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I got a query about the bed today and they were coming over to pick it up but their vehicle wasn't quite big enough to handle the whole thing, so they are coming tomorrow with a truck. I'll ask them to help me move the bed-couch into the bedroom so I can sleep on it. I cleared out the space for moving the mattress through and swept up omg dust monsters from beneath the bed. They seemed quite pleased with it, so I should have it out of here by 8pm tomorrow, I'm guessing.

Irish class was here this evening but I felt really out of it. Still feeling crappy about Garuda, but I keep telling myself it really did have to be done. This isn't like clearing out the library, it's more like hacking off a limb after having had a car for 12 years and now having to depend on everyone else again. At least when I move back to Seattle for the interim, I will be able to take public transit with some vague semblance of reliability.

Tomorrow [ profile] gra_is_stor will be taking me down to the mail outlet to send out the packages of books that have been paid. I have a fair stack of them, and also sold some more books today from the database. I'm waiting for another person from Canada with a US mailing address to send me the payment for the books she requested. I also have to pay the bills, yay. *sigh*

Tuesday I'm hoping to get a ride to the steampunk social. We shall see if any of the usual suspects are willing. I'm still struggling along with the Italian. The heat is shredding my memory about as much as the stress, but I still think I'm doing more or less okay. I saw random Italian on Tumblr today and recognized several of the words so I got the gist of the conversation, which was nice.

And now I am going to try crawling off to bed. Maybe I can avoid too many sniffles.
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As I've noted/hinted in several places recently, the dizziness has pushed me into a situation where I have to sell the car and the condo and move. I'm going to have to be in a place where I can walk to everything for at least the foreseeable future. This may be months, or possibly years. It might conceivably be a permanent situation. Lengthy thoughts on moving and my future here below. )


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