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I got a ton of stuff done today. Patrick came by and did some more work here at the house and I boxed things, shifted stuff to the garage, cleaned, and moved furniture. [ profile] randwolf came by as promised and we moved a bunch of book boxes into my new storage unit on the hill. I've sorted all the stuff that I'll be sending to the archival library into a couple of large boxes to take over to the mailout place when a car is available. They'll have to be put into FedEx boxes of some sort as these are not shipping boxes. They're really only suitable for just carrying stuff, but it will be good to get them out of here.

The place is a lot less cluttered now, which is good, but is feeling desperately empty, which is not so good. I have a lot of shelves that are empty of books, but covered with small things that need to go into boxes so that they can be packed properly.

I still have a ton of things to do before the real estate agent gets here Friday.

As to the stupid, while I've been dealing with stuff here, I have occasionally put stuff in the fireplace and burned things like old herbs, papers with personal information on them, and other type things. I did that today but tossed a couple of candles in the pile without really thinking it through. Wax was melting all over the place, and at one point it got so hot I thought it was going to start the wooden handle of the fireplace door on fire. I couldn't get it open, so I zapped it with the fire extinguisher. Which shattered one of the tempered glass plates on the four panel folding door. On the other hand, better than burning the place down, you know?

It's kind of a mess. It's largely cleaned up but I've got a call in to a fireplace place to have somebody come and replace the panel and maybe see if there's any wax all run down below the fireplace inside, hopefully before the real estate agent gets here on Friday at 1pm. It was stupid. It will probably be kind of expensive to deal with. On the other hand, I've been pushing myself really hard and just plain wasn't thinking clearly when I did this.

I still have some cleanup to do, but most of it won't be too bad, it's just messy and yet another complication when I don't need one.

On the good end of things (in addition to getting a bazillion things done today), I was talking to one of my neighbors who used to do real estate (he actually sold several of the units at the condo here in past years), and he said that the market is getting better and prices are going up. I don't know if it will be enough of a rise in prices that I won't still have to do a short sale, but we shall see what happens.

I've had a couple of inquiries on the cargo bike. One person was asking about possibly coming over tomorrow to have a look at it, hopefully before I leave for the VA appointment at 2pm.
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The tea I thought was happening today is actually set for tomorrow. I set my alarm for noon when I didn't have to and texted the person about 1:20 only to be reminded it was Tuesday. That dealt with, I went over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place, where I hung out with her and [ profile] ingvisson and put together most of a computer armoire. When we broke to take the DoDC+3 to the vet, [ profile] ingvisson headed home. The DoDC+3 behaved more or less well enough until we got to the nail trimming portion of the experience. He got really frantic and bitey, so we left the shortest of his claws alone (only one) and scheduled a dental for him next month. I've never taken him in for any dental work and it looks like he may lose the two front lower teeth because they're very loose. His claws will get trimmed to a normal length while he's under for the dental work.

Upon finishing up the canine torture, I dropped him home, grabbed something quick to eat, and went back over to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place to finish up the furniture assembly. Upon finishing that up, one of her cats came up and I petted it, only to find it was having... intestinal issues. I will just say that there is no greater love anyone can have for their girlfriend than helping her clean up her poop-encrusted cat. *shudder*

Home again after that, but too tired to finish up the writing I was going to do today. Tomorrow, tea for an hour or so, then steampunkery in the evening, but I'll try to finish up the publicity piece between tea and steam.

All in all, a very tiring day.
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After lunch today I inquired after the cherry and almond pie at the restaurant. I knew that sometimes things were different here than in the US, so I specifically mentioned this to the waitress (maybe 20, I'm guessing, but at any rate quite young) and asked what they meant by pie. She wasn't really specific. "Oh, it's just pie," she said. I neglected to ask after eggs or anything.

Sure enough, when the pie was brought, it was more of a custardy/marzipany thing with a sort of vaguely cakey crust than the "pie" I'm used to at home. The cook came out and asked about it and said of course there was egg in the crust and all, and why hadn't I said anything? I told her that in the US, pie means a pastry crust around a fruit filling, and that pie crust wasn't made with egg, but just flour, water, butter or oil, and salt - nary an egg to be found. I was disappointed, as it really did look good. Had my innards not been a little wonky the past few days, I probably would have tried at least some of it, but I really couldn't chance it today.

Next time I will specifically ask if I even vaguely suspect that the item mentioned may not be what I think it is.

Wanted to take the steam train today, but it's running about an hour behind and I just didn't have the spoons to cope. I'm back at the Manx museum, having a ginger beer and some tylenol in hopes my hips will stop aching enough for me to walk around without limping too badly. I'll take myself down into the gallery with the displays on Manx poets and whatnot. With any luck, there might be a place here or there where I can sit while I contemplate and check out the exhibits.
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After lunch today I inquired after the cherry and almond pie at the restaurant. I knew that sometimes things were different here than in the US, so I specifically mentioned this to the waitress (maybe 20, I'm guessing, but at any rate quite young) and asked what they meant by pie. She wasn't really specific. "Oh, it's just pie," she said. I neglected to ask after eggs or anything.

Sure enough, when the pie was brought, it was more of a custardy/marzipany thing with a sort of vaguely cakey crust than the "pie" I'm used to at home. The cook came out and asked about it and said of course there was egg in the crust and all, and why hadn't I said anything? I told her that in the US, pie means a pastry crust around a fruit filling, and that pie crust wasn't made with egg, but just flour, water, butter or oil, and salt - nary an egg to be found. I was disappointed, as it really did look good. Had my innards not been a little wonky the past few days, I probably would have tried at least some of it, but I really couldn't chance it today.

Next time I will specifically ask if I even vaguely suspect that the item mentioned may not be what I think it is.

Wanted to take the steam train today, but it's running about an hour behind and I just didn't have the spoons to cope. I'm back at the Manx museum, having a ginger beer and some tylenol in hopes my hips will stop aching enough for me to walk around without limping too badly. I'll take myself down into the gallery with the displays on Manx poets and whatnot. With any luck, there might be a place here or there where I can sit while I contemplate and check out the exhibits.
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I had been hoping to sleep later this morning, but the DoDC+3 got me out of bed at 11:30 wanting to go out. I hauled him around and then checked email and stuff, after which Geordie and I went for a walk around the lake. It was raining, but not too awfully, though I couldn't find my windbreaker - I think I know where it is, but I haven't had a chance to look there yet. Anyway, I came home kind of soaked and changed the wet bits of my clothes.

Geordie had a Greyhound ticket for 4:50 so I took him down to the station at about 4:20. We got to talking and the next thing we knew, he'd missed his bus, so I drove him up to Blaine and dropped him at the Subway there. The wait at the border here was over an hour and a half, and wasn't nearly that on the Canadian side, so his mom came down to pick him up. The drive up wasn't too bad. We continued our conversation and I stayed for a little bit to grab a sandwich at the Subway, but the weather on the way back, from about Bellingham to a little north of the casino was pouring down rain pretty viciously off and on. By the time I got back to Everett, it had pretty nearly stopped.

I'd been hoping to do some writing today, but really couldn't quite get to it. I'm feeling slightly like I'm coming down with something, but am hoping that if I manage to put myself into bed here shortly, I might be doing okay tomorrow. I'll be heading up to Mount Vernon to meet [ profile] alfrecht for his birthday, with [ profile] man_of_snows. I've got [ profile] man_of_snows's chapbook for him to sign. Probably won't be making it to the AFK for steampunkery, but one never knows. I'll ping the list tomorrow to let them know that I might be late if I make it at all.

[ profile] gra_is_stor will be up tomorrow for her band practice, but she has a key so if I'm not here, she can let herself in and out. I'll definitely be home by the time she's back from rehearsal. With luck, both of us will be feeling better, as we've both been under the weather lately.

In the past couple of days I've run into somebody over on Tumblr who speaks Irish (and is from somewhere in Offaly), so we've been having a rather rudimentary conversation. I'm not that good at it, but I'm working on it. It's nice to be able to try to use it a bit between classes.

And now, off to bed. Gotta be in Mount Vernon tomorrow by 3pm.
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Today I hauled [ profile] gra_is_stor and M back to Seattle then met [ profile] thewronghands and [ profile] mimerki very briefly at Remedy Teas to deliver a copy of [ profile] dpaxson's The Way of the Oracle (signed of course) to TWH. Immediately having done that, I headed back north to pick up [ profile] ingvisson and a hard drive enclosure, which it turned out I didn't actually need, due to the fact that the drive I already have did in fact have a USB2 port on it and I had a cable in one of my boxes that I could use.

Stuff and things were transferred, but I haven't yet been able to move my old mail to my new computer. I've got the mailboxes, but none of the contents. The computer itself currently has two conflicting admin accounts, and the two are talking to one another only minimally, so I may have to erase the new computer entirely, transfer the information, and then reinstall OSX Lion and the extra bits that [ profile] lwood had given me in order for everything to work together harmoniously and without two admin accounts snarking at each other across the great divide.

I got teriyaki chicken for the two of us while we futzed with things and poked at manuals, then I took the unused drive case I'd got in California back to the local Best Buy for my money back, and hauled [ profile] ingvisson back to his place, whereupon I came home and synched the new phone with my iTunes so that it has everything on it that it's supposed to. I'll deal with synching the iPad tomorrow.

The cloud did in fact eventually download the email that I'd saved onto my iPad, so that bit works, but I'm still kind of flustered about the potential loss of all my other emails and the information in them. We'll see what happens. I still have the old computer here, deciding to hang onto it until the entire transfer is dealt with, then I'll give it to [ profile] ingvisson, as it will be a fairly significant upgrade to his system.

I'm still busy trying to adjust the settings on this critter so that it does what it's supposed to. Some of the new OS's settings and habits are a little odd to me, but I'll adjust. I'm just glad I have some time to myself in the next few days. I am so entirely peopled out I can hardly handle it. Tomorrow is my flamekeeping shift. That should help me settle back in a little more. Getting back into my ritual routine should be a comfort. I need to do some work in the incubation chamber as well, as Himself noted to me during the Echtra, Immram and Aisling workshop. I didn't really get into journeyspace beyond being told to hit the incubation chamber when I got home; I was too distracted by the room and the people to try to go deep, but the workshop wasn't designed for folks like me, it was designed around beginners to journeying, and I think for that it did a pretty good job.


Dec. 7th, 2011 01:53 am
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I have a horrible feeling I'm supposed to be doing something Friday and cannot for the life of me remember what it is. There is nothing on my calendar for that day, but this may just mean that I have forgotten to add it to my list of Stuff.

Tomorrow, yoga and hanging out at Travelers. I will probably be seeing [ profile] sebastian_lvx there when I'm done at the VA.

Thursday, spirituality group at the VA. Possibly talking to folks at Occupy Seattle at the Sanctuary tent, depending on what's happening there. They have been given an eviction order that is apparently supposed to happen mid-day Friday sometime, so I'm sure things will be in chaos.

Friday is ??? I also don't know if I've committed to do something over the weekend, for I have no brain and therefore must weep.

At the moment, if there are no actual plans and this is just my hyperactive anxiety gland, I will WRITE dammit. I have a ton of stuff to work on.

Today I went over to Occupy Everett and helped set up a large banner, then went with them over to Firewheel for part of a meeting on Occupy's role in protesting and trying to prevent foreclosures on people's homes. Occupy Seattle and Occupy Tacoma just yesterday helped prevent the eviction of a family who actually had money to pay the mortgage but with whom the bank was refusing to work. There's a lot of hinky stuff going on. There was an attorney at the meeting this evening who was talking about the issues, laws being proposed in other states to help alleviate the problem, and what local legislation might be proposed, along with thoughts on actions here locally.

After that, it was over to the AFK for the steampunk social. One other gal showed up and we had a lovely talk about all kinds of things, from steampunk costuming and props to the SCA to Plants vs Zombies to bad movies. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Just as a heads up, Jason from Wild Hunt did a really good, thoughtful editorial on Pagans and the Occupy movement. It is well worth reading if you've not done so already.
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I took [ profile] gra_is_stor back down to Seattle today. She had a 1pm physical therapy appointment, so we headed down early and I dropped her off in Ravenna and then shuffled over to the VA. She left her stuff in the car so she wouldn't have to haul it all over, and I told her I'd meet her at Travelers after my shrinkage today. More ramblytimes below. )
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I went down to Seattle today to talk to a guy who's interviewing steampunks about the steampunk community and gender issues. Finding the place took me a few minutes, and I always try to allow myself extra time if I'm going somewhere new, so I still got there before he did. When I went in, who should I find but [ profile] invisogoth, who was sitting at a table working his way through another draft of his steampunk novel. I grabbed a cuppa and we chatted for about 15 minutes before Mark got there, only for him to discover that he'd left his recorder at home. I stuck with [ profile] invisogoth and continued our catching up conversation while he went over to Target to see if they had anything there that might be suitable.

That didn't turn out to be the case, and he didn't have the right tech on his laptop to do the recording there, so we sat and talked for about half an hour and decided that he could come up to my place tomorrow early afternoon and do the interview here. I took the opportunity to encourage myself to sweep up the drifts of dog fur and do a little other cleaning, including most of the various books from my Queering the Flame research put back on the shelves. The place is now much more presentable for somebody who's never been here before! There are still stacks of books here and there, but I don't feel quite so buried in research.

I'm thinking that after he leaves tomorrow, I'll start poking at the text file for Circle of Stones to clean up the trash characters, and indicate where illustrations are supposed to go, so that I can send it back to Taylor and Storm. We still haven't figured out how we're going to handle the whole illustration thing -- the scanner here is crap. It's okay for limited use, but not for commercial files, and I don't know how to get it to do anything over 300dpi. Anyway, that's a thing to worry about later. First, getting the text files together.

After I left Jewel Box in Northgate, I headed down to Seattle and hung out at Travelers for a while. I talked with Leon a bit, then [ profile] stor_is_gra came in on break from helping her roommate pack for his trip to teach tango in Europe. We talked about the Seattle Queer Tango thing that's going. She's been fairly involved with that and would like me to come learn to dance too, so I'm going to give it a shot, mostly starting next month. There are places that beginners can go for free, and if I like it, later I'll be able to maybe afford some lessons. We talked about that for a while, then I drove us up to Cal Anderson park when Travelers closed at 7, and we walked around the park, then I walked her home and headed north again.

I've pretty much been doing the clean a bit, do things, clean a bit since I got home. I really need to do a batch or two of laundry tomorrow along with the work on Circle of Stones. My right hip is still giving me trouble, but it's just a dull ache at the moment.

The day started out warmish but overcast, but by the time I got down to Seattle, it was absolutely gorgeous out. The walk in the park was fantastic and the weather held nicely until after I got home. I went and stuffed a bunch of packing and shipping stuff into the library closet for next time I get [ profile] lupabitch in the vicinity. I intend to give it all to her to use, and a few little things like velveteen pouches and whatnot that I don't actually need but that she might be able to use to make other stuff with or to decorate.

And now, to deal with dishes and some dinner.
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The rhubarb cobblers and the rhubarb are prepared. I'll be picking up our harper and her harp tomorrow afternoon after I pick up [ profile] mael_brigde at about 4pm, and I have the necessary address, I just have to remember to get it into my God of Navigation so that I can find the place easily.

I got an email this evening that I shouldn't be there until close to 7, when I thought I needed to be there earlier, butI still need to talk to [ profile] anthea7 to make sure we don't need to be there a little earlier for ritual rehearsal stuff. Things are still a bit unclear. The schedule isn't what I had thought it was going to be, so I had [ profile] mael_brigde come down a little earlier than she might otherwise have done, for which I apologize.

Bills have been paid for the month, and I took the sib out to the Kasbah for dinner, where I discovered that they are now doing not just the traditional chicken and egg version of bastilla, but a lamb and rice version that's quite spicy and really tasty, and also a veggie version, which I didn't check the ingredients for, but which is on the menu. I'm sure they've had tons of requests over the years for alternatives from people with allergies or other dietary issues. I know I've eaten the regular bastilla several times but had to be really careful not to eat very much or suffer the consequences, due to its egg content.

Dinner there, though, was my splurge for the month. Dinner itself isn't too bad, but when you add in a glass or two of wine each on top of that, it piles up pretty quickly.

We popped over to Scarecrow Video afterwards, on the sib's request. He wanted to browse the movies and possibly get a membership there. Given that he has his own car and I don't have to make sure that the movies get back to them, I'm cool with this.

I got a call from [ profile] evilbusdriver this afternoon that he's having to leave the place he's staying in by Sunday because one of his cats clawed some furniture in the place. He hasn't got anywhere to go, so if anyone knows where he might rent a place for one guy and two cats, if you could ping me this weekend, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm doing somewhat better today than yesterday, in that I spent most of the day upright. I am currently perched in a mound of pillows, lying on my bed, plotting to take over the world. Cats do that ruling the world from a pile of pillows thing so well, after all, and I have opposable thumbs! Who then can stop me?



I think I need another dose of cold meds.

I finally heard back from the construction company today about the broken statue. I ended up having to tell the supervisor here at the building that I would take it to small claims court if I didn't hear from them by Friday. I got a call a couple of hours later. It took a bit to get the gal on the phone to understand that what was broken was a piece of sculpture. I asked for $100. She said she would talk to the people in the office and get back to me tomorrow or Monday. I said okay. I shall hope that they will settle with me rather than wanting to go the small claims court route. It would be much more convent for all of us, really.

My brother also called today. He's in Colorado Springs, but Aviano hasn't bothered to send the drug test to them so he can start on Monday. If the test doesn't arrive tomorrow, he would not be able to start the job until March 28th, leaving him employed for only a month, and at loose ends in Colorado with no job until that time. He said if the test results don't arrive tomorrow, he wants to come out here for a bit. I told him if that happened, he could stay with me for as long as he needed to. So if anyone local has any lines on construction work or driving trucks or something similar, please let me know and I'll pass the info along to my brother. He's done paving, heavy machinery and crane operation, and has driven semis. I can get more details if he is coming out.

He is supposed to call me tomorrow at some point to let me know what's happening. He says he may want to go back up to South Dakota before he comes out here, to renew his drivers license, as he's a legal resident there when he's not in Italy.

And now that I have updated, I am going to collapse and get some sleep. I can make my brain work later.
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The keys didn't turn up today at the valet shack at the VA. I spoke to the sup a couple of times on the phone. I've also had a locksmith come in to replace the doorknob lock and rekey the deadbolt. It cost more than what I was told on the phone, but I am under the impression that the woman who answered was not understanding my questions when I asked her about an estimate. I paid about $150 for the procedure after I'd been told approximately $70; the locksmith said she probably meant per lock (I had to have two dealt with). I could see that being an issue.

He was at first a little confused about why I'd want to change the locks but I explained that, like most people, I leave my car's registration in my glove box, and yeah, the state does in fact put the address the car is registered to on the paperwork. It wouldn't take more than a minute for someone to find it and copy the address down. He admitted at that point that, yes, it was in fact a legitimate concern.

I was told the valet service would pay for it, though I had given the sup the quote I had been given. I have the receipt so I can take it down to him when I go in next week, and explain the situation to him. He'll give me a check for what I had to spend. It's not like I'm trying to have a whole new electronic security system installed or anything. I went with the cheapest alternative I could get that would do the job.

[ profile] evilbusdriver moved out today, which took a sum total of about five minutes, as he didn't have much here to begin with. I wish him the absolute best, and some quiet time to settle in with his kitties!

This evening I popped over to the AFK to have a cuppa tea with [ profile] activegnome, who had finished up with one of her dance classes. We talked a little about the situation at PCon and the surrounding issues of trans inclusion, then moved on to a bunch of other topics, including getting her to do some photos of me for publicity stuff, and some of her upcoming performances. She's got twelve new photos going up at the Night Kitchen soon -- this week, I think -- so if you're in the area, go see them!

Tomorrow I'll be over at the AFK again for the Everett Druid Meetup. We'll see how that goes. They'll be discussing where they're likely to meet on a regular basis. There was some (to me) senseless drama around trying out the AFK, where one guy (I think the guy who started the meetup group) seems to have some issues with gamer culture and appears to think that having a druid meetup at a gamer geek bar means that people aren't taking their spirituality seriously enough. I'm not sure what's going on there, but I found it a little awkward, given that I'm both a gamer and a deeply spiritual person, and I don't see any conflict or any implication at all that the venue means we're not taking what we do seriously or that we regard it as some D&D thing. Anyway, I'll have a better idea of what the hell is going on after tomorrow, and can decide at that point what, if anything, I need to do.

Anyway, a ton of laundry to do tomorrow before I head out to the meetup. Oy. Work! Work! The only joy is duty!
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When I got home today, I realized that I had a ticket for tomorrow for a Medieval Women's Choir concert. I also had a more or less tentative gaming date. Given that I spent $20 on the ticket, I opted to do the concert. They only do three a year. I think I pissed SJ off when I made that choice, though. It isn't that I don't want to game or to see my friends, but I do want to make use of what I paid good money for, and I love the choir's work.

February is always a clusterfuck for me, no matter what I do, primarily because I'm out of town for PantheaCon for a good chunk of the month. My scheduling-fu is rarely the best and I know that. I hate disappointing people. Sometimes it's inevitable. There isn't always a choice that satisfies everyone, and this was one of those times. That said, I fully intend to enjoy the concert tomorrow. I just hope I'll be able to make it up to my gaming friends soon.

Soon, there will be sleep. Tired Erynn is exceedingly tired. I'm just glad the concert isn't until 8pm. The show at the Seattle Rep on Sunday is a 2pm matinee, and that may be harder for me to get to.
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Snow had been predicted for the day, so I wasn't sure what was likely to happen when I got up. I did pick up my pocketwatch today and it's working beautifully. I did, however, have a credit card kerfuffle with them. It went down like this.

Watch dude runs the credit card and accidentally hits "refund" because it's the button right next to sale.

Watch dude gets manager because he's not sure how to void a refund. Manager thinks I need a refund and does a second refund.

Manager gets the sitch explained to him and voids the second refund. Manager cannot void first refund.

I told them "Go ahead and charge me for the work. I'll sort this with the credit union." I told them I'd call them when I got things sorted.

Naturally, getting the credit union on the phone with an actual human being proves impossible, so I go down the road to the main office, which is still open. Credit union says that they do have the charge, but if there is a refund, it's still in process and not visible on the system, so I'll have to check in 24-48 hours.

Long story short, I have my watch and, for the moment, the watch place has my payment. I will have to check to make sure it stays that way. This was a headdesk but not a bad one.

I drove down to Seattle and grabbed some pho on the Ave, then walked over to the Suzzallo and dropped off some books. After that, I headed over to Kane Hall for the lecture. I was a bit early, but that was okay. I got myself a seat down front where I could see what was going on and read for a bit while the crowd was assembled and last minute stuff with the lecturer's powerpoint was dealt with. There was a pretty good crowd -- maybe 40-60 people, though I didn't count.

The lecturer, Paolo Valesio, dealt with primarily Judeo-Christian (read Christian) mysticism and modern Italian poetry. I have a little background in reading Christian mysticism, but none in modern Italian poetry. Here's the basic premise of the lecture. )
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So I took those blood pressure pills that the doc prescribed for me for preventing migraines. Getting up and doing anything at all was really hard today, and even minimal effort left me tired and dizzy, but I rather expected that. I won't be taking any tomorrow until I get home from the CR schmooze, because I don't want to drive in that condition, but I'll give it a week or so to see if the effect evens out a little. I know that it can take a while to do so.

Other than that, today was bill paying and not much of anything else. I wanted to go down to the drug store and get printer cartridges so that I could print a couple of things, but my head was too messed up to get that far on foot and I didn't trust myself to drive. I stayed home all day, but I did make myself a lamb shank tagine with some salted key lime that was very tasty. At the moment, the shank bone is on the stove being turned into broth for soup.

I sent off the Thoth story that I posted here some months ago for the Scribing Ibis anthology, as Rebecca had requested. Submissions opened on January 1st, and she was quite tickled to get the thing. Although it was written quite a while back, it's still something that will be published this year, so it was my first acceptance of 2011. Yay me!

I got an email from SJ this afternoon about some problems with my character for the next gaming session. As usual, it was a problem with the points. I thought we were okay but it turns out that when Bj kept telling me I still had some points, I actually didn't, and I had to hack out a goodly chunk of what I'd got down on paper. Math phobia rears its ugly head again. Luckily, SJ sent me the spreadsheet with everything fixed on it, so I won't have to mess around with anything else until we get new points after our first session. I love gaming, but I hate having to deal with this sort of thing -- sometimes it quite literally makes me nauseous because of the whole math anxiety thing. Sj's answer:

take 1.5 tylenol with 5/8 of an advil in 9/11 of a 17-oz glass of water along with .3 teaspoon and 1/7 tablespoon of baking soda.

works every time.

or maybe that's the cause math trauma spell.

Personally, I'm going with "cause math trauma spell" rather than fixing it. Not to mention the whole "allergic to Advil" thing.

Today was the start of my flamekeeping shift and the altar is lit. I got a series of texts from my friend James in Sacramento this evening telling me his grandmother had passed away tonight and talking about a thing that happened to him in ritual when she died. He says he's hoping to either come to PantheaCon or to Eight Winds this year so we can see each other again. Sadly, I know several people who have lost relatives in the past few days.

I'm hoping to get to bed sometime soonish, though I will at the very least make it into Seattle for the schmooze tomorrow. I may not be terribly present for the discussion, but I'll physically be there.
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I dragged myself out of bed rather earlier than I wanted to this morning so that I'd be vertical and dressed by the time I had to head out the door for the tea. I'm really glad I did. About 30 of us showed up for the afternoon, with 25 of us participating in the gift swap. We had a very nice spread, and although the wind was high most of the day and we got rain, we also got a few very bright sun breaks in the afternoon that I very much enjoyed. The building where we held the tea had a glass wall that let in a wonderful amount of light.

I spent most of my time talking with Maizie and Rupert, just hanging out and having a good time. There was a little bit of dancing, but I didn't participate, as I wasn't feeling up to it. I took along a round of goat milk brie, most of which was consumed by the assembled. I think six or eight people brought scones of various sorts, though there were some savories as well, which was what I mostly concentrated upon.

The gift exchange was fun and at the end of the day I ended up with a nice little teacup and saucer set. One gal didn't want the two tea mugs and strainer she got (they're not particularly attractive) so I said I could take them along and re-home them at some point. I'd brought along a packet of tea, which the gal who got it really appreciated. Things exchanged ranged from a little wooden box full of crafts parts to a couple of bits of steampunk jewelry. Gift categories were generally supposed to be of the steampunk or tea-related variety. There were actually a couple more gifts than people (one group brought extra). I'd originally ended up with a box containing a little stuffed santa-hamster and a bag of "snowman poop" (candy-covered peanuts). At the end of the exchange, I'd noted that the one little girl at the party, who had got a really nice top hat that was a little too large for her, had really wanted the hamster, so I gave the box I got to her and picked out another gift from under the tree for myself. So the kid ended up with two presents and I got something I really liked instead. Everybody wins!

Some homemade liqueurs were shared around, amid the various edibles, and someone brought along a very turquoise sort of punch that was quite boozy with curacao and something else. I tried some, and it was quite tasty but a bit strong.

Dinner tonight was some leftovers from the goose dinner (there's more yet in the fridge so I'll be eating on that for a while yet). I spent a little time mucking about with my pocketwatch after attending an SL poetry reading, attempting to tweak the hands so that the hour hand wouldn't stick on the second hand, but the minute hand leapt off the watch face and I can't find the damned thing now. Probably eaten by gremlins or something. I'll take it in to another watch place to get it fixed after new years, but at least now I know it's just the hands that's the problem and can tell them exactly what to look for so that when I do finally get it back, it should actually work.

And now, more eps of Man From UNCLE.
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I had a pretty cranky day today. I spent something on the order of 90 minutes both online and on the phone with my credit union trying to get things straightened out with my HOA over the "missing" check. Cut for whiny ranting. )
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The show rocked. Really. I had a fantastic time. [ profile] nathan_fhtagn played one song with Ego Likeness, who were really very good. (The steampunk violin, however, did not make an appearance.) Chant, a guy named Brandon, was a percussionist/singer from Austin who seriously rocked the house. I thought he was fantastic, and he joined Ego Likeness for a couple of numbers too. Even the opening band, Pill Brigade (a local growly death metal band consisting of three guys I'm not convinced were old enough to get into the bar) weren't bad. I've heard a hell of a lot worse on the stage at El Corazon.

The crowd tonight was tiny -- maybe 15 of us, tops, but it was a Sunday night and none of these were big name bands, so that's not too surprising. I danced and hung out a little with Nathan and Libby and briefly saw [ profile] willowbl00.

The fail on my part was pretty colossal though. I went to enter the bar and the guy said, "I can't let you in, your driver's license is expired." It expired in March. First thing tomorrow when I drag my ass out of bed, I'm off to the DMV to renew the damned thing. I had no idea. I've been in at least half a dozen bars where I've had to show ID to get in, and none of them even noticed. I'm pretty sure they only looked at the birth date. Anyway, I didn't get to have a drink tonight and I'm feeling like a complete and utter idiot. At least I've been a safe driver. *headdesk*

The Great Deleting over on FB went by without incident, so yay for that.

All being said and done, I had a fantastic evening, but man I feel like a complete dork.
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Obviously, since I'm posting, I'm not out at La Push.

After mom and I stopped for lunch in Port Townsend (we had a lovely time, by the way), the check engine light came on. It wasn't the gas cap being too loose -- that's what it had been last time I got that happening. I have no clue what it is, but the damned engine check light is still on.

Drove to Sequim and didn't find any service stations open. Got to Port Angeles and ditto.

I decided after a little divination that continuing out to the coast was likely to be a bad idea. It might be as simple as a funky fuse, but if it's more serious than that, being stuck out in La Push is not a great idea. Towing from out there to the nearest garage would cost more than I have. So we turned around from Port Angeles and headed back home.

I'm sleeping in tomorrow and then taking the car to get it checked out. At least right now if it's something bad, I have some money to get it fixed, rather than after the coast when I'd spent money on three nights lodging.


Home. Safe. Tired and more than a little fried. And the nice people at the resort didn't charge me a cancellation fee for the reservation. They win for niceness.


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