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I've changed the settings on my LJ to disallow anonymous comments, after months and months of getting up to a dozen or more spam comments on my journal on any given day. Some days I only get two or three, but it still requires me to go through two different pages to delete everything, and I can only delete one comment at a time, so it takes me a while some days to get through everything and clean out all the spam.

The only person it's going to affect much will be my mom, but I've emailed her and we'll work something out to deal with that. I didn't really want to, but I'm just sick of having to deal with the crap. Yes, I have the captcha setting on, but the spammers get through anyway.

In other news, not much happened today. There was some laundry done, I took [ profile] gra_is_stor out to do some grocery shopping and to get a few things at Freddie's for her place, then we came back here and watched My Name is Bruce, a very silly bad horror movie with Bruce Campbell. (I think that's the only kind he does...) We did have a delightful time, though.

I didn't manage to get the dishes done today, as I'd hoped, but things were slower than I expected. Date has been set for my private Samhain ritual for Sunday the 28th of October in the afternoon. I will get to work on a ritual soon. Tomorrow will be dishes, hopefully getting the recycle out, including the boxes and stuff in the library, and possibly going to the birthday part of one of [ profile] gra_is_stor's friends. We'll see what happens and how I feel. I've been pretty insomniac lately and have been trying to hold out but not doing too well. I'm getting up all exhausted and then not having much of a good day, so even attempting to do an outline for anything has been problematic. It's hard to write when you can't slap two brain cells together, after all.
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I just got a return call from the motel I emailed last night. I've got a room for the night for me, [ profile] alfrecht and [ profile] gra_is_stor for $94. Much less than I was anticipating, probably at least in part due to the military discount they offer.

Something that will affect several of the folks who read and sometimes post here: I've added the captcha process to anonymous commenting, as I've been getting a bazillion tons of spam posted anonymously and am tired of chasing down each one to delete it and mark it spam. This just means that if you post here anonymously, you'll have to fill in the little box of letters and/or numbers to make sure you're really a person and not a spambot. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I'll be at the AFK tonight for the steampunk meetup. I hope I'll see a few folks there!
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I had to go down to Seattle today for shrinkage and a blood draw (ew). The weather was utterly schizophrenic. Sib said it had been snowing when he left Everett earlier in the day, though by the time I was up the snow had stopped. It was all of 41f when I left the house and from the time I got down to the highway onramp until I got to about Northgate, I had rain, sleet, pea-sized hail, and a combination of all of the above, with high winds to top it all off.

Seattle, of course, was brightly sunny.

I headed down rather early, because the last time I'd been at the lab they'd had a fairly lengthy line. Today there was nobody in front of me. Everybody was sitting around waiting for people to come in. I was feeling pretty rough from the drive, from sleeping really poorly (insomnigrackles, we hates them) and from my general needle-phobia, so at least three people asked if I was going to be all right and if I needed to lie down. I told them no, I had a vague headache, I was stressed, and I was really phobic, but I'd be walking out on my own, thanks, and could we get this over with as quickly as possible so that I might do that? kthxbai.

This done, I had about a 40 minute wait for my shrinkage by the time I'd wandered to the far end of the building complex and up a floor. I brought a book. Shrinkage was okay and there was lovely bright sunlight coming in Tracy's window, which helped.

I headed north immediately, rather than hanging out at Travelers -- they were doing a poll on what to name the new restaurant last time I was in there, by the way, so I'm guessing that means they've signed the lease on the place. Anyway, I had the Everett steampunk group this evening at the AFK, and it was easier on me to just deal with the traffic than worry about whether I'd be late. We had six people this evening and had a lovely time.

Tomorrow the sib heads down to Olympia for his boat-and-dog-sitting gig. I'm going to be carpooling to Spokane on Saturday, but it turns out the caravan with [ profile] nathan_fhtagn leaves from Bauhaus coffeehouse on the hill at 10am, which means I'm going to have to get out of here to go to West Seattle and be there before 9:30 so we can head out with everyone at 10. Thankfully, it's a Saturday and I only have to drive about 25 miles, otherwise I'd say screw it and just drive up later in the day. Carol will be doing the actual driving from hither to thither, and possibly yon. I've arranged for our motel discount. I really am looking forward to the show, I just dislike the whole early getting up thing when insomnigrackles so regularly eat my head.

For those who were wondering, LJ has been having problems with denial of service attacks in the past several days. Rumor has it that this is originating in Russia because the service is really big there these days and there are a lot of bloggers here that the Russian government isn't too thrilled with. Of course, nobody knows for sure. I figure it's as likely as anything else, really. I'm sorry if you've been having trouble reading lately, though I haven't exactly been writing riveting entries of late either. Perhaps I'll be able to get some brain together once the meds adjustment I'm dealing with stabilizes.

Friday I need to try to get Garuda smogged so I can get this year's tabs.
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The whole thing with crossposting comments to Facebook has a lot of folks up in arms. For the record, all my LJ entries are public, but I wouldn't be particularly thrilled with folks crossposting their comments to FB just because I really despise the medium. Yeah, I have an account, but I can assure you that I'm not going to be crossposting anything there from anyone's LJ. Anything I've wanted to have over there, I've put there on that site rather than linking from my own LJ.

I'm okay with people being able to post here as logged in from FB because my mom has an account there but not here, so it might work okay for her rather than being anonymous, but I don't know if that automatically crossposts or not.

At any rate, I know quite a few folks who are talking about moving (or have moved) to DreamWidth. I have an account over there (as erynn) but pretty much never use it. I've added a bookmark to my browser so I can go over and read the few folks who have bailed on LJ entirely whom I don't want to lose track of, but I'm not moving over there in any substantial sense because I have a permanent account here. I do understand the privacy issues and I'm upset for the folks who need to lock stuff down and for whom this is a potentially disastrous invasion of privacy. I don't personally have that issue, given the public nature of my journal, but it doesn't mean I don't understand those who do.
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Apparently, LJ in its wisdom is going to start requiring at least new accounts to specify a gender (male/female binary only). There is no reason at all why they would require this information beyond potential statistical information, and I just don't see that as a "requirement".

Here's a link to further information, including code sources from LJ.

Registering your objection would be a good idea. I've had my gender "unspecified" in their database from the beginning. This is a ludicrously bad idea on their part. It's my hope that enough complaints will make them rethink the code change.

Remember that the folks reading the feedback are not the ones making the decisions, so don't bite them, please.

ETA: While we're at it, WTF FaceBook?

Twice today when I've posted things I got a FB pop-up telling me I had to log into FB to share something ON LIVEJOURNAL. I'm not even on FB. Granted, the post I did on the women veterans retreat I did a copy/paste from FB for, but the one from [ profile] meri_sefket wasn't either a copy and paste or a reference to anything having anything to do with FB.

Has anyone else had a problem with that at all recently?

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The past two or three days, I haven't been receiving email notifications of comments to my LJ. I've got them from comments responding to my comments on other LJs, but nothing from here. Any idea who I should email about this?
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A note of sanity from [ profile] lysana in a comment to one of my posts:

They are loved in Russia and plan to open an effort to expand into India this year. Keeping the American users around can't be that much of a hardship, and there are still some American employees.

Seriously, folks, it's very unlikely LJ is going away anytime soon.
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Went down to the VA to see my doc today. We hadn't actually had an appointment in about 14 months or so, so I'm due. We talked about what was going on (I'm now being medicated for GERD) and set an appointment for February for my annual exam and a tit squish. The wind was fierce all day today, and from what I was hearing while I waited at the pharmacy the floating bridges were closed due to wind. This does happen sometimes; it's just one of the adventures of living in the Seattle area. I'm really glad I didn't need a floating bridge or a ferry today. Tomorrow it's back down to Seattle for shrinkage. I'm told the meds probably won't have a noticeable effect for about two weeks, so I'm likely to remain rather uncomfortable but chances are I'll be doing better soon.

I do have to modify my diet somewhat -- no tea, no alcohol, no chocolate, and some other adjustments, at least until this gets back under control. Nina says it's not the caffeine, it's the acids, so I can still have yerba maté for my wake-up, though it does make me a little more jittery than tea does. We'll see how that works out. I didn't sleep much at all last night because of the discomfort, but such is life. Not dying. This is a distinct plus in my book. I'll see what I can do for diet modifications that will still let me enjoy my food.

She also noted that yes, I do need to lose some weight. I was expecting to hear this. She said I'd gained quite a bit in the past couple of years (all very true) and that when she first met me, I was "a stick with a ponytail". Well yeah, I was rather thin; I think about 116 for a while, so now that I'm up to nearly 170, it's more than a bit distressing. I really do need to get back down to about 140, where I'd be reasonably healthy and in shape. *sigh* I need to feel better enough to get out and walk, dammit.

The intertoobs rumor mill is running overtime today, with questions about whether the staffing cuts made by Our Russian Overlords means LJ is going to vanish into the night. I'm doubting it, just as I doubted that things like the Great Strikethrough Crisis would kill the site. I'll be around for a while yet. This does mean, however, that LJBook is overloaded from folks trying to back up their journals in a panic. I'd been planning to do it this week anyway for 2008. I finally got through a little while ago, but my 2008 LJ is over 1000 pages, and the most that will print is 700 in one volume, so I need to go back and re-archive 2008 as two six-month volumes. I suspect I'll do it at oh-god:30 when most of North America has collapsed in a heap. The system should be more open then.

Tonight, more Holmes.
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Recently, LJ started using a very annoying "feature" called snap-shots. If you dislike them as much as I do, there are two ways to get rid of them. Here are instructions, courtesy of several places on my flist:

Through your browser with a popup blocker.

Through geekdom and coding kung foo in your root system.

Thank you, that is all.


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