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When I went down to Everett today to meet the Mensa folks for lunch, the place we were supposed to meet was closed. Until February.

When I didn't get a response to my email asking to be added to the reservation, I probably should have emailed again to check and see that it had got there. I'm assuming that they all got emails telling them where to meet instead of the venue listed. Such is life.

I came home and did laundry instead, which was in desperate need of doing anyway.

On the up side, my Waterman pen finally arrived, so that was one less thing to worry about, and a string of emails I could clear from my inbox. I was keeping everything in case documentation was required. The pen arrived safe and in perfect order, it just took forever to get here, apparently due to a French postal strike. The postal carrier had rung the bell and got me out of the shower. She was just getting back into the truck when I got to the door, so I called out to her.

I was standing there barefoot, in my bathrobe, still half-dripping, with the dog's collar in my hand to keep him inside, and she had the temerity to ask me if I would come outside to get the package. I said, "I'm in my bathrobe." She did, in fact come back to the door. Better than having to wait for two more days until I could arrange to pick the damned thing up at the post office. As you might guess, I was Not Particularly Amused.

A little later in the afternoon, I headed over to a crafts shop to pick up materials for making Brigid's crosses with the schmooze folks for our Imbolc ritual. That was accomplished with a minimum of fuss and I will stick the planty bits in to soak a day or so before the ritual so that they'll be flexible enough to work with. Planning bits are in process and proceeding apace. Ritual edits are happening as they should.

I spoke to Sally today about pupsitting for PCon and she says she will. We'll discuss details later. I was in the middle of a bunch of other things when I talked to her.
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I got this lemming from [ profile] heuradys:

Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
Go to flickr and click on explore the last seven days. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
Use photoshop or similar to put it all together. Post it with this text in the caption

silly meme project

Please keep in mind that I have zero graphics talent at all and I had to download a graphics program to do this about fifteen minutes ago. I was very amused that the "band name" is a Sherlock Holmes adventure, and the other was a quote about poetry. Fitting, somehow.

Aside from this, I called the credit union to see if I could fix the fubar at the watch shop last week. They said it would be easiest just to call the shop and have them charge the amount again, so I did. My watch repair is now happily paid for.

Fantastic news on the writy front -- got email from the editor for the disability and world religions project. From the email:

Dear Contributors:

I am delighted to inform you that we have been offered a contract for the book with Palgrave Macmillan! Both Palgrave and Syracuse University Press (SUP) expressed interest in the project, and for a variety of reasons we decided to submit it to Palgrave for review. We submitted the manuscript in late October and received two positive reviews from their outside reviewers. Last week the editor contacted us and offered the contract.

As you might imagine, the manuscript was very long and Palgrave has asked us to divide the manuscript into two volumes. Our contract is for both of the volumes. We have divided the original manuscript into two books. I am attaching a document to this message with the new titles of each book and a table of contents for each volume.

We plan to have full and complete manuscripts submitted to Palgrave by April 1 and the books should be released sometime next October (2011). This publication schedule will allow Palgrave to have the books at the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature (AAR/SBL) annual meetings in November.

We are very excited about the books and we are thrilled that Palgrave is publishing them! Thank you all for your contributions. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will keep you posted as we progress through the process. As part of our contract, each of you will receive one complimentary copy of the book in which your chapter(s) appears.

My essay is in the first section of the first volume:

Section One
Religion, Narrative Identity and Disability

Chapter 1 God’s Will? How Two Young Latina Catholic Women Negotiate a Hidden Disability Identity
Aimee Burke Valeras

Chapter 2 Performance of Muslim Daily Prayer by Physically Disabled Practitioners
Arseli Dokumaci

Chapter 3 Whatever the Sacrifice: Illness and Authority in the Baha’i Faith
Priscilla Gilman

Chapter 4 Since Feathers Have Grown on My Body: Madness, Art, and Healing in Celtic Reconstructionist Spirituality
Erynn Rowan Laurie

My eyes ache.

I will probably be at the AFK tomorrow night for whomever shows up for the Everett Air Kraken Hunters Guild. Thursday it's down to Seattle for the queer Pagan meetup and to haul [ profile] alfrecht back up to Everett from there.

I need to sit my ass down and crank out the Imbolc ritual and find a crafts shop where I can get supplies for Brigid's crosses. Michael's will probably do, I suspect.
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I went down to Seattle today to see [ profile] sebastian_lvx, who moved back to Seattle from San Diego a few days ago. Things hadn't worked out for him there, so he's back in town and looking for work again. We had chai at Travelers and talked for I think a couple of hours before he had to head downtown. [ profile] ogam called and we talked briefly about tomorrow, when I'll be meeting him for lunch at Travelers after he gets in from El Paso.

It turns out that [ profile] sebastian_lvx has been using the gatekeeper poems I've had published in Queen of the Great Below for invocatory work in some of the qliphotic magic he's been doing recently. I found that interesting and was flattered that he found the poems worth working with. I think that he some of my other friends and I may have a couple of interesting things to talk about regards this when we get together for Foundation Day before Samhain on Saturday.

I dropped by Edge briefly and ran into [ profile] nathan_fhtagn on his way up to the QFC running an errand for a friend. We said hi and both dashed off to our own things; he was heading to Travelers to pick up a chai to go after he got done at the QFC.

I didn't stay at Edge very long; there wasn't really anything new on the shelves today, but I said hi to Robert and [ profile] golanv1 before wandering over to Hugo House to see about donating my old copies of APA Tarot and Pagan APA to the zine archive there. The guy at the desk said I should talk to the library director, so I'll email her after Samhain. I haven't looked at the old zines in ages, and there's no real reason for me to keep them here. They'll be doing better work in the archive at Hugo House, where they'll be preserved and people can see them.

Once I got home this evening, I tossed myself into preparation for Samhain, gathering together the texts for the traditional tales we'll be reading. I also put together the formal outline and script for the ritual itself and sent it off to the Puget Sound CR list. I'm going to have to spend some time Friday working on the gołąbkis and borscht because I'm not going to have time to breathe on Saturday before both rituals. I may need to pick up Charles on my way to Seattle for Foundation Day and I'll just have everything with me in the car for Samhain as well. There's no way I'm going to have time to get back up to Everett between rituals.

[ profile] sebastian_lvx said he would be bringing one of his friends from the Seattle Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Foundation Day and that they were planning on manifesting at the ritual, which should be fabulous and wonderful. Thankfully, [ profile] alfrecht will be here Friday, so I should be able to get things together with a little help from him. I may need it. The only text we're currently missing for Samhain is Airne Fingen, which I don't have and can't find anywhere online. I know that [ profile] alfrecht has it, but it may not be accessible anywhere, which could be a problem; it's not that we won't have enough things to read for the night, but that this particular tale involves a long series of things that happen on Samhain all over Ireland, so it's very significant for the season.

And I should really get to bed. I need to be up in time to meet [ profile] ogam at Travelers about 1, given that his plane gets in about noon.
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A while ago I got invited to participate in an interfaith service coordinated by the Interfaith Community Church of Seattle and the Trinity United Methodist Church that will be held this Sunday.

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[ profile] wingedelf last night was talking in his LJ about his frustrations with the CR community, and its constant arguments about who is a Celt, and why language and culture are important. He said, and I tend to agree, that who is a Celt is the far less important question. I think it matters less to sort the who than to take up the practice and speak the languages at least enough for a good technical vocabulary.

Robert Aitken Roshi addresses the issue from the angle of Zen in Japanese and the larger Buddhist culture in his introductory essay in The Morning Star. I'm going to quote extensively here, so hold onto your hats.

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