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I got down to the conference earlier than I needed to because I had read a schedule online that was a couple of hours off. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because I made it to all the sessions today instead of being a little late for the second session with Dale Pendell, whom I really wanted to see.

Everyone today had interesting stuff to say, and Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, an Australian artist and occultist, was (I must say) fucking brilliant. I'm too tired right now to do a whole lot of writing and analysis about what he's doing with his books but suffice it to say that his presentation was a highlight of the day for me. Dale Pendell had some fascinating things to say about corporate personhood as Faustian magic, and he signed four books for me. Denny Sargeant [ profile] aion131 opened the day with a history of the occult lodge he helped to found some 30 years ago, and Robert Carey, one of his co-founders and an old friend of mine who has been living in New York for the last several years, was out to visit and kibbitzed from the audience. The last session of the day was a presentation on Florence Farr, one of the women magicians of the Golden Dawn, followed by a play that she wrote that was essentially a one act Egyptian mystery play that was very well done; [ profile] sebastian_lvx was one of the lead actors, the Evil Magician, which he did with wonderful aplomb and style.

I got a chance to see [ profile] lupabitch for a bit, and guarded the Immannion table for her for a bit. I also got a set of antler ogam feda from her, which I hadn't been planning on, but they were right there and very cool. Owen Rowley was in from Rhode Island, and we talked briefly about how he'd finally started going to the VA instead of trying to shell out over $500 a month for insurance for his health care -- Providence has a pretty good VA hospital and he's been very pleased with the whole thing. I hung out with [ profile] herbmcsidhe while I was talking with Owen.

I talked for quite a while with [ profile] tedgill about the upcoming Gamelan Pacifica CD, for which they'll be having a release concert in December. I also talked briefly with [ profile] brandywilliams and [ profile] alexwilliams, though that was much more in passing. I also got to spend a tiny bit of time with [ profile] nancyblue and [ profile] roadriverrail, though not nearly enough! They were finally arriving at the afterparty just as I was hauling [ profile] alfrecht out the door because the DoDC+3 had been in his kennel all day and needed relief.

It never fails to amaze me how really involved and intricate the Seattle occult scene is, and just how many people I actually know. They are amazing folks and so many of them have been involved for decades; there's so much knowledge here, and such a high level of ability and talent, from book-binding to writing to ritual and performance to organizational skill. It's just astonishing to be here, in this time and place, surrounded by such fantastic people. I'm really more than a little in awe sometimes.

[ profile] alfrecht and I grabbed a quick dinner at Travelers after the conference and before the party, and we talked briefly with Leon and Allen. Travelers was written up in the restaurant reviews in the Stranger this week and it's apparently been bringing them some extra lunch business, which is really wonderful to hear.

And now, tired Erynn is really really tired and I'll be crashing soon. [ profile] alfrecht is here for the night and will be heading up to Anacortes again tomorrow late afternoon, so we'll have time to talk then.

Oiche mhaith!
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Went over to [ profile] lupabitch and [ profile] teriel's place this evening after stopping by Travelers to pick up a piece of art I got from Lisa Noble after her recent show there, and stopping by Edge of the Circle to pick up my long-anticipated copy of Dale Pendell's PharmakoGnosis.

I had dinner with them, and we chatted about Immanion Press and books and writing and I took a quick skim through [ profile] teriel's manuscript of Inner Alchemy, which looks like it will definitely be worth perusing when it's published.

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