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The only vid I have seen so far of me actually reading at the event only contains part of one poem, so I'm not posting that. I do have a photo of me reading at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, though.

Reading at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe photo IMG_1542_zps6916f1dd.jpg

And here is a video of me accepting the poetry award at the Bisexual Book Awards! It's only a little over a minute long. Since LJ won't do an embed from this, here's the link. *grr*

Home again!

Jun. 4th, 2013 08:33 pm
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It was a very long day, but now I'm home again. It'll be a day or so before things get back to the usual, and I'm going to have to take my desktop in because either the fan or the hard drive is rattling, but the computer's still under warranty until mid-August, so I'm good.

Thanks to everyone in NYC who made my trip so delightful. I hope I'll see you again!
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I discovered this morning (thankfully not after having trudged there in the rain) that the Met is closed on Mondays. Instead, I trudged in the rain to the Natural History Museum, where I had a long but fun day. After the rain it was a little less hot, though still somewhat humid.

I have acquired a few photos and a couple of videos and will be posting once I get home, as it would be a little more work than I want to deal with right now. Tired Erynn is pretty tired.

Checked in for the flight and will pick up my tickets at the airport. I have to be up at about 5am, so I'm crawling off to bed here very shortly. I shall see you all tomorrow evening when I get home!
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I read at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe! I won the Bisexual Book Awards Poetry category! There will be photos soon, and when videos are up on the intertubes, I'll have some links there, too.
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Yesterday we did get to the Cloisters, and we also got to a couple of the galleries at the Met. We saw the Egyptian temple, and also the musical instruments and part of the arms and armor galleries. As it was, we didn't really have time for even all of that.

There was a walk through Central Park (I saw a small heron of a species I'm not familiar with on the lake), and lots of hopping onto the subway, and a trip on the Staten Island Ferry (D lives on Staten Island). I had a really fantastic time, though I spent most of the day on my feet. The dizziness was definitely getting to me but I had forgotten my cane at D's place. Today I do have it with me. I'm hanging out with Zoh in Brooklyn at an artist's studio where she's working on some of her clothing stuff and selling some of her clothing (very spiffy, steampunky prints on skits and some tops) and plan on taking things easy today.

The VA called yesterday to set up a neurology appointment for me. The earliest they can get me in is July 11th. Given that I figure I need to make a decision about my living situation in August, this doesn't bode well for doing anything that is going to resolve the dizziness before then. I imagine there will be an MRI involved at some point, though I have no idea, and no way to tell until I get in to see them. This is going to take months more to deal with.

Tomorrow, I'll be hanging out at least for a while with [ profile] witchchild and doing the NYPL tour. There may be live music tonight, and there will be a birthday part among steampunks at The Way Station, which is a bar that has a TARDIS in it. Fun will be had, dammit. ;)

Still hot and humid (in the 90s) and very sunny.
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Both flights were exactly as I like them - uneventful and pretty much on time. I went through the metal detector line at Seatac, not the radiate your bones line, so that was happymaking. I have had food. I have been driven over the Brooklyn Bridge. I have seen the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building from the plane, lit up at night. It's all pretty cool.

Tomorrow we will be running around doing things, Saturday I'll meet up with Zoh at some point and stay Saturday night with her, then Sunday I'll be met again by my host for the reading/awards ceremony/afterparty and come back here for the rest of my stay. We haven't got entirely concrete plans as yet, but we'll talk about that tomorrow and I'll contact Zoh and [ profile] witchchild for last minute details, as I have their text numbers.

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So [ profile] alfrecht brought some folks by on Monday, and we had a lovely time talking and watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, as you do. [ profile] gra_is_stor was here as well, and that was very nice.

Yesterday I did some laundry in prep for my flight out tomorrow morning. [ profile] gra_is_stor is supposed to be here after band practice tonight so that we can get out early in the morning. I need to pack and to do some dishes before I even think about going to bed tonight. Today I did a lot of editing and also wrote over 7,500 words on the fic I'm working on. That felt really good and, if I get the other stuff done in a reasonable amount of time, I'll see about getting the next scene started as well.

Right now, though, I'm going to try to get some food. I have tentative arrangements with folks for NYC, which includes some steampunky awesome - always a treat. I'll be sure to post when I arrive in NYC at my friend's place to let folks know I am safe. It will likely be at some ungodly hour of the morning or very late at night, depending on if there are delays or weather problems.

From what I saw of the forecast, it looks pretty warm out there, though apparently it's been raining. I need to figure out what clothes to bring along. It's been chilly out here (currently 49f) and rained like crazy most of the day.

Wish me luck, folks. Sunday is the big day.
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I've been pretty busy writing fanfic lately, and dealing with tired and creaky and prepping for the trip to New York and all that stuff. I talked to my mom and she is okay; they tornadoes were supposed to go through their area but went around, so I am relieved by that.

I've been in touch with folks back east about my trip and am hoping to see several people while I am out there. One of the women who came to Ireland with me last summer will be coming to the poetry reading and awards ceremony, so it will be fantastic to see her again.

I am still dizzy with no end in sight. I called the otolaryngology clinic on Thursday and asked about neurology, as I haven't heard anything from them about the consult as yet. The gal I saw in oto the week before will call them and ask what's going on; the consult was received so they should be trying to schedule an appointment for me. Perhaps I'll hear from them before I leave next week. Maybe.

Generally speaking, I wish I were a little more focused, but I'm working on getting there. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually be able to deal with nonfiction writing again and my research, it's just going to take time. Which is disappointing, but that's life. On the up side, I've had a little progress, in that I'm able to write at all. Today I've spent doing some editing and checking for continuity in the story I'm working on, but that's very slow going because it's so detail-oriented.

Tomorrow [ profile] alfrecht and some of his peeps are supposed to visit on their way back from Seattle. I'm looking forward to having a little company and doing Pagan schmoozing. I'm also supposed to review a piece that [ profile] wire_mother sent me, and am hoping to do that tomorrow night, provided I have the brain juice.
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Today and yesterday I've mostly been working on fic, as it's about all my brain can handle right now. Irish class was yesterday and that went okay. I picked out the poems I'm reading on June 2nd in NYC and revised that list after an email exchange with Sheela. Talked with Dom about arrival and departure times and confirmed a few things about my stay there. Beyond that, I'm not really up to much. I've been working on online Italian lessons and doing okay. Hopefully some of it sticks. The dizziness continues unabated.
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Sunday June 2nd NYC
Bisexual Book Awards & Bi Lines VI: A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing

We hope you can join us for our inaugural Bisexual Book Awards and the most amazing bi arts event of the year! Readings! Music! Art! Awards! After Party!

Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Address: 236 East 3rd Street between Avenue B and Avenue C, NYC 10009.

Tickets: $10 Advance tickets available on Nuyorican Poets Cafe website or at the door.

6:30 Book signings
7pm Bi Lines Program, Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony, Book Signings
10pm After party

Host: Sheela Lambert, Founder, Bi Writers Association

Author Readings:
Annette Lapointe/ Whitetail Shooting Gallery
Basil Papademos/ Mount Royal
Donnelle McGee/ Shine
Ellen Kushner/ Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction
Erynn Rowan Laurie/ Fireflies at Absolute Zero
James Earl Hardy (B Boy Blues Series)/ Can You Feel What I'm Saying?
Janet Hardy (The Ethical Slut)/ Girlfag
Kelli Dunham/ My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B.
Vincent Meiss/ Tio Jorge

Art: Efrain Gonzalez/ Ink & Steel: tattoo photography book slideshow presentation

Music: Rorie Kelly, Ben Silver

Organized by the Bi Writers Association
info at biwriters dot org
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Tickets to NYC were bought yesterday. I'll be flying in late on the 30th of May and leaving early on the 4th of June. I have a place to stay when I get there, and someone to go to the event with. I need to talk to a few of the other folks I know there and see about going to places I want to see. There's a bar there with a TARDIS, and I want to see the Cloisters and the NYPL while I am there. I figure that will probably be about all I can stuff into the few days I will be in the city and still preserve my energy and sanity.

Saturday [ profile] gra_is_stor and I went down to Seattle for the Sherlock Seattle picnic. We had a great time; she hadn't been expecting much but got into some of the conversations folks were having. She figured it was going to be all fandom all the time, but this crowd isn't really like that. Yes, we love our fandom, but we also talk about all kinds of other things. After the picnic, we went to Mirch Masala for some pre-concert dinner, and talked with one of the gals from the picnic.

At the Medieval Women's Choir concert, we saw Brandy and Ted, and also Denny and Rebecca. The concert was glorious, all Hildegard music, with their soloist Marian Siebert, who is just incredible. After the concert a bunch of us went to Charlie's. I saw a text from [ profile] thewronghands about tea and mochi. I was invited to come up with [ profile] gra_is_stor, as things were still going, but it was late and the DoDC+3 was still in his crate, so we came back home.

Sunday I had a migraine and so I went to lie down in my room while the Irish class happened. I just didn't feel well enough to deal with it at all.

Wednesday I have a dental appointment and Friday I've got one at Otolaryngology at the VA, so that'll be one more step toward trying to figure out what's happening with me. Still dizzy, still not making any progress toward clearing that up at this point. It's exceedingly annoying. I'm getting a tiny bit of fic writing done, but that's about it.

I sent in an email about being a fic/writing panelist at the Sherlock Seattle con this fall. One of the local fans asked if I wanted to be on a panel she's doing and I said that sounded like fun, so we'll see what happens.

One of the things that I've noted is that sometimes certain qualities of sound cause the dizziness to be worse. The vocals at the concert, for example, were really triggering some dizziness for me. It sounded glorious, but it made my head spin. It was a fascinating sensation. I've noted that it also sometimes happens with certain types of music while I'm listening to my ipod at home. I don't know what that means but I'll be sure to mention it to the docs when I see them Thursday.
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And I just bought my plane tickets. Here's the information:

The Bi Writers Association announces its inaugural Bisexual Book Awards, to be held June 2nd in New York City. The first bisexual book awards, anywhere, ever! Both BWA programs, Bi Lines VI: A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing and the Bisexual Book Awards, will merge so that Bi Lines becomes the multi-arts entertainment that precedes announcement of the winners and bestowal of the Awards. The double event will b e held at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, in the East Village, on June 2nd at 6 :30pm.

The inaugural awards will have seven categories: Bisexual Fiction, Bisexual Non-fiction, Bisexual Erotic Fiction/Erotica, Bisexual Speculative Fiction [Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror], Bisexual Poetry, the Bi Book Publisher Award and the Bi Writer Award. Most of the categories were dictated by the types of bi-themed books published this year and what genres they fit into. Book categories are open to bi book authors of any orientation. BWA also wanted to honor one superlative bi/bisexual/pansexual/fl uid author with the Bi Writer Award, given to the best bi author of the year of any book genre. Bi Book Publisher of the Year will go to the publisher who has published the most bi-themed books and done the most to promote them and to support their authors.

"Getting a bi-themed book published is often difficult. Bisexual books and authors dont have the same opportunities for recognition that other books do. The main LGBT book awards only has one category for bisexual books and others have none. The Bi Writers Association decided that we need to do more to promote publication of bisexual books, an d to recognize and celebrate the bi-themed books that do get published, their authors and their publishers. Throwing our own Bisexual Book Awards, where we could have more categories to recognize the achievements of bi book authors, seemed like the best way to do that. We're very excited about our very first awards season!" says Bi Writers Association founder Sheela Lambert.*

Advance tickets to the double event, Bisexual Book Awards and Bi Lines VI, hosted by the Bi Writers Association, are available on the Nuyorican Poets Cafe website.

Event Location: Nuyorican Poets cafe is located at 236 East 3rd Street between Avenue B and Avenue C. AKA Reverend Pedro Pietri Way. Zip code 10009.


So the BiLines even starts at 6:30pm and I'll be reading there with a bunch of other poets. Tickets, according to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe website, are $10 and can be got at


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