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I didn't post yesterday, primarily because I was migraining pretty badly by the time I got home from Seattle. I crashed about 8pm and was in bed until about 12:30 today. The weather was gorgeous, though, and it was a fantastic day to be out, even though I hurt a lot.

Since [ profile] thewronghands was in town and had a few spare hours between one thing and another, I headed down to meet her. We got together at Elliott Bay Books, where we chatted until we were joined by [ profile] mimerki. There was more talk and sipping of cold beverages. I was asked about the writing group at the VA, given the issues I'd had last week, but I think most of it was resolved in a satisfactory manner this week, particularly given that almost everyone read or at least discussed the topic and the reading the others did. This week's word? "Betrayal." That's gonna be interesting to write about without diving right down into trauma, let me tell you.

[ profile] thewronghands noted that she wanted something to nibble on before she headed off for a martial arts thing, so I suggested Ballet, just around the corner. She noted that she didn't want to split the party, as [ profile] varina8 was supposed to be joining us as well, but she had been the person who first took me to Ballet, so she was called and notified of the change of venue.

She arrived at Ballet before we actually ordered, so we had a wonderful time talking about travel and adventure and all the exciting adventurey things those other three women get up to. I always feel like a do-nothing wimp in comparison. Mountain climbing ninja women into parkour, marathons, and backpacking are seriously badass, I must say.

I noted that I was heading down to California in June for Eight Winds. I also talked about my last trip down in February, with all the snow through the Siskiyous and the trucks and whatnot. White knuckled driving of the finest variety. Apparently, I'm told that Seattle to Redding is a pretty impressive day's drive. [ profile] varina8 used to work in the Siskiyou mountains and the passes down there and told even more impressive stories of driving off the main highway. It was at this point that [ profile] thewronghands said "I feel like the least badass person at this table."

Given that these were words I thought I would never hear uttered by anyone when I was one of the people at said table (particularly by [ profile] thewronghands, who carries badassery to cosmic levels), I was both bemused and amused by the whole thing. I can't say that I've ever felt particularly badass about anything in my life, so to have somebody I admire that much say so felt a bit surreal. Good, but still surreal.

By the time I got home, I felt like my left eye was about to explode, so I never did get to the Wednesday Everett steampunk meetup. Bed was a much better idea. Today? Not nearly so sunny and warm (it was nearly 60 here when I left yesterday; today it's a whole 47 out), at least I'm not feeling like my head is radioactive. There will be Venture Brothers. And writing.


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