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I've spent the last couple of days in the company of [ profile] mael_brigde, who was down visiting from Vancouver. It was lovely to catch up with her, and she was very very helpful in helping haul the books I am selling from my place over to Mary's bookshop. Mary's still working on putting together an offer for me, but she seemed very excited by the stuff I'd brought to her. She should have the offer ready on Monday. Tuesday I will probably go over to pick the money up and the books she doesn't want, and will take my music over to Easy Street while I'm over in West Seattle; they should have a buyer there between 1-5pm on Tuesday, according to the person I talked to this afternoon on the phone.

I got my contributor's copy of Lupa's anthology Engaging the Spirit World today. I have an essay in it about animism; the anthology itself is about animist and shamanistic spiritual practices in the Pagan communities.

Email came for me two days ago from Jerome Rothenberg, a very famous mainstream poet and anthologist, asking for permission to use my translation of the Cauldron of Poesy poem for a new anthology he's doing. While poets are not really household names in the US, the anthology most likely to be familiar to folks in the Pagan community is Technicians of the Sacred, and anthology of global indigenous poetry. He is putting together an anthology of "outside and subterranean poetry" both ancient and modern. He was interested in any other writing I might have done, so I'll be sending him a copy of Fireflies and photocopies of the essays from Mandragora and Datura, as they will likely be of interest to him considering this project.

This is just such a fantastic thing to have happen. It is some serious mainstream recognition for my work, and I am very excited. If I had more energy, I would be jumping up and down squeeing so loud you could probably hear it in San Francisco. It may bring further attention to my collection, as well, which would be wonderful. Jerome said that the anthology will be out sometime next year, so I will keep folks posted about what is happening with it as I hear any developments.

[ profile] finnchuill sent me the file for his poetry manuscript that he wants me to do a cover blurb for. I have people coming for movies tomorrow but will try to read it in the early part of this week and think about what I'd like to say about the work.

It feels really good to get all those piles of books off the floor here. I feel a lot less anxious without the clutter. There's a lot of other anxiety-producing stuff happening in my life, as you might imagine, but that was one relatively easily fixed situation that has now been resolved.
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The only vid I have seen so far of me actually reading at the event only contains part of one poem, so I'm not posting that. I do have a photo of me reading at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, though.

Reading at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe photo IMG_1542_zps6916f1dd.jpg

And here is a video of me accepting the poetry award at the Bisexual Book Awards! It's only a little over a minute long. Since LJ won't do an embed from this, here's the link. *grr*
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I read at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe! I won the Bisexual Book Awards Poetry category! There will be photos soon, and when videos are up on the intertubes, I'll have some links there, too.
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I was awakened this afternoon by [ profile] ingvisson's text telling me he'd be at my place at 2pm to take me to the VA, which I had completely spaced. I threw myself into the shower and was finishing up the whole getting dressed thing when he arrived.

We got to my appointment on time and things were okay, but I was frustrated by my having forgotten. Afterwards, I went over to Emory's for some dinner - duck with pasta in a truffle cream sauce and a glass of Argentinian Malbec. Noms. The eagles were out sitting in the trees across the lake, in the rain. I've been seeing them and the ospreys with relative frequency the past few weeks, which is always nice.

My fic writing continues apace. Yesterday I got about 600 words, the day before that nearly 3000, and today there were about 1200. I'm tired, but reasonably pleased by this. My head hurts, though.

Today's email brought this:

The Bi Writers Association announces their Bisexual Book Award finalists today. The winners will be revealed and awards bestowed at the Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony following the Bi Lines VI reading and multi-arts program on June 2nd.

Awards will be given in seven categories. Finalists are announced today for all categories except Bisexual Book Publisher of the Year, which will be kept secret until the awards ceremony. The awards are open to people of all orientations, except the Bi Writer Award, which goes to the best bi author of the year, from all the categories combined.

Books were nominated by the Bi Writers Association and allowed to be nominated to any category they fit. No limits were set on number of finalists, but were narrowed down to the best in each category by the judges. Bisexual Fiction had the most nominees, and therefore, the most finalists. The judges are a combination of award-winning writers, respected bi writers and passionate bi book readers.

The first list of finalists for the Bisexual Book Awards is announced today
Photo credit: Crown Awards
Bisexual Book Awards Finalists List:

Bisexual Fiction
1. Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Edited by Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press

2. History of a Pleasure Seeker, Richard Mason, Random House / Knopf
3. In One Person, John Irving, Simon & Schuster
4. The Last Nude, Ellis Avery, Riverhead Books
5. Mount Royal, There’s nothing harder than love, Basil Papademos, Tightrope Books
6. Silver Moon, Catherine Lundoff, Lethe Press
7. Whitetail Shooting Gallery, Annette Lapointe, Anvil Press Publishers

Bisexual Non-fiction
1. Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals, Janet W. Hardy, Beyond Binary Books
2. My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B, Cheryl Burke, Topside Signature

Bisexual Poetry
1. Fireflies at Absolute Zero, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Hiraeth Press
2. Love Without Limits: The Bi-Laws of Love, Yazmin Monet Watkins, Red Journal Publications
3. Shine, Donnelle McGee, Sibling Rivalry Press

Bisexual Erotic Fiction/Erotica
1. Mount Royal, There’s nothing harder than love, Basil Papademos,
2. The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four, Cecilia Tan, Ravenous Romance
3. Times Square Queer: Tales of Bad Boys in the Big Apple, Mykola Dementiuk, Renaissance eBooks

Bisexual Speculative Fiction [Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror]

1. Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press
2. Gleams of a Remoter World, Fiona Glass, Riptide Publishing
3. The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four, Cecilia Tan, Ravenous Romance
4. Silver Moon, Catherine Lundoff, Lethe Press

Bi Writer Award
1. Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press
2. Fireflies at Absolute Zero, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Hiraeth Press
3. Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals, Janet W. Hardy, Beyond Binary Books
4. My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B, Cheryl Burke, Topside Signature
5. Mount Royal, There’s nothing harder than love, Basil Papademos, Tightrope Books Inc.
6. The Poet and the Prophecy: Magic University Book Four, Cecilia Tan, Ravenous Romance
7. Silver Moon, Catherine Lundoff, Lethe Press
8. Times Square Queer: Tales of Bad Boys in the Big Apple, Mykola Dementiuk, Renaissance eBooks
9. Whitetail Shooting Gallery, Annette Lapointe, Anvil Press Publishers

Bi Book Publisher of the Year -Winner will be announced at the Bisexual Book Awards, June 2nd in New York City.

I'm about to crawl off to bed. I hope you all have a great night/day/whatever it happens to be when you read this.
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Today and yesterday I've mostly been working on fic, as it's about all my brain can handle right now. Irish class was yesterday and that went okay. I picked out the poems I'm reading on June 2nd in NYC and revised that list after an email exchange with Sheela. Talked with Dom about arrival and departure times and confirmed a few things about my stay there. Beyond that, I'm not really up to much. I've been working on online Italian lessons and doing okay. Hopefully some of it sticks. The dizziness continues unabated.
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And I just bought my plane tickets. Here's the information:

The Bi Writers Association announces its inaugural Bisexual Book Awards, to be held June 2nd in New York City. The first bisexual book awards, anywhere, ever! Both BWA programs, Bi Lines VI: A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing and the Bisexual Book Awards, will merge so that Bi Lines becomes the multi-arts entertainment that precedes announcement of the winners and bestowal of the Awards. The double event will b e held at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, in the East Village, on June 2nd at 6 :30pm.

The inaugural awards will have seven categories: Bisexual Fiction, Bisexual Non-fiction, Bisexual Erotic Fiction/Erotica, Bisexual Speculative Fiction [Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror], Bisexual Poetry, the Bi Book Publisher Award and the Bi Writer Award. Most of the categories were dictated by the types of bi-themed books published this year and what genres they fit into. Book categories are open to bi book authors of any orientation. BWA also wanted to honor one superlative bi/bisexual/pansexual/fl uid author with the Bi Writer Award, given to the best bi author of the year of any book genre. Bi Book Publisher of the Year will go to the publisher who has published the most bi-themed books and done the most to promote them and to support their authors.

"Getting a bi-themed book published is often difficult. Bisexual books and authors dont have the same opportunities for recognition that other books do. The main LGBT book awards only has one category for bisexual books and others have none. The Bi Writers Association decided that we need to do more to promote publication of bisexual books, an d to recognize and celebrate the bi-themed books that do get published, their authors and their publishers. Throwing our own Bisexual Book Awards, where we could have more categories to recognize the achievements of bi book authors, seemed like the best way to do that. We're very excited about our very first awards season!" says Bi Writers Association founder Sheela Lambert.*

Advance tickets to the double event, Bisexual Book Awards and Bi Lines VI, hosted by the Bi Writers Association, are available on the Nuyorican Poets Cafe website.

Event Location: Nuyorican Poets cafe is located at 236 East 3rd Street between Avenue B and Avenue C. AKA Reverend Pedro Pietri Way. Zip code 10009.


So the BiLines even starts at 6:30pm and I'll be reading there with a bunch of other poets. Tickets, according to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe website, are $10 and can be got at
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I do think the headaches have been, at least in part, the result of constantly wearing the bifocals. Today I'm wearing my old glasses again. I've been on the computer a lot today and am feeling some eyestrain, but I don't have the migraines that have been following me around for what seems like a couple of weeks now.

Today I catalogued nearly 60 books that had been sitting in stacks here in the living room. Several weren't found in the search (this happens from time to time, when an ISBN or LOC number isn't correct), and so will eventually have to be entered manually. I was glad to be able to get a few piles of books up off the floor, though.

Email brought my schedule for Norwescon -- I'm on four fanfic/writing panels and doing a poetry reading with some other poets. It should be fun, and I'm really looking forward to it coming up in March.

Tomorrow there will be steampunky things, though I am not certain of our exact location yet. It hasn't been decided whether it'll be at the AFK or out in Snohomish again.
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I spent time today going over [ profile] finnchuill's poetry manuscript again and doing a little more editing. I sent off my comments to him about half an hour ago. I hope the comments were helpful. Poetry is such a personal endeavor that it can be hard to do justice to for editing. A lot of it is really sharing an opinion on something, to be taken or left. I did ask a few questions toward clarifying things I wasn't sure of, and perhaps that will be good enough.

Most of the poems were in the praise and invocatory genre. A few of them didn't feel like they fit in the collection, and I noted that, as well. They felt much more like personal poems than poems about or addressed to deity, which was the bulk of the work. I figure if a collection is going to have a theme, it should probably stick to the theme, rather than having just a few that didn't fit in well. They were good poems, just not a good fit with the rest of the manuscript.

Tomorrow I'm down to Seattle for my weekly group.
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I actually felt together enough today for a change, and spent time with [ profile] finnchuill's poetry manuscript. He arrived in Hawaii today and sent me a brief note about what he needs from me. I made a first pass through this afternoon and will be going over it again tomorrow to get a better feel for it.

I also spent time working on the healing deities presentation. I dredged up one additional name, but am still looking for more mythic/deific figures to add to my list. I could expand that list considerably if I were looking at other Celtic cultures, but I'm primarily sticking with Irish to keep things manageable.

Plans are being made for this weekend's Abney Park show, as [ profile] gra_is_stor and I will be carpooling down to Seattle with local friends and grabbing some food beforehand. It'll be nice to introduce some new folks to the band and the local steampunk scene.

Sleep is still escaping me most of the time, but I was glad to be able to focus a little better today. I have compiled a couple of other contacts for my east coast road trip, and may get the chance to meet [ profile] miss_adventure, who is going to law school in Toronto, which is pretty close to Niagara Falls. She says she will show me around the city, so I may spend a day up there instead of just the one night. Once I've got a more or less complete list of people, then I need to start actually figuring out travel times and visiting times to see who I will be able to fit in properly, and who I'll have to dash past for lunch or a cup of tea. I'd love to stay and hang out with people for longer, but I know that at least some folks are going to have to be a quick pass. There's so much ground to cover. Like Europe, there's only a limited amount of time I can spend traveling. That said, I'm so excited by the chance to see old friends and meet folks I've known online for years!
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My schedule at PantheaCon this year is looking like this:

Saturday: 1:30pm Immanion/Megalithica Author's Panel
5pm: ADF Suite, Photos & tales from the Ireland pilgrimage
11pm: Joint workshop on spirit work & PTSD with Jessie Olson - Wounded Spirits: Heeding the Call Through Trauma
Sunday: 9pm: Irish Healing Deities: Beyond Brigid

I paid my PCon membership today as well, before the reg fee went up.

I've got a poetry manuscript from Michael that I need to read over. I printed it out today but haven't got round to having a close look yet. He's in Hawaii at the moment, so it's not entirely urgent. I'll probably have a look at it later tonight.

I did some cleaning around the house today, and last night I got some steamers and mussels while I was out grocery shopping with [ profile] gra_is_stor so I had them today. It was really nice to have some shellfish again. I don't have them very often. I also got some groceries delivered (mostly heavy stuff) so that I didn't have to haul myself out of the house today.

When I got up this morning, it was snowing. It snowed very lightly all day but none of it stuck. The parking lot is coated with black ice tonight, though, after all the moisture froze over. It's overcast tonight, though, so it's not down in the 20s; in fact, it's 33f right now, which is warmer than it's been at night lately. I'm happy about that, at least.

I emailed my publishers at Hiraeth today to let them know I would be in their area. The publisher is based in CT. One of them lives in Boston, the other about an hour from Providence, so I may be able to get together with them while I'm out there, as well. That would be fun, I think. They are going to try to arrange it, at least, probably while I'm in Providence, as it would be the most central location for both of them.

Tomorrow, probably the AFK in the evening for steampunks. Thursday is group at the VA. I wish I could focus a little better right now.
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Got a note from Hiraeth today in their newsletter that one of my poems is in the Winter 2012 issue of Written River (it's on page 24 if you want to look). As with the previous issue, that also had one of my poems in it, the photography is gorgeous. I'll have to go order a hard copy so I can put it in my collection of Stuff I Have Published. I wasn't even expecting to have another publication credit by the end of this year!

Went down into Seattle today, and the weather was dry for a change. It was nice not to have to drive in the rain. There was a traffic backup for a while but once past that, I did okay and got to the VA at about my usual time. Hung out at Travelers for a bit afterwards. When I got home, I did dishes and tossed some laundry in the washer. It's drying now. I've also got lamb and chickpeas in the crockpot with some onion, garlic, and ginger, which will be turned into curry tomorrow.

I've got [ profile] gra_is_stor coming over tomorrow, assuming we're both in any shape to be moving around. She's not been feeling great lately either. We might just curl up on the couch and watch a movie or something. I don't know yet.

I had contemplated writing a bit tonight but am really just not focused enough for it. It was good that I managed to at least get a few of the chores around the house done. I do need to change my sheets tomorrow and do more laundry because of that. It can take a lot out of me to haul the sheets off the bed and re-make it. I just wish I had a little more energy for things.


Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:09 am
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So [ profile] man_of_snows came by this afternoon for a visit. He's been out in Idaho teaching in an MFA program and I haven't seen him in quite some time. He came down from Bellingham where he's been staying with his partner. It was lovely to hang out with him. We went for a walk around the lake, then had some lunch at Emory's. When we got back we talked about poetry and writing and shared a few poems and quotes from things. He picked up a copy of my book and then had to head back north, as he had pies to make this evening before tomorrow's foodie festivities.

Tomorrow, it's gaming at the AFK. I've got a confirmation for my friends from California on Friday afternoon here at my place. Looks like it's going to be a fair bit of low-impact socializing for me, mostly around here. That's always nice, because so often I end up going out to visit people, and seeing folks here is a lot lower impact on my energy.

Today's mail brought a book from a fan of mine in Bulgaria, about sacred sites and tourist sites in the country. He covers quite a few churches, basilicas, and monasteries, several Thracian sites, and some natural areas as well. It's bilingual in English and Bulgarian, so it's unique in my collection. There are a bunch of really nice full-color photo plates, as well.

I'm still poking at my fic, which is currently at 27,027 words. I'll probably get a little further into the scene I'm working on before I head to bed. Tomorrow, MUNCHKIN CTHULHU!
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When I started out today (got up at about 3:30pm after going to bed about 8:30am), I wasn't certain I'd be up to a drive to Seattle, but I put on my big girl panties and hauled myself out the door in time to get a decent seat for the Ursula Le Guin reading. She's 83 this year and slowing down, writing a lot less; who can blame her? I was so delighted, though, to see her in person for once, and to have her sign a few of my books. I was able to at least say to her that she has been an inspiration to me for decades and that I love her work. She read poems from her new collection, Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems, interspersed with talk of her life and her writing. She seems like such a lovely person.

For those who missed her tonight and who want to see her while she is still in town, she's appearing as a part of a Clarion West fundraiser on Saturday. Don't miss her if you want to see her. I don't know how many more opportunities we will have.

After the reading, and standing in line for the signing, I went over to the cafe where some snacks and drink were laid out, sponsored by Hedgebrook, a women's writing retreat on Whidbey Island. While there, I spoke with three of the women, about writing, about any advice they might have for promoting a book of poetry, about my admiration for how the organization provides space for women writers and support for the community of women who write. They were very kind to me and offered some good thoughts. I quite liked them and hope I'll have the chance to meet them again.

Having not really eaten before I headed down to Seattle, I dropped by the Odd Fellows Cafe next door and had some dinner before driving home. At the 128th St exit (where I usually get off I5) there had apparently been a really bad accident. The exit was blocked off and I swear I saw at least a dozen police and emergency response vehicles. I have no idea what was happening; I had to take the next exit in order to get home. I'm sure whatever it was will be all over the news tomorrow.

My Friday is going to be laundry and dishes and doing some grocery shopping. I didn't have time to plan for my Samhain today as I'd hoped, given that I was up so late and out of the house all evening. I need to just pick a date and go with it.
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[ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to the park today to pick salal berries, but they were really substandard there. Most of them were dried out and a lot of others were moldy, which was really pretty nasty. We ended up picking from along the sidewalk by the lake. It was closer to the road than I liked, but at least they don't use lead in gas anymore, so I wouldn't be too worried about lead poisoning or anything. They washed off just fine and we got three bags full, which got cleaned down to two big mixing bowls full of berries that are now sitting on the counter on paper towels drying off a bit. I'll put them in the food dryer tomorrow, as I don't want to leave them in overnight. Last time I did that, they got crispy, which really doesn't do much for their flavor.

I spent part of today updating some of my software for the new computer and messing with the email so that it works again. Last night being able to send was sporadic but I think I've got it together again now, and it's been sending consistently again. Bills got paid, though the charge for the new computer hasn't showed up on the credit card yet. I'm sure that'll happen soon.

My Dead Can Dance hoodie showed up from [ profile] miss_adventure today, which has delighted me to no end. I wore it out when I went grocery shopping tonight. I hadn't been out for more than just a day or so's worth of stuff since I got home from Europe, so I had rather a lot to pick up, but there were some nice Washington peaches that felt and smelled ripe -- it's hard to get peaches in a store that are actually ripe enough. They're often either grainy or crunchy. I think these might turn out okay because they're fairly local and they claim they were "tree-ripened," though what that means these days is anyone's guess. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow when I have one for breakfast.

As noted in my other posts today, I did a blog page on finding the Wayside Well in Kildare, and Hiraeth Press posted one of my poems to their website, which made me quite happy. I sent off the link to the publicity person at Immanion. I also sent off a copy of the manuscript to [ profile] finnchuill for a poet friend of his to look over. I hope he'll like it.

Tomorrow I'll probably do #writechat for a while and then work on some more material for the EBC presentation. I have photos that need to be taken and things that need to be scanned for further slides. Fortunately, Word and PowerPoint both still work on this version of Mac OSX. I'm definitely liking the new larger monitor. It's at a better height and I have a lot more space to deal with things.

Today's mail, along with the hoodie, also brought a fairly lengthy health practices survey from the VA. A lot of the questions are not particularly answerable (for me at least) in the format they've laid it out. So much of their stuff can really only be answered as "it depends on how I feel that day," which they really don't have allowances for. I'm going to have to give some serious thought to my answers. Also with the VA, Wendy called on Friday and left me a message that the spirituality group starts again on the 6th, for a four-week session. Things are shifting yet again, so they're needing to figure out how to handle it. But it'll be nice to see everyone again.

Carrying the huge box with the computer in it yesterday really messed up my arms. They're very sore today, as they were last night. Hauling four heavy bags of groceries tonight didn't help much, sadly. Monday is the CR schmooze. Tuesday is the steampunk social at AFK. Wednesday I have a meeting with a couple who want someone to do a handfasting for them. Thursday Jeff's back to help with finishing up (I hope) the EBC presentation. In the midst of all that, I have to deal with scanning things, photographing things, writing up text slides, and expanding on some of the material I've got for the presentation outline.

Tired Erynn is really, really tired. Probably should cork this yummy apricot cider, pop it back into the fridge, and head for bed.
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Hiraeth Press has got a poem and an announcement up about Fireflies at Absolute Zero on their news page. The release date has been announced as October 31st. Happy Samhain for me!
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Mandragora, as some of you may recall, is a beautiful book on esoteric poesis in which I have an essay and a couple of poems. Here are a few words on said book and its contents:

The Larkfall blog by Phil Legard.

Aedicula Antinoi blog discussing the Larkfall review.

Finnchuill's Mast blog by Finnchuill.
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Mandragora, as some of you may recall, is a beautiful book on esoteric poesis in which I have an essay and a couple of poems. Here are a few words on said book and its contents:

The Larkfall blog by Phil Legard.

Aedicula Antinoi blog discussing the Larkfall review.

Finnchuill's Mast blog by Finnchuill.
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I got word a little after I headed for Europe that the print edition of the summer solstice issue is now available on You can get it at either of these links:
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I got word a little after I headed for Europe that the print edition of the summer solstice issue is now available on You can get it at either of these links:


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