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This morning didn't start well. I went to sleep at maybe 4:30am, only to be awakened by landscapers outside my bedroom window running a weedwhacker at 10:30am. Needless to say, this did not make the DoDC+3 very happy. By the third pass near the window, I gave up and hauled myself upright.

Email brought photos from Caitlin of the pomegranate ogam feda she made for me:

Pomegranate ogam feda from Caitlin

They look spiffy, don't they? She works with all kinds of wood and you can see her work or commission pieces from her here.

The mail brought my copies of Fireflies at Absolute Zero today!

Fireflies have arrived!

This means if you pre-order, you should get them before the official release date of October 31st. So dash on over to Hiraeth Press and do that thing! You can even look at the first several pages of the book there. The cover looks much nicer than this lighting makes it seem.

Last in the good news for the day department, [ profile] gra_is_stor reports that she has the preliminary sound files for the Circle of Stones prayers in Gaelic/Irish and will be working on making them nice for uploading so you can buy them soon! I don't know how long that will take, but you'll know pretty much as soon as I do when they'll be available.

Even with all the good news, I barely felt up to leaving the house today. I almost left getting the mail out of the mailbox for tomorrow, but the DoDC+3 had to be walked, so I had to put clothes on anyway. Glad I did.
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Rather than the 14th (I'd have to leave direct from Portland to drive to Montana), I'll be down there on the 13th to sign the pre-ordered books. [ profile] martianmooncrab -- we'll be able to get together on a rather more leisurely pace that day I think.
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Just a note for those who want preorders of Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie, the cutoff date for a guaranteed signed copy is this Thursday, July 26, by 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Click the link above to get your order in.
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Because so many have asked, and because the August 1st release date (Lughnassadh!) is right around the corner, I just wanted to let folks know again that they can pre-order the book at this website via PayPal. Cost for the book is $22.49 plus shipping, and if you send a note about your name along with your order, I'll personalize it with my autograph to you. All pre-ordered copies will be signed!

Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom is about 300 pages of information about ogam, divination, ritual, and Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism as practiced by the author (that's me).

There will be a release party in Seattle, date to be announced, and I will most likely be appearing at Pagan Pride down in Beaverton, Oregon on September 8th as a featured speaker. I'm working out details with the organizers at the moment.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and support!
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I just received this from Storm this morning:

Hi all

Just to let you know I received the proofs for Ogam today.

The book looks gorgeous - probably the finest we've yet produced. Thanks to Erynn for writing the book and to Lupa and Andy for the typesetting and design.

I can now make the book 'live' with our printers, with an official publication date of Aug 1st.

Please could you all submit any orders you want for this?

Best wishes

AUGUST FIRST IT'LL BE AVAILABLE! That's just over one week, folks -- get your pre-orders in for a signed copy from MOI!
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Yep, you heard that right! [ profile] lupabitch has set up a site where you can pre-order Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom from the publisher. I'll be heading down to Portland at some point when the book is released to sign a bunch of them, so you can get an AUTOGRAPHED copy!


All you ogam enthusiasts, tell your friends! Pass the word! And check out Lupa's plug for the book!

It's coming in September.


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