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Sunday June 2nd NYC
Bisexual Book Awards & Bi Lines VI: A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing

We hope you can join us for our inaugural Bisexual Book Awards and the most amazing bi arts event of the year! Readings! Music! Art! Awards! After Party!

Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Address: 236 East 3rd Street between Avenue B and Avenue C, NYC 10009.

Tickets: $10 Advance tickets available on Nuyorican Poets Cafe website or at the door.

6:30 Book signings
7pm Bi Lines Program, Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony, Book Signings
10pm After party

Host: Sheela Lambert, Founder, Bi Writers Association

Author Readings:
Annette Lapointe/ Whitetail Shooting Gallery
Basil Papademos/ Mount Royal
Donnelle McGee/ Shine
Ellen Kushner/ Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction
Erynn Rowan Laurie/ Fireflies at Absolute Zero
James Earl Hardy (B Boy Blues Series)/ Can You Feel What I'm Saying?
Janet Hardy (The Ethical Slut)/ Girlfag
Kelli Dunham/ My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B.
Vincent Meiss/ Tio Jorge

Art: Efrain Gonzalez/ Ink & Steel: tattoo photography book slideshow presentation

Music: Rorie Kelly, Ben Silver

Organized by the Bi Writers Association
info at biwriters dot org
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I've been asking myself about the whole deadlines thing for the Lammys and re-read the emails carefully, which was good, because it turns out I'd misread a bit. The Lammys were talked about (only two bi categories this year) and a new set of bisexual writer awards was proposed in that same email without too much of a break between topics, which is what I've sent in my book for. Still pretty damned cool, and stuff like this has to start somewhere, so yeah. Possibly New York, but not for exactly what I'd thought.

NYPL. The Cloisters. A cool bar with a TARDIS in it. These things I definitely want to see. And we'll see what happens.
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I got a text back from one of my NYC friends that I contacted and he will be happy to have me stay and to show me around the city a bit if I need to get out there for the Lammys. [ profile] witchchild says that she wants to come to NYC to see me if I'm there, so that would be fantastic, too.

I got to go to the monthly Krakens steampunk social this evening with some friends, which I enjoyed. We talked about travel and politics and social responsibility and stuff like that. I talked about some of the changes in my life happening because of the constant dizziness. I'm not at the point of making an actual decision at the moment, but I am giving some serious thought to moving to Venice, where everyone walks, if I have to sell my place and move anyway. I've spent the last couple of weeks doing a lot of research into the idea and, while the paperwork would likely be a nightmare (when is bureaucracy not?) it does look doable. Toward that end, I was pointed to Duolinguo, a language-learning site that you can use to learn Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and English. It's a pretty straightforward system and I've been playing around with it today for a while. Italian looks a lot easier than Irish, at least, in that it's a pretty regular looking romance language.

On the down side of things, I'm still feeling pretty crap and very tired. The dizziness makes it hard to focus for very long on anything, so even with relatively easy language lessons, it's something that turns my brain to much after about 15 minutes and I have to struggle beyond that. This, of course, is why I'm not working on my Brigid book for the moment. I need to get more used to dealing with this in order to focus on serious stuff. But maybe taking little bits of language work a few times a week -- between this and Irish -- I can work back up to being able to focus on my nonfiction.

One of the things that I would usually do for stress relief is meditation, which usually has a breathing component for me, but deep breathing is one of the things that makes the dizziness a little worse, so it's kind of counterproductive at the moment. I find that terribly frustrating. Actually, everything about this right now is very frustrating. Still, I'm doing my best to carry on. Sorry I'm going on so much about it lately. I'm trying to keep things in perspective.


May. 7th, 2013 01:43 am
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So that VA appointment today? Wasn't actually an appointment.

Apparently central scheduling has been sending out appointments recently that the clinics didn't make, and this was one of those. I got to the clinic and was told the appointment had been cancelled, but nobody had told me. Well that's because nobody had cancelled it because the clinic didn't actually even know. Anyway, I did get travel funds for the trip, but it was bloody inconvenient for both me and [ profile] ingvisson.

I hung out for a little bit today with [ profile] gra_is_stor after I got home, then came back here. The day was gorgeous and hot, in the mid-80s, which was really really nice after all the chilly weather we'd been having. I'm not sure when it will be going back to its normal grey state.

I mailed out the copy of my poetry book to Sheela today. It should be there tomorrow or Wednesday. We exchanged some emails after I got home. She wants to know if I can be in NYC for June 2nd if I'm a finalist for the awards. I got email back from my publisher about it, and they were very excited. They're gong to contact Sheela and find out what, if anything, further needs to be done, and possibly arrange for one of them to be there if I'm actually going to be there myself. The lowest round trip airfare I found today was $322, which is doable, provided I find a place to stay in NYC with one of my friends out there. I do have a couple, and have some inquiries out. I can't afford a hotel room, but I can certainly afford to get to NYC and back. On the other hand, what would I wear to a Big Gay Awards Ceremony? (Things I either already have or can afford before I go...) Anyway, I'll figure it out if I need to get on a plane.
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With thanks to Erik G, I was supplied with a PDF of the PL Henry analysis and translation of The Cauldron of Poesy, which you can find at this link in PDF form. It's well worth reading, so please have a look!

This article includes a version of the original Irish as well as Henry's translation. It's from Studia Celtica 14/15, (1979/1980), pp 114-128.

Also today, on the bi writers list, a note came through saying that for the Lambda Literary Awards this year, they had two submissions of poetry by bi authors and if they had a third they could actually have a bisexual poetry category, so I emailed Sheela Lambert and asked if mine would qualify, given it has some bi content in it. She said yes, send it along, so I sent her a PDF of the manuscript and will be overnighting a copy to her tomorrow, which means I am in the running for a Lambda Literary Award.

She'd asked where I lived, if I might be able to be in NYC on June 2nd if I won, and if my publisher was in NYC. I said that I might have to scramble to be there, but it's possible, and that while my publisher wasn't in NYC they were based out of Danvers, CT, so they could certainly be around if need be. I emailed Jason and Leslie to let them know, though I also told Sheela that Hiraeth was more an eco-poetics/eco-spirituality/eco-philosophy press and that the Lambdas were probably not even on their radar. Still, I'm sure they'll be happy to have me in the competition.

We shall see what happens. The Lambda awards have had a lot of issues over the years because they pretty much don't deal with bi or trans people very well. (Not like this is unusual in the "GLBT" community.) Bi writers usually have to compete in the gay or lesbian categories, though there have occasionally been bi categories, and trans works are almost never represented. At the same time, if we don't get out there and represent for ourselves at these things and demand entry, the g/l establishment isn't going to let us in the door. Therefore, I'm glad to be on the list, even if it's very last minute.
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Had a really good day today. I've sold all of the copies of my poetry book except one, and many copies of both of my other books. Talked to a lot of the folks I've been wanting to be in contact with, and have plans to get in touch with many others. There have been hallway conversations, a discussion of CR with a gal who lived in Ireland for a year and who was wondering how all the texts and folkloric material might be practically applied, attended a Manannán ritual with one of the Druidic groups in attendance (where I met the woman who lived in Ireland), hung out with the ADF folks, and participated as a ritualist in the Ekklesía Antínoou Lupercalia ritual. Much more was said and done than I can really quite describe, but I've been having a fantastic time.

I talked to Chris Penczak briefly in the Temple of Witchcraft hospitality suite. When I have more information about actual dates I'll be in New England, we might be able to arrange for me to do a workshop on ogam for his people, pending his talking to the board of directors. He's based in New Hampshire, and it would only be a couple of hours from Springfield while I was out there. That would give me an opportunity to get a little gas money for the rest of the trip, and maybe sell some books. No promises, but I suspect there's a good chance I can pull that together.

Tomorrow's a busy day. I have the Immanion authors panel at 1:30 in the Silicon Valley room, 5pm in the ADF suite I have the informal photo show & tell about the Ireland & Isle of Man pilgrimage, and at 11pm the spirit work and PTSD joint session with [ profile] druid_medb will be happening in Carmel/Monterey. I suspect that one will be pretty well attended.

Sadly, my day starts rather earlier than I would like. There's a pre-ritual meeting in our room early in the day, so the alarm goes off at 9am. I don't see things I'm likely to be very conscious for at the 11am session, so I will probably be dealing with something vaguely resembling breakfast at that hour.

After the Lupercalia ritual, I got a chance to meet an African Raven, brought to the festival by Our Thracian Colleague. He is a beautiful bird and I got a chance to hold him and talk to him a bit and ruffle his feathers. He's got unusual coloring for a raven, in that he has some grey feathers and his eyes, rather than having gone to black, are a dark grey-amber color. He's really amazing and I'm going to see if I can take a few photos of him tomorrow if I run into Andrew during the day. That was really quite a treat!

And now, given that it is going on 2am, I'm goingt to check a couple of other websites and then head up to find myself a little snooze.
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This interview is on a website of a writer who is concerned with disability issues. He has a Writer's Roundtable, which is usually a short interview with a writer he's talked to on the internet. He did a fairly lengthy interview with me because of the intersection between writing and disability that I address in some of my work. It's posted here, with an in-depth discussion of how disability impacts my life as a writer, some talk about my article in the Disability and Religious Diversity anthology, and geilt and poetry. If you're interested, please do drop by and give it a look.
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My headache isn't really getting much better (sometimes I have a mild to moderate headache for weeks on end because fibro sucks), and the cold has been getting to my knees and hips, so I doubt I am going to get out to the shrine for Hatsumode this year unless things improve drastically tomorrow. Chances of that are low.

I paid the bills today and when I tried to print out the confirmation pages and such, my printer, which has been acting up lately, finally gave up the ghost. This necessitated a trip over to the store to get a new one. I then spent a couple of hours messing about with packaging and installation and wireless setup and all that stuff before I could print the receipts. At least I have reduced the number of cables doing the spaghetti thing under the desk - being this one is wireless, I don't have a USB cable to worry about.

The new printer is an Epson. The old one was an HP. I have a spare black and a spare color cartridge for it. If you use HP 92 and 93, and you're willing to send me $20 and postage, I'll let you have the pair of them. Better if you're local and can just pick them up from me, though.

After I got all that sorted, I did go grocery shopping, mostly because the DoDC+3 was out of food and responsible dog mommies get food for their critters.

Needless to say, I got little else done. Headaches are not conducive to focus. I did print out a doc from someone who wants me to offer some comments on her PCon presentation. That was part of my frustration with the printer today. I'd meant to spend some time reading it over and giving it some thought, but just didn't have the spoons by the time I got through with everything.

I ordered in some pasta from next door. It's convenient to have a few things nearby that do deliver. I felt a little better after I ate, but not quite enough to be genuinely functional. Fortunately, my hand hurts a little less today!

There was email this afternoon from Hiraeth about publicity plans for this coming year for the press. There are a few things I need to do, including actually getting off my ass and seeing about arranging readings at Elliott Bay and Open Books if possible. I wish I wasn't so nervous about talking to strangers. It's really hard for me to send an email out of the blue and say "hey, can I maybe schedule a reading at your store." I know some people are all about talking to pretty much anyone, but being introverted on top of being anxious around talking to strangers makes it difficult for me.

And now to try and maybe do a little more about the headache and possibly get something resembling sleep.
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Today was down to the VA for group, which was small as some kind of bug is going around and several people were out. It was a good session, though, and a lovely sunny afternoon. I was at home for about an hour or so before I headed out to Lake Stevens, where I promptly got lost looking for the place where the Krakens were supposed to get together. I did eventually find it and had a good time with the folks who showed - and sold a copy of my poetry book to Kier.

Plots and plans are being made for a masquerade dance on the 21st and possibly a party on New Years Eve.

I've done a little writing and need to do some more, but am kind of fading. Fair enough, it's almost 3:15am and I really ought to! Tomorrow, more writing, then the Sherlock Seattle afterparty!
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Today was shrinkage, and I talked a lot about some things that had been on my mind - my book, politics, aging, life, travel and its aftermath, writing. I felt pretty good coming out of it and am glad to have that time once a month. I really do feel like it helps with stuff. While I was in the waiting room before my appointment, I saw one of the gals from tomorrow's group and she asked if I had any more copies of my book; at that point I didn't but I said I'd bring a few along as soon as I got them again. Quite a few of the women there have bought them from me - one woman liked it enough that she bought a second copy for one of her friends, which was very flattering.

At Travelers, I ran into a gal I'd met this spring, when my friend Geordie was doing a weekend workshop at her place. We talked briefly about him, and I mentioned my poetry book. We ended up talking about as an alternative to Amazon for things. I was surprised that she had not only remembered me, but my name, as I have trouble remembering people's names unless I see them several times.

Upon my arrival home, I got the box of poetry books I'd been expecting. I've stuck one in my bragging pile on my desk and am going to leave it there so that I don't end up without one. I do need to keep one copy for myself, after all!

Tomorrow evening is a steampunk meetup with some of the Everett crew in Lake Stevens. On Friday is the Sherlock Seattle con afterparty, and I'll be picking up a few folks locally who don't have their own transportation so that they can get to the AFK.

I think, at the moment, my weekend is reasonably clear. I've been working on my fic off and on this evening since I got home. While I do need to get up tomorrow, I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet, so I'll probably work some more on it before I crash.
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Today was group at the VA. I took three copies of my poetry book in, and all three of them sold. Several of the other members want one, so I'll bring a few more next week. I think I will need to order some new ones next month. I also gave a copy to Leon and Allen over at Travelers when I stopped in today for dinner after my appointment. I have to remember to call VA dental tomorrow to schedule a replacement for one of my fillings. No fun.

Tomorrow I also have to go to the postal place and mail out a stack of books to people. And write the Samhain ritual. And then friends asked if I wanted to play Cthulhu Munchkin at the AFK tomorrow night, which I very likely will.

I have a tentative menu for Samhain dinner on Sunday. I haven't heard anything from Qi about the Krakens party at SteamCon this weekend, which means I most likely won't be going. There was a chance I'd be going just to hang out at the room party without attending the con, but it seems unlikely at this point.

My new MS Office 2011 arrived today and I installed it before I headed down to Seattle. It'll take a little getting used to, but it has a distraction-free mode where it blanks out the rest of the desktop while you're writing, so perhaps that'll be useful and I can get to work on the ogam in magic article for Abraxas sometime soon.

Got email from [ profile] druid_medb about our proposed session at PantheaCon, and she wants to come up for a visit to talk about it and plan things out. I told her what my current schedule looks like, so she can suggest a timeframe for her visit. It'll be fantastic to see her again.
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Tried to get to bed before midnight last night and was in bed for a whole maybe two hours. Yay. Up and down until about 1:30pm.

I got up and hung out a little bit in #writechat, then caught up with email and other online things. Once I'd got a little bit of wherewithal together, I made a sort of gołabki thing - I didn't have enough brain space or energy to actually wrap the filling in cabbage leaves and bake it, so I just sliced up the cabbage and fried everything up together then added the sauce I would have put on top of the cabbage rolls and ate it like that. Tasted about the same and was a lot less effort when I didn't have any spoons for complicated cooking skills.

I walked down to the Safeway today to pick up the sour cream for the sauce, and also picked up light bulbs for the lamp in my bedroom. On the way, I stopped at [ profile] gra_is_stor's place and helped her move a desk so that she could finish emptying out the boxes still in her bedroom. Apparently she's pretty much done with that now. We walked down to the Safeway together; it was drizzling when we started, but by the time I got home, I was wet enough that I had to change my clothes. Yay autumn. Updated my Searching for Imbas publications page with the poetry book.

Later this evening, she came by with her sister and we hung out for a while and talked.

Tomorrow is a VA dental appointment at 1:30, then Tuesday a medical appointment at 3pm. Maybe I'll go to the AFK Tuesday evening.

I answered a couple of emails and started looking at progressive voting guides for information about some of the initiatives and candidates I was less familiar with and will probably fill out the ballot Wednesday, when I have a little bit of brain space for it.

Bed very soon.
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Okay, I may have been one of the few at the party. I did get out to [ profile] joyful_storm's place this evening, and saw several of my friends and met some lovely other people as well, but two hours was about my limit in the company of a huge room full of people I mostly didn't know. I did get to show my book around (what good is being an author if you can't wave your brand new book at folks, really?). I had a couple of slices of pizza and snuggled with my sweetie over in a corner and listened to conversations about a variety of things. Eventually I was just too overdone and said my goodbyes.

Tomorrow, GIS and her sister from California might come by in the evening if they have time. I need to get new lightbulbs for my bedside lamp, as the last one died on me. Also? Do something foodlike. And vote. My ballot came yesterday. I need to sit down with that and my voter's guide and mangle some websites to see what's what.

And now, bed beckons.
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This morning didn't start well. I went to sleep at maybe 4:30am, only to be awakened by landscapers outside my bedroom window running a weedwhacker at 10:30am. Needless to say, this did not make the DoDC+3 very happy. By the third pass near the window, I gave up and hauled myself upright.

Email brought photos from Caitlin of the pomegranate ogam feda she made for me:

Pomegranate ogam feda from Caitlin

They look spiffy, don't they? She works with all kinds of wood and you can see her work or commission pieces from her here.

The mail brought my copies of Fireflies at Absolute Zero today!

Fireflies have arrived!

This means if you pre-order, you should get them before the official release date of October 31st. So dash on over to Hiraeth Press and do that thing! You can even look at the first several pages of the book there. The cover looks much nicer than this lighting makes it seem.

Last in the good news for the day department, [ profile] gra_is_stor reports that she has the preliminary sound files for the Circle of Stones prayers in Gaelic/Irish and will be working on making them nice for uploading so you can buy them soon! I don't know how long that will take, but you'll know pretty much as soon as I do when they'll be available.

Even with all the good news, I barely felt up to leaving the house today. I almost left getting the mail out of the mailbox for tomorrow, but the DoDC+3 had to be walked, so I had to put clothes on anyway. Glad I did.
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My reminder woke me up at 2 about the appointment I'd cancelled. I still need to reschedule the orthotics fitting appointment. I'll do it when I have braincells.

Last night I ended up finally cutting the silver ring off my finger because it had been causing some nerve impingement for quite some time, making the fibro/tendonitis in my right hand worse. I wasn't thrilled, but I couldn't get the ring off otherwise. There will likely be a dent in my finger for a few weeks until things repair themselves.

I was hoping to get a little done on the upcoming Samhain ritual, but just didn't have the wherewithal. I didn't go to bed this morning until nearly 8:30. I didn't get out this evening to the AFK because I was just too tired. The day was largely taken up with doing some dishes and spudifying in front of the computer reading fanfic, because I couldn't find the brain cells to do anything else.

Tomorrow Qi from the steampunk group is coming by for tea and to see some of my photos from Europe. [ profile] gra_is_stor informs me that she's done some recording of the Gaelic prayers from Circle of Stones and hopes to do some more tomorrow evening at some point. As soon as the sound files are available, I'll let people know. C in Arizona updated my Preserving Shrine website yesterday with info about Fireflies at Absolute Zero so, for the moment, it's got everything up to date. I'll update again when the sound files are available.

My arms hurt. I need to work on the Samhain ritual. I got a nice, supportive note from one of the folks from the schmooze about my departure. This pleased me. We'll probably get together at Travelers from time to time after my VA appointments - we used to see one another at the CapHill Travelers when it was still open.

I'm very tired. Off to bed. I may read a little bit before I sleep, but it's definitely time to crawl off between the sheets.
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My publisher has just released the link to the pre-order page for my poetry collection, Fireflies at Absolute Zero from Hiraeth Press. The book is $15.95 plus postage and is due to ship on October 31st, 2012.

I got some lovely cover text from several writers, including Ruby Sara, editor of the Datura and Mandragora esoteric poesis anthologies. From the Hiraeth page:

“Erynn Rowan Laurie’s Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a call to poetic arms, written with the ferocity and pas­sion of the Earth war­rior — “my poems burn like stars/​ they fall like spears from the oil-​​black sky.” It is a hymn of praise to the old gods, written in the long tra­di­tion of poets as dreamers of new worlds, and re-​​memberers of old ones. Indeed, Laurie’s poetry reminds us all that humanity cannot face its strug­gles with either mushy plat­i­tudes or mil­i­tarist cliché; we require the nuance of the poet who dances coura­geously on the edges, between the struggle and the embrace.” –Theodore Richards, author of Cosmosophia and The Crucifixion

“Following an ancient tra­di­tion of craft and inspi­ra­tion, Erynn Rowan Laurie’s work breathes in wonder, trans­mutes it into a crisp lyri­cism, and offers it, sharp and focused, back to the waking world. Grounded in expe­ri­ence, dream, and story, these poems declare with rich atten­tion the wild voice of the divine, the warp and weft of myth, the com­plexity of being human, and the great beauty of the earth, rough and sweet. Fireflies at Absolute Zero is a col­lec­tion for all who seek to invite in the raw, poetic nature of being and wit­ness to the singing of spirits and powers; bluejay, human struggle, man­drake, divine story, seashore...all brought into focus by the magic of the sacred word.” –Ruby Sara, editor of Datura and Mandragora

“Yes, this book of poems sings with lyrics, dances with visions, flies into spaces not yet filled with song, and lights dark places. But is it a book about writing poetry or about being a poet or being at-​​one with the nat­ural world, lit­erary world, and mytho­log­ical world? Or it is about spir­i­tual jour­neys or about embracing more fully the unknown? Yes!” –Mary Harwell Sayler, author of Living in the Nature Poem

“At the sharp edges of Dreams and Desires I have found a kin­dred spirit of the shining endark­en­ment.” –James McDowell, author of Night, Mystery & Light

Many thanks to Jason Kirkey and Leslie Browning of Hiraeth for their support and encouragement. It has been a delight to work with them on this project!

In other news, I went and helped [ profile] gra_is_stor put together half of her dresser today, and a shower rack. I didn't have time or energy to finish up the dresser, but we'll see about getting that together tomorrow at some point. I have my VA appointment for my orthotics in the afternoon and if I'm up to coping with anything when I get home, I'll go finish up the job for her.

This evening [ profile] alfrecht got back from HowlCon in Portland, and is staying here for the night. He got a ride back from a couple he met at the con, who dropped him off at my place and had a cup of tea with us. As they were leaving, [ profile] gra_is_stor got here and then the three of us watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which I had seen at the cinema, but I had a really horrid migraine that day, so the experience really wasn't nearly as much fun as it should have been. I'm glad I picked the movie up. It was a lot of fun when I wasn't in blinding pain. Still very much a Holmes AU fanfic, in my opinion, but an amusing one and not a waste of the money I spent on it.

Today I also finally got all the excess cardboard boxes, packing stuff, and recycling out of the house. Now I have space in the library closet again at last. I'd been saving it up for [ profile] lupagreenwolf, but she hasn't been north in a while and I probably won't be seeing her while she's up for SteamCon, so it didn't seem reasonable to hold onto everything for so long.

Anyway, yay for clearing a few things up.

Lastly, I got an email today from NorWesCon programming asking me to be an "attending professional" at NorWesCon this coming March, presumably to speak on writing and/or fanfic panels. I filled out their website form as requested. Now to wait and see if they'll offer me a panel or two!
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Jason said that the proof copy came back today and looked really good, so he's approved printing. I've ordered some copies and should get them soon. I'll have a purchase link up for the poetry book as soon as I'm able. He said it should be sometime this weekend, as he has deadlines coming up. Here's the publicity piece I was working on for the website for them. I hope it gives a little bit of a look in on the poetry and the process.

Today's post brought a couple of Man From UNCLE books from one of the fans who was looking to reduce the number of books taking up shelf space; I filled in a couple of holes in my collection and am pleased by this. Now I think the only ones left are toward the end of the run. I don't usually go out of my way to look for them, but if things come up I don't hesitate to ask or to make an offer.

I had shrinkage today after missing last month due to health and scheduling issues. I worked through a few things that I needed to deal with, then went over to Travelers for some food and finished reading a poetry writing book I'd been poking into for a while. Talked for a bit with Leon, who was talking about London and what things to see if I ever manage to get over there. I hope I will someday. At this point in my life, I can't rule it out, after all.

While at the VA, I stopped by the Prosthetics clinic and made an appointment for Monday, as I'd been informed that the orthotics were ready and I needed to come in and have them checked out. I'll be over there in the afternoon.

Tomorrow Ursula Le Guin is reading from her new poetry collection at Elliott Bay Books at 7pm, so if you're into her work, this would be a good opportunity to see her. I'm planning on taking her poetry collection Hard Words in and hoping to have her sign it.

Also tomorrow, I have to schedule my Samhain ritual. It'll just be a small, private affair. I don't have the bandwidth to deal with the schmooze or worry about whether or not a ritual is going to happen there. I just hope I have enough brain to get something together for it soon.
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Despite a mild migraine, I managed to finish up the piece for Hiraeth that I'd been given an extension on. It was just over a page, and I hope it was suitable. I've just sent it off to Leslie, as it was due Wednesday (today), and it should be in her inbox when she gets up in the morning.

The gal who was coming over for tea this afternoon cancelled due to a daughter who was too sick to go to school. Certainly a reasonable request. When my alarm went off at noon, I found her text on my phone, answered briefly, then went back to sleep(ish) until I was yanked out of bed by a tetchy smoke alarm that wanted to be fed a new battery. Getting that done took the better part of twenty minutes, purely by dint of the damned thing being a bitch to open so that I could replace the battery. By that time, going back to bed wasn't really an option, so I just grabbed a shower and started my day.

This evening I went for about an hour over to Picadilly Circus to talk with the steampunks and grab a small bit of dinner. I'd considered just not going, but I had to talk with one of the people there and make a few plans for next week. It was good to catch up with a few of the folks I hadn't seen in several months, though, so I'm glad I went even though I felt pretty crappy.

When I got home I finally got around to dealing with the writing deadline. I probably wrote at least five pages worth of stuff and deleted and re-wrote and deleted and started over until I had that page and a few. At the moment, I've got some chicken-lentil curry soup going on the stove.

Tomorrow I have shrinkage. Sadly [ profile] varina8 had to cancel on meeting me at Travelers, but I'll probably stop there tomorrow anyway and try to do a little work on turning my Esoteric Book Conference presentation into an article. I at least have the outline that I spoke from as a place to start. This will be a job for the iPad, no doubt. I'm still not sure how I'll handle the graphics end of things for them, but I can consult with them about it. I'm just hoping that the migraine won't get worse overnight so that I have to cancel on my appointment. There's been a lot on my mind and I really need to have a little time to work on it.

Given that I had tea rather than cider this evening at the pub, I'm still kind of too wired to try going to bed as yet, but I'll do my best to get to sleep at something resembling a reasonable hour.
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This morning [ profile] alfrecht, [ profile] gra_is_stor, and I went out to the Shinto shrine for the fall ceremony. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, and [ profile] tedgill and [ profile] brandywilliams were both there, so we got a little bit of a chance to catch up with them.

[ profile] alfrecht's mom picked him up from the shrine and [ profile] gra_is_stor was too tired to come down to Seattle with me later during the day for the tea and conversation. (BTW, [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] thewronghands, you should follow one another and maybe we'll have an easier time getting you two in the same place at the same time!)

I stayed for the tea for a couple of hours, then hauled [ profile] wire_mother out for some dinner and then off to chat at Cafe Vita for a while. We spent about two hours together catching up and talking about a lot of things. I was able to make a pretty large decision over the course of our conversation, I just have to figure out how to articulate it soon.

Tomorrow I'm having tea at 1 with a friend, then taking the DoDC+3 to the vet in the late afternoon. I haven't had him in to see one since he nearly got himself killed a couple of years back so he is vastly overdue for his vaccinations.

Got word from Jason today that the poetry book was sent off to the printer and he'll check over the proof copy and then approve it for publication. I'm sitting here looking at a stack of things that I need to write, one of which is for the Hiraeth website as publicity for the book. I have to put together a little bit for [ profile] mael_brigde for the DoF newsletter. I have to put together an article from the ogam and magic talk I gave at the Esoteric Book Conference and submit it to Abraxas, then I need to get to work on the Brigid book. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but it still feels pretty overwhelming. I need to finish up the Hiraeth project Tuesday so it'll be with them on Wednesday for publication. Tomorrow I probably won't have a lot of time for it, but Tuesday I should before I have to head out for the steampunk social.

If I'm missing something I've promised to do, please do let me know. My brain is utterly sieve-like right now.


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