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Idad tonight, and wow am I glad the whole process is over!

Relief and the results of effort )
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I'm getting used to cognitive dissonance with this process. Edad was the fid of the day, and it deals with the vehicle for the Otherworldly voyage. It's the coracle in which the Immram takes place, and the body as the vessel for the transformation of spirit.

But still, it moves. )
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This was a really solid night, but I'm not surprised, since Úr is the earth itself.

Deep in my bones )
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Well, that one makes my tongue tingle and my teeth rattle.

On to Onn )
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I started ritual very early tonight, wanting to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm very tired as the cycle is going along, and as soon as I got home from Tai Chi I put some salmon with honey and hazelnuts in the oven for the offering. When it was done, I pulled it out and started ritual, not wanting to repeat the "cold food" issue of a few days ago.

Ailm at the edge )
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The energies today were a bit prickly again, but given that Ruis/Redness is a fid of anger and passions, this was understandable. I had considered going out today for a soak in a hot tub and some water aerobics with [ profile] yiaya, but I was just too tired and something I ate yesterday wasn't agreeing with me, so I stayed home and just took it easy today.

The ritual cycle continues )
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There were some unexpected complications tonight, but they were, fortunately resolved with an additional offering of whiskey.

Ritual error and moments of humbleness )
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I was in ritual all evening down in Ballard and didn't get home until midnight. We did a pathworking at the Lodge tonight, so I've been on ritual overload today, staring about 5:30 when folks arrived to start setting up for the pathworking. I picked up more birch oil. Travelers didn't have it, but Dandelion Botanicals over in Ballard did, which is in the same building around the corner from Floating Leaves.

I'd gone over to the VA today for a meds appointment, only to find that the doc wasn't in and they hadn't called me because they had my cell phone number listed in the wrong place. I rescheduled for next week, and then went over to find the women's clinic. When they moved to the new building in the complex, I ended up slipping through the cracks and haven't had my annual physical, so I scheduled with them and also reminded them that I had to do a mammogram with the UW again as well. That will come through once it gets into the system again.

I won't talk about the pathworking from earlier, except to say that it was very different than I had expected.

Ogam and the healing fid )
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Tonight was calmer, being as I stayed home today. I didn't actually even wake up until 4:30 this afternoon. The ritual cycle is certainly taking a good amount of effort and body energy, but my sleep schedule also tends to get mucked up during the winter for insomnia reasons as well. It's much more noticeable because of how early it gets dark around here.

On to the garden )
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Went down to Seattle today to pick up my thangka from Travelers, and met [ profile] saturna, [ profile] elinicknack and [ profile] misspaddywack there. I got a yoga mat for class, which will make some of the Tai Chi stuff a bit easier. We had chai, then went over to Maharaja for a light dinner. [ profile] saturna wanted to go over to the High Dive in Freemont to see Miss Lead, so we did that, though we only saw them perform three songs before they went off, and the next band up took far more than half an hour to set up. There was no place to stand, so we went back up to the hill to the B&O. E and M live near there, and S's car was parked nearby, so I had tea and some dessert with them.

Ogma was getting a bit impatient, and the last cup of my tea and the little cream pitcher ended up spilled all over the table. I took that as a sign that it was time to go home for ritual, thank you, so I said my goodbyes and headed north.

Sometimes ritual surprises me )
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Today's fid was Ceirt, the fid of frustration and misfortune. It is also the midpoint of the ritual cycle I'm working my way through, and ritual tonight actually went very well.

Not as frustrating as it could have been )
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Tonight was Coll, the hazel. It's one of the premier symbols of wisdom in the Irish and Scottish tradition, and the work tonight was clean and smooth.

Working in the mists )
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Tonight went much better. I got started early, which pleased Himself quite immensely. This also means that I finished early.

There were some definite shifts in the energy tonight.

Flow and subtlety )
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Tonight was a lesson in not slacking off because I think it's going to be easier. Oh yes.

Watch Erynn get thwapped upside the head )
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This went a little better than I expected, working with a challenging energy like h-Úath.

Tingles and prickles )
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I had intended to go out to Redmond today for astrology class, but by the time I got down to Mill Creek the snow had started back up and was sticking. I pulled into a parking lot a mile or two before I got to 405 to assess my situation and skidded. Called and let folks know I wasn't going to come this evening. While it's not a huge lot of snow, I don't feel comfortable driving in it, despite having learned to drive in February in the Berkshires.

I'm hoping to get into ritual by about 10pm tonight, earlier than usual, and with a lot more precautions in place due to the nature of h-Úath as a harsh and difficult fid. With a meaning of "fear/terror", I'm going to be asking Ogma to carry more of the fid's energy than I had been previously, in the hope that it will shield me a bit from the worst of it. I'm also going to do a much more thorough grounding tonight, as the chance of nightmares is a real possibilty when working with these energies.

For the rituals previous to this, I've been wearing a bare minimum of ritual jewelry because I don't have anything specifically for Ogma, and because I don't want other things interfering with the process, but I think I'll be wearing several protective items tonight as a precaution. I'm feeling the ritual energies rising a little earlier today than usual as well. This should be a fascinating night.
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Tonight I did work on Nin, the final fid of the first aicme.

Letters on letters )
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I was out all day today gaming with friends and got home late in the evening. As soon as I got home, I prepped and did ritual.

How it went )
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Tonight's ritual went well, though it started a little later than usual, as I had company for dinner tonight. [ profile] lupabitch and [ profile] teriel came over and we talked about the book, about writing, about the ritual process, and other things of interest.

More on how things went )
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I started later this evening than yesterday because I was out of the house for a while today. Things felt rather easier tonight in some ways.

Lus notes )


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