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So I took those blood pressure pills that the doc prescribed for me for preventing migraines. Getting up and doing anything at all was really hard today, and even minimal effort left me tired and dizzy, but I rather expected that. I won't be taking any tomorrow until I get home from the CR schmooze, because I don't want to drive in that condition, but I'll give it a week or so to see if the effect evens out a little. I know that it can take a while to do so.

Other than that, today was bill paying and not much of anything else. I wanted to go down to the drug store and get printer cartridges so that I could print a couple of things, but my head was too messed up to get that far on foot and I didn't trust myself to drive. I stayed home all day, but I did make myself a lamb shank tagine with some salted key lime that was very tasty. At the moment, the shank bone is on the stove being turned into broth for soup.

I sent off the Thoth story that I posted here some months ago for the Scribing Ibis anthology, as Rebecca had requested. Submissions opened on January 1st, and she was quite tickled to get the thing. Although it was written quite a while back, it's still something that will be published this year, so it was my first acceptance of 2011. Yay me!

I got an email from SJ this afternoon about some problems with my character for the next gaming session. As usual, it was a problem with the points. I thought we were okay but it turns out that when Bj kept telling me I still had some points, I actually didn't, and I had to hack out a goodly chunk of what I'd got down on paper. Math phobia rears its ugly head again. Luckily, SJ sent me the spreadsheet with everything fixed on it, so I won't have to mess around with anything else until we get new points after our first session. I love gaming, but I hate having to deal with this sort of thing -- sometimes it quite literally makes me nauseous because of the whole math anxiety thing. Sj's answer:

take 1.5 tylenol with 5/8 of an advil in 9/11 of a 17-oz glass of water along with .3 teaspoon and 1/7 tablespoon of baking soda.

works every time.

or maybe that's the cause math trauma spell.

Personally, I'm going with "cause math trauma spell" rather than fixing it. Not to mention the whole "allergic to Advil" thing.

Today was the start of my flamekeeping shift and the altar is lit. I got a series of texts from my friend James in Sacramento this evening telling me his grandmother had passed away tonight and talking about a thing that happened to him in ritual when she died. He says he's hoping to either come to PantheaCon or to Eight Winds this year so we can see each other again. Sadly, I know several people who have lost relatives in the past few days.

I'm hoping to get to bed sometime soonish, though I will at the very least make it into Seattle for the schmooze tomorrow. I may not be terribly present for the discussion, but I'll physically be there.
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In this case, just a couple of them. One on alchemy, and one on the number zero. You can read what I thought about them here. )


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