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I know it's been several days. I've been at Norwescon and the panels were awesome and I had a good poetry reading and sold three books, but one of them got stolen by a kid at the reading while I was selling one to someone else. Please don't tell me I should be flattered that somebody wanted to steal my poetry, thanks. I had to pay for that copy of my book in order to have it to sell.

I came home late Saturday night after the Sherlock room party and spent most of today lying in bed reading because I was too tired to cope and I had a migraine.

At the con, one young woman from Eastern Washington U was doing a documentary on fanfic, so she attended all our panels, and I did an interview with her and pointed her to some of my other fic-writing friends.

I am hoping tomorrow I'll be feeling slightly more human. The iron supplements arrived while I was away this weekend and I took the first one today. It will no doubt be a while before I note any actual change.

Doing panels while dizzy and exhausted was a challenge, but I'm told I came across pretty well despite this.

And now, bedtime again.


Mar. 27th, 2013 01:29 am
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Didn't do too much today beyond dishes and dizzy. Here's my schedule for Norwescon, should you be attending and interested:

Where I'll be at Norwescon:
To Beta or Not to Beta 4-5pm
Fanfic Fears 2-3pm
Bribing People to Listen to Poetry 5-6pm
Writing for Fun vs Writing for Money 5-6pm
Why Slash? 7-8pm

I'll also be hanging out at the Sherlock Seattle info table though I don't yet have schedule information for that.

I hope I'll see some of you there!

Tomorrow evening, it's the AFK for my birthday. There shall be Klingon blood wine! Qaplah!
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I heard back from one of the Sherlock Seattle people (with whom I will actually be speaking on a panel) and now have a room share at the con.

Also, I had noted some time back that for my birthday on Wednesday I was planning on being at the AFK from about 7-9 pm. Due to the dizziness and the fact that I have an appointment Wednesday, I wasn't sure I was going to make it at all, so I hadn't mentioned it again, but Brianna will be giving me a ride, so I'll actually be at my own birthday party. I hope I will see a few of you there?


Mar. 21st, 2013 12:11 am
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I tried to call VA optometry today but never got through. I suspect it will be a couple of weeks before I can really start getting the glasses dealt with, though I will be trying to talk with someone again tomorrow.

This, however, leaves me with problems regarding Norwescon. I'm going to ask [ profile] ingvisson if he can watch the DoDC+3 for me, and [ profile] gra_is_stor if she can drive me down to the con next Thursday before my first panel and back on Sunday. I'm pretty sure they'll both be willing, but this means that I have to find a last-minute place at the con hotel to drop an air mattress and a sleeping bag. If you're going to the con and you have space, please let me know. I am perfectly happy to spring for my share of room costs, I just need a place to stay because I won't be able to drive down every day as I'd been planning.
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I've been having dizzy spells off and on since around the beginning of the year. The usually haven't lasted very long but they have been vaguely annoying. I had a couple while driving home from California after PCon, but they didn't last long enough to be much of a bother.

Today while I was driving down to the VA I had one that hit me pretty hard, and it was rather scary, but I got down there okay. It had eased up but not abated by the time I was done with my group. I went by the women's clinic to see if one of the docs was in but nobody was there, so the gal at the desk suggested I go over to the ER.

I talked to the nurse there, and they did an EKG, which turned out fine, as she thought it would. We talked about some things it could possibly be but eliminated things like a stroke (no problems with limb movement, eye tracking, numbness) or an upper respiratory infection (I haven't had one). It could be anything from high blood pressure (it was high, but I was having anxiety today and then there was the whole driving with dizziness through Seattle traffic) to arterial problems to who really knows what. I was told to make an appointment with my doc for some screening stuff and told not to drive until the docs can figure out what's going on. The nurse told me that if they don't actually find anything organically wrong that's probably the best possible outcome, because in cases where a person is having inexplicable dizziness, "what's wrong" may well be something pretty bad.

I am wondering if it may have something to do with my glasses. My usual ones really need a change, and the bifocals give me migraines from eyestrain if I wear them for too long. I'm not going to worry about anything unless/until I really have to, but I do have to figure out a way to get down to NorwesCon for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (when I have panels and such) if I'm still not driving weekend after next.

Saturday I had a meetup I want to go to, but I doubt I'll be able to get there. I'm going to call the VA tomorrow and try to make an appointment but I won't likely get in until at least next week. Brianna came down to pick me up today with her friend JT, so she drove me and my car home. We had dinner (I had pizza for pi day) then watched an episode of Cadfael with [ profile] gra_is_stor. I'm still feeling dizzy off and on. Mostly it's not too bad, but it does occasionally get briefly worse.

If anyone wants to put in some words with healing deity(ies) of your choice, it would be appreciated.
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Mostly a little catching up because I've been so bloody exhausted what with all the traveling and stuff.

We did get down to the con again yesterday, and one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's friends, who was one of the featured musicians, got us into last night's acoustic concert. It was lovely and low key and I enjoyed it a lot despite being pretty well doomed to feeling like week-dead flounder. We went to [ profile] mythworker's panel with Thorn Coyle and the Grimassis and I took a photo on Thorn's tablet that Jason ended up using on The Wild Hunt today, which was quite amusing, as everyone was doing the hand on the chin looking dramatic thing that Jason does.

The concert was Faun, a German Pagan folk group, and members of Woodland and Treguenda, all of which I enjoyed immensely, though I will admit I was more enamored of Faun's global folk style. I already had one of Faun's cds but was immediately convinced that I have to get everything else they've ever done...

PCon the week before was immense and overwhelming, in its usual way. I got good turnout and good responses to pretty much everything I participated in. The Immanion panel was only attended by maybe ten people, so it was the least successful of all the things I did, but it wasn't really my show, so I wasn't too worried about it. Having hauled a whole suitcase of books down with me to PCon, I returned with only two, and sold one of those at FaerieCon yesterday, as Thorn Coyle had introduced me to Raven and Stephanie Grimassi as being a good resource person. They are apparently working on some kind of "Celtic" tarot or divination deck, but they don't know much of anything about Celtic anything. I told them I'd written a kick ass ogam book and they were interested in having a look so I brought one along and they bought it from me.

The Irish healing deities session was well-received and well-attended. My joint session with [ profile] druid_medb on spirit work and trauma was well-attended for an 11pm session. We filled most of one half of a double room, which was really good not just for the hour but for the heavy subject material. We had at least three mental health professionals in attendance, and several folks who are dealing with different aspects of the material we were addressing. We got a number of requests to bring the session back again next year, at a more reasonable hour for people from the east coast and for folks who are not late-nighters, so we'll look into having the session at 7pm one one of the days if that's possible.

Among the discussions I had with people at the con, I talked to Chris Penczak about my trip east. During the conversation I inquired about maybe teaching a session on ogam for his people in New Hampshire. He said he'd run it by his board of directors but he thought it sounded like a really good idea, so we'll see if I can get a little extra infusion of some cash while I'm out there to help with gas for the rest of the cross-country adventure. I'll email him in March to just keep the idea in front of him, knowing I'm unlikely to get any firm response until I can pinpoint a date I'll be in Massachusetts.

My next priority is NorWesCon, in late March. I've already ordered more poetry books to take along, considering I was fortunate enough to sell out of them on the first day of PCon. They should arrive in a couple of weeks. Thankfully, that's all panels moderated by other people, so my prep there is pretty much rock bottom minimum. While I was gone, the Pilgrimage photo book arrived. A couple of the photos turned out a little darker than I was quite expecting, but they are okay. I'm looking into making the book also available in a paperback edition, which will be less expensive. I would probably sell a few more of them that way. That's a task for another day, however.

This week I'm looking at Wednesday shrinkage, Thursday group, and Saturday evening is the Medieval Women's Choir concert "From Santiago to Canterbury." It's at Saint James Cathedral at 8pm, if anyone is interested in going.

Once I'm rested up a little, it's time to work on an outline and a framework for the Brigid book.
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I do think the headaches have been, at least in part, the result of constantly wearing the bifocals. Today I'm wearing my old glasses again. I've been on the computer a lot today and am feeling some eyestrain, but I don't have the migraines that have been following me around for what seems like a couple of weeks now.

Today I catalogued nearly 60 books that had been sitting in stacks here in the living room. Several weren't found in the search (this happens from time to time, when an ISBN or LOC number isn't correct), and so will eventually have to be entered manually. I was glad to be able to get a few piles of books up off the floor, though.

Email brought my schedule for Norwescon -- I'm on four fanfic/writing panels and doing a poetry reading with some other poets. It should be fun, and I'm really looking forward to it coming up in March.

Tomorrow there will be steampunky things, though I am not certain of our exact location yet. It hasn't been decided whether it'll be at the AFK or out in Snohomish again.


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