shinto shrine and a chat with some of the people from Sisterhood of Avalon. All in all, a pretty full week. I hope I have the braincells.
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I was contacted a week or so ago by [ profile] druid_medb about the article I'd written on geilta and warrior stuff. She's a vet herself and has been working as a veterans advocate for people working their way through the VA system. As seems to be a thing at the moment, there's a lot of interest in the more mainstream spiritual and counseling communities in rituals and approaches to dealing with PTSD for returning veterans, and the work our group has been doing, and a fair bit of my own work and writing falls within that area. I sent her off the geilt article and she was very interested in the whole thing. She asked the other day if we could talk while we're at Eight Winds this June, and I suggested maybe we could do an impromptu discussion of the material with interested folks who might be in attendance.

She said that there would probably be a number of vets/military there, and some folks on the treatment/services side as well, who would undoubtedly be interested in such a discussion. So we're looking at how to put this together, when we might do it, and what we'll want to do about distributing the article and other potential material when we're there. I may end up hauling copies of a few things depending on how many people would consider joining the discussion.

In line with this, A is going back to the middle east soon and asked if we would do the warrior blessing ritual again in May, before he leaves. The local group is in planning for that. We have a couple of potential dates and the organizing committee is looking for a place to do it. Last time, we did it out at my place, also using the tiny park across the street at the lake. We're doing a much shorter version of the ritual this time, as he's already been through it once, so it won't be an overnight vigil but a more condensed version to only take about 3 to 4 hours.

I had a short text exchange with Vyviane about scheduling a discussion regarding the upcoming chat with the Sisterhood of Avalon about the pilgrimage and my work. We'll be talking on Tuesday afternoon (my time). She's been out of town and very busy and won't have time until after Monday, and I need to catch up with her and make sure everything I'm working on is what needs to be done. As I've said many a time before, not having ever done this previously, I don't necessarily know if what I'm spending time on is actually what needs to be done, so I'm feeling a little tentative. She's done this for years now and knows what all is expected and what works and what needs to be done, but I feel rather like I'm groping in the dark. Getting a reassuring word now and again helps me feel like I'm on the right track and doing what I should be working on.

A trip to the grocery store netted some rhubarb and some early strawberries (a two-for-one package sale). I may end up doing a cobbler, though I haven't decided if I want it to be strawberry-rhubarb or just rhubarb. With strawberries, I often feel it's too sweet, but these are probably not the ripest strawberries on the planet and therefore not necessarily overly sweet. It might work out well. If [ profile] gra_is_stor is feeling better soon, I might do the cobbler with a gluten-free crust so that she can have some, too. The strawberries, regardless, would go very nicely with my honey yogurt anyway. I froze the remainder of my pseudo-posole this afternoon so that I can have it later instead of having to eat it all right away. Yay freezers!

Tomorrow, #writechat, #poetparty, and laundry, along with whatever note-making and writing I can get together toward the trip again. I opened up the notebook I'll be using for the pilgrimage and trip to Europe and wrote that in the first page, slipping one of the pilgrimage postcards into the little pocket in the back. I'll add all the contact stuff, a list of folks I'm tying ribbons onto the clootie trees for, and travel information to it in the next few days. I got one with blank rather than lined pages, and will be sticking in bits of maps, making notes, and stuffing it with postcards as I go along, as well as various meditations and journal entries. I'll use it as my writing notebook for our ritual and creative writing/poetry prompts work as well. I may or may not have it full up when I get home, but I'm intending it to be a record of my journey.
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Today was the CR schmooze down in Seattle. I headed down early and got two packets printed up for the Ireland pilgrimage, and five sheets of the postcards done so that I could leave info at Edge of the Circle. I left one of the packets there, and will probably leave the other at East West if I can get there sometime soon. During the schmooze, Patrick did some work on my arms; this helped but I'm still aching a lot.

Spent some time at Kaladi Brothers today pre-schmooze so that I could do a little work on the pilgrimage material and still have internet access. I worked through some ideas for the opening ritual at Brigid's well in Kildare, though there's obviously still quite a bit to do. [ profile] vyviane kindly got an itinerary together in a format I can work with, which I printed out and will be hauling around with me while I scribble ideas. I've also got some of the material I want to do the day we visit Newgrange, Knowth, and Tara. I'm thinking we'll work on prompts dealing with sacred time and space, so the story of Oengus and the Daghda, and the Settling of the Manor of Tara would be the texts for that day. I want to look at how we see ourselves in landscape/time/space, but also to consider what we consider our sacred center.

Due to scheduling, Heapstone Cairn got added back into the itinerary, which means I can do some devotional work with Airmed while I'm in Ireland as well, which is an unexpected but very happy surprise. Local legend has it that the Well of Sláine is buried beneath the cairn, and that Lough Arrow is the site of the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, so there's a lot going on, mythologically, in the landscape. In regards to Brigid as the center of the pilgrimage, it might also be a place where we can talk about the origins of keening and do work surrounding grief and loss for our writing.

There is just SO MUCH STUFF that can potentially be covered in all this. It's hard to know how to condense it all into manageable amounts. Though I suppose it's better to have way more than I need than to try to stretch a thin membrane of information to the breaking point. I need to figure out where in each day a class/workshop might fit. *ponders schedule*

Backing up

Mar. 6th, 2012 12:54 am
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I think I finally have everything I need transferred from my old backup drive to the new one, and all the stuff on the phone and the iPad all backed up and restored to how it's supposed to be. It took rather a bit of shuffling and a couple of hours, but all seems to be well. At some point I will probably erase the old backup drive and possibly use it for something else, but I'm not sure what, as yet.

At the moment, pretty much everything I have uses USB2 connections except for the barcode scanner for Readerware, and I need to get a USB dock that works with that format now. I've got a couple more items in need of a connection than I have connections in my laptop. That shouldn't be hideously expensive, but it's not too important right this instant. I can shift things around as needed for the moment. Sadly, neither the phone nor the iPad will charge or connect to the computer if they are plugged into the dock.

There was snow today early in the afternoon. It didn't last long, thankfully, nor did it stick for very long. The sun came out and most of it melted, but it didn't really stay very warm. Right now the parking lot is partly black ice, as too often happens when we've had snow and freezing temperatures.

I spent part of the day looking through my music collection for Brigid-themed music and sent off some links and suggestions for the pilgrimage. I thought it would help folks get into a good aural space for the whole thing. There are half a dozen or so versions of Gabhaim Molta Bhride out there that I found on a quick search on YouTube. I can't find Brigit bé bithmath anywhere but on one of my cds. I suggested the Canty Flame of Ireland cd, but it appears to be out of print and only available for ludicrous amounts of money right now, sadly.

Grocery shopping got done this evening as well, though there are still a couple of things that need getting for the month. One thing I picked up was an artichoke that I swear is the size of a baby's head. That sucker will be at least two meals all by itself.

Tomorrow I've got the steampunk social at AFK. I should also do the last bit of shopping in the afternoon before I head out to see folks. Wednesday is Irish class. Thursday is the VA group. Saturday [ profile] meddevi has a performance in Seattle with [ profile] nathan_fhtagn that I'd like to see. Monday is the CR schmooze. Next Wednesday is my belated shrinkage. Other things are happening as well. I'm wondering how much energy I'm going to have. I slept today until about 1:30, though not well. I kept waking up and going back to sleep. We'll see how I'm feeling as this moves along; I suspect it's still too soon after traveling to be doing all this.

Part of me wants to cancel doing just about everything until I have the stuff for the pilgrimage together. Another part of me thinks that might be slightly too drastic. Most of me right now wants some tylenol with codeine but is not going to get it.

Also? I have prep work that I had entirely forgotten about for a March 18th podcast appearance I need to cope with. FEH.
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Today I went through the Circle of Stones file and turned the endnotes into footnotes. While I was at it, I killed off some of the scanner-induced errors that slipped through my previous bout of copy-editing, and italicized things that got unitalicized in the swap from my original file to the one Taylor was editing. It was painstaking work, and more than I really wanted to be doing today, but it had to be finished. I fiddled with a few other things as well, but there's a fair bit of layout left to do, and that's really not my job. Tay says we're still on for a May release date at this point. This, though, was a huge load off my mind and a massive responsibility shifted off to the publisher. I probably won't have to deal with it much more before the book is released.

Dishes got done, trash got hauled out, a post on preparing for pilgrimage got written, more plugging for the pilgrimage happened, further emails were sent that needed to be dealt with. I continued to make plans surrounding the Isle of Man portion of the pilgrimage. [ profile] vyviane reports that we now have four signups and two potentials, so things are proceeding apace. I requested a list from her of the stuff from our PantheaCon lunch meeting that I agreed to do before the pilgrimage gets up and running so that I can work on it soon.

The old computer had its memory excised then wiped. The clean machine will be delivered to [ profile] ingvisson on Wednesday if all goes well. I didn't reinstall OS X because it wanted me to hook the computer up to the internet and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it, so I left the disc in and just shut it down. When it reboots, it'll ask him to deal with all that.

Tomorrow is the steampunk social at the AFK.
Wednesday I have shrinkage and might or might not make the Irish class, have a computer to deliver.
Thursday is the VA spirituality group.
Saturday [ profile] gra_is_stor and I are heading out to Port Townsend for the Victorian seance and murder mystery party, which means I'll be missing the Medieval Women's Choir concert on Sunday afternoon -- if anyone wants my ticket in reserved seating, let me know ASAP.
Monday is the CR schmooze.

I am way too fucking busy. My entire body aches like crazy. Can somebody surgically remove my body pain and exhaustion, please? Either that or tell me what I can safely cut from my schedule that won't affect everything else in my life. It's like pulling a thread in a knitted sweater -- one tug and everything unravels. Sadly, my sleep has been all out of whack and I've been going to bed after 3 and getting up between 10:30 and 11am. I'm hoping that won't happen tomorrow, as I really desperately need some genuine sleep. Insomnigrackles, they are No Fun At All.

With any luck, I can rest a little tomorrow before hauling over to the AFK to hang with the steampunks and catch up on the last few weeks that I've been away.
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Dishes: done
Laundry: done
M picked up: done
[ profile] gra_is_stor picked up: done
Packing: done (except meds & stuff like that, which I have to do tomorrow anyway)

Went down to Seattle today for the schmooze and we had a really intense discussion about religion, sacrifice, building relationships with land/deity/ancestors, offerings, and meaning in ritual. Arlen is going to be going back to Kandahar for a year around the end of May and requested a warrior sending out ritual. Rather than doing the overnight vigil, we'll probably compress it down into a four-hour rite composed of most of the same things from the original sending out rite.

Given that my year is going to be so filled with writing and travel, I've handed off responsibility for the schmooze's money box to someone else, and returned the key to the gear box to [ profile] anthea7 so that I don't have to worry about anyone not having access while I'm away. I've been needing to back away from more administrative responsibility for a while because of both being busy and dealing with anxiety issues. These actions were a couple of good steps toward that release of responsibility. I'm certainly still going to be hanging out with people and coming to the schmooze, but I think I need to step back from admin meetings and more of the ritual writing, given that I've been doing the majority of it over the years we've been together.

Tomorrow morning we're getting up about 8am with an eye to being on the road by about 10am. I'm projecting arrival for lunch with [ profile] martianmooncrab around 2pm, if traffic cooperates. I'll have to stuff the remains of the packing into the car in the morning. I've only got a couple of bags, one of which is mostly the books I'm taking down with me.

I heard back from the tent rental people on the Isle of Man. The smallest tents they have are way way too big for what I need, and I don't need that kind of expense. For what they're asking, I might as well rent a hotel room, and I'd really rather not spend that much. I've decided that I can take along my backpacking half-dome tent (which would actually fit into my carry-on if that sort of thing is permitted) and buy a cheap air mattress and sleeping bag when I get to Ireland. That would be less of an expense than renting the tent and things. I just have to look into TSA regulations and such about carrying camping gear, specifically tents, on planes and whether I can do it as carryon in my bag or whether I'll need to check the tent through.

The campsite folks said I can just check in and pay when I get there, rather than making arrangements in advance, which is apparently how they usually handle people from the UK, given that they're much more local. This was a weight off my mind.

My tentative schedule for PantheaCon:

Friday 3:30 - The World on a String ([ profile] ogam and prayer beads)
Friday 11:00 - CR Rituals: A Look at the Nuts and Bolts (ME)

Saturday 3:30 - Sisters of Seshat Moon Ritual (ME)
Saturday 9:00 - Pagans, Culture War, and the Modern Crisis (Gus diZerega)

Sunday 7:00 - Brigid and Sarasvati: Goddesses of Poetry and Inspiration (ME)
Sunday 9:00 - Queer Celtic Mythology

Monday 1:30 - Echtrai, Immrama, Aisling ([ profile] finnchuill)

Everything but the stuff I'm actually in is subject to being shuffled off somewhere else or being snagged into Faerie.

I'll see a lot of you this weekend!


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