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I'm at [ profile] lexie_marie's place for tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with [ profile] kyra_ojosverdes. I spent the last two days at Glacier National Park -- lovely place, lots to say.

Right now I'm having a glass of wine and waiting on dinner. Don't want to spend too much time on the computer, even though LM and B are working on getting their HDtv to work at the moment. It keeps getting stuck on "searching for satellites". Oy.

I'll be home Monday in time for Astrology class. We'll be doing a pathworking that evening and I'll be leaving here at ohgodearly. I should make it back to Seattle by 6pm pretty easily. I'll be home to Everett after the pathworking is done.

The CR FAQ is now listed on, though they've misspelled pretty much everyone's name and left mine off the author list entirely. [ profile] paul_hamish is fixing that at the moment. The book is $19.95. When I get home, I'll post a link to the site where it can be ordered.

I got a phone call some days ago when I was in the desert from a British-sounding gent who said he's doing a workshop of some sort in Seattle on the 29th, but he didn't leave me a phone number where I could get in touch with him. Anybody have a clue what that's about?
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I arrived about 5:30 local time (until I saw a signboard clock I'd forgot I had crossed a timezone at the border) and was promptly handed dinner, iced tea, and mead. The bottle I brought for [ profile] lexie_marie and her sweetie had fermented, making it a rather interesting and not too bad sparkling semi-sweet. [ profile] garzan, we can probably expect that your case has undergone a similar heat-treatment in my trunk. I was surprised by the sparkles, but the semi-sweet may be a dry by the time I arrive.

LM has to be up about 3am to head for work, and her sweetie is on vacation and so won't be awake until after I leave. I'm hoping to be on the road again about 7am tomorrow morning and arrive in Glasgow (depending on road conditions and traffic) about 8-10 hours later from what I understand.

I passed one of the fires on the way out on I-90. I could see the billow of smoke from about five or ten miles away and helecopters were flying water over the freeway as I drove along. The mountains around Missoula were obscured by smoke, bare shadows of themselves, and Missoula is cast under a pall, though it's not as bad as some of the previous days and the sunset isn't orange like the photos from the past few days from [ profile] kyra_ojosverdes -- thankfully. I could smell the smoke coming in even with the windows rolled up and the air on recirculate. There was some slight eye sting to go with it. Ugh.

I'm sitting in the computer room now with half a glass of mead and the guest bed is folded out for me. I won't be up for too much longer. I had a stress headache from the road, but LM gave me a lovely foot rub then did shoulders and forehead/scalp work and I am feeling vastly better though still seeing rolling road every time I close my eyes.

Tomorrow will be another long day. We've figured a reasonably efficient route from here to Glasgow and I'm looking forward to being there and seeing [ profile] garzan again! Yay! LM had me sign her copy of A Circle of Stones -- well worn and obvously well-loved. She ordered a copy of my ogam book from Amazon and it should be here within a few days. I'll sign that one for her when I'm on the return route. It's so good to have friends in so many different places, not just because they're willing to feed me and put me up when I breeze on through (thank you [ profile] martianmooncrab!) but because it's just wonderful to have people I know to see and talk to rather than an impersonal hotel room or a campsite surrounded by strangers. A hug on the way in the door in a strange town is a wonderful thing, never to be missed.

I'll try to post something before I head out tomorrow morning. Blessings to everyone!


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