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After not having heard back from the guy at the New Alexandrian Library after I sent the tapes to him, I emailed Macha today about the issue and he emailed; apparently his emails got lost in the aether somewhere. Anyway, he says to send things along, which means that my issues of Pagan APA and APA Tarot will have a new home, I suspect, along with a bunch of various issues of Pagan magazines. I don't have the collection I used to. Over the years I've got rid of a lot of things or given them to other people, but there's a fair collection of them here, and tapes and videos of presentations I've given or have been at. He'd said he couldn't guarantee they would keep all of them, but that they would at least try to find homes for whatever they didn't need. I'm good with that. When I have access to a vehicle, I'll haul things over and they will pay the FedEx fees for me to send them things.

Huge amounts of taking things off the walls in the living room, sorting through things, packing my bronzes from India and Tibet, and moving a little stuff out to the garage got done today. I got a call back from the storage place on Capitol Hill and have arranged a ride to get down there Wednesday to sign for the unit and take the first load of boxes over there. I have to inventory the boxes first so I have a running list of everything that goes into the unit for when I do move to Italy (if I get there).

It was an emotionally really hard day; the more stuff comes down, the less this place feels like my home anymore. It's becoming a hollow shell of what it once was. It's going to be hard being here during the transitional period, between listing the condo and actually moving away, when most of my things are in storage and my life has been pared down materially to a shadow of itself. I have a candle burning tonight for my Brigid flamekeeping shift, but the most recent candles I bought for it are absolute crap and won't stay lit.

I got a call from the VA today to schedule the MRI. I need to be there an hour ahead of time for some kind of contrast medium IV, and I need some lab work before I do the appointment for some kind of baseline; that I will probably try to do on Thursday, if there's enough time after my weekly group. The MRI is scheduled for Friday, August 9th. I'll need to get a couple of my piercings removed over at Laughing Buddha before then, as I can't get them out (and probably not back in, either) by myself. Most of them are fine and easily doable, but the nose piercing and one of my ear piercings are just painful to try to deal with. I haven't tried doing the eyebrow piercing myself, but we'll see how that goes. I'll get them put back in again afterwards, as well. Worth the money to get a pro to do it if doing it myself is going to hurt me.

Tomorrow, Patrick is supposed to come by to help me do things for a few hours. I'm going to have to get more packing peanuts before I can pack more books. I used the rest of them packing the bronze statues in one box. I have a few things I could wrap in some bubble wrap and put in small boxes, but for the most part, I need the peanuts for filling in the edges around books in boxes so they won't bend each other too much. The mailing outlet down the street can be walked to, and they do have peanuts, though we may have to make a couple of trips. Patrick doesn't have a car, so it'll be walking and carrying things; peanuts are light but pretty bulky, and it needs to get done. There will probably also be some cleaning done, and perhaps photos of my bicycle so that I can list it on craigslist.

[ profile] gra_is_stor might come by tomorrow as well. We shall see - she wasn't feeling too well today, so didn't come, even though she'd hoped to. She's also got a lot to do at her own place at the moment.

And now, since I'm expecting Patrick sometime around noonish, I should ought to crawl off to bed. I didn't sleep well at all last night and am hoping to do a little better tonight.
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Once again sleep did not find me until it was already light out, but at least I spent the night working on the story I'm doing. I made some pretty good progress last night and will probably do some more writing tonight, crawling into bed with my laptop.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, up in the 70s - it's still 54 here at the moment, which is about what it's been in the daytime of late. [ profile] gra_is_stor came by and picked me up so we could go get groceries. I asked if she'd haul me to the mall so I could get some new jeans, as one of my pairs died a couple of weeks ago and the one I'm wearing now is about to give up the ghost as well.

Some of what I did ended up being standing waiting in one place for some time, which was more exhausting than I would have thought. The dizziness is still making things like that hard on me, and I was pretty fried when we got back to my place. She took her groceries home then came back over for a little bit to watch an episode of Raffles with me. Gods the innuendo in that show. I'm sure it wasn't directly intended but wow. Damned near inescapable and hilarious at the same time. Needless to say, I'm rather enjoying the whole thing.

Tomorrow (today really) is Irish class in the evening. Monday I have an audiology appointment. Saturday is the Sherlock Seattle picnic and the last of the season's Medieval Women's Choir concerts, presenting music by Hildegard of Bingen. Tuesday is the monthly steampunk social that most folks actually attend -- I don't know yet if I'll be going. It will depend on whether I can get a ride. I don't know if a place has been set for it or if it'll be at the AFK again. I'll have to check with folks and ask.

I'm still thinking a lot about what I need to do if things don't go well for me with the medical stuff. I'm spending too much time frustrated and depressed about it. That said, I'm doing my best to keep on doing what needs to be done; I'm staying as positive as I can, but contemplating any change like this is pretty overwhelming. I have plots and ideas, though. We'll see what happens.
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I got us tickets for Beowulf today, and it seems that [ profile] mimerki was really enthusiastic and got tickets for herself as well. It should be a really cool performance.

There are plans in the offing for a March 17th tea & whisky sipping with steampunks here at my place, so if you are interested in coming, please let me know. I only have so much room in the old homestead. Also, on Wednesday the 27th of March, I'll be heading over to the AFK Tavern around 7pm to celebrate my birthday. Come along if you like. I don't plan to make a reservation for the day as I have no idea if anyone will be coming, given it's mid-week, but I'd love to see you if you want to come by.

My creaky parts continue on their usual creaky way. Some grocery shopping was done last night, including both rhubarb and some frozen peaches, so I am contemplating a couple of cobblers in the coming weeks. Brianna might have a line on a place to move to come mid-month, and we'll see how that goes.

Along with everything else, sleep is still for the weak.
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I actually felt together enough today for a change, and spent time with [ profile] finnchuill's poetry manuscript. He arrived in Hawaii today and sent me a brief note about what he needs from me. I made a first pass through this afternoon and will be going over it again tomorrow to get a better feel for it.

I also spent time working on the healing deities presentation. I dredged up one additional name, but am still looking for more mythic/deific figures to add to my list. I could expand that list considerably if I were looking at other Celtic cultures, but I'm primarily sticking with Irish to keep things manageable.

Plans are being made for this weekend's Abney Park show, as [ profile] gra_is_stor and I will be carpooling down to Seattle with local friends and grabbing some food beforehand. It'll be nice to introduce some new folks to the band and the local steampunk scene.

Sleep is still escaping me most of the time, but I was glad to be able to focus a little better today. I have compiled a couple of other contacts for my east coast road trip, and may get the chance to meet [ profile] miss_adventure, who is going to law school in Toronto, which is pretty close to Niagara Falls. She says she will show me around the city, so I may spend a day up there instead of just the one night. Once I've got a more or less complete list of people, then I need to start actually figuring out travel times and visiting times to see who I will be able to fit in properly, and who I'll have to dash past for lunch or a cup of tea. I'd love to stay and hang out with people for longer, but I know that at least some folks are going to have to be a quick pass. There's so much ground to cover. Like Europe, there's only a limited amount of time I can spend traveling. That said, I'm so excited by the chance to see old friends and meet folks I've known online for years!
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After group at the VA today, I hung out at Travelers and started making a list of the deities and heroes I need to address for the session at PCon in February. I ended up quickly reading through 2MT on my phone to collate a list of the figures associated with healing there, but I know there are other resources I'll have to go through.

When I got home, I posted an inquiry on my FB about the problems I'm having with Google Maps and trying to plot out a multi-stop trip. One person suggested MapQuest, which works much more easily but doesn't recognize my mom's address as existing. It can get me to her town, and I can use Google Maps for the bit from the highway to her place, as that program does actually know where it is when I tell it how to look. I tried working with my GPS on the project, but that doesn't do multi-destination trips either. I can, however, probably use it from point to point for realtime directions, though I will have to see if it can find mom's place. That will require my going outside, though, (when the weather is very slightly warmer - it's 27f right now) because it can't find the satellites from inside my place. I don't want to stand around outside in sub-freezing weather while the damned thing spends ten minutes trying to think.

At least I feel like I'm making a little progress on this stuff. I'll probably get a call tomorrow from the Ashland Hostel to take my information for my bed there on my way to PCon. That'll be another thing accomplished.

A bit of stressful stuff. Possibly triggery. )
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Last "night" didn't get to bed until about 10 am or so. Maybe 10:30. I wrote about 3,000 words over the course of the night, but when I woke up today, I was still pretty numb from the overnighter. Tomorrow morning I have to get up ungodly early and take the DoDC+3 off to the vet between 8-8:30am to drop him off for a dental visit. After that I'll see about getting Garuda in for an oil change and an overdue maintenance visit. If that works out, I'll also head across the street and get my hair cut, finally. I really hate when it gets in my eyes like it is.

I've potentially got visits coming up with friends in the next two weeks. [ profile] man_of_snows might be here on Wednesday. I'm going to see if there's a way to get together with [ profile] alfrecht this weekend or next week. Got an email from [ profile] druid_medb about her taking the train up and staying for a few days the first week of December to do some plotting for PCon.

I was too tired and lazy today to cook, so I ordered in a pizza, then [ profile] gra_is_stor came by and drove us both out to Central Market, where we did some grocery shopping. I wasn't really in any condition to drive, so that was really what I needed.

Writing today was really really slow and has mostly consisted of re-reading what I've got so far and doing a little editing, but I did get to talk with my beta and run the bones of the final scene past her, so I know more what I'm shooting for, and about how long it's going to take me to get there, at least in terms of number of scenes I need to deal with. That's always a good feeling.

And now to bed, because I still feel like run over rodent.
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Tried to get to bed before midnight last night and was in bed for a whole maybe two hours. Yay. Up and down until about 1:30pm.

I got up and hung out a little bit in #writechat, then caught up with email and other online things. Once I'd got a little bit of wherewithal together, I made a sort of gołabki thing - I didn't have enough brain space or energy to actually wrap the filling in cabbage leaves and bake it, so I just sliced up the cabbage and fried everything up together then added the sauce I would have put on top of the cabbage rolls and ate it like that. Tasted about the same and was a lot less effort when I didn't have any spoons for complicated cooking skills.

I walked down to the Safeway today to pick up the sour cream for the sauce, and also picked up light bulbs for the lamp in my bedroom. On the way, I stopped at [ profile] gra_is_stor's place and helped her move a desk so that she could finish emptying out the boxes still in her bedroom. Apparently she's pretty much done with that now. We walked down to the Safeway together; it was drizzling when we started, but by the time I got home, I was wet enough that I had to change my clothes. Yay autumn. Updated my Searching for Imbas publications page with the poetry book.

Later this evening, she came by with her sister and we hung out for a while and talked.

Tomorrow is a VA dental appointment at 1:30, then Tuesday a medical appointment at 3pm. Maybe I'll go to the AFK Tuesday evening.

I answered a couple of emails and started looking at progressive voting guides for information about some of the initiatives and candidates I was less familiar with and will probably fill out the ballot Wednesday, when I have a little bit of brain space for it.

Bed very soon.
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I was up and down all last night. Tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour and only slept for a couple. Stayed up went back to bed got up - sleep was not exactly optimal.

I didn't do much today. I did get confirmation from the few folks who will be here for Samhain, so at least was taken care of and I know now how many to plan for.

The post brought the card with the funds for the traded in computer, so now I just have to decide what to do with it. I'm debating updating my MS Word/Office but not sure as yet. I know they've changed it a fair bit between 2008 (the version I'm using) and 2011 (the current Mac version). It would probably be more useful to upgrade that than anything else I might do with the store credit.

I need to get some sleep. Later this evening is [ profile] joyful_storm's birthday party, and I said I would probably go. I'll see how I'm feeling when the time for getting on the road rolls around.

I hate insomnigrackles.
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I had been fairly certain Monday was my VA appointment but my calendar said Tuesday. I was up until about 6:30am and was too fried to wake up before 3. When I got up I called and canceled ehr appointment. I have no idea if I'd missed it or if it really was supposed to be today.

I went back to [ profile] gra_is_stor's place in the evening and finished putting her dresser together then headed home again. Sent out invites for my private Samhain. I also wrote and tried to send my email declaring my leavetaking from the schmooze but, thanks to the vaguaries of yahoogroups, my email didn't go through before I dropped my group memberships. The email bounced. I've asked GIS to forward it for me, given the kerfuffle. It would be awfully awkward to have to join the group and wait to be reapproved just to send an email saying I'm leaving.

Anyway, that'll be done and it is a huge load off my mind. I may be going ove to the AFK tonight if I have any energy at all, and I need to email M from GIS's band as he expressed an interest in going this week. That, though, is a matter for when I finally get some sleep, which I am not doing right now.
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This morning [ profile] alfrecht, [ profile] gra_is_stor, and I went out to the Shinto shrine for the fall ceremony. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, and [ profile] tedgill and [ profile] brandywilliams were both there, so we got a little bit of a chance to catch up with them.

[ profile] alfrecht's mom picked him up from the shrine and [ profile] gra_is_stor was too tired to come down to Seattle with me later during the day for the tea and conversation. (BTW, [ profile] gra_is_stor and [ profile] thewronghands, you should follow one another and maybe we'll have an easier time getting you two in the same place at the same time!)

I stayed for the tea for a couple of hours, then hauled [ profile] wire_mother out for some dinner and then off to chat at Cafe Vita for a while. We spent about two hours together catching up and talking about a lot of things. I was able to make a pretty large decision over the course of our conversation, I just have to figure out how to articulate it soon.

Tomorrow I'm having tea at 1 with a friend, then taking the DoDC+3 to the vet in the late afternoon. I haven't had him in to see one since he nearly got himself killed a couple of years back so he is vastly overdue for his vaccinations.

Got word from Jason today that the poetry book was sent off to the printer and he'll check over the proof copy and then approve it for publication. I'm sitting here looking at a stack of things that I need to write, one of which is for the Hiraeth website as publicity for the book. I have to put together a little bit for [ profile] mael_brigde for the DoF newsletter. I have to put together an article from the ogam and magic talk I gave at the Esoteric Book Conference and submit it to Abraxas, then I need to get to work on the Brigid book. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but it still feels pretty overwhelming. I need to finish up the Hiraeth project Tuesday so it'll be with them on Wednesday for publication. Tomorrow I probably won't have a lot of time for it, but Tuesday I should before I have to head out for the steampunk social.

If I'm missing something I've promised to do, please do let me know. My brain is utterly sieve-like right now.
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No sleep last night at all. I tried going to bed and couldn't even close my eyes. Got up at about 11:30am or so and went out to run some errands, picking up a few things I needed and doing a load of laundry. [ profile] gra_is_stor came over briefly and we talked for a few; I managed to get a couple of paragraphs done on the piece I need to finish tomorrow for Hiraeth. Bills got paid, as well. I keep thinking I must be missing something, but I'm not sure what it is.

Tomorrow evening I'll be heading over to Snohomish with a couple of the Everett steampunks to check out a new venue. It's an English pub called Picadilly Circus, apparently run by an English immigrant and his wife. Qi went over this past week and spoke with them about the group and they do have a back room where it will probably be quieter than the main room. They do serve food, though mostly pub grub. We'll see what the menu looks like when we get there.

Lately my stomach has been giving me a lot of trouble again and eating has been kind of painful. Probably as much stress as anything else. I've been trying to keep eating enough to go on without murdering my digestive tract. It's nasty but it's been this way before. I've added back the evening pill for that instead of just taking one in the morning and I'll see if that can help some.

I'm hoping very much that having been awake for about 32 hours or so, I'll actually be able to get some sleep tonight when I crawl off to bed here in a little bit. Got to have enough brain cells to bang together tomorrow to actually finish up the page or so I'm supposed to send in to Leslie.
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Today I was in bed around noon and up at about 5:30pm. This was a bit not good. I had thought I'd go down to the schmooze today but leaving the house wasn't really an option. I did do a reading I'd been asked to do online, so at least that was dealt with. I spent several hours trying to deal with something in iBooks that they really fucking should have an option for (allowing you to order the books in a series by the order they are written, rather than alphabetical order - it takes a ludicrous amount of hoop jumping, and even then I wasn't able to do it until I put all the various stories into two larger files and named them with the series name as files 1 and 2, LOSE LOSE LOSE). I really didn't want to spend several hours doing that, but I haven't had enough brain cells to bang together to do anything else today.

The mail brought a box for me to ship the old laptop off to a recycle place to see what they'll give me for it. I need to haul that out tomorrow at some point to a FedEx drop point (there's one just down the street), then tomorrow evening I'm going over to Qi's to deal with some local steampunk stuff; we're meeting at her place instead of the AFK tomorrow to discuss possible new venues. I'm just hoping I'm up to it.

I have no idea what's wrong with the whole circadian rhythm I'm supposed to be in. I haven't had enough brain to write the page or so I promised to Hiraeth for the poetry book publicity. I'm hoping I'll get that together tomorrow at some point. Feh.


Sep. 30th, 2012 03:18 am
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Exhaustion is still a far too common companion in my life at this point. I was hoping I'd be doing a little better by now after getting home from Europe, but I suspect this is going to last a while longer. Last night I took the old table apart and this evening [ profile] gra_is_stor came by to pick it up, and the three chairs. We managed to get everything into her car, then I walked over to her place and we hauled it out to her lanai. We didn't bother putting it together, but we did put together a new cat tree that she'd got for her two new kitties. She said right after I'd left, she went off to the bathroom and when she got back one of them was already sitting on top of it. (She had slathered it pretty thoroughly with catnip.) She texted me a photo of the event. It was pretty amusing.

I came home and put dishes away and hauled some trash out. Tomorrow I'm going to have to start hauling cardboard out of the place, then look at putting up a note on craigslist to get rid of the boxes and packing stuff I'd had stored in my closet. Usually I would give it to [ profile] lupagreenwolf but she doesn't get up here very often and half the time she doesn't have space in the car for the boxes. Anyway, getting them out of the library would be a good idea and I'm sure that somebody will want them, given it's the last day of the month and there are probably a lot of folks looking for moving boxes.

After I finally got to bed last night, I didn't even wake up until about 5pm. I hadn't been expecting to sleep that long. I hope I'll do a little better tomorrow.
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The VA visit today was pretty good and the line wasn't too long in the travel office. While I was waiting, I got a ping from [ profile] martianmooncrab, who was down at the SeaTac Hilton with one of her old friends for RainFurrest, a furrycon, where Annie is the writer guest of honor. Since it was Thursday and most of the con wasn't really going just yet, I zipped down and spent a few hours with them, and bought the crabby one some dinner.

I really hate that whole mess around the airport. It's a vortex of confusing streets that don't go where you expect them to, and the GPS isn't always clear about where you're supposed to turn for any of this stuff. Anyway, I got there, though I had trouble getting out of the parking lot. The parking pay machines in the hotel say you can pay at the machines outside. I couldn't. The machine said the ticket was invalid. I went in to find a machine and ran into MMC, who hauled me off to ConOps, where the con chair gave me a free parking ticket. That, however, didn't work either. I had to call security and have them let me out. Annoying but effective.

Got home, dealt with some minor details, and spent some time reading. Hiraeth asked if I wanted a glossy or a matte cover. Both of the folks at Hiraeth like the idea of a glossy cover for this. I'm perfectly fine either way, myself. I also got the text of three cover quotes to take a look at. Leslie wants me to write a short, maybe a page or so, bit for the website about the inspiration behind my book and my creative process. (I don't know if I can compress all that into one page!) I told her I'd give it a shot, and it's early October hopefully to be posted on October 5th.
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Still not getting much in the way of sleep, but today I've done something I have wanted to do since I moved in here, and have bought a new dining table and chairs to replace the dying chairs and old table that I had in West Seattle. Aside from a few bookshelves, this is the last thing I got with my ex, so getting rid of it feels like finally getting rid of the last of that connection. I'm having to put things together slowly, but I've got two chairs together so far. I should have the others and the table together by morning.

I'd gone into Fred Meyer to just see what they had, and they did have something I liked on sale for about $100 off their usual price; I was fortunate enough to have the money for it available and so I'm glad to be able to finally get this together. It's a much sturdier table than the one I had, and the chairs aren't cane seats, so they won't fall apart the way these have over the years. One of them is nearly ready to fall through and the other two aren't much better. One already entirely caved in and was got rid of last year.

In between all this, I'm about halfway through the third season of Avatar. And yeah, I figured that one major plot-liney thing was totally happening, but it was telegraphed a billion miles away. Now I'm just waiting for the other character to show up again and reunite our little family of cracked out heroes. (All I can really say is, Uncle Iroh is one of my favorite anime characters ever. Seriously. I'd love to be him. Sorta.)
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I was up until about 8:30 this morning (insomnigrackles, we hates them we does my precioussss), and slept-ish until maybe 3pm. When I'd been up for a while and more or less coherent, one of the folks I know from another place online was off escaping work for a few hours over on the eastside. She doesn't have a car or any easy way to socialize with people who aren't kids (she's a live-in nanny), so I swooped over for a bit and we had some dinner together at a nearby Mexican place. We talked fandom geekery, as fangirls do.

In a week or so I'll be starting work on the outline for the Brigid book. I'm feeling much better than I was most of last week, aside from the insomnia, so I'm hoping to get some slight resemblance of rest at some point.

It sounds like I will probably be getting together tomorrow with [ profile] gra_is_stor - her bandmates are doing a fall equinox thing out at their place and we will probably go up there together. I think there's supposed to be a bonfire involved. With any luck, it won't be raining.

I'm currently parked in front of the computer contemplating watching a little more Avatar, which I started last night. I did spend a fair bit of the evening headachey, but some tylenol with a good dose of caffeine helped settle it a bit. While this means the headache has mostly been taken care of, it also means I'm likely to be awake for some hours yet. Oh yay.

Hope y'all are having a better time with that alleged sleep thing than I am.


Sep. 13th, 2012 02:51 am
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Finally finished up and printed out my outline and notes for the presentation on Saturday. I also wrote about 1500 words in the fic I'm working on. My sleep schedule, if you can call it that, is a complete laugh. I was in bed about 7:30 this morning and awake about 4:30 this afternoon. I have no idea how I'm going to manage the next few days of being in human company.

Tomorrow is the spirituality group. I have to be out the door by 2pm in order to be at the VA by 3. Friday I have a 2pm VA appointment, then the EBC Meet & Greet is in Seattle down near Pioneer Square at 8:30pm. Saturday my presentation is at 3 down in the Seattle Center, and I'd like to be there for most of the day, though I'm unlikely to actually make the morning sessions. In the evening I presume there's entertainment, though I don't know yet what or where, as I haven't looked. Sunday [ profile] alfrecht is presenting, and there's the after-party at the Masonic lodge.

I think Monday is "Erynn collapses in a heap" day. It's almost 2:50am right now and I'm too awake to sleep, though I'm going to head for bed with something to read anyway.

Jason sent more cover art for the poetry book today, as well, and I went through that and offered a couple of choices from the list, with a comment about one of them. He says Monday we should have the cover together, then it's down to typesetting the text of the book. He said he'll be sending me cover blurb stuff as he gets it in, so I can look at it. I'm so excited I could pop!
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More photographs and scans were done today, along with plugging in some information from [ profile] alfrecht. Sadly, I entirely spaced actually attaching the file I meant to send him last night, so I had to do that this evening. I still have a few ogam sigils to do, but beyond that, I think I'm done with the material for the PowerPoint aspect of the presentation and can put it all together when Jeff gets here tomorrow evening.

My creaky parts are creaking, and the weather took a change toward the autumnal today. It was grey all day and started raining late in the evening. It's coming down out there right now.

Got some more writing done today, and did a little brainstorming with [ profile] random_nexus, whom I haven't had a chance to talk with in several months. Even though we had less than half an hour, she was (as always) a brilliant sounding board for ficcy things. Thanks Random!

While I was in the midst of multitasking today, I totally burnt the crap out of some chickpeas I was trying to cook for curry. I hate it when I utterly lose track of everything like that. It was a waste of perfectly good food, which also annoys me, and I'm going to have to scrape a bit of the burnt stuff out of the bottom of the pot. It's currently soaking in some baking soda and vinegar in an effort to deal with some of the mess. I wish I was better at keeping track of that sort of thing instead of getting utterly lost in my head while I'm working.

I really ought to try to get a little sleep tonight, as I got essentially none last night. I didn't actually even try to sleep until almost 10:30am and got back up by 2pm, so it was very minimal. No doubt that's influencing my creakiness.
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I finally got a decent photo of a bit I needed today and also did scans that I needed to do. Created a quick graphic of the basic 20-letter ogam sequence. I've been expanding the outline a bit, adding some dates for tales in the literary tradition that I'm pulling references from, and putting together some quotes from the tales. I've got a request out to [ profile] alfrecht for a particular quote.

Slept not particularly well last night, but I did get things done today. I'm hoping to do more tomorrow, after #writechat probably. The pull quotes for the poetry book publicity were chosen and duly sent off to Hiraeth.

I downloaded the latest Doctor Who episode because it's got an actor I like in it and had a really good time watching it. Tons of fun, and dinosaurs!

I have a to design a few sigils and I've got another couple of scans to do, but I should (I think) get the rest of that part done tomorrow so that I'm ready to put the PowerPoint presentation together in its final form on Monday evening.

I hope I have enough stuff here to cover the 45 minutes...
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Yet more things done today - I finished writing the closing ritual for the pilgrimage, revised the opening ritual, and dealt with a critical bit of personal paperwork that I need to go have witnessed and probably notarized tomorrow. I haven't heard anything back from the folks at Eight Winds, but I have a few days before I would really need to be concerned and, to be honest, if it comes right down to it I can buy stuff at a grocery store nearby and have somebody with a cooler store it for me. Not the end of the world if I don't have a menu for the food plan before I leave.

[ profile] alfrecht was talking about possibly getting together with me after July 4th but before I leave for Ireland, which would be nice. I gather he's going down to the King Tut exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. I'd love to go but I just don't have time right now. It'll be here until next year and right now I have other priorities.

Exhaustion is really starting to catch up with me. I haven't slept well for quite some time, probably at least in large part due to stress from all the "you must be an adult" I've been doing of late. Sleep is for the weak anyway, right?

In addition to dealing with paperwork tomorrow, I have to remember to get AAA batteries for my headlamp and an extra memory chip for the camera. I also have to expand upon the Airmed rituals and look over the incubation rituals again and expand them a little, as they are really primarily outlines at the moment. Not that I intend to script everything, but that it needs at least a little stage direction and whatnot.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. Y'all tell me if you know what it is, eh?


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