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The tea I thought was happening today is actually set for tomorrow. I set my alarm for noon when I didn't have to and texted the person about 1:20 only to be reminded it was Tuesday. That dealt with, I went over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place, where I hung out with her and [ profile] ingvisson and put together most of a computer armoire. When we broke to take the DoDC+3 to the vet, [ profile] ingvisson headed home. The DoDC+3 behaved more or less well enough until we got to the nail trimming portion of the experience. He got really frantic and bitey, so we left the shortest of his claws alone (only one) and scheduled a dental for him next month. I've never taken him in for any dental work and it looks like he may lose the two front lower teeth because they're very loose. His claws will get trimmed to a normal length while he's under for the dental work.

Upon finishing up the canine torture, I dropped him home, grabbed something quick to eat, and went back over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place to finish up the furniture assembly. Upon finishing that up, one of her cats came up and I petted it, only to find it was having... intestinal issues. I will just say that there is no greater love anyone can have for their girlfriend than helping her clean up her poop-encrusted cat. *shudder*

Home again after that, but too tired to finish up the writing I was going to do today. Tomorrow, tea for an hour or so, then steampunkery in the evening, but I'll try to finish up the publicity piece between tea and steam.

All in all, a very tiring day.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 11:28 pm
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[ profile] gra_is_stor and the DoDC+3.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 11:28 pm
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[ profile] gra_is_stor and the DoDC+3.
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Dishes: done
Laundry: done
M picked up: done
[ profile] gra_is_stor picked up: done
Packing: done (except meds & stuff like that, which I have to do tomorrow anyway)

Went down to Seattle today for the schmooze and we had a really intense discussion about religion, sacrifice, building relationships with land/deity/ancestors, offerings, and meaning in ritual. Arlen is going to be going back to Kandahar for a year around the end of May and requested a warrior sending out ritual. Rather than doing the overnight vigil, we'll probably compress it down into a four-hour rite composed of most of the same things from the original sending out rite.

Given that my year is going to be so filled with writing and travel, I've handed off responsibility for the schmooze's money box to someone else, and returned the key to the gear box to [ profile] anthea7 so that I don't have to worry about anyone not having access while I'm away. I've been needing to back away from more administrative responsibility for a while because of both being busy and dealing with anxiety issues. These actions were a couple of good steps toward that release of responsibility. I'm certainly still going to be hanging out with people and coming to the schmooze, but I think I need to step back from admin meetings and more of the ritual writing, given that I've been doing the majority of it over the years we've been together.

Tomorrow morning we're getting up about 8am with an eye to being on the road by about 10am. I'm projecting arrival for lunch with [ profile] martianmooncrab around 2pm, if traffic cooperates. I'll have to stuff the remains of the packing into the car in the morning. I've only got a couple of bags, one of which is mostly the books I'm taking down with me.

I heard back from the tent rental people on the Isle of Man. The smallest tents they have are way way too big for what I need, and I don't need that kind of expense. For what they're asking, I might as well rent a hotel room, and I'd really rather not spend that much. I've decided that I can take along my backpacking half-dome tent (which would actually fit into my carry-on if that sort of thing is permitted) and buy a cheap air mattress and sleeping bag when I get to Ireland. That would be less of an expense than renting the tent and things. I just have to look into TSA regulations and such about carrying camping gear, specifically tents, on planes and whether I can do it as carryon in my bag or whether I'll need to check the tent through.

The campsite folks said I can just check in and pay when I get there, rather than making arrangements in advance, which is apparently how they usually handle people from the UK, given that they're much more local. This was a weight off my mind.

My tentative schedule for PantheaCon:

Friday 3:30 - The World on a String ([ profile] ogam and prayer beads)
Friday 11:00 - CR Rituals: A Look at the Nuts and Bolts (ME)

Saturday 3:30 - Sisters of Seshat Moon Ritual (ME)
Saturday 9:00 - Pagans, Culture War, and the Modern Crisis (Gus diZerega)

Sunday 7:00 - Brigid and Sarasvati: Goddesses of Poetry and Inspiration (ME)
Sunday 9:00 - Queer Celtic Mythology

Monday 1:30 - Echtrai, Immrama, Aisling ([ profile] finnchuill)

Everything but the stuff I'm actually in is subject to being shuffled off somewhere else or being snagged into Faerie.

I'll see a lot of you this weekend!
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Here, for your viewing amusement, are three photos from last night. )
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I spent a good bit of the early part of the day working on contract negotiations again. Things are going well, the questions I had have been cleared up, and there's only one last thing left to resolve before I think we'll be ready to move forward.

The poll for potential titles is showing some clear preferences. Tomorrow I'll take the top three possibilities and send them off to Jason (who has read the poll and says that all of them are good titles, so we're on the right track). He also asked if In Cedar Time could be in the running, which was a section and poem title that he'd particularly liked, so I'll add that to the list when I send it off to Hiraeth and we can talk about what our final title will be.

I had Sally and Shelly over for dinner tonight. They watch the DoDC+3 for me when I'm out of town and I really wanted to do something for them. Shelly brought a nice salad and Sally brought dessert -- pound cake with peaches and raspberries and some dream whip for the top. I made chicken with dumplings and had to walk down to the store to pick up a couple of last minute ingredients before I could start cooking.

We talked at dinner about the dogs, and I asked about the ant problem I'm having. Sally said that I could take that to the property management people and they would deal with the exterminators, as it's a condo problem and not just something inside my place. I fired off an email to Brian after they left and hope to hear from him in the next day or two about when we can schedule having exterminators come and look things over.

I talked some about my recent publishing projects and ended up showing them both the stack of books with my stuff in it. I think part of the reason I would be resistant to ebook-only publication is because I wouldn't feel like I actually had anything to show for all my work. Books are something you can hand to a person and they can flip through them. An ebook reader just doesn't feel like much of anything. Traditional publishing, even if it's not a big publisher, is probably going to remain my first choice, even if my work does go into later ebook editions. I like being able to point to a shelf full of beautiful books and say "I did that. I wrote those, I contributed material for them."

Speaking of which, I have to remember to send mom her copy of The Scribing Ibis when I can get a few bucks for postage at the beginning of October.

After my guests headed out, I spent some time adding the publications acknowledgments page to the back of the book, citing all the places the included poems had been previously published. Fourteen of them have been published (so far - I don't know whether Mandragora has accepted one or two of the others as yet), and three of those have been published twice in different journals or anthologies. Publication dates for the poems in the collection range from 1997 to 2010 so far. If Mandragora picks up any of them, I can add a 2012 date as well.

I didn't sleep very well last night and really didn't get to bed until about 5:30am. The pupulator woke me up at around noon, so I didn't get very much sleep either. I really need to crash out very soon tonight, as I have both yoga and my monthly shrinkage tomorrow afternoon. Yoga starts at 2pm and I'll probably have to get out a little early for my 3pm appointment with Tracy, though she says we can shift our appointments slightly later so I can get there after the class. This will be the first time our sessions overlap, though, and I haven't had a chance to notify her, so I don't want to be late.

Thursday I'm going down to the alternative school to talk to the class about CR spirituality (the teacher's buying me some lunch in the I District first), then I'll be meeting a couple of local writers I met on twitter over at Travelers. I'll be meeting [ profile] gra_is_stor at that point as well. There will probably be tango that night, provided my body is up for it. She'll be up here until Saturday, when we're going to be going to a party (birthday? I can't remember) for one of her friends from the poly potluck.
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My day started rather earlier than expected when the DoDC+3 decided he needed to go out Right Now at 6:30 in the morning. I ran into my next-door neighbor at the door, who said, "isn't this awfully early for you to be up?"

I was standing there in my jammies and bathrobe with my eyes glued closed and mumbled something, staggering out to let the dog get his constitutional on. Fortunately, it didn't take long and I was back in bed only a few minutes later. I woke up again about noon, a much more reasonable and humane time of day.

Once I was functional, I took [ profile] gra_is_stor back into Seattle. We stopped in the U District at a local dance shop to see what they had for shoes. Nothing they had was at all suitable for what I wanted, so I didn't get anything. I'm currently considering what to do, with advice from [ profile] gra_is_stor and some of her friends. Considering that I don't want to spend an ungodly amount on a pair of dance shoes, I'm going to have to explore other options at the moment.

We headed up to the Hill, where we grabbed lunch at Mirch Masala. We'd been going to head for B&O, so that we could visit them again before they closed (the building has finally actually been slated for destruction), but they're closed on Tuesdays. We walked back up to Broadway and had something else. After lunch, we dropped her stuff off at her apartment, then went down to Travelers for a chai and visited with Jonice at Edge for a while.

Mom emailed, saying that she was in New Hampshire now and had to have a tooth pulled this morning. Deric's funeral will be Saturday and they'll be driving home on Sunday. It should take them about three days.

Upon returning home, I got a ticket for the Esoteric Book Conference taking place next week, including getting into the concert they'll be having Saturday night. Looks pretty amazing, and though some of the presentations don't look all that interesting to me, there are a number of sessions with or about women magicians that ought to be well worth checking out. I'll be seeing quite a few of my friends there at one point or another, as several of them are presenting at the conference again this year. I also got a ticket for the Soriah show at El Corazon the weekend afterwards.

When I was done with that stuff, I finished reading [ profile] brandywilliams's The Woman Magician -- really fascinating and, in a number of places, quite moving. I got sniffly at a couple of points in the ritual liturgies; I can only imagine it would be more powerful being performed as opposed to merely being read silently from the page.

Late this evening I saw a tweet from Hugo House about a deadline for next year's women's writing residencies at Hedgebrook, over on Whidbey Island. I thought it might be an ideal environment for working on my next book, on Brigidine flamekeeping and Brigid's Irregulars. One of the things required was a writing sample, so I used a poem and an excerpt from my Queering the Flame essay. In doing a copy and paste and creating a PDF file for the sample, I realized that I had not previously actually seen [ profile] mael_brigde's comments in the file. For some reason when I opened it initially, the comments were invisible. Now I need to go back and look at them all with a different view of the document and see what she had to say and where I might want to edit and re-send the text to [ profile] alfrecht. *headdesk*

Anyway, needless to say, I've been really busy today with all of this stuff. Tomorrow I have my annual tit squish appointment down in Seattle, then [ profile] perclexed and I will be getting together for dinner and probably heading over to the AFK for a bit. It'll be good to see her again; I haven't seen her in ages, probably not since we were actually working on the hermetic astrology material a few years back. It's well past time we got together again.

Sadly, I'm not in the least bit tired, but I really need to head for bed shortly so that I can get up and be ready for my appointment tomorrow in the early afternoon. It's at 3:15, which means I'll be dealing with rush hour traffic on the way back home. I'm hoping I won't be at the facility for long, but am not holding my breath.
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I had a lovely time this evening at the poly potluck with [ profile] gra_is_stor, though her roommate has continued with the paint fumes, so she'll be staying a couple of extra days. I have to go back down to Seattle again Wednesday anyway for my shrinkage, so it won't be an extra trip down there. She played her harp and sang at the performance after the potluck, joined by a friend of hers who is a percussionist. It was a lovely thing, and she sold a couple of CDs as well.

I'm feeling quite creaky at the moment, with one hip feeling pretty splodey, but she said she'd do some work on it, and I'll be taking some drugs for it in a few minutes, which should also help. Hopefully, I will not have a dose of DoDC+3 in my face during the procedure. I have to take him for a walk shortly anyway.

When I asked what other sort of thing folks would like to see at PCon, one person said something more about specific CR practice, like rituals, holy days, and whatnot. Last year I did the whole Living a CR Path thing, and the year before I did one on CR ritual, but I was thinking perhaps this year I could do a session where I took a couple of the rituals our group does and do a workshop on how we created these rituals in particular -- Samhain and the Manannán Midsummer, maybe. Talk about the texts chosen, the differences between the vigil format and a shorter afternoon or evening ritual, the set pieces we use in opening and closing rituals, foods chosen for feasts, how we're evolving our group's practice and things like that. It might give folks a bit more of a concrete idea of what we do and how to work on this kind of thing for themselves at home and with their own groups.

If I'm going to do this, I'll need to think about it for a few days, but the deadline for proposals isn't until September 15th, so I do have a week or so to put the proposal together.

And now, hauling the DoDC+3 out for his evening perambulation.
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I took [ profile] gra_is_stor home again this afternoon. There was still some paint smell in her apartment, though not as bad as it would have been over the weekend. She was going to open some windows to try to air it out further.

We watched Buckaroo Banzai today and took a walk around the lake before I took her home. I showed her salal berries and red huckleberries at the park. There were a lot of ripe huckleberries. I'm going to try to get down there with a bag in the next couple of days and do some picking if my legs are up to it. Before she left, I printed out copies of three Gaelic songs that were possible candidates for music for Samhain this year, so I've got a little movement on that bit, at least.

On the way home, I stopped in the Roosevelt district to drop off a little dvd player I'd sold to one of the local Druids. We chatted briefly. She's wanting to make some extra money writing books and I had to explain to her that making $500 to $1,000 a month on writing takes a lot of doing and she's not going to get rich off a couple of books. So many people think that if you write a book, the money is just going to magically start rolling in, and it doesn't work that way at all. I said if she wanted to actually make money writing books, she had to have at least a dozen of the things in print, preferably more, and all selling steadily. The authors who make a lot of money at it are the exceptions rather than the rule.

Wednesday I have shrinkage down at the VA. I'll probably be hanging out at Travelers afterwards for a cup of chai and some reading. Tomorrow I really need to get into gear and find some reading materials for the September schmooze. I have some ideas, I just have to actually sit down and do some web searches and figure out if some of the stuff I want is online. I'll also need to pull a short stack of books from my shelves to cite as suggested supplemental reading for the group.

And now, this tired Erynn is going to hobble off to bed. The poor DoDC+3 hasn't snuggled up with me at night since Thursday and he is feeling sorely neglected.

Goodnight y'all!
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I didn't get out to the concert today. Between exhaustion and a constant drift of snow all day long, I wasn't up to braving the situation. It wasn't too bad until evening started coming on and the snow began sticking more. We eventually had about half an inch, though some of it's already gone. The temp has risen from a daytime 27f to about 30f right now, so perhaps tomorrow the weather will be better, though more snow is predicted both here and in Seattle. If we do get more snow, I'm likely to miss the matinee of "The Brothers Size" as well, which will be disappointing, but not a tragedy. Due to a gift certificate, I only paid $8 for the ticket, unlike the approximately $20 for tonight's concert ticket.

I really should have known I would feel like this when I got home; I always do. It takes weeks for me to really get any energy back after I've done a long trip like this. I manage to stick it out until I get home, then the body just says "okay, home again, screw it all" and keels over.

Yesterday's mail had brought me a bottle of the same blood pressure meds (in a lower dose) that my doc had previously prescribed for allegedly preventing migraines. This was prescribed by a doc whose name I don't recognize and I'm presuming it's somebody in the neurology clinic who didn't bother to read the damned record where it said the drug DID NOT WORK. I'm annoyed. I left a message on the women's clinic voicemail about it and anticipate that I'll hear something on Monday. They sent me a letter asking me to make a new appointment anyway.

Thankfully, since I stopped taking their various drugs in an attempt to head off the migraines, I haven't had one that wasn't a part of the usual pattern. Unlike all the drug-triggered ones I'd been having. *headdesk* I have to wonder if these people have a clue at all.

Given that the DoDC+3 bounced on me and woke me up at 8am this morning, I'll probably be going to bed early tonight. I hope it'll help.
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It was another day with insomnigrackles by the boatloads. I got to bed about 5:30 this morning and got up again 5 hours later with sun streaming in the window. I don't mind the sun part at all, trust me. Sun is a good thing. I am, however, going to try to get to sleep before 1:30 tonight. We'll see how well this plan works.

I spent most of the day doing laundry, which needed to be done but was not exactly a thrill ride. There are still dishes to be done, but I may just wait until tomorrow to get to them. Writing is still not happening, though another ficcy plotbunny has risen up to strangle me. It would be nice if some of that creativity would get into my nonfiction writing. Seriously. I swear my nonfic muse is in complete hibernation, if not suspended animation.

The cold nights, down in the low to mid 30s, have left me creaky and a bit cranky. My neck is sore and achy. I still have to put sheets back on the bed. I hung out for a while in SL with [ profile] lysana and talked about goth music and the collapse of western civilization as we know it, though not as linked phenomena. Damn, my life is exciting, isn't it?

Tomorrow I need to take the goose out of the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge so I'll have time enough to brine it properly before I roast it Friday. Today's dinner was tasty, if simple -- chicken bits with salted kumquats, bay leaf, peppercorn and cinnamon stick, as a riff on a Moroccan tagine. I had it on top of brown rice. It was very very nummy.

This week I visit the VA twice, once for group and again to see Nina about a neurology consult for the migraines. Even though I feel like I've got no energy at all, I'm still very much looking forward to everyone coming over on Friday for dinner and bad movies. It'll be nice to have a house full of people again for the evening. I also need to get out this week and pick up a couple of ink cartridges for my printer, which ran out Friday when I was trying to print stuff for the gaming session that got cancelled on Saturday.

And now to pry myself away from the computer, pill the dog, and make the bed. Only two more days of dog-pilling left.
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I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the shrine today. I took [ profile] alfrecht's gift along and he and his mom did arrive, so I was able to pass it along to him. As predicted, he was quite pleased with it. The gift was a small book printed in Ulaanbataar about Mongolian wolves, from wolf hunters and the history of wolves in Mongolia, to recounting folktales of them and their ancestral relationship to the Mongolian people. Also at the ceremony were [ profile] mimerki and [ profile] varina8, whom I will most likely see again Tuesday at dinner with [ profile] thewronghands.

Part of the ceremony today was making mochi. I've been to the ceremony a couple of times but today was the first time I actually took a whack (literally) at helping with the work myself. It was fun, but my arms ached afterwards. Still, there's nothing at all like fresh mochi that you've just pounded the crap out of yourself. I stuck around long enough to get one from the second batch as well, which was made with mugwort. The taste is distinctive and I do like the flavor of mugwort mochi. It's very different than what you get in a grocery store (if you live in a place where you can get mochi at a grocery store at all).

I'd not slept very well last night, having got to bed about 4am. I rose around 9am to get my shower and pull myself together enough to drive out to the shrine. Bad weather had been predicted, though the rain was not nearly as heavy in my area as I had expected. The Pilchuck river, at the shrine, was in moderate flood stage and progressed to major flood stage by the end of the day (I was long gone by then), expected to crest and begin receding again by tomorrow morning. While the mochi making was going on, I saw at least half a dozen sizable logs and snags go zipping past on the current.

When I got home, I got some posole started, with blue corn and some chicken instead of lamb. I set it in the crock pot and let it go. I've discovered it makes a lot less mess if I tuck a toothpick between the lid and the edge of the pot so that the condensation has somewhere to go, otherwise I had tended to get a sizable puddle under the crockpot itself. When I got up at 7 this evening, dinner was ready and the place smelled wonderful. I stuck two portions that were left into the freezer for another day.

After I'd eaten, I lit up the altar for my flamekeeping shift. I had briefly considered giving it a pass, as I'm still feeling extremely exhausted, but the liturgy is short and I felt much better for having taken the time to actually do the ritual. Once that was settled, I dropped into SL for a little while and attended a poetry reading, where I read two poems. One thing that I find disconcerting is that even if I'm sitting at my computer with the mic on, I get the shakes when I read, just like I do when I'm on stage. It was so bad that the tremors in my hands made it a little difficult to scroll down the file I was reading from.

I really wish I didn't react that way, but it's part of the reason why when I've generally done performance (singing and whatnot) I've preferred to be part of an ensemble rather than a solo performer. Stage fright is painful. I get that to a certain extent when I'm speaking or teaching at conferences, as well, but I do feel that what I do is important enough to persevere through the difficulty. I can't say that I particularly have fun when I do those things, but I do enjoy singing, and I also enjoy sharing my work and my knowledge with others. It's just so much more comfortable for me when I'm in a small group of people I know than when I'm in a room full of strangers -- even if the room is a virtual one.

I've been reading more of Sharon Astyk's book today and got to the point where she's talking about population issues and how difficult they are to discuss with any rationality. Her writing on underground economies makes so much sense, given how much of it I see around me on a day to day basis. So many of my friends are un- or under-employed but still have to make ends meet somehow, and they participate in everything from making art to growing food to cleaning houses in order to keep body and soul together, without being a part of the tax-base.

It's fascinating reading, though I'm constantly asking myself what, aside from reduction of my direct energy needs and uses, I can do as a person with physical limitations that make it hard for me to do physical things on a regular basis. So much emphasis gets placed on "move to the country, grow a garden." I can't move to the country for a wide variety of reasons. I can grow a little bit in containers but even that sometimes is hard on me. The seal on the dishwasher is leaking again and I'm pretty much giving up in frustrating and going to move on to just doing a few dishes at a time by hand and sticking them in the disher to drip dry.

Monday I can take a down day, thankfully. Tuesday is VA group and dinner with [ profile] thewronghands and her crew. Wednesday is shrinkage. Friday is Stian's birthday party -- I got the invite for that this evening.

I'll need at some point to call the vet and make an appointment to have the DoDC+3 examined. He was charging up and down the hallway again with his moose and it was a heartening sight, despite that he will likely always have part of his ribs sticking out a bit from his chest now. He's doing well and is pretty much back to his normal self.

Life goes on, despite everything humans do to mess things up.
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I had a pretty cranky day today. I spent something on the order of 90 minutes both online and on the phone with my credit union trying to get things straightened out with my HOA over the "missing" check. Cut for whiny ranting. )
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The past couple of days, the DoDC+3 has been doing better. He's back to jumping up and down from the bed, bouncing around, and has a couple of times wanted me to throw a toy for him. Today was his last day of pain meds and antibiotics, though the anti-inflamatories will continue for another two weeks. We'll see how he does tomorrow without the pain meds. He was kind of urpy this morning when he woke up, but thankfully he didn't make a mess on the bed. It's always disconcerting to wake up to that.

Today consisted of doing laundry and parting out a couple of chickens to freeze. They came chopped up (except one of the breasts wasn't split, so I had to go at that one with a knife) so all I really had to do was put convenient parts into appropriately sized containers and stuff the whole mess into the freezer.

The condo's HOA vaguely annoyed me in that they sent me a notice that I hadn't paid the special assessment in September for the deck repairs. Given that my credit union automatically sends this stuff out, all I had to do was go in and search back to September and get a picture of the cashed check. I printed out a copy and will be presenting it to the property manager with a "yeah, try telling me again how I didn't pay you." Yay for convenient electronic record-keeping.

Tomorrow is the first session of the Seattle CR Schmooze study group. I haven't heard a single peep from anyone objecting to the materials I suggested, so that's what we're getting. I did get an email from one gal who came last month that she wouldn't be able to make it tomorrow and could I save copies of the handouts for January for her, so I'll be sure to do that. [ profile] mael_brigde won't be able to make it down from Vancouver, but hopes to in January as well, from what I understand. There does seem to be rather a lot of interest, at least. We'll see how things turn out as far as actual people being there tomorrow evening.

The 11th I've got a Medieval Women's Choir concert ticket. The 18th I'm gaming. Tuesday the 14th, with any luck, I'll be able to see [ profile] thewronghands when she's in town.

I need a snack and then maybe to head for bed.
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The DoDC+3 hasn't been eating much today and had an upset tummy, but when he's been up he has been active. He was worrying at the mesh tube the vet had slipped over him to brace his ribs. Even if I'd put the Cone of Shame on him, it wouldn't have kept him from messing with it, because he was getting one leg inside trying to get it off. Rather than have him continue to struggle with it and possibly hurt himself, I decided to take it off him and just let him rest comfortably, which he's been doing since I did so.

Not much else happened today. I need to get out at some point, probably Saturday, and get some grocery shopping done. My dental appointment is tomorrow afternoon and I'm really not thrilled, but I do have the Dark Side of Oz at 9:30 that night over at the SIFF cinema at the Seattle Center. I'm not terribly eager to wait around in town for all those hours, but I really can't see going back to Everett and then driving down to Seattle again the same day.

I could swear I had something else this weekend, but I can't remember what it is. If somebody knows, please remind me. I need to get some photocopies together for the CR shmooze on Monday as well. I have some decisions to make over the weekend about that, because mostly I just have some rough notes on the stuff we wanted for it, rather than page numbers in specific volumes. Anyway, that needs doing.

I have some goat curry with lentils in the crock pot that's nearly ready. I ordered in Chinese for dinner tonight as I didn't want to wait around until the curry was done before I ate.

And that's all the news in the World of Erynn for the moment.
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The Pupulator is doing much better today. He's more active and eating and drinking more or less normally again, hopping up and down from the couch with most of his usual energy. He's still not taking flying leaps from couch to couch, but I would really prefer he not at the moment.

This morning, I woke a little earlier than usual but was still tired, so I brought him up onto the bed with me for a couple of hours, where he snuggled in happily against my body or my feet, both under the covers and on top of them. He was utterly thrilled to be up on the bed again and didn't want to get down when I wanted to give him breakfast and take him outside. I did finally persuade him close enough to the edge that I could lift him down without having to perform acrobatics to do so. I still won't be letting him sleep on the bed with me all night for at least another week, for fear of accidentally kicking or poking him in my sleep. I'm sure he'll be peeved about it.

In the evening, I went over to the AFK Tavern for the inaugural meeting of the Air Kraken Hunter's Guild and (just incidentally) the Cheshire Dragon's birthday. There were probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 people there at the peak of the evening and much fun was had by all. Quite a few of the Seattle crew came up as well, including Von Karsh, [ profile] sepiachord, [ profile] artvixn, [ profile] helix90, and Tinplate and his wife. There was a lot of talk about SteamCon, naturally, and Von Karsh had copies of the newly printed Rise of Aester LARP guidebook with him. It was quite the weighty tome, with photos of quite a few of the local steampunks in it in their characters. They are, incidentally, opening a new session of the LARP on the afternoon of December 4th with a "Murder on the Orient Express" style mystery to introduce folks to the system.
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Today was encouraging. The DoDC+3 is drinking more, though he does have to be encouraged toward it. He's eating well, though, which I think is a very good thing.

He's been moving in a rather more spritely fashion, as well. He was trotting around the house a little bit today, and did a fair imitation of his usual "take me out" dance. He's also hopped down from the couch a couple of times without incident, though I would honestly prefer he not do that just yet. As long as he's not faceplanting, though, I suppose we're all right. His bruising is pretty much all gone from what I can see without actually spreading him out on his back to take a look. His abdomen has gone back to its usual pinkish color, at least.

He's been about as happy as he can be in the crate next to the bed at night. He still looks up longingly at the bed itself, but he's not tried to jump up onto it. I'm grateful for this. He hasn't been all frantic at the door when people go by in the past couple of days either, but I suspect that's more because he hurts and is tired than because he's over it. Perhaps, though, if he goes through a couple of weeks without going off about the people/dogs outside, he might get used to not doing it and relax a little about it. That would please me, if it were the case.

I headed down to Seattle for my VA group today in the rain. It's been warmer again, and much more normal weather for the region. I will admit I was feeling a higher level of anxiety than usual, but the combination of rain, dim lighting, stress over the pupulator, and the interview I did yesterday was a bit of a challenge. One of the gals in my group had a really severe anxiety attack due to someone trying to grab her backpack on the way in, so I gave her a ride home after group. She's in Seattle so it wasn't at all out of my way to take her, and that helped her immensely.

Tomorrow is the official inaugural meeting of the Air Kraken Hunter's Guild (Everett Steamrats) over at the AFK Tavern. There's an art show opening then, and we should have a pretty good turnout. We've got the Red Room set aside for the group. Festivities start at 7:30, though getting there a little earlier might be okay, as by 7pm traffic is probably going to be calmed down enough to be negotiable. I'll probably grab some dinner while I'm there as well. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone, and the arts installation. I love having such a creative community around me! I have to remember to take those games over that I've set aside for them, as well.

Writing on the Brigid essay hasn't been going so well, but I'm having a hard time focusing on the more academic stuff. I do have to put together the packet of copies to be handed out next Monday at the CR schmooze this week, though. I'll try to take care of that on Thursday. Notice has been sent out again to the SeaPagan list and posted on my FB page.

I did, however, post an update today on the Warriors and Kin blog about the release of the Pentagon's study on DADT. Apparently 70% of the military feels that having us in the ranks openly won't be a problem. Needless to say, Republicans are outraged. Please get in touch with your congresscritter -- if we're lucky we may be able to see this policy repealed by the end of the year.

And now, to pill the dog.
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I was rather worried about the DoDC+3 today, as he started out the day pretty tired and didn't really want to eat or drink anything. Once I brought his dish to his cage, he did eat about half a bowl (a normal amount) of kibble, so that was good, though I don't think he's had as much to drink as I'd like. He may just have been feeling crappy, but he did turn up his nose at some broth earlier today. Later, though, he drank some but wasn't too keen on plain water. I'm not surprised, given how spoiled he's been getting about his food in recent days, but better that he get something.

Later in the day, though, he showed a little more energy. We went for a somewhat longer walk today than the last couple of days. He's still moving very slowly, but he led me not just up to the usual walk area, but across the parking lot to the smaller area under the cedar trees to check things out. I felt that was a really good sign. I'm still trying to figure out what's okay and what's not enough at this point. He has been sleeping in his crate in the bedroom a lot; I put one of my pillows from the bed in there because he can't actually get up onto it, and he seems to like that a lot. Right now he's up on the couch lazing around. He wanted me to rub his tummy today, which I did (very gently).

Overall, I think he's doing well but I'm slightly concerned about whether or not he's getting enough to drink so I'm going to be trying to encourage a little more liquid intake. Most of this, I'm sure, is just due to the fact that I've never actually had to pay attention to how much he's been drinking before. I put a bowl down for him with a half-gallon jug to keep it full, and when it's empty, I put more water down.

This afternoon I spent some time talking with a woman at the University of Maine as part of a study of women veterans who are members of Veterans for Peace. It was an interesting conversation and she asked about the kinds of activism I've been doing, as well as my time in service and my thoughts about women veterans issues. VFP isn't doing the study themselves, they're not affiliated. The woman who's doing the study is a veteran herself. VFP is, however, interested in women veterans' attitudes and experiences with the organization, apparently in the interests of dealing with issues of recruitment and retention.

I (and apparently an awful lot of other women members) feel that they don't put nearly enough emphasis on women veterans issues. There's almost nothing coming from national about the topic and the local groups that I've seen rarely address this either. If it helps raise some awareness and kickstarts a little action, I'll be very pleased, though.

I gave her the url for the NPR interview I did a couple of years back and will be sending her the warrior rituals our CR group did in the interest of illustrating how some communities deal with these issues. We talked about how different people approach and engage with activism and that that constitutes. There are differences between folks who are willing or able to go out and be arrested at protests and those who are, for various health or other reasons, more able to be activists through writing, public speaking, and financial support of organizations. Both of these approaches are necessary, really.

We also talked a little about activism I've been part of outside of VFP and veterans/DADT issues, including Pagan community organizing, queer community stuff, interfaith work, and AIDS/HIV work. It was a pretty good conversation and, though it was stressful in that I had to talk about things in my past that are very painful to the point where I was quite literally shaking as I typed (we did the interview through IRC), I felt good about having done it. I think that people speaking out about their experiences is important, even if all it does is illustrate that others are not alone.

She also mentioned that she and another woman vet were going to be doing some kind of writing project (presumably an anthology) and was very interested in having me write something for it, but that call for papers will be some months away.
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Today was Natalis Antinoi, one of the Ekklesía high holy days, the 1900th birthday of Antinous. I did a small offering of dinner (roasted lamb shank, brown rice, asparagus sauteed in retsina, garlic, and lamb fat, and some retsina wine) with a candle and incense.

Aside from that, not much has been happening, but I didn't really expect it to. Last night I did watch last year's Alice in Wonderland, which I really thought was kind of meh beyond the pretty costuming and such. I did rather like the Cheshire Cat, but the story didn't do much for me.

The DoDC+3 is being extremely reluctant to go out in the rain, but there's not much I can do about that. I'm not going to try to force him. On the advice of [ profile] varushka I've put his cage next to the bed so that he can sleep in the bedroom with me, and cheese has been uniformly successful for getting the pills down him, as it's stickier than the treats I'd been trying to use. Broth has also been very successful in getting him to drink more.

Writing has been evading me entirely. I haven't been able to focus quite enough yet. Dinner was tasty, though, and I've turned the remaining lamb shank and bone into a lot of broth, so the DoDC+3 will be getting some of that over the next little while until he's feeling better and drinking more water on his own.

Just as a heads up, the Medieval Women's Choir is having its annual holiday concert at St. James Cathedral on December 11th. They'll be doing selections from Perotin with solos by baritone David Stutz. Like all their work, this should be a wonderful evening of music. I'll have to get my ticket after the first of the month.
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Thankfully, it was another quiet day today. The DoDC+3 was, once again, looking longingly up at the bed but I refused to let him up there. He did spent half an hour or so on the couch, but he's been pretty cooperative otherwise. Pilling him is going to be a challenge regardless, but I'm working out how best to do it.

I'm hoping that sometime in the next few days, I'll be able to get my head back together enough to get back to working on the Queering the Flame essay. Tomorrow after I get up I need to clear a little space and do a ritual for Natalis Antinoi. I also have to get to the pet shop and get some vities and calcium for the pupster. He's still doing well with no inflammation or fever and I'm hoping that means things will continue in that vein.

I didn't actually get to bed until after 5:30 this morning, so I'm going to crash as soon as I finish this entry. I'm seriously feeling like shit on a shingle right now; not ill, just exhausted.

Gaming isn't going to be happening for me tomorrow, much as I'd like to spend time with folks. I don't feel comfortable leaving him right now, even if one of the neighbors would look in on him a couple of times.


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