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OCCULT KABBALAH TAROT WICCA MASONIC GNOSTIC HERMETIC - eBay (item 370462019062 end time Dec-05-10 17:10:26 PST)

If you are an author or ever contributed to the PODSNet BBS system or had something included in the "Riders of the Crystal Well BOS", aka the PODSNet BOS, aka "the Internet BOS" you should check to see if your work is included, and if it is, file your DCMA takedown requests.

Many of the books in this collection are currently in-print works of living authors. Please pass the word far and wide and get this removed from Ebay and other possible websites.
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After a bit of a slow start today, we headed down to Seattle. [ profile] lwood asked if we could stop by the Nordic Heritage Museum, as she wouldn't be there for the knitting conference, and we trundled on over and wandered through chunks of it. We didn't see the whole thing, given that we only had about half an hour or so before we'd have to head up to the Hill, with traffic and whatnot.

We did head out in time to make it to Edge right at 4pm, though I had been worried about the traffic along Denny through downtown. As we were heading up the hill I had [ profile] dpaxson call the shop to let them know we might be ten minutes or so late. Thankfully, traffic cleared out just after the I-5 onramp and we were able to make it on time. I dropped them at Edge and went for parking, which I found two blocks away.

There were a dozen people there for the class, which was really good for no significant notice. We spent a couple of hours then adjourned to Six Arms for food and drink with Patrick and Diana & Lorrie's friend Bill. On the way out the door, I ran into [ profile] willowbl00, who was on her way in. I said hi in passing. She's been deeply involved with Jigsaw Renaissance, a maker/hacker space that's doing some really innovative stuff and which opened on Capitol Hill earlier this year.

We hauled Patrick home (he's located a whole three blocks from the community center where I've been to a couple of [ profile] s00j's concerts) and then headed back here. We just got off the phone with one of D & L's friends and arranged for a brunch tomorrow morning at 11:30 at Araya's Place down in the U District. They're good vegetarian Thai and have their own parking, so it will be easy to get to and easy to park for. Traffic should (I hope) be reasonably swift given the hour on Sunday morning at which we'll be setting out. From there, I'm not sure what we'll be up to.

[ profile] dpaxson tuned my harp tonight and was playing some tunes for a while, which was very nice. Right now she's looking at the stack of stuff I've been published in. I'm going to be heading for bed fairly soonish, given that I'm rather tired and I have an early morning tomorrow.
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Yesterday, [ profile] lwood got news that her last kitty had died. There was really nothing any of us could do, being up here instead of down there with her hubby. We had thought about still going to the party, but a last minute change of plans was had and we stayed home and consumed copious quantities of mead instead, and watched half a dozen episodes of Jeeves and Wooster for cheering-upping and taking of the mind off the hurt of it all. There was snuggling on the couch and further mead.

Because we did not go out last night, I was also able to hang out for a bit in irc with the folks from Abney Park for their cd release party. They released signed, numbered cds at midnight and promptly crashed their website. They spent a couple of hours trying to get things back up and running. One of the folks in irc got a stable dns address that some of us could get into, so right about 2am I was able to get in an order for my own signed copy.

One downside of the upgrade to an iPhone 3G was the unexpected notice from ATT that I would now be paying $15 extra a month for their unlimited data plan and 200 sms texts a month. That was a bit of a headdesk, but it's not going to break the budget.

Shortly, we shall be collecting ourselves and heading down to Seattle for [ profile] dpaxson's book signing and rune class. There are still clothes in the dryer, so that has to finish up before we can go.

After the class, there shall be booz0rz and food somewhere nearby on the hill, location tbd by those who show up.
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The mail today brought the escrow check for the mortgage refinance, so I was able to get a few things done today that I had been anticipating would have to wait for a while. I did get down to Seattle, and I did get myself a new hat (yay!) -- a nice brown wool felt trilby with an antler embroidered on one side. It is made of several types of awesome and is a small rather than a medium, so it fits better than the one I already had, but both of them work with different stuff.

I dropped by Travelers to wait for [ profile] sebastian_lvx, who showed up about an hour before I expected him, so we hung out for a while. I got a call from [ profile] lwood telling me her friend couldn't come up with her, but [ profile] dpaxson wanted to come instead, and could I set her up with a book signing while she was here.

Be it therefore noted that there will be a book signing with Diana Paxson at Edge of the Circle on Saturday, October 16th at a time yet to be announced. I gave Diana and Robert each other's phone numbers so they could work this out without my having to be the middleman for the process as far as time, books to be brought, etc.

After dealing with that, we went back to Travelers to meet a couple of [ profile] sebastian_lvx's friends. We wandered over to The Capitol Club and had a drink, then I hauled him over to Charlie's and brought him dinner before he gets stuffed on a plane tomorrow to move to San Diego. Once done with that, I helped him haul the last of his stuff from the office where he worked over to Onyx's place, where I dropped him off.

All in all, it was a busy and fruitful day. Tomorrow I'll probably go down to Seattle again to renew my UW library card and probably do a bit of research. I didn't actually get to do any of the reading today I'd intended but, considering all I did end up doing, I don't feel like it was at all wasted time.

It looks like Saturday [ profile] alfrecht will be over and we'll head for Seattle so we can go see the Rite of Mercury, and then on Sunday out to the Great Fall Ceremony at the Shinto shrine.

Busy Erynn is busy.
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I got five pages or so of writing done on the book today on the first iteration of the 20 day ritual cycle to create the feda. Some of this was due to the fact that the exercises for charging a fid in the cauldrons are very similar except for the markers that make the cauldron energies different from one another. That meant I could do a certain amount of cut and paste for boilerplate text, but went in and changed the details so that each cauldron's exercise is unique. I also got a start on the ritual variant with the partial possession work, and that's going to be much more challenging. I don't have to repeat a whole lot of stuff, as that's already done in the previous version, but I do have to discuss why this ritual is not for amateurs, what it means to deal with deity in a partial-possession situation, how this changes the ritual, and write up things like calling the mist for the most intense version of the ritual of making.

Writing about partial possession is difficult. I know what I do and what I did for the ritual. I know how to explain how things feel. I know how I negotiated with Ogma and what the results were. I know I need to talk about calling upon the land spirits and ancestors to help protect from any potentially problematic energies or interference. This section, frankly, is for the advanced students and I'm not entirely sure how much needs to be said beyond what gets the job done for me -- and explaining that is tough.

I had to go and deal with a few hiccups in the rune work I'm doing, needing a light for the workspace so I can actually see what I'm doing. Got a lot of progress made, though. I'm working on several projects at the moment, all of them rather complicated, so it's going to take several days to get through them. Fortunately, the ritual is designed so that taking a break or doing it in multiple day sessions is fine. The dremel is too loud in the library to use late at night. My neighbor's bedroom shares a wall, so that'll have to be reserved for daytime and evening work.

Tomorrow is astrology class. Tuesday I have a 9am dental appointment at the VA, ugh. Wednesday is the VA seminar where I'm doing the panel discussion. Thursday is the CASA board meeting. Friday is gaming. Saturday and/or Sunday I'll be doing some volunteer work for [ profile] freyrboy to pack and load for [ profile] seaf. I'm thinking I'll probably only do one of those days, given how busy this week is going to be. And I have to write for the beginning of April deadline.

Nope, I'm never busy.

I need to eat something for dinner.


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