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Today was errand day and [ profile] gra_is_stor came by around 1 to help me get out and do things. I went to bed about 6am and was awakened at 10 by one of the groundskeepers wandering by the bedroom window, which set the dog off. I went back to sleep and got a little bit more before the alarm went off at noon. I was, needless to say, still rather slow when I finally got myself together and out the door.

A few things got dropped in a mailbox, I got my hair cut and bleached, and I grabbed some things at Albertson's that I usually get there because they're cheaper. When I got home, I re-dyed my hair. [ profile] gra_is_stor hauled Garuda over for the necessary emissions check so my tabs can be renewed; she's not really able to be in a hair salon due to the fumes, so she went and did that for me while she waited.

After that I hung out online with some folks and watched the Star Trek reboot movie from a couple of years ago -- several folks I know are planning on going to the new one on opening day, and folks were getting themselves into the proper mood for it. I've been poking a bit at my fic, though I'm kind of cold and feeling crappy at the moment, so I'll be crawling into bed with the laptop to work on it some more.

Tomorrow the Snohomish Mensa TGIF is happening at Emory's just down the street, so I'll be popping by there about 6pm for an hour or two. I believe Sunday there is a Gamelan Pacifica concert.

May 6th I have an audiology appointment. I feel busy but not particularly accomplished at the moment. I usually feel like I'm doing more with my time. The dizziness is probably affecting my perception as much as anything else.

I really need to get some new jeans.


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