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I have seven poems in this volume:

"Queen of the Great Below: A Devotional in Honor of Ereshkigal" is now available! It can ordered from CreateSpace directly right now.

Please spread the word far and wide!

Hail to You, Ereshkigal, Great Queen of Those Below. Mistress of the Shadows. Lady of Bones and Dust. Frightening One of the Far Places Where Men Fear to Go. Strong One Who Builds the Boundaries and Knows How to Tear Them Down.

Queen of the Great Below is a collection of poems, rituals and personal ritual experiences by modern devotees in honor of Ereshkigal. Once worshipped as Ruler of the Underworld from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile, Ereshkigal is now known primarily for her role as the antagonist in The Descent of Inanna. In this unique devotional anthology, however, Ereshkigal is revealed to be a multi-faceted deity of transformation, boundary-keeping, and passion, a teacher of harsh but necessary lessons.

You stand at the brink of the Underworld, on the shadowed path that few walk willingly. Those who have contributed to this devotional have walked this road and returned, bearing the blessings of the Queen.

We invite you to walk this path, as well.

Ereshkigal awaits ....

[Editor's Note: This text contains references to BDSM and the ordeal path.]
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So in checking after I put a book post up on Witchvox, I find that this morning my Ogam book is featured on the front page for the week! Go me!

Additionally, it's listed now on Barnes & Noble's website, though without any information about it. Searching on "ogam" brought it up as the second item.

Powells has it listed without a cover image at this time, thought that's likely to change fairly soon.

Since Borders uses the Amazon website, this means I've hit all the big bookseller websites. Yay me! *happydance*
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The Amazon listing for Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom is live! It's for real and available!

*faints in the corner*


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