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Today was the last day for this session of the spirituality group at the VA. We have a two week break, then back to it for another 10 or 12 weeks. I'd been keeping an eye on twitter while I checked my email in the morning. WSDOT was putting up alerts about a really bad accident right around the West Seattle Bridge that had traffic backed up for about 11 miles. Armed with that information, [ profile] gra_is_stor and I left early and went down 99 and around up behind Capitol Hill, but we still arrived about 40 minutes late for my appointment. It took two hours to drive what usually takes only about 45 minutes. There were accidents everywhere along the roads today. I have no idea what was going on, unless people were so messed up by the rain today.

As we were driving south, I got a call from another realtor, who wanted to bring people by. I told her to go ahead and do that. I mentioned the dog in his crate and said I wouldn't be home until evening.

After the VA, we went over to Travelers. I hadn't seen Leon or Allen in a while, and it was good to talk with them. Leon was really sweet to me, and I had a lovely thali before we headed up to the hill. Traffic was still a mess, even northbound (when we were done at Travelers, apparently southbound I-5 was backed up nearly to Lynnwood), so we stopped by Edge to say hi. I hadn't been in there in quite some time, and hadn't actually seen Robert in even longer, as he hadn't been in the last time I visited. He hadn't been aware of my dizziness, or that I was trying to move to Italy, so we talked about that and I picked up some road opener stuff to do a ritual to help move things along through the inevitable bureaucratic tangle.

When I got home, I dropped into skype to hang out with [ profile] random_nexus and schmooze about a fic she's working on, then I talked to [ profile] lwood for a while. Most of the people I talk to seem to think that my potential move to Italy is a done deal, even though I have tried to be really clear that this is just something I am trying to do. People are all asking me if I've already moved back to Seattle when they see me, not realizing that I can't do that unless and until the condo sells. I can't always remember who I've told what, so I end up having to tell the sordid tale over and over. I worry that I'm being too repetitive or too needy or too something. My friends all tell me that I'm not being burdensome about the whole thing, and I am being assured on a fairly frequent basis that I am loved and appreciated, which is making this whole stressful thing much easier to deal with. I'm still not entirely certain why I haven't collapsed in a whimpering heap yet.

Tomorrow about noon, the contractors are coming by to finish up the bathroom with some texturing and a coat of paint. I'm not sure how long that will take. [ profile] gra_is_stor says there is a party at Michael's place tomorrow evening and that she needs to be there by 6pm. There will be music (their band is playing), and firespinners. We'd have to leave by 5-ish, I imagine. If the painting is done by then (I am pretty sure it will be, but can't be certain until I talk to the contractors), then I'll be happy to go. There may be a hot tub involved...

Her friend Kent says he will help me with the whole "impress the Italian bureaucrats" fashion project. I'm to come up with a budget and he will haul me around and get me into clothes that will be less alterna-goth-steampunk and more mainstream, while still being reasonably comfortable for me as a human being. We shall see how that goes.

Geordie wasn't able to come down today due to a scheduling kerfuffle but, considering the traffic misery, that was probably for the best. He had hoped to come down Saturday with a friend who is driving to Seattle, but there's not enough room in the car. Instead, he'll be coming down next Wednesday and I'll probably pop on the bus and meet him down in Everett. The 510 does run from the park & ride here to the Everett central depot (it's one stop away), so we can hop back on the bus and have maybe a 15-20 minute walk back from the park & ride to my place once I meet him at the Greyhound. I'm hoping it doesn't rain, as at that hour of the night it's going to be a while between busses and we'll have to be waiting outside.

Today was frustrating and tiring, though more for [ profile] gra_is_stor than for me, given she was driving. Still, we got through the chaos. Tomorrow I have emails to write that I didn't get to today.

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After not having heard back from the guy at the New Alexandrian Library after I sent the tapes to him, I emailed Macha today about the issue and he emailed; apparently his emails got lost in the aether somewhere. Anyway, he says to send things along, which means that my issues of Pagan APA and APA Tarot will have a new home, I suspect, along with a bunch of various issues of Pagan magazines. I don't have the collection I used to. Over the years I've got rid of a lot of things or given them to other people, but there's a fair collection of them here, and tapes and videos of presentations I've given or have been at. He'd said he couldn't guarantee they would keep all of them, but that they would at least try to find homes for whatever they didn't need. I'm good with that. When I have access to a vehicle, I'll haul things over and they will pay the FedEx fees for me to send them things.

Huge amounts of taking things off the walls in the living room, sorting through things, packing my bronzes from India and Tibet, and moving a little stuff out to the garage got done today. I got a call back from the storage place on Capitol Hill and have arranged a ride to get down there Wednesday to sign for the unit and take the first load of boxes over there. I have to inventory the boxes first so I have a running list of everything that goes into the unit for when I do move to Italy (if I get there).

It was an emotionally really hard day; the more stuff comes down, the less this place feels like my home anymore. It's becoming a hollow shell of what it once was. It's going to be hard being here during the transitional period, between listing the condo and actually moving away, when most of my things are in storage and my life has been pared down materially to a shadow of itself. I have a candle burning tonight for my Brigid flamekeeping shift, but the most recent candles I bought for it are absolute crap and won't stay lit.

I got a call from the VA today to schedule the MRI. I need to be there an hour ahead of time for some kind of contrast medium IV, and I need some lab work before I do the appointment for some kind of baseline; that I will probably try to do on Thursday, if there's enough time after my weekly group. The MRI is scheduled for Friday, August 9th. I'll need to get a couple of my piercings removed over at Laughing Buddha before then, as I can't get them out (and probably not back in, either) by myself. Most of them are fine and easily doable, but the nose piercing and one of my ear piercings are just painful to try to deal with. I haven't tried doing the eyebrow piercing myself, but we'll see how that goes. I'll get them put back in again afterwards, as well. Worth the money to get a pro to do it if doing it myself is going to hurt me.

Tomorrow, Patrick is supposed to come by to help me do things for a few hours. I'm going to have to get more packing peanuts before I can pack more books. I used the rest of them packing the bronze statues in one box. I have a few things I could wrap in some bubble wrap and put in small boxes, but for the most part, I need the peanuts for filling in the edges around books in boxes so they won't bend each other too much. The mailing outlet down the street can be walked to, and they do have peanuts, though we may have to make a couple of trips. Patrick doesn't have a car, so it'll be walking and carrying things; peanuts are light but pretty bulky, and it needs to get done. There will probably also be some cleaning done, and perhaps photos of my bicycle so that I can list it on craigslist.

[ profile] gra_is_stor might come by tomorrow as well. We shall see - she wasn't feeling too well today, so didn't come, even though she'd hoped to. She's also got a lot to do at her own place at the moment.

And now, since I'm expecting Patrick sometime around noonish, I should ought to crawl off to bed. I didn't sleep well at all last night and am hoping to do a little better tonight.
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Today [ profile] gra_is_stor, [ profile] ingvisson, and Patrick came by; they were going to deal with G's bicycle, which has been stored in my garage. Patrick bought a bunch of books from me, and some cds and dvds, which all made me quite happy. I remembered that I still had a small stack of vinyl on a shelf, so I priced out that stuff, too. If you still have a turntable, maybe you'd be interested in that, as well.

I will be extending the book sale open house into Saturday the 22nd from about 2-7pm as well as Friday, because I know most folks work during the week, and a Saturday might be easier for people to come and browse things. Items range from pocket change (less than a dollar for poetry journals, pamphlets and such) to $250 for the 4-volume set of Katherine Briggs's Dictionary of British Folk-Tales.

My bicycle (cargo bike) is for sale, $500, includes lock, air pump, bike helmet, lights, and other gear. It's an awesome bike that I didn't get nearly enough use out of for various reasons. Tires will need to be pumped up and checked, and the chain cleaned and oiled again, but otherwise it's pretty much in new condition.

The weather was gorgeous today and I walked down to mail out a package for my mom. I had a scoop of mango yogurt at the Baskin-Robbins next to the mail place. I always feel like I'm listing a bit when I walk, but there's no alternative anymore. I'm considering giving up the cane and using hiking poles so that I won't feel like I have to lean all my weight on one side to keep from wavering around on the sidewalk. It's pretty weird to feel that way. [ profile] lakmiseiru, I know you understand about the hiking poles business. It does mean that carrying one of my backpacks is likely to be a much more common occurrence in coming days.

I've been checking rentals around Seattle and under $1000/month is possible if I'm not terribly picky (and at this point, I'm not, given I'm only looking for temp housing). I'm not sure what lease/month to month is like these days. Some places list leases (6 months to a year is common, though 3 or 6 months occasionally appears). I'll be looking for a month-to-month, though, when I leave Everett. A fair number of them do allow small dogs, which is encouraging. There are, in fact, places in Capitol Hill, Belltown, lower Queen Anne, and the U District that seem viable, but I can't look into them until I have someone dealing with rentals and a move-out date for the condo.

Sally asked if I'd heard from our property manager yet. I told her if I hadn't heard by the end of tomorrow, I'd email him again and get confirmation. That sounded to me like a go-ahead for renting the place, but I want to get it from the management, and I need to ask him about finding a property manager for the condo.

So much to do.
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If you are local (or you want to drag your ass out here from wherever) I will be having an open house book, music, and video sale this FRIDAY, June 21st. Open house will be from 1pm until 7pm.

I have hundreds of books and cds for sale, along with a few dozen movies and tv series on dvd. A dozen or more Pagan books are signed by the authors, if that interests you. I have some rare and interesting things, as well as the usual stuff. There may also be some photocopies of academic articles and whatnot that I no longer need in the stacks...

If you want to come by and you don't have my address, please message me for it. I will be happy to let you know where I live so you can come and paw the books.
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I didn't update in the past couple of days mostly because I was just too tired and too busy to get to it. I did spend a little more time doing some more conceptual/outlining work on the Brigid book, so that is genuinely moving along, though these things move slowly, as one might suspect. Group went well, though I didn't get to see [ profile] gra_is_stor that night. I did see her today briefly, before Brianna and I went over to Gary's place for some gaming this evening.

Today I was mostly just too tired to focus on much of anything. I couldn't read much and actually spent a fair amount of time just playing Plants v Zombies because it was brainless. (As you do.) When we got home, I made more food and ate a little, then walked down to the store to pick up a few things to tide me over until I can get out for more, probably Sunday. I think I sprained a muscle in my right hand today, as it's much more sore than usual. I've been hitting it with a lot of liniment in hopes that this will help somewhat.

Tomorrow [ profile] gra_is_stor is starting to coordinate the Everett Pagan meetup, as the previous organizer is no longer doing so. After that, we'll be heading down to Seattle for the Medieval Women's Choir concert. It's at 8pm at St James Cathedral, as always. And now I'm going to try to get some sleep.
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My schedule at PantheaCon this year is looking like this:

Saturday: 1:30pm Immanion/Megalithica Author's Panel
5pm: ADF Suite, Photos & tales from the Ireland pilgrimage
11pm: Joint workshop on spirit work & PTSD with Jessie Olson - Wounded Spirits: Heeding the Call Through Trauma
Sunday: 9pm: Irish Healing Deities: Beyond Brigid

I paid my PCon membership today as well, before the reg fee went up.

I've got a poetry manuscript from Michael that I need to read over. I printed it out today but haven't got round to having a close look yet. He's in Hawaii at the moment, so it's not entirely urgent. I'll probably have a look at it later tonight.

I did some cleaning around the house today, and last night I got some steamers and mussels while I was out grocery shopping with [ profile] gra_is_stor so I had them today. It was really nice to have some shellfish again. I don't have them very often. I also got some groceries delivered (mostly heavy stuff) so that I didn't have to haul myself out of the house today.

When I got up this morning, it was snowing. It snowed very lightly all day but none of it stuck. The parking lot is coated with black ice tonight, though, after all the moisture froze over. It's overcast tonight, though, so it's not down in the 20s; in fact, it's 33f right now, which is warmer than it's been at night lately. I'm happy about that, at least.

I emailed my publishers at Hiraeth today to let them know I would be in their area. The publisher is based in CT. One of them lives in Boston, the other about an hour from Providence, so I may be able to get together with them while I'm out there, as well. That would be fun, I think. They are going to try to arrange it, at least, probably while I'm in Providence, as it would be the most central location for both of them.

Tomorrow, probably the AFK in the evening for steampunks. Thursday is group at the VA. I wish I could focus a little better right now.
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Lady of Ten Thousand Lakes: Finding Wisdom in Places
Call for Papers

The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology Biennial Symposium
St. Paul, MN, April 20, 2013

Much of mythology is grounded in place. Suggested topics for this symposium might include, but are not limited to, the following:

How do and should the scholarship in Goddess Studies and Women's Mythology and Spirituality engage with the sense and reality of place? What women's myths are especially grounded in a place or places? What happens when such disciplines as Natural History, Ecology, and other sciences of place interact with Women and Mythology?

What does place mean methodologically? How does our scholarship change when place becomes an element or partner in our research? How does this intersect with Embodied Research or Embodied Methodologies? What are the criteria for solid scholarship using these new models?

Do issues of place add an activist quality to our scholarship? Does activism have a place in scholarship? What does it mean to find wisdom in places?

Proposals for papers, panels, and workshops addressing these topics will be given preference, but other subjects will be considered. Papers should be 20 minutes; panels with up to four papers on a related topic may be proposed together. Workshop proposals should be organized to provide audience interaction and must clearly address the theme. (Workshops are limited to 90 minutes.)

Presenters from all disciplines are welcome, as well as creative artists and practitioners who engage mythic themes in a scholarly manner in their work. Presenters must become members of ASWM prior to conference.

Send 250-word abstract (for panels, 200 word abstract plus up to 150 words per paper) to by February 2, 2013. Include bio of up to 70 words for each presenter, as well as contact information including surface address and email. See
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Today was another in a series of days spent slightly dizzy and out of it. I have to wonder if I'm not fighting off a cold or something. I've managed a little bit of work around the house, but that's about it. Still with the slight headache (it's better today than yesterday), but the dizziness was more to the fore.

Needless to say, I wasn't in any shape to drive, so I didn't get out to the Shinto shrine.

I did get a chance to go over the notes I was sent the other day about a PCon presentation and will be getting a few comments together for the woman who sent them. She's doing a session on Pagan pastoral counseling, talking about the community's need for some kind of recognition, and how Pagans are routinely shut out of the process even if they have qualifications within our own communities. It's important stuff and I'm honored she would think I'd have useful things to say on the topic.

As to the "unusual" bit of the day, I got an email through my website from a guy who was spouting some really awful racist nonsense six or so years back. He says he's changed and he's offered an apology of sorts to the community. I do believe people are capable of change. I don't know what he's been doing in the intervening years, so I can't speak to that. I do know that it takes some guts to offer an apology after something that egregious, particularly years later, when one might instead hope that it's forgotten. I'm posting it here below the cut, unaltered, for folks to read for themselves.

He's included an email address where people can contact him if they have questions. There's also a link included to a post where I talked about what he'd been saying, so that there is some context here.

Email here below )
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I was tired today - the postal carrier rang the doorbell and left books for me, which means I was up before I'd really wanted to be today. I did get up and do the usual daytime things (shower, get dressed, tea, something vaguely resembling food), but didn't have a whole lot of umph for anything else.

This evening I went next door for pizza and some cheap chianti so that I didn't have to cook, which was good. I watched about half of Hugo on Netflix streaming but found it kind of boring. Maybe I'll watch the rest of it later, but I don't know. I'm looking forward to The Hobbit tomorrow despite mixed reviews from friends. Beyond that, no idea what I might do. They do serve actual food at the cinema, though, so I'll probably have food there while we watch.

Lowell Ford, whom I visited down in southern California a few years back, might be coming up to the area to visit people this summer, so I might see him and his wife Linda again. He says he'll let me know if/when plans are solidified. I have two inquiries about doing weddings/handfastings in August this year; I haven't decided quite yet what to do, though one of them is from a gal who works at the AFK. Once their date is set, I'll talk to them more about it. I'm very likely to do that one. The other is from a couple in Wenatchee; I'm not in a place this week to make a decision about it but I need to email them back and get a few more details about it.

And my creaky parts, they are creaking. I ought to take them to bed.

If you celebrate anything this time of year, have a happy one.
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I went down to Seattle this evening with [ profile] ogam and [ profile] alfrecht. We had some dinner at Cedars down in the U District then picked up [ profile] neo_lvx and all went over to some friends' for a ritual and hanging out with people. I had a great time catching up with folks.

There had been some confusion about the showing of The Hobbit on the 25th. At first, rumor was that the 3pm showing would be a 3D showing and that they were not having the regular showing, but the cinema confirmed that they are, indeed, having the regular showing, and that it is the $5 Tuesday afternoon special, so I picked up tickets for me and [ profile] gra_is_stor. I think some of the steampunks will be going to the 11:30am showing, but there is no way I would be going to something that early unless it was some kind of unavoidable responsibility, which is in no way how I would describe any movie. A bunch of the other steampunks (and some of our other friends) will be joining us at the 3pm showing. I bought the tickets online so that we would be sure of getting in, as I think Cinebarre is a small theatre.

I agreed to help out at another thing at PCon, so I will be posting my expected schedule of events in January. If you're interested in getting together with me there, you'll be able to find me where I'm scheduled to be.

Tomorrow I think I don't have anything going on, so I will probably sleep in. At least there was no evil headache today. Yay! Next up, more food.
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Today I went down to the VA for the spirituality group. Next week is the last one until probably mid-January. I'd taken a copy of my poetry book to show off at the queer Pagan meetup but one of the gals in the group had asked a few weeks back about buying a copy, so I sold it to her, since I have ten more coming any day now.

After the VA, I spent a little time at Travelers grabbing some dinner (late lunch, for me), then went up to the Hill for the queer Pagan meetup. It was a pretty good crowd, about fifteen people, about five of whom were new. There were some good conversations. I caught up with several people I hadn't seen since before I left for Ireland. I talked to Craigula about Gargoyles and showing some photos that I took in Prague and Kutná Hora and he was really excited by the idea.

Moss won't be able to join us Sunday for Sigilaria, as he will be in Florida. Tomorrow the Air Krakens ring in the zombie apocalypse with our masquerade ball out in Snohomish. It should be fun, if the headache I currently have doesn't stick with me through the night.
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Today we worked on our presentation on spirit work and PTSD. We've got some good outline material together, and have sorted out some of our sources. [ profile] druid_medb and I are definitely on the same page for most of it, and where we do disagree, it's very minor. We'll do some more work tomorrow after we've talked more about some of the material we want to cover.

This morning's email brought a note from RedBubble saying that the iPad cover was actually for an iPad 2, which is very slightly smaller than the iPad 1, and I'd forgotten that I had the first iteration of the thing. I got it just before the 2 came out. Anyway, they sent me a refund and said go ahead and keep it - give it to somebody, hang it up as art, whatever. So, does anyone have an iPad 2 and want a really cool hard case for the back that says "Get Fucking Epic and Do Shit"? We can work a deal, if you like. Let me know.

This evening we went and hung out with the steampunks over in Lake Stevens. The place we were in closed at 8pm so it wasn't open as late as we had expected. This is likely to become an issue. We went in on our scouting trip for the place on a Thursday, and their hours are different that night. Anyway, after that, I took [ profile] druid_medb over to the AFK and introduced her to the awesome that is my local gamer geek tavern. She was suitably impressed. Upon arrival home, we watched Steamboy and had a lot of fun with that.

Tomorrow will be more work on our presentation, as noted above. Thursday is the VA, and she will be staying Thursday night in downtown Seattle in walking distance of the train station, as the train leaves before 9am, and getting her there through rush hour traffic would mean an unseasonably early departure time from Everett. She's good with that and has made her reservation at an inexpensive place in Pioneer Square. We'll head over to the VA for my appointment, then spend the afternoon/evening down in Seattle before I drop her down in Pioneer Square for the night.

All is well. Happiness abounds.
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Today's mail brought an iPad cover that was just a fraction of an inch too small for the iPad. I wasn't able to get it onto the thing. Since I was going over to the mechanic to have Garuda's battery replaced, I thought perhaps one of the mechanics (who are pretty much guaranteed to have more hand strength than me) might be able to pop the thing on for me. Nope, no joy. I have contacted RedBubble about the issue and asked for a refund.

The battery was replaced, and [ profile] druid_medb went along with me. We hung out and talked while the work was being done and were walking back into the lobby at the garage when the mechanic called me. It was kind of amusing. After that we dropped over to Central Market to pick up food for while she's here.

When we got back, I started some dinner - borscht and some chicken in sauerkraut. [ profile] gra_is_stor was supposed to be down in Seattle this evening for the schmooze, but got into a car accident. Her car is a little dented, and she probably has whiplash, so she didn't go down to Seattle. She came by here instead, and I fed her (soup and some sauteed cabbage and parsnips), then we all sat and watched Spirited Away. Afterwards we talked for a few hours. She headed home about 1am and [ profile] druid_medb headed for bed shortly after that. I've been trying to catch up with some of my online stuff. She will be here until Friday morning, when she has to head back to California.

More details from her on the site for Wellspring, which is in upstate New York, which means if I drive out there, I'll be pretty close to where some of my family and friends life in Massachusetts and Vermont, so maybe I can visit them while I'm out there. If I do that, I'd swing down through Missouri on the way home and see mom, as well. And maybe friends here and there on the way. I'll be needing places to stay and people to have lunch with along the road out and back. I don't know what the route would be just yet -- that will have to be investigated -- but when I know I can let folks know where I will be going so that I can try to meet up with folks.

[ profile] druid_medb printed out her notes on the presentation we're working up, so I was able to look at them and make a few notes on them. We'll discuss them more tomorrow when we get up. Tomorrow evening, the three of us will be heading out to Lake Stevens for the Air Krakens meetup, where planning for the December 21st party will be continuing apace.

I'm having a lovely time!
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Cherry Hill Seminary and the University of South Carolina are proud to jointly sponsor a symposium on April 13-14, 2013, on the USC campus in Columbia, South Carolina.

Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes: Cosmography of the Pagan Soul
Keynote Speaker: Ronald Hutton

We welcome papers that explore the following questions:
In today's post-modern, urbanized world, where everything is a commodity, how and where do Pagans find their sacred places? How should we protect and maintain these sites? In colonized worlds, how do we avoid the appropriation of these lands? If Goddess is immanent in nature, what makes some places more sacred than others? How is our spirituality shaped by the land and our relationship with the land shaped by our spirituality?

Proposals of up to 1000 words are due by January 1, 2013 and may be uploaded at

Yay games!

Oct. 27th, 2012 12:32 am
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Today I mailed out the copies of my books that I owed to people, so that's finally over and done with. Those of you expecting them should receive them soonish. I sent them book rate within the US and first class to overseas.

Later this evening, I went down to the AFK to play Munchkin Cthulhu with friends, and had a lovely time. I tried their veggie burger, which was actually pretty good as those things go. I almost won at Munchkin, but the three of them ganged up on me just as I was going to get the final level, and knocked me back down to level one. It was pretty hilarious. I'd dropped a level four monster and suddenly I had about 35 levels of monster to deal with, and nothing like that much firepower, so, dead. Back to square one. So it goes. ;)

When I got home this evening, I tossed together the informational email for the folks who are coming to Samhain on Sunday. I have my menu put together and just have to do a little shopping tomorrow evening for everything so that I can get cooking when I'm up and about on Sunday before everyone arrives.

Tomorrow afternoon [ profile] joyful_storm is coming by for tea and hanging out. I'll do my shopping after she heads home. Tonight I've got to write up the ritual to send off to [ profile] gra_is_stor so that she'll know what we're doing. She said earlier today that she's got a cold, and is hoping that she'll feel better on Sunday. I hope she'll be well enough to come, but can handle things alone if she's not.

And now, off to write ritual.
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I finished the last of the read and approve process for Fireflies and sent off the last note and my approval to Hiraeth. They'll send the files off to press on Sunday (that would be today by most people's clocks).

This afternoon I went with [ profile] alfrecht and [ profile] neo_lvx down to Travelers on Beacon Hill for a little food before we headed up to Capitol Hill for the Christopher Penczak talk. Not much that I didn't already know, but it was nice to see folks and hang out with friends. I got to talk to Leon and Allen for a bit while we were at Travelers, and saw quite a few folks after the talk that I hadn't seen in a while.

We headed back north about 12:30 and then [ profile] gra_is_stor came over and will be going to the Shinto shrine with us tomorrow morning. Tomorrow evening I'm down to Seattle again for tea with [ profile] thewronghands and friends.

Happiness abounds!
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Here's the final proof cover for Fireflies at Absolute Zero.

Fireflies at Absolute Zero cover, full cover with text

Yesterday I finished the edits and sent everything back to Hiraeth and today I woke up to this in my inbox, along with the final text pdf, which I'll look at and approve sometime tonight. It will go to the publisher tomorrow and we should have it in hand in just a couple of weeks! SO EXCITED OMG! [/kermitflail]

I've got [ profile] alfrecht here for the weekend. Today we're heading down to Seattle, as he wants to see Christopher Penzac at Edge of the Circle, then maybe a reception for him at Jimbo & Black Cat's place, as we were invited. Sunday morning will be Shinto, then in the evening tea with [ profile] thewronghands once again in Seattle.

I managed to get some sleep last night and am feeling considerably better now, though not quite where I'd like to be. I'll be dashing off to shower and toss some clothes on here shortly. In the meantime, look upon my works ye mighty and squee.
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Today brought the PDF proof of Fireflies at Absolute Zero, which I went over and corrected. I sent the corrections back to Jason and Leslie, so we should, when that's done, be good to go for finishing up the cover and sending it off.

This evening [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went over to the home of one of her bandmates for a fall equinox ritual. They were good company and it was nice to see everyone again, but they don't seem to have a lot of experience with ritual or with energy work, so it felt rather flat to me. I'd love to spend more time with everyone, though.

After the ritual, the two of us came back here and I made some cornbread for her and we sat and lit some candles and incense and just had a breather for a while. Both of us needed a little quiet time to reconnect with ourselves. I put on some meditation music and we sat until we felt like we were done, then had some food. She left a little after midnight.

Tomorrow maybe the steampunk social.
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I was up until about 8:30 this morning (insomnigrackles, we hates them we does my precioussss), and slept-ish until maybe 3pm. When I'd been up for a while and more or less coherent, one of the folks I know from another place online was off escaping work for a few hours over on the eastside. She doesn't have a car or any easy way to socialize with people who aren't kids (she's a live-in nanny), so I swooped over for a bit and we had some dinner together at a nearby Mexican place. We talked fandom geekery, as fangirls do.

In a week or so I'll be starting work on the outline for the Brigid book. I'm feeling much better than I was most of last week, aside from the insomnia, so I'm hoping to get some slight resemblance of rest at some point.

It sounds like I will probably be getting together tomorrow with [ profile] gra_is_stor - her bandmates are doing a fall equinox thing out at their place and we will probably go up there together. I think there's supposed to be a bonfire involved. With any luck, it won't be raining.

I'm currently parked in front of the computer contemplating watching a little more Avatar, which I started last night. I did spend a fair bit of the evening headachey, but some tylenol with a good dose of caffeine helped settle it a bit. While this means the headache has mostly been taken care of, it also means I'm likely to be awake for some hours yet. Oh yay.

Hope y'all are having a better time with that alleged sleep thing than I am.
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I got some of the text work done for the EBC presentation today, but not much beyond that. Did some things around the house and put the disc and reader in a packet to send out to mom, but didn't get down to the postal place.

Some emails were answered today, and further research was done that I hope will help with the presentation. Tomorrow I need to do some scanning for some very essential illustrations.

This evening I went over to the AFK for the steampunk social. Three of the regulars came for the evening. While I was on my way back from the bathroom, a woman came up and handed me a card for a north-end over-40 lesbian meetup (includes bi women, thankfully). She has just started up the group and their first meeting will be in north Seattle on the 13th, but I have too much to do right now for me to go that night. We did exchange a few emails, and she's a bi woman herself, so I know the group will be bi-friendly. We'll see what happens. She says she's looking for community, and she thought I looked like a pretty interesting person, so she gave me the card. Yay interesting!

Kier said that there is an Egyptian-themed tea happening soon, with a subsequent visit to the Tut exhibit on the 30th of September. I'm talking with her about possibly being included in both events, possibly with [ profile] gra_is_stor if she's interested and there is available space.

I'm feeling pretty creaky today, with the knees and hips giving me trouble, but hoping it'll ease a little after I get to bed tonight. Tomorrow I've got a meeting, Thursday is the VA spirituality group, Friday perhaps gaming at the AFK with my friends. In between all that I need to do more work on the EBC presentation.


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