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[ profile] pavaneofstars posted this rundown on the Stargate con in Vancouver that includes a few photos of the rally. If you look, you'll see me in a couple of them. Yay!

[ profile] alfrecht sent his preface for the book today and I plugged it into the text, then spent the rest of the day looking up sources for my interminable footnotes. I also added the acknowledgements, the dedication, and the bones of the table of contents. I am now in possession of 176 single-spaced pages of raw text and footnotes. Trust me, [ profile] teriel, this would be a nightmare with in-text cites. Hoo boy.

All that's left to do now is the advanced divination chapter, the glossary/pronunciation guide, the selected bibliography (because there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to remember or even find that 20 years worth of obscure articles on ogam that I've read) and a stab at indexing terms, unless Megalithica does the indexing for me (please, all the Gods of sorting things out, please...). Yeesh.

[ profile] thewronghands called today to say she'll have the rest of the files I sent her from the book looked over with suggestions this week, so I'm looking forward to seeing her thoughts on the text. Still have to do a few more sample readings for the advanced divination chapter. That'll involve photographs, because there's no other way to really deal with illustrating random cast readings, especially if you're working with multiple sets of ogam feda.

My brain hurts. I'm going to bed. Getting together tomorrow afternoon with [ profile] teriel and [ profile] lupabitch, presumably for something resembling food and conversation.

Passing out now.
erynn: Gaelic merman image (scots_rock's paul mcg)
I was one of about 70 people at the Save Carson Beckett rally today, getting my kilted butt soaked in the rain. Silly soaking wet people below )


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